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Joint Counties Lunatic Asylum, Abergavenny (Monmouthshire Lunatic Asylum) Later Pen-Y-Fal Hospital and Associated Hospitals
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Collection Inventory


 D3202/1 Vale of Usk Hospital Management Committee, copy minutes of monthly meetings 1953-1963 

 D3202/2/1-2 North Monmouthshire Hospital Committee, Management and Finance Committee, copy minutes 1965-1967, 1967-1971 

 D3202/3/1-2 North Monmouthshire Hospital Committee, Pen-y-Fal House Committee, copy minutes and meeting papers 1969-1972, 1972-1974 

 D3202/4 North Monmouthshire Hospital Committee, General Purposes, Medical Advisory, Committees, Staffing and Establishment Sub-Committee, Maternity Liason, Nursing Advisory Committee, copy minutes 1965-1971 

 D3202/5 North Monmouthshire Hospital Committee, Engineering and General Services, Nursing Advisory, Medical and Allied Services, Management, Committees, Hospital Management Sub-Committee, Finance Committee, minutes 1971-1974 

 D3202/6 Pen-y-Fal Hospital House Committee, copy minutes 1967-1974 

 D3202/7 Vale of Usk Hospital Management Committee, bound reports 1962-1974 

 D3202/8 Divisional meeting papers 1969-1974 

 D3202/9 Pen-y-Fal Hospital House Committee attendance register 1967-1974 

 D3202/10/1-2 Hospital Secretaries meetings, agenda papers etc. 1971-1974, 1974-1975 

 D3202/11 Report on long stay hospitals, working papers 1969-1971 

 D3202/12 Gwent Health Authority, health advisory services report, supporting papers 1977 

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 D3202/13 Letter Book 1887-1928 

 D3202/14/1-6 Copy letters, primarily relating its patients, enclosed in D3202/13 1926-1965 

 D3202/15/1 Modernisation of heating system, enclosing plans and site meetings minutes 1962-1965 

 D3202/15/2 Joint Consultative Committee 1959-1965 

 D3202/15/3 Civil Defence 1960-1967 

 D3202/14/4-5 The League of Friends of Pen-y-Fal Hospital 1969-1984 

 D3202/15/6 Hospital Advisory Service 1973-1977 

 D3202/15/7 Geriatric Services and Hospital Services for the Mentally Ill 1972 

 D3202/15/8 Welsh Hospital Board, Civil Defence, letters and circulars 1960-1965 

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 D3202/16 Invoice account book for Pen-y-Fal, St Cadoc's and Llanfrechfa Grange 1959-1963 

 D3202/17 Statistics file, Civil Defence 1959-1965 

 D3202/18/1-3 Estimates files 1973-1976 

 D3202/19/1-5 Extraordinary revenue expenditure files 1973-1974, 1974-1975, 1975-1976, 1980-1981, 1981-1982 

 D3202/20/1-2 Former Category IV Capital Schemes files 1980-1982 

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 D3202/21/1-2 Service registers 1911-1949, 1930-1963 

 D3202/22 Register of staff changes 1946-1951 

 D3202/23/1-2 Staff signing on books 1952-1953, 1954 

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Legal and Contractual 

 D3202/24 Register of copy documents; agreement to erect a joint lunatic asylum, memorandums of agreement 1847-1879 

 D3202/25/1-72 Reception orders 1853-1943 

 D3202/26 Reception warrant 1854 

 D3202/27 Removal order from licensed house, hospital or asylum to the county asylum 1907 

 D3202/28 Reception order for private patient 1910 

 D3202/29 Wong Fu, laundryman, admission papers etc. 1929 

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Patients and Medical 

 D3202/30/1-10 Joint Counties later Monmoutshire Asylum, Abergavenny, admission registers 1851-1859, 1859-1865, 1865-1871, 1871-1877, 1877-1884, 1884-1890, 1890-1896, 1896-1902, 1902-1906, 1915, 1941-1945 

 D3202/31 Joint Counties Asylum, Abergavenny, private admissions register 1890-1906 

 D3202/32/1-3 Female admissions and discharge registers 1885-1956, 1959-1966, 1959-1974 

 D3202/33/1-3 Registers of patients 1955-1960, 1959-1960, 1960 

 D3202/34/1-10 Civil registers 1906-1913, 1913-1919, 1919-1923, 1923-1929, 1929-1934, 1934-1937, 1937-1939, 1939-1943, 1943-1946, 1946-1948 

 D3202/35/1-4 Voluntary patients civil registers 1931-1939, 1939-1944, 1946-1948, 1948 

 D3202/36 Temporary patients civil register 1931-1947 

 D3202/37 Index book 1852-1894 

 D320238/1-6 Male index books 1895-1926, 1875-1950, 1887-1958, 1898-1962, 1949-1967, 1959-1974 

 D3202/39/1-5 Female index books 1861-1926, 1885-1950, 1900-1958, 1907-1962, 1959-1967 

 D3202/40/1-10 Male case record books (first series) (some entries go up to 1909 or later) 1865-1868, 1872-1876, 1876-1879, 1882-1885, 1885-1894, 1897-1899, 1900-1902, 1906-1909, 1915-1918, 1894- 1897 

 D3202/41/1-12 Female case records books (first series) 1864-1868, 1868-1872, 1876-1882, 1882-1885, 1885-1888, 1892-1894, 1894-1898, 1898-1900, 1907-1912, 1910-1912, 1913-1915, 1916-1917 

 D3202/42/1-11 Male case record books (second series), numbers 1, 3-12 c.1920-1950 

 D3202/42/1  c1898-c1950 

 D3202/43/1-12 Female case record books (second series) numbers 1-12 c.1920-1952 

 D3202/44/1-4 Male medical registers 1907-1946, 1907-1923, 1923-1940, 1941-1948 

 D3202/45/1-3 Female medical registers 1907-1929, 1929-1946, 1946-1948 

 D3202/46 Register of private patients 1890-1960 

 D3202/47 Register of mechanical restraint and seclusion 1949-1959 

 D3202/48 Male day report book 1949 

 D3202/49/1-2 Female day report books 1951, 1955 

 D3202/50 Female night report book 1951 

 D3202/51/1-3 Matron's report books 1948-1949, 1949-1950 

 D3202/52 Register of patients contracting typhus 1928-1946 

 D3202/53 National Health Service laboratory register 1953-1954 

 D3202/54/1-6 Register of patients on trial or leave of absence 1940-1953, 1953-1957, 1958-1960, 1960-1962, 1962-1964, 1964-1966 

 D3202/55 Register of discharges and deaths 1876-1885 

 D3202/56 Register of discharges and deaths, private 1890-1906 

 D3202/57/1-2 Register of departures, discharges and transfers of voluntary, temporary and certified patients 1939-1947, 1946-1948 

 D3202/58/1-2 Register of deaths 1925-1946, 1946-1949 

 D3202/59/1-3 Copy notice to coroner's books 1918-1922, 1933-1937, 1964-1967 

 D3202/60/1-2 Mortuary record books, female 1952-1958, 1963-1969 

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Sites and Buildings 

 D3202/61/1-2 Inventories 1954, 1955-1973 

 D3202/62 File of specifications for new boilers, civil and mechanical engineering works connected with new water main, new hot water system, new boiler house, with associated drawings, agreement and correspondence 1958-1961 

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 D3202/63/1-7 Layout drawings of Pen-y-Fal hospital; ground, first and second floors, North East and South West, ancillary buildings, central, chapel, laundry and ground floor South West, scale 1/16" to 1' 1968 

 D3202/64/1-19 Drawings of Pen-y-Fal Hospital 1972 

 D3202/65 Pen-y-Fal, conversion of old laundry, wiring plan 1964 

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 D3202/66 Rules for the Government of Monmouthshire Asylum 1897 

 D3202/67/1-3 Second Report of the Nurses' Salaries Committee, Nurses Salaries Committee Report of the Mental Nurses Sub-Committee, Nurses Salaries Committee, Mental Nurses Sub-Committee, Further Recommendations and points of Interpretation, Ministry of Health 1943, 1945 

 D3202/68 Welsh Hospital Board, Survey of Long Stay Hospitals in Wales Part III An Appraisal of the Effectiveness of Management 1969 

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Civil Defence 

 D3202/69 File of Hospital Civil Defence Bulletins, publication, Ministry of Health 1958-1965 

 D3202/70 Home Office Civil Defence Department General Training Bulletin No.5: Films for Civil Defence Training 1964 

 D3202/71/1-2 Home Office Civil Defence Training Memorandums No.6: The Evacuation of Casualties (Provisional), No.8: Civil Defence Corsp (England and Wales Deployment For Operations) H.M.S.O 1961, 1964 

 D3202/72/1-3 Home Office Civil Defence Syllabus for Local Training No. 1: Headquarters Section, No. 4: Warden Section, No. 5: Rescue Section H.M.S.O 1962 

 D3202/73 Home Office Civil Defence Training Memorandum No. 3 The Control of Civil Defence Operations Under Fall-Out Conditions (England and Wales) H.M.S.O 1959 

 D3202/74/1-2 Ministry of Health Civil Defence at Hospital Premises, Hospital C.D. Bulletins No. 6 and No. 9 1963, 1965 

 D3202/75/1-4 Civl Defence Pocket Book Nos 2-5, Military Support in Civil Defence, General Information (All sections) Warden Section, Rescue Section H.M.S.O 1960-1961 

 D3202/76 Civil Defence Handbook No. 3: Exercises and Studies H.M.S.O 1964 

 D3202/77/1-3 Manual of Civil Defence: vol. 1 Pamphlet No.1: Nuclear Weapons Pamphlet No.2: Radioactive fall-Out H.M.S.O 1956, 1959, 1956 

 D3202/78 Civl Defence Handbook No. 5: Light Rescue Amendments No. 1 H.M.S.O 1961 

 D3202/79 National Hospital Service Reserve HM(CD)(64) and handbook on the organisation and training Ministry of Health 1964 

 D3202/80/1-6 Civil Defence Instructors' notes, General Notes, Rescue Section, Wardens Section, Methods of Instruction, Headquarters Secion (1960 Edition) Amendment List No.1 Maintenance of the Radial log HQ 101:1 1960-1964 

 D3202/81 Civil Defence, Forward Medical Aid H.M.S.O 1960 

 D3202/82 Assessment of the protection afforded by buildings against gamma radiation from fallout, 2nd edition Home and Scottish Office and Health Department 1963 

 D3202/83 "Operation Fall" Forward Medical Aid Exercises Series Reports, Welsh Hospital Board 1960-1965, 1966 

 D3202/84 Welsh Hospital Board, Civil Defence Weekend Course For General Medical Practioners on the Medical Aspects of Modern Warfare 1961 

 D3202/85 Civil Defence Staff College, Senior Officers Training Course file of R.H.T Walters 1961 

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Other Records 

 D3020/86 Medical Superintendent's quarterly report 1945 

 D3202/87 Hospital library displayed book lists 1956 

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Associated Hospitals 

Maindiff Court 

 D3202/88 Plan on proposed sewage disposal scheme, scale 4' to 1" 1916 

St Cadoc's Hospital, Caerleon 

 D3202/89 Contract B. Thomas and the Visiting Committee of the County Borough of Newport to erect an electric light plant at the Borough Asylum at Llangattock lusta, Caerleon 1903 

 D3202/90 Bond between Messrs. John Linton & Co Ltd, and others and the Visiting Committee of the Corporation of Newport 1904 

 D3202/91 Orders for the removal of the Newport Borough patients to the new asylum at Caerleon with particulars of patients' property handed over etc. 1906 

 D3202/92 Site plan of a pair of cottages, Caerleon Mental Hospital, scale 20' to 1" 1930 

 D3202/93 Visitors' reports 1951-1965 

 D3202/94 Purchase of blinds 1959-1961 

 D3202/95 New admissions unit, correspondence, specification, articles of agreement plans etc. 1951, 1956-1964 

Llanfrechfa Grange Hospital 

 D3202/96 Llanfrechfa Grange Sub-committee, meeting papers 1954-1955 

 D3202/97 The Joint Consultative Staffs committee, copy minutes and papers 1955-1965 

 D3202/98 Engineer's specifications for accomodation for additional beds 1960 

 D3202/99 General conditions of contract and specification for electrical installations, proposed development, stage 1 1958 

 D3202/100 Plans and elevations for single storey low grade villa, scale 16' to 1" 1956 

 D3202/101 Block plan, scale 1/1250 [Mid 20th century] 

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