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Abergavenny Board of Guardians
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Collection Inventory

General Administration 

Guardians Minute Books 

 CSWBGA/M1/1  Apr 1836-Mar 1841 

 CSWBGA/M1/2  Apr 1841-Apr 1848 

 CSWBGA/M1/3  Apr 1848-Dec 1853 

 CSWBGA/M1/4  Jan 1854-Aug 1858 

 CSWBGA/M1/5  Aug 1858-Nov 1862 

 CSWBGA/M1/6  Dec 1862-Dec 1866 

 CSWBGA/M1/7  Oct 1866-Jul 1870 

 CSWBGA/M1/8  Jul 1870- Mar 1874 

 CSWBGA/M1/9  Mar 1874-Feb 1878 

 CSWBGA/M1/10  Feb 1878-Sep 1880 

 CSWBGA/M1/11  Oct 1880-May 1883 

 CSWBGA/M1/12  Jun 1883-Dec 1886 

 CSWBGA/M1/13  Jan 1887-Sep 1890 

 CSWBGA/M1/14  Oct 1890-Mar 1894 

 CSWBGA/M1/15  Mar 1894-Jun 1897 

 CSWBGA/M1/16  Jul 1897-Nov 1900 

 CSWBGA/M1/17  Dec 1900-Oct 1903 

 CSWBGA/M1/18  Nov 1903-Nov 1906 

 CSWBGA/M1/19  Dec 1906-Dec 1909 

 CSWBGA/M1/20  Dec 1909-Feb 1913 

 CSWBGA/M1/21  Feb 1913-Feb 1916 

 CSWBGA/M1/22  Feb 1916-Aug 1919 

 CSWBGA/M1/23  Aug 1919-Nov 1921 

 CSWBGA/M1/24  Dec 1921-Feb 1925 

 CSWBGA/M1/25  Feb 1925-Nov 1926 

 CSWBGA/M1/26  Nov 1926-Sep 1928 

 CSWBGA/M1/27  Oct 1928-Mar 1930 

Draft Minute Books 

 CSWBGA/M2/4  Feb 1864-Dec 1867 

 CSWBGA/M2/5  Jan 1868-Apr 1871 

 CSWBGA/M2/6  Jun 1872-Apr 1874 

 CSWBGA/M2/7  Apr 1878-Oct 1879 

Assessment Committee Minute Books 

 CSWBGA/M2/1  Sep 1862-May 1873 

 CSWBGA/M2/2  Apr 1873-Jan 1888 

Boarding Out Committee Minute Books 

 CSWBGA/M2/3  Jun 1910-Jan 1930 

School Attendance Committee Minute Books 

 CSWBGA/M4/1  May 1877-Mar 1895 

 CSWBGA/M4/2  May 1895-Jul 1904 

School Attendance Committee Letter Book 

 CSWBGA/M5/8  Jul 1877-May 1905 

Rural Sanitary Authority Minute Books 

 CSWBGA/M3/1  Aug 1872-Feb 1886 

 CSWBGA/M3/2  Mar 1886-Dec 1894 

Rough Minute Book 

 CSWBGA/M5/1  May 1885-Apr 1888 


 CSWBGA/C/1  1834-1857 

 CSWBGA/C/2  1858-1886 

 CSWBGA/C/3  1890-1929 

Correspondence with Poor Law Board 

 CSWBGA/M5/2  Apr 1857-Aug 1858 

 CSWBGA/M5/3  Jan 1858-Aug 1859 

 CSWBGA/M5/4  Jan 1860-Dec 1860 

 CSWBGA/M5/5  Jan 1861-Dec 1861 

 CSWBGA/M5/6 Poor Law Board Orders and Circulars 1866 

Letter Books 

 CSWBGA/M5/9  Feb 1843-Feb 1858 

 CSWBGA/M5/10  Mar 1858-Dec 1862 

 CSWBGA/M5/11  Apr 1858-Nov 1863 

 CSWBGA/M5/12  Mar 1866-May 1882 

 CSWBGA/M5/13  May 1867-July 1871 

 CSWBGA/M5/14  July 1871-June 1878 

 CSWBGA/M5/15  June 1878-June 1881 

 CSWBGA/M5/16  May 1881-Jan 1885 

 CSWBGA/M5/17  June 1885-Sept 1885 

 CSWBGA/M5/17  July 1888-June 1891 

 CSWBGA/M5/19  June 1891-Nov 1894 

 CSWBGA/M5/20  Nov 1894-July 1898 

 CSWBGA/M5/21  Aug 1898-June 1902 

 CSWBGA/M5/22  Dec 1908-Dec 1911 

 CSWBGA/M5/23  Oct 1913-Nov 1915 

 CSWBGA/M5/24  Nov 1915-May 1918 

 CSWBGA/M5/25  May 1918-Nov 1922 

Election of Guardians Papers 

 CSWBGA/C/7 Voting Papers for 3 Yearly Elections: Abergavenny - Urban Ward Cwmyoy Lower Abergavenny - Rural Ward Llanthewy Skirrid Llanfihangel Crocorney - Llanvetherine -Llanvapley 

 CSWBGA/C/8 Voting Papers for 3 yearly elections: Llantillio Pertholey, Llanthewi Rhytherch, Furthog, Bettws Newydd, Bwlch Trewyn, Cwmyoy Upper, Llangattock Lingoed, Clyth, Bryngwyn, Llanwenarth. Voting Papers Elections of Guardians, parish of Llanfoist and Abergavenny. 

Miscellaneous Papers 

 CSWBGA/C/12 Abergavenny Union, miscellaneous material 1866, 1895, 1897, 1899 

 CSWBGA/MISCPAPERS/C/24 Misc Vaccination Papers and Certificates 1868-1869 Misc Registration Papers 1837-1848 Non Resident Poor Accounts 1845-1848 1837-1869 

  CSWBGA/C/27 Assessment Committee Miscellaneous Papers 1848-1893 

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Poor Relief 

Relief Order Books. Abergavenny and Blaenavon District 

 CSWBGA/F2/21  Sep 1867-Oct 1870 

 CSWBGA/F2/22  Sep 1868-Mar 1871 

 CSWBGA/F2/23  Oct 1870-Jan 1875 

 CSWBGA/F2/24  Feb 1875-May 1877 

 CSWBGA/F2/25  May 1878-April 1881 

 CSWBGA/F2/26  Oct 1878-Mar 1884 

 CSWBGA/F2/27  May 1881-Sep 1885 

 CSWBGA/F2/28  Sep 1884-Mar 1893 

 CSWBGA/F2/29  Oct 1885-Mar 1890 

 CSWBGA/F2/30  Mar 1890-Mar 1894 

 CSWBGA/F2/31  Sep 1893-Oct 1901 

 CSWBGA/F2/32  Apr 1894-Jun 1898 

 CSWBGA/F2/33  Jun 1898-Sep 1898 

 CSWBGA/F2/34  Sep 1898-Jun 1900 

 CSWBGA/F2/35  Jul 1900-Mar 1905 

 CSWBGA/F2/36  Mar 1902-Mar 1906 

 CSWBGA/F2/37  Sep 1910-Apr 1912 

  CSWBGA/F2/125 Application, Report and Relief Order List (Blaenavon District) Apr 1924-Mar 1925 

Abstract of Weekly Outdoor Relief Lists 

 CSWBGA/F2/74  Sep 1866-Mar 1899 

Register of Relief on Loan 

 CSWBGA/F2/86  Jan 1877-Nov 1890 

Vagrants' Outdoor Relief Lists 

 CSWBGA/F2/99  Apr 1895-May 1902 

 CSWBGA/F2/100  May 1902-Feb 1905 

 CSWBGA/F2/101  Mar 1905-Apr 1906 

 CSWBGA/F2/102  Apr 1906-Nov 1906 

 CSWBGA/F2/103  Nov 1906-May 1907 

 CSWBGA/F2/104  Jun 1907-April 1908 

 CSWBGA/F2/105  Apr 1908-Sep 1908 

 CSWBGA/F2/106  Sep 1908-Feb 1909 

 CSWBGA/F2/107  Feb 1909-Jul 1909 

 CSWBGA/F2/108  Jul 1909-Nov 1909 

 CSWBGA/F2/109  Nov 1909-Apr 1910 

 CSWBGA/F2/110  Apr 1910-Aug 1910 

 CSWBGA/F2/111  Aug 1910-Mar 1911 

 CSWBGA/F2/112  Mar 1911-Oct 1911 

 CSWBGA/F2/113  Oct 1911-Jul 1912 

 CSWBGA/F2/114  Aug 1912-May 1913 

 CSWBGA/F2/115  May 1913-Apr 1914 

 CSWBGA/F2/116  Apr 1914-Jan 1915 

School Fees Order Books 

 CSWBGA/F2/38  Mar 1878-Sep 1881 

 CSWBGA/F2/39  Apr 1881-Mar 1888 

 CSWBGA/F2/40  Oct 1881-May 1889 

 CSWBGA/F2/41  Oct 1888-Mar 1891 

 CSWBGA/F2/42  Aug 1889-May 1891 

School Fees Receipt and Payment Books 

 CSWBGA/F2/45 1st District Jun 1878-Jun 1886 

 CSWBGA/F2/43/A 1st District Sep 1886-Nov 1891 

 CSWBGA/F2/43 Blaenavon District Jun 1878-Mar 1888 

 CSWBGA/F2/44 Blaenavon District Sep 1888-Mar 1892 

  CSWBGA/F2/127 School Fees Application and Report Book (District No 1) Oct 1881-Mar 1883 

School Fees Application and Report Books (Blaenavon District) 

  CSWBGA/F2/126  Apr 1880-Sep 1881 

  CSWBGA/F2/128  Oct 1885-Sep 1887 

  CSWBGA/F2/129  Oct 1887-Mar 1889 

  CSWBGA/F2/130  Mar 1891-Sep 1891 

Relieving Officers' Receipt and Payment Books. Abergavenny District 

 CSWBGA/F2/46  Jun 1862-Sep 1864 

 CSWBGA/F2/47  Sep 1867-Dec 1867 

 CSWBGA/F2/48  Sep 1867-Mar 1870 

 CSWBGA/F2/49  Jun 1870-Dec 1872 

 CSWBGA/F2/50  Mar 1873-Jun 1875 

 CSWBGA/F2/51  Sep 1875-Sep 1877 

 CSWBGA/F2/52  Dec 1877-Sep 1879 

 CSWBGA/F2/53  Dec 1879-Mar 1882 

 CSWBGA/F2/54  Jun 1882-Mar 1885 

 CSWBGA/F2/55  Jun 1885-Mar 1888 

 CSWBGA/F2/56  Jun 1888-Sep 1890 

 CSWBGA/F2/57  Dec 1890-Mar 1893 

 CSWBGA/F2/58  Jun 1893-Sep 1895 

 CSWBGA/F2/59  Dec 1895-Mar 1898 

 CSWBGA/F2/60  Jun 1898-Sep 1900 

 CSWBGA/F2/61  Dec 1900-Mar 1903 

 CSWBGA/F2/62  Jun 1903-Sep 1905 

 CSWBGA/F2/63  Dec 1905-Mar 1908 

 CSWBGA/F2/64  Jun 1908-Sep 1910 

Relieving Officers' Receipt and Payment Books Blaenavon District 

 CSWBGA/F2/65  Jun 1870-Mar 1873 

 CSWBGA/F2/66  Jun 1877-Sep 1880 

 CSWBGA/F2/67  Dec 1880-Mar 1883 

 CSWBGA/F2/68  Mar 1883-Jun 1885 

 CSWBGA/F2/69  Jun 1885-Sep 1887 

 CSWBGA/F2/70  Dec 1887-Jun 1891 

 CSWBGA/F2/71  Dec 1892-Dec 1897 

 CSWBGA/F2/72  Mar 1898-Sep 1903 

 CSWBGA/F2/73  Dec 1903-Sep 1910 

Relieving Officer's Application and Report Book. Blaenavon District 

 CSWBGA/F2/123  1881 

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District Medical Relief Books 

 CSWBGA/M5/40/A  Aug 1860-Aug 1862 

 CSWBGA/M5/40  Sep 1869-Jan 1875 

 CSWBGA/F2/121  Jul 1883-Aug 1890 

 CSWBGA/M5/41  Aug 1896-Oct 1898 

 CSWBGA/M5/42  Feb 1905-May 1912 

 CSWBGA/F2/122  Jun 1912-Jan 1919 

 CSWBGA/M5/43  Mar 1918-May 1925 

Medical Returns (Blaenavon District) 

 CSWBGA/M5/37  Feb 1888-Dec 1888 

 CSWBGA/M5/38  Jan 1898-Dec 1898 

 CSWBGA/M5/39  Jan 1904-Dec 1904 


 CSWBGA/C/26 Notices of Requirement of Vaccination and Certificates of the same 1855, 1868, 1895 

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Reports, Registers and Returns 

Weekly Returns Form 'A' 

 CSWBGA/M5/44  Apr 1869-Sep 1872 

 CSWBGA/M5/45  May 1875-Mar 1878 

 CSWBGA/M5/46  Mar 1878-Feb 1880 

 CSWBGA/M5/47  Mar 1880-Mar 1883 

 CSWBGA/M5/48  Mar 1882-Feb 1884 

 CSWBGA/M5/49  Mar 1884-Jan 1886 

 CSWBGA/M5/50  Feb 1886-Mar 1888 

 CSWBGA/M5/51  Mar 1888-Apr 1890 

 CSWBGA/M5/52  Apr 1890-Jul 1891 

 CSWBGA/M5/53  Jul 1891-Jul 1893 

 CSWBGA/M5/54  Aug 1893-Aug 1895 

 CSWBGA/M5/55  Aug 1895-Aug 1897 

 CSWBGA/M5/56  Sep 1897-Sep 1898 

 CSWBGA/M5/57  Sep 1898-May 1901 

 CSWBGA/M5/58  Jun 1901-Feb 1904 

 CSWBGA/M5/59  Dec 1914-Jan 1920 

 CSWBGA/M5/60  Jan 1920-Jan 1922 

 CSWBGA/M5/61  Feb 1922-Mar 1924 

 CSWBGA/M5/62  Apr 1926-May 1928 

 CSWBGA/M5/63  May 1928-Mar 1930 

Births, Deaths and Marriages 

 CSWBGA/M5/30 Registration Accounts (Number of Births Marriages and Deaths in Abergavenny Union) Jul 1837-Jun 1863 

 CSWBGA/C/4 Quarterly Returns of Births, Marriages, Deaths 1847-1853 Quarterly Returns of Medical Officers Salaries 1847-1849 Quarterly list of Pauper Lunatics 1860-1861 Return of Names of Guardians and Union Officers 1839-1840 1839-1861 

 CSWBGA/M5/31 Marriage Notice Book Jun 1859-Feb 1864 

 CSWBGA/C/5 Notices of Marriage 1863-1874 

 CSWBGA/C/6 Notices of Marriage 1875-1877 

 CSWBGA/C/9 Notices of Death 1858-1874, 1920-1923 1858-1923 

 CSWBGA/M5/77 Register of Deaths of Infants under 12 Months. Blaenavon District 1913-1930 

Registers of Successful Vaccinations 

 CSWBGA/M5/33  Oct 1853-Jun 1855 

 CSWBGA/M5/34  Dec 1861-May 1863 

 CSWBGA/M5/35  Dec 1864-Mar 1866 

 CSWBGA/M5/36  Sep 1867-May 1869 

Superannuation Registers 

 CSWBGA/M5/26  1866-1901 

 CSWBGA/M5/27  1901-1929 

School Attendance Officer's Report Book 

 CSWBGA/M5/7  Nov 1881-Sep 1884 

Register of Paupers and Orders of Removal 

 CSWBGA/M5/64 Register of Paupers and Orders of Removal Nov 1858- July 1859 Register of Provisions consumed by Paupers June 1874- Sept 1880 1858-1859 

Pauper Classification Books 

 CSWBGA/M5/67  Mar 1857-Jan 1862 

 CSWBGA/M5/68  Sep 1870-Sep 1872 

 CSWBGA/M5/69  Mar 1873-Mar 1875 

 CSWBGA/M5/70  Sep 1875-Sep 1880 

 CSWBGA/M5/71  Sep 1877-Mar 1880 

 CSWBGA/M5/72  Mar 1881-Sep 1883 

 CSWBGA/M5/73  Mar 1884-Mar 1887 

 CSWBGA/M5/74  Sep 1887-Sep 1890 

 CSWBGA/M5/75  Mar 1891-Sep 1895 


 CSWBGA/M5/66 Summary of Vagrants Apr 1913-May 1922 

 CSWBGA/M5/65 Returns to Local Government Board of Number and Cost of Pauper Lunatics 1882-1886 

 CSWBGA/F2/97 Register of Guardians' Contracts Jun 1893-Dec 1893 

 CSWBGA/M5/78 Correspondence, forms, etc., Vaccination Officer (Blaenavon District) 1907-1939 

 CSWBGA/M5/76 Register of Infants who are Received for Reward Aug 1906-Apr 1930 

 CSWBGA/M5/32 Miscellaneous Instructions to Registrars 

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General Ledgers 

 CSWBGA/F1/1  Sep 1836-Jun 1838 

 CSWBGA/F1/2  Sep 1838-Mar 1840 

 CSWBGA/F1/3  Mar 1840-Jun 1842 

 CSWBGA/F1/4  Jun 1842-Dec 1844 

 CSWBGA/F1/5  Dec 1844-Mar 1847 

 CSWBGA/F1/6  Mar 1847-Mar 1850 

 CSWBGA/F1/7  Sep 1850-Mar 1854 

 CSWBGA/F1/8  Sep 1854-Sep 1859 

 CSWBGA/F1/9  Mar 1860-Sep 1864 

 CSWBGA/F1/10  Mar 1865-Mar 1869 

 CSWBGA/F1/11  Sep 1869-Sep 1872 

 CSWBGA/F1/12  Mar 1873-Mar 1876 

 CSWBGA/F1/13  Sep 1876-Sep 1879 

 CSWBGA/F1/14  Mar 1880-Sep 1882 

 CSWBGA/F1/15  Mar 1883-Sep 1885 

 CSWBGA/F1/16  Mar 1886-Sep 1889 

 CSWBGA/F1/17  Mar 1890-Mar 1893 

 CSWBGA/F1/18  Sep 1893-Mar 1896 

 CSWBGA/F1/19  Sep 1896-Mar 1899 

 CSWBGA/F1/20  Sep 1899-Mar 1902 

 CSWBGA/F1/21  Sep 1902-Mar 1905 

 CSWBGA/F1/22  Sep 1905-Mar 1908 

 CSWBGA/F1/23  Sep 1908-Mar 1911 

 CSWBGA/F1/24  Sep 1911-Mar 1914 

 CSWBGA/F1/25  Sep 1914-Sep 1917 

 CSWBGA/F1/26  Mar 1918-Sep 1921 

 CSWBGA/F1/27  Mar 1922-Mar 1930 

Treasurer's Ledger 

 CSWBGA/F2/117  Jul 1836-Jul 1842 

Parochial Ledgers 

 CSWBGA/F2/1  Sep 1848-Mar 1854 

 CSWBGA/F2/2  Sep 1854-Mar 1860 

 CSWBGA/F2/3  Sep 1860-Sep 1865 

 CSWBGA/F2/4  Mar 1866-Sep 1867 

 CSWBGA/F2/5  Mar 1868-Sep 1873 

 CSWBGA/F2/6  Mar 1874-Mar 1880 

 CSWBGA/F2/7  Sep 1880-Mar 1886 

 CSWBGA/F2/8  Sep 1886-Mar 1893 

 CSWBGA/F2/9  Sep 1893-Mar 1897 

 CSWBGA/F2/10  Sep 1897-Mar 1901 

 CSWBGA/F2/11  Sep 1901-Mar 1905 

 CSWBGA/F2/12  Sep 1905-Mar 1909 

 CSWBGA/F2/13  Sep 1909-Mar 1913 

 CSWBGA/F2/14  Sep 1913-Sep 1917 

 CSWBGA/F2/15  Mar 1918-Sep 1928 

Non-Resident and Non-Settled Poor Ledgers 

 CSWBGA/F2/16 Non Resident and Non Settled Poor Ledger Jun 1845-Dec 1848 

 CSWBGA/F2/17 Non Resident and Non Settled Poor Ledger Mar 1850-Jun 1855 

 CSWBGA/F2/18 Non Settled Poor Ledger Dec 1857-Mar 1866 

 CSWBGA/F2/19 Non Resident and Lunatic Poor Ledger Dec 1859-Mar 1866 

 CSWBGA/F2/20 Non Settled Poor Ledger Jun 1859-Sep 1872 

Precept Books 

 CSWBGA/F2/75  Nov 1862-Apr 1863 

 CSWBGA/F2/76  Jun 1870-Apr 1888 

 CSWBGA/F2/77  May 1872-Jan 1874 

 CSWBGA/F2/120  Jan 1877-Nov 1877 

 CSWBGA/F2/78  May 1877-May 1880 

 CSWBGA/F2/79  May 1880-Oct 1883 

 CSWBGA/F2/80  Mar 1881-Mar 1883 

 CSWBGA/F2/81  Apr 1883-Jan 1884 

 CSWBGA/F2/82  Apr 1883-Apr 1884 

 CSWBGA/F2/83  Apr 1884-Apr 1885 

 CSWBGA/F2/84  Apr 1889-Oct 1891 

 CSWBGA/F2/85  Feb 1890-Oct 1891 

Rural Sanitary Authority Parochial Ledgers 

 CSWBGA/F3/1  Mar 1874-Mar 1878 

 CSWBGA/F3/2  Sep 1878-Sep 1882 

 CSWBGA/F3/3  Mar 1883-Sep 1887 

 CSWBGA/F3/4  Mar 1888-Sep 1892 

 CSWBGA/F3/5  Sep 1892-Mar 1896 

Rural Sanitary Authority Ledger 

 CSWBGA/F3/6  Mar 1874-Dec 1894 

Rural Sanitary Authority Treasurers' Books 

 CSWBGA/F3/7  Mar 1894-Mar 1920 

 CSWBGA/F3/8  Mar 1911-Sep 1914 

Collectors' Receipt and Payment books (Various Districts) 

 CSWBGA/F2/87  Mar 1890-Sep 1896 

 CSWBGA/F2/88  Sep 1896-Dec 1902 

 CSWBGA/F2/89  Dec 1902-Jun 1907 

 CSWBGA/F2/90  Oct 1891-Dec 1910 

 CSWBGA/F2/91  Oct 1890-Dec 1895 

Collectors' Collecting and Deposit Books 

 CSWBGA/F2/124 Llanwenarth Citra parish May 1848-Sep 1860 

 CSWBGA/F2/92 Llanwenarth Citra parish Dec 1867-Mar 1871 

 CSWBGA/F2/93 Llanwenarth Ultra parish (enclosed: Accounts of School Fees for non-paupers 1890) Jun 1862-Sep 1863 

Overseers' Receipt and Payment Books 

 CSWBGA/F2/94 Llanddewi Rhydderch parish Mar 1886-Mar 1890 

 CSWBGA/F2/95 Llanfoist parish Mar 1877-Sep 1877 

 CSWBGA/F2/96 Llanfihangel nigh Usk parish Jun 1836-Sep 1848 

Tradesmen's Account of Day Work 

 CSWBGA/F2/98  Sep 1847-Jun 1855 

Registers of Securities 

 CSWBGA/F2/118  Dec 1891-Oct 1912 

 CSWBGA/F2/119  Jul 1926-Sep 1927 

Overseers' Balance Sheets of Receipts and Payments 

 CSWBGA/C/14  1843-1867 

 CSWBGA/C/15  1876-1877 

 CSWBGA/C/16  1899-1902 

 CSWBGA/C/11  1903-1907 

 CSWBGA/C/17  1903-1907 

Quarterly Parochial Abstract of Accounts 

 CSWBGA/C/23  Sep 1837-Mar 1846 

Miscellaneous Papers 

 CSWBGA/C/18 Bundles of Accounts 1862-1863 

 CSWBGA/C/19 Bundles of Accounts 1863 

 CSWBGA/C/20 Bundles of Accounts 1865 

 CSWBGA/C/21 Bundles of Accounts 1866-1867 

 CSWBGA/C/22 Bundles of Accounts 1867-1868 

 CSWBGA/MISCPAPERS/C/13 Abergavenny Union: Financial Statements 1857-1890. Lists of Guardians and Paid Officers, 1846, 1850-1853, 1855-1857 1846-1890 

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Workhouse Administration 

Admission and Discharge Registers 

 CSWBGA/I/158  1843-1881 

 CSWBGA/I/159  Jun 1868-Mar 1871 

 CSWBGA/I/160  Mar 1871-Mar 1875 

 CSWBGA/I/161  Apr 1875-Oct 1878 

 CSWBGA/I/162  Oct 1878-Jul 1881 

 CSWBGA/I/163  Apr 1881-Oct 1883 

 CSWBGA/I/164  Oct 1883-Sep 1886 

 CSWBGA/I/165  Oct 1886-Oct 1889 

 CSWBGA/I/166  Oct 1889-Sep 1891 

 CSWBGA/I/167  Oct 1891-Jun 1893 

 CSWBGA/I/168  Jun 1893-Mar 1895 

 CSWBGA/I/169  Mar 1895-Dec 1896 

 CSWBGA/I/170  Dec 1896-Oct 1899 

 CSWBGA/I/171  Oct 1899-Mar 1901 

 CSWBGA/I/172  Mar 1901-Sep 1903 

 CSWBGA/I/173  Oct 1903-Aug 1905 

 CSWBGA/I/174  Aug 1905-Jun 1907 

 CSWBGA/I/175  Mar 1909-Jan 1911 

 CSWBGA/I/176  Jan 1911-Sep 1912 

 CSWBGA/I/177  Oct 1912-May 1914 

Casual Paupers Admission and Discharge registers 

 CSWBGA/I/205  Dec 1871-Nov 1874 

 CSWBGA/I/206  Dec 1872-Jan 1873 

 CSWBGA/I/207  Nov 1574-Sep 1826 

 CSWBGA/I/208  Sep 1876-Jun 1877 

 CSWBGA/I/209  Jun 1877-Jan 1878 

 CSWBGA/I/210  Jan 1878-Oct 1878 

 CSWBGA/I/211  Oct 1878-Jun1879 

 CSWBGA/I/212  Jun 1879-Feb 1880 

 CSWBGA/I/213  Oct 1879-Jun 1884 

 CSWBGA/I/214  Feb 1880-Sep 1880 

 CSWBGA/I/215  Sep 1880-Jul 1881 

 CSWBGA/I/216  Jul 1881-Mar 1882 

 CSWBGA/I/217  Mar 1882-Jul 1882 

 CSWBGA/I/218  Jul 1882-Dec 1882 

 CSWBGA/I/219  Jan 1883-Jun 1883 

 CSWBGA/I/220  Jan 1883-Oct 1899 

 CSWBGA/I/221  Jun 1883-Sep 1884 

 CSWBGA/I/222  Sep 1884-Jan 1886 

 CSWBGA/I/223  Jan 1886-May 1888 

 CSWBGA/I/224  May 1888-Mar 1890 

 CSWBGA/I/225  Feb 1897-Feb 1898 

 CSWBGA/I/226  Mar 1906-May 1906 

 CSWBGA/I/227  May 1906-Aug 1906 

 CSWBGA/I/228  Aug 1906-Nov 1906 

 CSWBGA/I/229  Nov 1906-Feb 1907 

 CSWBGA/I/230  Feb 1907-Apr 1907 

 CSWBGA/I/231  Apr 1907-Aug 1907 

 CSWBGA/I/232  Aug 1907-Dec 1907 

 CSWBGA/I/233  Dec 1907-Apr 1908 

 CSWBGA/I/234  Apr 1908-Aug 1908 

 CSWBGA/I/235  Aug 1908-Nov 1908 

 CSWBGA/I/236  Nov 1908-Mar 1909 

 CSWBGA/I/237  Mar 1909-Jul 1909 

 CSWBGA/I/238  Jul 1909-Oct 1909 

 CSWBGA/I/239  Oct 1909-Feb 1910 

 CSWBGA/I/240  Feb 1910-Jun 1910 

 CSWBGA/I/241  Jun 1910-Oct 1910 

 CSWBGA/I/242  Oct 1910-Feb 1911 

 CSWBGA/I/243  Feb 1911-Jun 1911 

 CSWBGA/I/244  Jun 1911-Oct 1911 

 CSWBGA/I/245  Oct 1911-Feb 1912 

 CSWBGA/I/246  Feb 1912-Jun 1912 

 CSWBGA/I/247  Jun 1912-Oct 1912 

 CSWBGA/I/248  Oct 1912- Feb 1913 

 CSWBGA/I/249  Mar 1913-Jul 1913 

 CSWBGA/I/250  Jul 1913- Nov 1913 

 CSWBGA/I/251  Nov 1913-Mar 1914 

 CSWBGA/I/252  Mar 1914-Jul 1914 

 CSWBGA/I/253  Jul 1914-Mar 1915 

 CSWBGA/I/254  Mar 1915-Nov 1915 

 CSWBGA/I/255  Nov 1915- Nov 1916 

 CSWBGA/I/256  Dec 1916-May 1918 

 CSWBGA/I/257  May 1918-Jan 1920 

 CSWBGA/I/258  Jan 1920-25-Sep 1920 

 CSWBGA/I/259  Sep 1920-Feb 1921 

 CSWBGA/I/260  Feb 1921-Jun 1921 

 CSWBGA/I/261  Jun 1921-Dec 1921 

 CSWBGA/I/262  Apr 1923-Sep 1923 

 CSWBGA/I/263  Sep 1923-Apr 1924 

 CSWBGA/I/264  Apr 1924-Sep 1924 

 CSWBGA/I/265  Oct 1924-Apr 1925 

 CSWBGA/I/266  Apr 1925-May 1925 

 CSWBGA/I/267  May 1925-Jul 1925 

 CSWBGA/I/268  Jul 1925-Mar 1926 

 CSWBGA/I/269  Mar 1926-Oct 1920 

 CSWBGA/I/270  Oct 1926-Mar 1927 

 CSWBGA/I/271  Apr 1927-May 1929 

 CSWBGA/I/272  Jan 1933-Nov 1933 

Casual Paupers Register of Cases Refused 

 CSWBGA/I/273  Jun 1877-Oct 1893 

 CSWBGA/I/274  Mar 1885-Apr 1890 

Vagrants Admission and Discharge Registers 

 CSWBGA/I/178  Mar 1870-Dec 1871 

 CSWBGA/I/179  Mar 1890-Sep 1891 

 CSWBGA/I/180  Sep 1891-Sep 1892 

 CSWBGA/I/181  Sep 1892- Aug 1893 

 CSWBGA/I/182  Aug 1893-Mar 1894 

 CSWBGA/I/183  Mar 1894-Sep 1894 

 CSWBGA/I/184  Sep 1894-May 1895 

 CSWBGA/I/185  May 1895-Nov 1895 

 CSWBGA/I/186  Nov 1895-Jun 1896 

 CSWBGA/I/187  Jun 1896-Feb 1897 

 CSWBGA/I/188  Feb 1898-Oct 1898 

 CSWBGA/I/189  Oct 1898-Jul 1899 

 CSWBGA/I/190  Jul 1899-May 1900 

 CSWBGA/I/191  Oct 1899-Mar 1914 

 CSWBGA/I/192  May 1900-Mar 1901 

 CSWBGA/I/193  Mar 1901-Dec 1901 

 CSWBGA/I/194  Dec 1901-Sep 1902 

 CSWBGA/I/195  Sep 1902-Apr 1903 

 CSWBGA/I/196  Apr 1903-Nov 1903 

 CSWBGA/I/197  Nov 1903-Apr 1904 

 CSWBGA/I/198  Apr 1904-Sep 1904 

 CSWBGA/I/199  Sep 1904-Feb 1905 

 CSWBGA/I/200  Feb 1905-Jun 1905 

 CSWBGA/I/201  Jun 1905-Oct 1905 

 CSWBGA/I/202  Nov 1905-Mar 1906 

 CSWBGA/I/203  Jan 1922-Aug 1922 

 CSWBGA/I/204  Aug 1922-Apr 1923 

Lodging House Casuals Book 

 CSWBGA/I/275  Sep 1929-Mar 1930 

School Admission and Discharge Books 

 CSWBGA/I/276  1843-Jun 1875 

 CSWBGA/I/277  Sep 1875-mar 1884 

School Attendance Registers 

 CSWBGA/I/278  Jun 1866-Mar 1870 

 CSWBGA/I/279  Sep 1873-Mar 1879 

 CSWBGA/I/280  Sep 1875-Dec 1880 

 CSWBGA/I/281  Dec 1878-Dec 1881 

 CSWBGA/I/282  Dec 1881-Sep 1885 

 CSWBGA/I/283  Sep 1882-Dec 1885 

 CSWBGA/I/284  Jun 1884-Dec 1885 

 CSWBGA/I/285  Dec 1885 

 CSWBGA/I/131 House Committee Report Book 1922-1925 

 CSWBGA/I/231 Visitors Books Jan 1922-Sep 1925 

 CSWBGA/I/114  Jun 1869-Jan 1876 

 CSWBGA/I/115  Feb 1876-Nov 1880 

 CSWBGA/I/116  Nov 1880-Dec 1882 

 CSWBGA/I/117  Dec 1882-Jun 1884 

 CSWBGA/I/118  Jul 1884-May 1887 

 CSWBGA/I/119  Jun 1887-Jun 1891 

 CSWBGA/I/120  Jun 1891-Jan 1896 

 CSWBGA/I/121  Feb 1896-Dec 1899 

 CSWBGA/I/122  Jan 1900-Sep 1902 

 CSWBGA/I/123  Nov 1902-Dec 1904 

 CSWBGA/I/124  Dec 1904-Mar 1907 

 CSWBGA/I/125  Mar 1907-Jul 1909 

 CSWBGA/I/126  Aug 1909-Oct 1911 

 CSWBGA/I/126A  Oct 1911-Dec 1913 

Masters Weekly Report Book 

 CSWBGA/I/29  Jun 1870-Oct 1873 

 CSWBGA/I/30  Oct 1873-Oct 1875 

 CSWBGA/I/31  Oct 1875-Mar 1879 

 CSWBGA/I/32  Apr 1879-Mar 1881 

 CSWBGA/I/33  Jun 1884-Mar 1887 

 CSWBGA/I/293  Apr 1890-Feb 1891 

 CSWBGA/I/34  Feb 1891-Oct 1891 

 CSWBGA/I/35  Oct 1891-Nov 1893 

 CSWBGA/I/36  Nov 1893 

Masters Report Book 

 CSWBGA/I/4  Oct 1893-Sep 1895 

 CSWBGA/I/5  Oct 1895-1897 

 CSWBGA/I/6  Aug 1897-Jun 1899 

 CSWBGA/I/7  Apr 1914-Apr 1915 

 CSWBGA/I/8  Apr 1915-Jun 1916 

 CSWBGA/I/9  June 1916-Apr 1920 

 CSWBGA/I/10  Apr 1920-Feb 1922 

 CSWBGA/I/11  Feb 1922-Mar 1924 

 CSWBGA/I/12  Mar 1924-Apr 1926 

 CSWBGA/I/13  Apr 1926-Apr 1928 

Masters Weekly Report Book and Journal 

 CSWBGA/I/294  Sep 1899-Mar 1901 

 CSWBGA/I/14  Jun 1901-Mar 1903 

 CSWBGA/I/15  Mar 1903-Mar 1904 

 CSWBGA/I/16  Mar 1904-Mar 1905 

 CSWBGA/I/17  Jun 1905-Mar 1906 

 CSWBGA/I/18  Jun 1906-Mar 1908 

 CSWBGA/I/19  Jun 1908-Mar 1910 

 CSWBGA/I/20  Jun 1910-Mar 1912 

 CSWBGA/I/21  Jun 1912-Dec 1913 

 CSWBGA/I/22  Mar 1914-Jun 1914 

Masters Journal 

 CSWBGA/I/23  Apr 1915-May 1917 

 CSWBGA/I/24  Jun 1881-Jun 1884 

 CSWBGA/I/25  Apr 1915-Apr1916 

 CSWBGA/I/26  Apr 1916-Apr 1917 

 CSWBGA/I/27  May 1917-Apr 1918 

 CSWBGA/I/28  May 1918-May 1919 

Masters Day Book 

 CSWBGA/I/289  Sep 1867-Mar 1873 

Summary of Masters Day Book 

 CSWBGA/I/290  Sep 1877-Mar 1881 

 CSWBGA/I/299  1881-1890 

 CSWBGA/I/300  1890-1898 

 CSWBGA/I/?301  1899-1910 

 CSWBGA/I/302  1910-1916 

Medical Officers Report Book 

 CSWBGA/I/37  Apr 1901-Oct 1902 

 CSWBGA/I/38  Aug 1904-Sep 1911 

 CSWBGA/I/39  Sep 1911-Mar 1914 

Medical Officers Case Book 

 CSWBGA/I/40  Jul 1874-Mar 1882 

Medical Officers Report and Half Yearly Statement 

 CSWBGA/I/41  May 1921-Feb 1929 

Medical Officers Record of Examination of Inmates 

 CSWBGA/I/44  Apr 1914-Aug 1921 

 CSWBGA/I/45  Sep 1921-Oct 1925 

Medical Officers Record of Examination of Children 

 CSWBGA/I/42  May 1913-May 1916 

 CSWBGA/I/43  Sep 1916-Apr 1921 

Mental and Infectious Diseases 

 CSWBGA/I/46 Medical Certificates to Retain Paupers Suffering from Mental and Infectious Diseases Oct 1882-May 1886 

Drug Account Book 

 CSWBGA/I/47  c 1882 

Medical Relief Books 

 CSWBGA/I/295  Sep 1870-Feb 1871 

 CSWBGA/I/51  Mar 1871-Dec 1871 

 CSWBGA/I/52  Dec 1871-Mar 1873 

 CSWBGA/I/53  Jun 1875-Sep 1877 

 CSWBGA/I/54  Sep 1877-Dec 1879 

 CSWBGA/I/55  Mar 1880-Mar 1882 

 CSWBGA/I/56  Jun 1882-Sep 1884 

 CSWBGA/I/57  Aug 1884-Sep 1886 

 CSWBGA/I/58  Dec 1886-Mar 1889 

 CSWBGA/I/59  Feb 1889-Jun 1891 

 CSWBGA/I/60  Sep 1891-Sep 1893 

 CSWBGA/I/61  Sep 1893-Dec 1893 

 CSWBGA/I/62  Dec 1893-Jun 1896 

 CSWBGA/I/63  Sep 1896-Sep 1898 

 CSWBGA/I/64  Oct 1898-Mar 1901 

 CSWBGA/I/65  Jun 1901-Mar 1903 

 CSWBGA/I/66  Mar 1903-Jul 1904 

 CSWBGA/I/67  Dec 1903-Mar 1907 

 CSWBGA/I/68  Jul 1904- Book in bad condition and last date impossible to obtain 

 CSWBGA/I/69  Mar 1907-Dec 1907 

 CSWBGA/I/70  Jan 1909-Aug 1910 

 CSWBGA/I/71  Aug 1910-May 1912 

 CSWBGA/I/72  Jan 1914-Mar 1914 

 CSWBGA/I/73  c 1914 

Chaplains Books 

 CSWBGA/I/49  Mar 1840-Jun 1877 

 CSWBGA/I/50  Jul 1877-Mar 1917 

Religious Creed Registers 

 CSWBGA/I/74  Dec 1868-Mar 1875 

 CSWBGA/I/75  c 1879-c 1881 

 CSWBGA/I/76  1887-1901 

 CSWBGA/I/77  1901-1911 

Deaths (Workhouse) 

 CSWBGA/I/1 Register of Deaths (Workhouse) 1836-1893 

 CSWBGA/I/3 Notices of Death (Workhouse) Dec 1924-Dec 1928 

Porters Book 

 CSWBGA/I/291  Feb 1904-Feb 1906 

Labour Superintendents Receipt and Payment Book 

 CSWBGA/I/286  Aug 1879-Dec 1879 

Indoor Relief Lists 

 CSWBGA/I/132  Mar 1870-Mar 1872 

 CSWBGA/I/133  Sep 1872-Mar 1875 

 CSWBGA/I/134  Sep 1875-Sep 1877 

 CSWBGA/I/135  Mar 1878-Mar 1879 

 CSWBGA/I/136  Sep 1879-Sep 1881 

 CSWBGA/I/137  Mar 1882-Mar 1883 

 CSWBGA/I/138  Sep 1883-Sep 1884 

 CSWBGA/I/139  Mar 1885-Mar 1886 

 CSWBGA/I/140  Sep 1886-Sep 1887 

 CSWBGA/I/141  Mar 1888-Mar 1890 

 CSWBGA/I/142  Sep 1890-Mar 1893 

 CSWBGA/I/143  Sep 1893-Sep 1895 

 CSWBGA/I/144  Mar 1896-Sep 1897 

 CSWBGA/I/145  Mar 1895-Sep 1901 

 CSWBGA/I/146  Mar 1899-Mar 1902 

 CSWBGA/I/147  Sep 1902-Sep 1906 

 CSWBGA/I/148  Mar 1903-Mar 1907 

 CSWBGA/I/149  Sep 1907-Sep 1910 

 CSWBGA/I/150  Mar 1908-Mar 1912 

 CSWBGA/I/151  Sep 1911-Sep 1914 

 CSWBGA/I/152  Mar 1912-Mar 1916 

 CSWBGA/I/153  Sep 1916-Mar 1918 

 CSWBGA/I/154  Sep 1918-Sep 1920 

 CSWBGA/I/155  Mar 1921-Mar 1924 

 CSWBGA/I/156  Sep 1924-Mar 1926 

Revision Register of Institutional Relief 

 CSWBGA/I/157  Jan 1893-Sep 1920 

Accounts of Diets and Extras 

 CSWBGA/I/296  Apr 1901-Oct 1902 

 CSWBGA/I/85  Oct 1902-Oct 1903 

 CSWBGA/I/303  1903-1904 

 CSWBGA/I/86  Jan 1906-Jan 1907 

 CSWBGA/I/87  Jan 1907-Jan 1908 

 CSWBGA/I/88  Feb 1908-Aug 1908 

 CSWBGA/I/89  Aug 1908-Nov 1908 

 CSWBGA/I/90  Nov 1908-Feb 1909 

 CSWBGA/I/304  May 1909-Aug 1909 

 CSWBGA/I/91  Aug 1908-Nov 1909 

 CSWBGA/I/92  Nov 1909-Jan 1910 

 CSWBGA/I/93  Jan 1910-Apr 1910 

 CSWBGA/I/94  Apr 1910-Jul 1910 

 CSWBGA/I/305  Jul 1910-Oct 1910 

 CSWBGA/I/95  Oct 1910-Dec 1910 

 CSWBGA/I/96  Dec 1910-Mar 1911 

 CSWBGA/I/97  Mar 1911-Jun 1911 

 CSWBGA/I/98  Jun 1911-Sep 1911 

 CSWBGA/I/99  Sep 1911-Dec 1911 

 CSWBGA/I/100  Dec 1911-Mar 1912 

 CSWBGA/I/101  Mar 1912-May 1912 

 CSWBGA/I/102  May 1912-Aug 1912 

 CSWBGA/I/103  Aug 1912-Nov 1912 

 CSWBGA/I/104  Nov 1912-Feb 1913 

 CSWBGA/I/105  Feb 1913-Apr 1913 

 CSWBGA/I/106  May 1913-Jul 1913 

 CSWBGA/I/107  Jul 1913-Oct 1913 

 CSWBGA/I/108  Oct 1913-Jan 1914 

 CSWBGA/I/109  Jan 1914-Mar 1914 

Allowances of Extras to Paupers Employed in Workhouse 

 CSWBGA/I/82  Jul 1882-Mar 1887 

 CSWBGA/I/297  Apr 1887-Jul 1887 

 CSWBGA/I/83  Apr 1887-Jun 1892 

 CSWBGA/I/84  Jul 1892-Mar 1894 

Register of Inmates 

 CSWBGA/I/48  Jan 1920-Jul 1920 

Register of Lunatics 

 CSWBGA/I/287  Jul 1889-Jul 1894 

 CSWBGA/I/288  Jun 1890-Jul 1894 

Visiting Committees Book as to Lunatics 

 CSWBGA/I/127  Jul 1863-Dec 1879 

 CSWBGA/I/128  Mar 1900-Mar 1915 

 CSWBGA/I/129  Jun 1890-Mar 1900 

 CSWBGA/I/130  Jun 1915-Jun 1925 

Register of Mechanical Restraint 

 CSWBGA/I/78  Oct 1890-Nov 1928 

Inventory Book 

 CSWBGA/I/110  Jul 1875-Mar 1894 

Inmates Clothing Receipt Book 

 CSWBGA/I/292  Nov 1884-Oct 1885 

Trademens Account Book 

 CSWBGA/I/111  Jun 1862-Mar 1872 

Provision Estimate Book 

 CSWBGA/I/112  Oct 1880-Sep 1885 

Copies of Tenders Accepted 

 CSWBGA/I/113  Dec 1912-Mar 1921 


 CSWBGA/I/79 Stone Ledger Oct 1878-Feb 1897 

 CSWBGA/I/81 Stone Receipt & Sale Account Mar 1880-Jan 1890 

 CSWBGA/I/80 Stone Day Book Jun 1880-Mar 1890 

Wages Receipt Book 

 CSWBGA/M5/28A  Oct 1912-Mar 1919 

Workhouse Wages Account 

 CSWBGA/M5/28  Sep 1919-Mar 1922 

 CSWBGA/M5/29  Apr 1922-Sep 1923 

Wages of Servants. Superannuation 

 CSWBGA/I/298  Oct 1923-Mar 1925 

Proposed Erection of a New Workhouse 

 CSWBGA/C/25  c1910 

Orders of Reception 

 CSWBGA/Misc/Papers/C/10  1849-1865, 1870-1878 

Poor Law Amendment Act 

 CSWBGA/I/2  1834 

Orders for Admission to Casual Ward 

 CSWBGA/I/306  1910 

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Valuation Records 

Rate Books 

 CSWBGA/RB/21 Parish of Abergavenny Rural 1921 

 CSWBGA/RB/22 Parish of Abergavenny Rural 1926 

 CSWBGA/RB/23 Parish of Bettws Newydd 1926 

 CSWBGA/RB/23 Parish of Bettws Newydd 1926 

 CSWBGA/RB/24 Parish of Bryngwyn 1924 

 CSWBGA/RB/25 Parish of Clytha 1926 

 CSWBGA/RB/26 Parish of Llanarth 1926 

 CSWBGA/RB/27 Parish of Llanddewi Rhyderch 1926 

 CSWBGA/RB/28 Parish of Llanddewi Skirrid 1926 

 CSWBGA/RB/29 Parish of Llanellen 1921 

 CSWBGA/RB/30 Parish of Llanellen 1926 

 CSWBGA/RB/31 Parish of Llanfoist 1921 

 CSWBGA/RB/32 Parish of Llangattock Nigh Usk 1926 

 CSWBGA/RB/33 Parish of Llanover 1926 

 CSWBGA/RB/34 Parish of Llansainfraed 1926 

 CSWBGA/RB/35 Parish of Llanvair Kilgeddin 1926 

 CSWBGA/RB/36 Parish of Llanvapley 1926 

 CSWBGA/RB/37 Parish of Llanvetherine 1926 

 CSWBGA/RB/38 Parish of Llanvihangel Nigh Usk 1926 

 CSWBGA/RB/1 Parish of Llanwenarth Citra Aug 1859 

 CSWBGA/RB/2 Parish of Llanwenarth Citra Aug 1862 

 CSWBGA/RB/3 Parish of Llanwenarth Citra Feb 1863 

 CSWBGA/RB/4 Parish of Llanwenarth Citra Nov 1863 

 CSWBGA/RB/5 Parish of Llanwenarth Ultra Apr 1840 

 CSWBGA/RB/6 Parish of Llanwenarth Ultra Jun 1841 

 CSWBGA/RB/7 Parish of Llanwenarth Ultra Mar 1844 

 CSWBGA/RB/8 Parish of Llanwenarth Ultra Nov 1844 

 CSWBGA/RB/9 Parish of Llanwenarth Ultra May 1851 

 CSWBGA/RB/10 Parish of Llanwenarth Ultra Nov 1851 

 CSWBGA/RB/11 Parish of Llanwenarth Ultra Nov 1852 

 CSWBGA/RB/12 Parish of Llanwenarth Ultra Feb 1853 

 CSWBGA/RB/13 Parish of Llanwenarth Ultra May 1853 

 CSWBGA/RB/14 Parish of Llanwenarth Ultra May 1854 

 CSWBGA/RB/15 Parish of Llanwenarth Ultra Aug 1854 

 CSWBGA/RB/16 Parish of Llanwenarth Ultra Nov 1858 

 CSWBGA/RB/17 Parish of Llanwenarth Ultra May 1860 

 CSWBGA/RB/18 Parish of Llanwenarth Ultra Feb 1861 

 CSWBGA/RB/19 Parish of Llanwenarth Ultra Apr 1862 

 CSWBGA/RB/19A Parish of Llanwenarth Ultra Dec 1862 

 CSWBGA/RB/42 Parish of Llanwenarth Ultra 1866 

 CSWBGA/RB/39 Parish of Llanwenarth Ultra 1921 

 CSWBGA/RB/40 Parish of Llanwenarth Ultra 1926 

 CSWBGA/RB/41 Parish of Oldcastle 1925 

Valuation Lists 

 CSWBGA/VL/1 Miscellaneous Jun 1873 

 CSWBGA/VL/2 Miscellaneous Feb 1878 

 CSWBGA/VL/3 Miscellaneous Mar 1880 

 CSWBGA/VL/4 Miscellaneous Aug 1880 

 CSWBGA/VL/5 Miscellaneous Dec 1881 

 CSWBGA/VL/6 Miscellaneous Apr 1885 

 CSWBGA/VL/7 Miscellaneous Jan 1895 

 CSWBGA/VL/8 Miscellaneous Jan 1899 

 CSWBGA/VL/9 Miscellaneous Jul 1912 

 CSWBGA/VL/10 Miscellaneous Sep 1915 

 CSWBGA/VL/11 Miscellaneous Mar 1929 

 CSWBGA/VL/12 Parish of Abergavenny Nov 1863 

 CSWBGA/VL/13 Parish of Abergavenny Mar 1873 

 CSWBGA/VL/14 Parish of Abergavenny Oct 1875 

 CSWBGA/VL/15 Parish of Abergavenny Apr 1878 

 CSWBGA/VL/16 Parish of Abergavenny Apr 1880 

 CSWBGA/VL/17 Parish of Abergavenny May 1883 

 CSWBGA/VL/18 Parish of Abergavenny Jun 1889 

 CSWBGA/VL/19 Parish of Abergavenny Feb 1895 

 CSWBGA/VL/20 Parish of Abergavenny Mar 1907 

 CSWBGA/VL/21 Parish of Bettws Newydd May 1926 

 CSWBGA/VL/22 Parish of Blaenavon Oct 1896 

 CSWBGA/VL/23 Parish of Blaenavon Jun 1912 

 CSWBGA/VL/24 Parish of Llanarth Sep 1922 

 CSWBGA/VL/25 Parish of Llanellen Aug 1914 

 CSWBGA/VL/26 Parish of Llanfoist Mar 1921 

 CSWBGA/VL/27 Parish of Llangattock Nigh Usk Feb 1923 

 CSWBGA/VL/28 Parish of Llanover Dec 1893 

 CSWBGA/VL/29 Parish of Llanover Nov 1925 

 CSWBGA/VL/30 Parish of Llanthewy Rytherch Aug 1921 

 CSWBGA/VL/31 Parish of Llantillio Pertholey Dec 1885 

 CSWBGA/VL/32 Parish of Llanvair Kilgeddin 1927 

 CSWBGA/VL/33 Parish of Lanvapley May 1926 

 CSWBGA/VL/34 Parish of Llanwenarth Ultra Jun 1873 

 CSWBGA/VL/35 Parish of Llanwenarth Ultra Oct 1878 

 CSWBGA/VL/36 Parish of Llanwenarth Ultra Jan 1895 

 CSWBGA/VL/37 Parish of Llanwenarth Ultra May 1914 

 CSWBGA/VL/38 Parish of Llanwenarth Ultra Sep 1919 

 CSWBGA/VL/39 Parish of Grosmont Aug 1917 

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