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Biographical/Historical note

The Educational Settlements Association (founded in 1920) consisted of 29 settlements and seven residential colleges by 1938. The Educational Settlement movement began in the north of England and was influenced by Quaker adult schools. Educational Settlements provided adult education in a single location and there was an emphasis on community involvement. Pontypool Settlement was located in Rockhill Road, Pontymoile, near Pontypool. It opened in June 1937 and its origins lay in the Pontypool League of Service founded in 1932 to deal with the social and personal consequences of prolonged unemployment and social deprivation in the area. The building was demolished in the 1990s due to highways redevelopment in the area but a new adult educational centre was provided in Trosnant Street, close to the original site. Adult education is now provided by Pontypool Community Education Centre (also known as The Settlement).

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Scope and Contents note

Records of Pontypool Educational Settlement, 1940-1982, including administrative records, 1945-1960; correspondence with outside bodies, 1946-1959; correspondence relating to educational activities, 1940-1963; staff records, 1944-1959; financial records, 1941-1960; records relating to property and services, 1941-1959; miscellaneous, 1945-1982.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

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Appraisal note

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Collection Inventory


 D2979/1 File of minutes of Executive Committee including constitution of Members Committee and agreement with L.E.A. 1945-1960 

 D2979/2 File of minutes of Settlement Council including correspondence re. meetings and reports from Settlement Officers. 1949-1959 

 D2979/3 Constitution of the Pontypool Educational Settlement, draft ND 

 D2979/4 File of correspondence with the Members Committee including minutes of meeting and constitution. 1945-1959 

 D2979/5 File of correspondence with members of the Settlement Council 1949-1954 

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Outside Bodies 

 D2979/6 File of correspondence with Monmouthshire Education Committee including annual estimates of expenditure and details of staff, salaries and classes. 1954-1959 

 D2979/7 File of correspondence with The Workers' Educational Association: South Wales District including minutes of W.E.A. District Council meetings. 1953-1958 

 D2979/8 File of correspondence with The University of Wales Council of Music including orders for music and details of the Settlement Orchestra. 1949-1957 

 D2979/9 File of correspondence with The Education Centres Association including minutes of Executive Committee, Annual Report and an outline of activities. 1946-1958 

 D2979/10 File of correspondence with the AAs Council of Great Britain including copies of the Arts Council Bulletin and details of exhibitions and dramatic performances. 1946-1959 

 D2979/11 File of correspondence with Monmouthshire Education Committee re: hiring rooms for classes. 1949-1959 

 D2979/12 File of correspondence with Settlements and Educational Centres around the country including prospectuses, programmes of classes and reports. 1946-1956 

 D2979/13 File of correspondence with Monmouthshire Rural Community Council re: Monmouthshire Drama League. 1957-1959 

 D2979/14 File of correspondence with Pontypool Urban District Council re: rating and valuation, advertising, British Restaurant. 1941-1958 

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Educational Activities 

 D2979/15 File of correspondence with Varteg Women's Club re: lectures, speakers, officers, donations, visits. 1943-1952 

 D2979/16 File of correspondence with Pontnewydd Women's Club re: Annual Meeting of Women's Area Club Committee, Officers, talks, speakers, visits. 1942-1950 

 D2979/17 File of correspondence with clubs and societies re: hire of rooms. 1954-1959 

 D2979/18 File of correspondence with the Women's Clubs of Abersychan, Blaenavon, Garn-yr-erw, Cwmbrân and Pontypool re: talks, speakers, visits, Christmas Sale. 1941-1958 

 D2979/19 File of correspondence with Griffithstown Women's Club re: classes, visits, talks, fees. 1941-1954 

 D2979/20 File of correspondence with the Women's Clubs of Pontnewydd, Varteg, Pontypool, Griffithstown, Forgehammer and Trevethin re: talks, speakers, visits, members. 1942-1958 

 D2979/21 File of correspondence with Garndiffaith Women's Club re: classes, talks, speakers. 1942-1958 

 D2979/22 File of correspondence with Women's Social Service Club Eisteddfod Committee re: rules of Eisteddfod competitions, recipes, recitals, members of the committee, thank-you letters, meetings. 1957-1958 

 D2979/23 File of correspondence with the Women's Clubs of Trevethin, Cwmbrân and Abersychan re: minutes of Abersychan Women's Club, fees, talks, speakers. 1942-1958 

 D2979/24 File of correspondence with the Women's Clubs of Pontnewydd and Griffithstown re: classes, talks, speakers, visits, fees. 1942-1958 

 D2979/25 File of correspondence with Cwmbrân Women's Club re: classes, speakers, talks. 1942-1957 

 D2979/26 File of correspondence with Pontypool Settlement Operatic Society re: minutes of meetings, constitution and rules of the Society, lists of members, performances, orders for music. 1956-1958 

 D2979/27 File of correspondence with Pontypool Settlement Dramatic Art Class re: minutes of meetings, constitution of Society, performance, script for Davy Jones' locker, orders for plays, programmes for other dramatic societies, list of members, licence to perform plays. 1947-1959 

 D2979/28 File of correspondence with Scientific and Documentary Film Society and Record Club re: balance sheet for Film Society, conditions and procedures for borrowing records, catalogue of records held by Monmouthshire Education Committee, orders for films. 1955-1957 

 D2979/29 File of correspondence with Pontypool Settlement Film Society, re: catalogues of film companies, film performances, orders for films, membership of the British Film Institute. 1945-1958 

 D2979/30 File of correspondence with Pantygasseg Women's Club re: talks, speakers. 1950-1953 

 D2979/31 File of correspondence with South Wales and Monmouthshire Standing Conference of Women's Social Service Clubs re: minutes of meetings, constitution, reports of conferences, suggestions for schools and courses, resolutions from area committees regarding childcare, rationing and hygiene, details of women's clubs in Monmouthshire. 1943-1953 

 D2979/32 File of correspondence with the Women's Social Service Clubs Area Council re: meetings, agenda, annual meeting. 1953-1958 

 D2979/33 File of correspondence with Women's Clubs of Pontnewydd, Varteg and Upper Cwmbrân re: classes, speakers, visits. 1940-1957 

 D2979/34 File of correspondence re: Women's Clubs, speakers, visits, talks, Eisteddfod, programme of meetings. 1957-1958 

 D2979/35 Photographs of presentation to Mrs Priscilla Rosser by the Women's Social Service Clubs Pontnewydd, making her an honorary member of the club. 2 photographs taken by L.H. Morgan, Abersychan. 1945 

 D2979/36 File of correspondence re: programmes of speakers and classes, film shows, minutes of Women's Advisory Council on Solid Fuel, recipes for limited supplies of food, women's clubs, syllabus of classes. 1947-1952 

 D2979/37 File of correspondence re: classes, lists of students, films hired, lectures, syllabus of classes, speakers. (poor condition) 1954-1955 

 D2979/38 File of correspondence re: classes, Esperanto for beginners, lists of students, syllabus of classes, lecture notes for humanities - Local history - English. (poor condition) 1949-1957 

 D2979/39 File of correspondence re: classes, speakers, fees, syllabus of classes. 1956-1959 

 D2979/40 File of correspondence re: classes, fees, hire of rooms, speakers, syllabus of classes. 1952-1959 

 D2979/41 File of correspondence re: day schools, speakers, lecture notes on comprehensive schools and restoration comedy, lists of students. 1952-1958 

 D2979/42 File of correspondence re: summer lectures, speakers, programme of lectures. 1950-1956 

 D2979/43 File of correspondence re: exhibitions, local artists, American painting, art lectures, Thomas Rathmell, Scottie Wilson, Japanese woodcuts, Ester Grainger. 1955-1958 

 D2979/44 File of correspondence re: mailing lists of students and councillors of Cwmbrân U.D.C., requests for syllabuses. 1945-1957 

 D2979/45 File of correspondence re: holiday courses abroad, leaflets of events and courses. 1950-1954 

 D2979/46 File of correspondence re: lectures, classes. 1945-1956 

 D2979/47 File of correspondence with libraries and book sellers re: loaning and buying books for Settlement library, payment of fines for overdue books. 1955-1958 

 D2979/48 File of correspondence re: Women's clubs, speakers, talks, visits, programme of classes. 1952-1957 

 D2979/49 Files of lecture notes for 'Welsh for Beginners', lessons 1-24 with lesson 23 missing. Undated 

 D2979/50 Files of lecture notes 'Improve your Welsh', Lessons 1-12. 1963 

 D2979/87 File of correspondence with The Technical Institute, Abersychan re: classes, speakers, fees, syllabus. 1949-1959 

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 D2979/51 File of correspondence re: post of part-time librarian, application forms, references, short-lists for interview, appointment and rejection letters. 1957-1958 

 D2979/52 File of correspondence re: post of caretaker, application form, references, job description. 1958 

 D2979/53 Claim forms for salaries of part-time teachers with details of subject, teacher and number in class. 1958 

 D2979/54 File of correspondence re: staff, appointments, salaries, references, death of warden - George Jones, expenses claims, report on handcrafts, warden's report, application forms. 1950-1958 

 D2979/55 File of correspondence re: position of Assistant Warden and Warden's Secretary, application forms, references, appointment and rejection letters. 1956 

 D2979/56 File of correspondence re: Teachers Superannuation Act, salaries, contributions, Teachers Service Book. 1950-1958 

 D2979/57 File of correspondence with the Ministries of Education, National Insurance and Labour re: holidays, national insurance contributions, clothes rationing, reports from the Disabled Advisory Committee. 1945-1958 

 D2979/58 File of correspondence re: talks given to outside bodies and organisations by the warden. 1944-1959 

 D2979/59 File of correspondence with Yorkshire Insurance Company Limited and HM Inspector of Taxes re: employee insurance, income tax. 1945-1958 

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 D2979/60 Estimates of income and expenditure. 1954-1960 

 D2979/61 File of correspondence re: Annual Sales. 1950-1958 

 D2979/62 File of correspondence re: donations to Settlement, DL Davies - Settlement Education Officer. 1949-1957 

 D2979/63 File of correspondence with trusts and charities re: grants to Settlement, estimates of expenditure. (previously stored with D1979/73) 1945-1949 

 D2979/64 Cheque Lists. (poor condition) 1955-1959 

 D2979/65 File of correspondence re: Settlement property mortgage. (previously stored with D2979/57) 1949-1952 

 D2979/66 File of correspondence re: Audit of Settlement account, balance sheets, debtors, income, expenditure. 1945-1957 

 D2979/67 Register of income in chronological order. 1959-1960 

 D2979/68 Estimate of income and expenditure. 1959-1960 

 D2979/69 File of correspondence re: covenants, declaration forms. 1941-1958 

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Property and Services 

 D2979/70 Estimates and invoices for repairs, goods and equipment. 1947-1957 

 D2979/71 File of correspondence re: Warden's house - 'The Rowans', purchase, repairs. 1946-1958 

 D2979/72 File of correspondence re: Settlement canteen, food rationing. (poor condition) 1942-1957 

 D2979/73 File of correspondencere: companies providing fuel for the Settlement. (Previously stored with D2979/63) 1945-1959 

 D2979/74 File of correspondence re: orders for handicraft materials. 1954-1959 

 D2979/75 File of correspondence re: customs and excise licences for public plays. 1946-1956 

 D2979/76 Estimates and invoices for repairs, goods and equipment. (poor condition) 1945-1959 

 D2979/77 File of correspondence re: land and property at Abersychan. 1941-1954 

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 D2979/78 File of correspondence re: miscellaneous subjects A-D 1945-1959 

 D2979/79 File of correspondence re: miscellaneous subjects E-G 1946-1958 

 D2979/80 File of correspondence re: miscellaneous subjects H-J 1945-1958 

 D2979/81 File of correspondence re: miscellaeous subjects K-M 1945-1958 

 D2979/82 File of correspondence re: miscellaneous subjects N-S 1945-1958 

 D2979/83 File of correspondence re: 21st Anniversary of the Settlement, invitations to clubs to provide exhibitions. 1958 

 D2979/84 Duplicate letters to members of the Settlement re: classes, meetings, reports, expenditure, estimates. 1951-1959 

 D2979/85 Miscellaneous letters re: classes, invoices, orders, notice of meeting. 1945-1982 

 D2979/86 Miscellaneous music. ND 

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