Penywaun Congregational Church, Cwmbran, records 1817-1990

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Penywaun Congregational Church. Penywaun United Reformed Church.
Penywaun Congregational Church, Cwmbran and Penywaun United Reformed (Formerly Congregational) Church, Cwmbran
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Penywaun Congregational Church, later Penywaun United Reformed Church, Waun Road, Cwmbran, Monmouthshire, appears to have been established in about 1817. A new church building was erected in the early 20th century and opened on 17 January 1907.

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Records of Penywaun Congregational Church, Cwmbran, 1817-1990, including deeds and other documents relating to Llanfihangel Llantarnam, Monmouthshire, 1817-1954; notes and newspaper cuttings relating to the Cjurch's history, 1907-1965; photographs, [1906]-1957; minutes of Penywaun Band of Hope String Band, 1894-1896.

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Arranged into the following: legal; Church history; photographs; Church affairs; miscellanea; additional deposit.

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Deposited by Pastor and Trustees of the Church and by Mrs M. A. Woods.

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Collection Inventory

 D1804 Penywaun Congregational Church Cwmbran 


 D1804/1 Copy Court Roll Surrender and Admittance (1) Elizabeth Waters of par - Llanfihangel near Llantarnam, widow, and William Walters her son by Walter Waters, her husband, dec'd. (2) Rees Davies of Newport, gent. Dwelling house known as Penywain meeting house and a small piece of land adjoining containing 12 perches, situate in par. Llanfihangel near Llantarnam. Consideration 5s. Fine 8d. 4 Aug 1817 

 D1804/2 Declaration of Trust (1) Rees Davies of Newport, Dissenting minister (2) Ebenezer Jones of par. Mamhilad, Dissenting minister, David Davies of par. Llanfihangel near Llantarnam; Dissenting minister; Joseph Morgan of Llanover,farmer; John Morgan of Pontypool, currier; Isaac Jenkins, shopkeeper; William Walters, farmer; John Walters, farmer; Thomas Jones, labourer; Edmund Williams, labourer; Williams Davies, labourer; William Williams, labourer. All of Llantarnam. Reciting Surrender and Admittance of Rees Davies to premises known as Penywain Chapel with land adjoining and declaring the uses of the trust to permit the use of the premises for a preaching or meeting house by the Society or Congregation of Protestant Dissenters possessing Calvinistic principles known by the denomination "The Independents" whereof David Davies is minister. Surviving trustees to appoint II new trustees when their number shall fall to 3. 10 Nov 1818 

 D1804/3 Grant and Trust Deed (1) Lina Colborne of The Hawthorns, Stow Park Circus, Newport, widow; George Francis Colborne, solicitor; Edward Coulman, solicitor. (2) Benjamin Wallace, gent; John Bond, grocer; Thomas Harris, foreman; Job Pennells, collier; Joseph Nicholas, farmer; George Harris, labourer; Albert Whittingham, minister; John Garnsworthy, farmer; James Harris, labourer; William Smith, engine driver; Edward Williams, mechanic; William Price, collier; James David Jones, mason; John Jones, mason; Henry Pennells, colliery; William Thomas Phillips, clerk; Joseph Webb, labourer; John Jenkins, engine driver; Arthur Redwood, iron-worker; James Price, collier; Henry Summers, restaurant Keeper; James Jones, labourer; and Thomas Head, colliery; all residing in or near Cwmbran, the present trustees of Penywain Congregational Church. For £5. A parcel of land in par. of Llantarnam containing 1209 sq. yds. situated on the eastern side of the present chapel and burial ground (as per a plan), reserving a right of way over a public footpath dividing the old from the new. To erect thereon a chapel and necessary buildings for use according to the principles of Congregationalists or Independents. To permit a person to officiate as pastor of the Denomination who shall maintain the doctrines of "a) the Divine and Special Inspiration of the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments and the Supreme Authority in Faith and Practice. b) The Unity of God, the Deity of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. c) The depravity of man and the absolute necessity of the Holy Spirit's Agency in man's regeneration and sanctification. d) The Incarnation of the Son of God in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ, the universal sufficiency of the atonement by His death and the free justification of Sinners by Faith alone in Him. e) Salvation by Grace and the duty of all who hear the Gospel to believe in Christ. f) The Resurrection of the Dead and the Final Judgement when the wicked shall go away into everlasting punishment but the righteous into Life Eternal." Such persons to be chosen by two-thirds of the members of the church present at a meeting for that purpose etc. Deacons to receive all moneys received for payment of interest on mortgages due and for other purposes for the support of the church. Provision for selling the premises if worship shall be discontinued for two years together. Appointment of Trustees, holding of meetings and qualification to Vote. 21 Jun 1902 

 D1804/4 Mortgate (1) Benjamin Wallace, John Bond, Job Pennells, George Harris, John Garnsworthy, James Harris, William Smith, Edward Williams, William Price, Arthur Redwood, James Price, William Thomas Phillips now a provision merchant, Henry Pennells, Joseph Webb, Henry Summers, James Jones, Thomas Stead, collier; as before. Albert Whittingham now of Ellesmere co. Salop; James David Jones and John Jones now of Edwardsville, Treharris; John Jenkins now of Port Talbot; Trustees of Penywain Congregational Church. (2) Augusta Louisa Williams of Caerleon, spinster. Chapel or meeting house will all necessary and convenient buildings has now been erected. £500 on security of chapel or meeting house and premises. Endorsed with memoranda of repayment - £100 on 1 July 1907; £150 on 1 January 1914; remainder 26 July 1919. 31 Dec 1906 

 D1804/5 Appointment of Trustees (1) Henry Summers of Victoria Street, Cwmbran, retired newsagent, surviving trustee. (2) Henry Summers; Edgar Charles Tamplin of Pontnewydd; John Owen Jones of Cwmbran; Arthur Stanley Woods of Cwmbran; Thomas Herbert Williams of Cwmbran; John Edward Giles of Cwmbran; Norman Jones of Cwmbran; Wilfred Charles of Cwmbran; Isaac Travalaw Doughton of Cwmbran; Simon Hughes Jones of Clawddu Farm, Llantarnam; William Jenkins of Cwmbran, the new trustees. At a meeting of 10 September 1952 the new trustees were elected to be Trustees of the Penywain Congregational Church. 17 Dec 1954 

 D1804/6 Copy Will of Ernest William Garnsworth of Ton Saunders Farm, Cwmbran. To sell his real and personal estate, to invest the proceeds and to pay the interest to his widow, Bethia Leah Garnsworthy, during her life or until she remarries. Then to pay and divide the residuary estate to nine various causes including the Monmouthshire Congregational Union (Incorporated) for the upkeep and benefit of the Penywain (Cwmbran) Congregational Chapel. With accounts and balance sheet appended as at 10 May 1954. Probate granted 10 November 1952. Died 13 August 1952. 1 Sep 1942 

 D1804/7 Correspondence, Statement and Balance Sheet. re: Will of E.W. Garnsworthy, informing the Secretary of Penywain Congregational Church that the church could anticipate receiving a legacy of £788. 18s. 7d. plus one-ninth share of the sum of £219. 5s. 6d. from the estate. 1958 

Church History 

 D1804/8 Letter from E.W. Griffiths of Abertillery to Mrs Charles (Penywain) relating to the translation into English of entries relating to Penywaun in Hanes Eglwys Annitynnol Cymri (History of the Congregational Church of Wales). Use of Welsh language in Cwmbran in 1817 - Elim split from Penywaun in 1843 - Bethel formed in 1837 by members from New Inn and Penywaun. Extracts [1871] referred to in above letter - 1672 - regular services 1741 - appeal to defray costs for building a chapel in 1815 - advent of Mr David Davies, 1815-1840, and opening of school - dwelling house too small - land given for a site for a chapel by Mrs Waters, The Ton, 1818 - cost £200. Notes on ministers and ministries - Methusalem Davies, 1841-1842 - John M. Bowen, 1846-1850 - David Morgan, 1869-1871. (Together with a typescript copy). Notes on history of Penywaun Church (extracted from the foregoing). Notes on the building of the new church, 1900, 1902. List of Pastors at Penywaun, 1817-1956 Notes relating to The Rev. David Davies, 1815-1840 (and "Penywaun College"). Notes relating to music at Penywaun Church. Organs and orchestra. 26 Sep 1959 

 D1804/9 Notes re: building of the new chapel. 1898 Call to The Rev. A. Whittingham - membership increased from 97 to 185 - old chapel too small and felt a new chapel was needed - land acquired and building opened in 1907 - cost "of about £950". Also notes re: Church meeting held on 16 October 1901 concerning the building of a new church. [Early 20th century] 

 D1804/10 Newspaper Cuttings History of Penywaun Church (on the occasion of the opening of the new church), 1907 History of Penywaun Church (from "South Wales Argus" newspaper), 1959 History of Llanover by F.J. Hando. (from "South Wales Argus" Newspaper), 1965 1907, 1959, 1965 


 D1804/11 Workmen during building of the new church c.1906 

 D1804/12 Opening ceremony, Penywaun Congregational Church 17 Jan 1907 

 D1804/13 Showing old and new chapels ante. 1930 

 D1804/14 Showing old and new chapels 1931 

 D1804/15 The Diaconate (3 copies) 27 Jul 1931 

 D1804/16 Front of "new" church [c.1931] 

 D1804/17 Group of Christian Endeavourers with The Rev. Arthur Stead. c.1931 

 D1804/18 The Rev. J. Arthur Stead MA. BD. Brought up at Penywaun but emigrated to Canada c.1931 

 D1804/19 Group photographed at 50th Anniversary Service of new church (2) 17 Jan 1957 

 D1804/20 Group photographed with The Rev. Gordon Lang on steps at Penywaun c.1956 

 D1804/21 Group of children in fancy dress - perhaps a pageant [c.1930] 

 D1804/22 Group of Young people [c.1950] 

Church Affairs 

 D1804/23 Minute Book of Penywaun Band of Hope String Band Mainly accounts of subscriptions from members (named), purchase of music, purchase of instruments. Instruments appear to have consisted of 7 violins, 1 viola, 2 bass, 1 clarinette, 2 flutes, 2 cornets, 1 euphonium and 1 piano. "Dec 7 1895 -"No dance music to be practised in the vestry" 1894-1896 

 D1804/24 Statistical returns, Penywaun Congregational church to National Sunday School Union. 1932 


 D1804/25 Ode to Old Penywaun Church written by The Rev. C.E. Morgan, pastor, (photograph) Nov 1911 

 D1804/26 Mss. words and music of hymn "By the Blood" Undated 

 D1804/27 Sermon notes (Ipp.) Undated 

 D1804/28 Script for an Easter play (5pp. 4to.) Undated 

 D1804/29 Accounts - Cwmbran and Pontnewydd Sunday School Union 1949-1950 

 D1804/30 Programme - Cwmbran and Pontnewydd Sunday School Union, carol service 1958 

 D1804/31 Programme - Autumn Assembly, Monmouthshire Congregational Union 1964 

 D1804/32 Appeal re: new Methodist Church at Llanyrafon, Cwmbran New Town Post. 1958 

 D1804/33 Miscellaneous printed pamphlets - Sunday Schools Union, Christian Endeavour etc. Undated 

 D1804/34 Photograph - Adult Choir, Royal National Eisteddfod of Wales, Pontypool. 1924 

 D1804 Penywaun United Reformed (Formerly Congregational) Church, Cwmbran 1957-1990 

 D1804/35 Copy Report by the Property Advisory Group, on the old and new chapel buildings. 2 Feb 1983 

 D1804/36 Certificate of Registration of a place for Religious Worship by the Registrar General, pursuant to the Places of Worship Registration Act, 1855. Penywaun United Reformed Church, Waun Road, Cwmbran. 27 Jan 1986 

 D1804/37 Certificate of the Registry of a building for the solemnisation of marriages within, by the Superintendent Registrar, pursuant to Section 41 of the Marriage Act 1949, as amended by Section 1 (1) of the Marriage Acts Amendment Act, 1958. Penywaun United Reformed Church, Waun Road, Cwmbran. 20 Mar 1990 

 D1804/38 Christmas Card with illustrations of the original church, built in 1819, and the new church built in 1906 and demolished in 1986. (Sold for Church funds in 1987) 1987 

 D1804/39 Photograph of members of Penywaun, inside the church [a duplicate of one of the photographs catalogued as D1804/19]. 1957