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Monmouth Baptist Church, Records
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Biographical/Historical note

The Baptist Church was formed on 25 October 1818. The current church building was opened on 17 October 1907.

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Scope and Contents note

Records of Monmouth Baptist Church, Monmouth Group of Baptist Churches, Monmouth Baptist Church Sunday School, Monmouth Churches Sunday School Union, Monmouth Free Church Council, Monmouth Council of Churches, Monmouth Lay Preachers Federation and Monmouthshire Baptist Lay Preachers Union. Records include mainly minutes and correspondence, and range from 1834-2006.

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  • Baptists-Wales-Monmouthshire-Monmouth

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Collection Inventory

 D5722/1 Monmouth Baptist Church 

 D5722/1/1 Minutes 

 D5722/1/1/1 Minute Book including notes from 1818 when the chapel was founded 1834-1885   1.0 volumes

 D5722/1/1/2 Minute Book of Baptist Church Committee 1876-1907   1.0 volumes

 D5722/1/1/3 Minutes 1907-1935   1.0 volumes

 D5722/1/2 Deacon's Minutes 

 D5722/1/2/1 Minute Book plus enclosure: a letter of testimony to the Mayor of Monmouth's Chaplain, Pastor Tucker, who is also Pastor at Monmouth Baptist Church, Apr 1919. 1919-1925   2.0 items

 D5722/1/2/2 Minute Book, 1925-1929 plus enclosure: a letter from Reconstruction Committee, May 1945 1925-1945   1.0 volumes

 D5722/1/2/3 Minute Book 1929-1943   1.0 volumes

 D5722/1/2/4 Minute Book 1943-1951   1.0 volumes

 D5722/1/3 Registers 

 D5722/1/3/1 Register of Baptisms 1957-1973   1.0 volumes

 D5722/1/4 Membership Lists 

 D5722/1/4/1 List of Members of the Monk Street Baptist Church (Earliest Member joined 1863) 1914-1950   1.0 volumes

 D5722/1/4/2 Membership Lists 1929-1946   1.0 item

 D5722/1/4/3 Membership Lists (Earliest Member joined 1878) c1946-1948   1.0 item

 D5722/1/4/4 Register of Members (Earliest Member joined 1910) 1951-1968   1.0 item

 D5722/1/5 Building Committee 

 D5722/1/5/1 Minutes 1906-1907   1.0 volumes

 D5722/1/6 Financial 

 D5722/1/6/1 Cash Book 1959-1963   1.0 volumes

 D5722/1/7 Church Notice Books 

 D5722/1/7/1 1961   1.0 item

 D5722/1/7/2 1972   1.0 item

 D5722/1/7/3 1977   1.0 item

 D5722/1/7/4 1978   1.0 item

 D5722/1/7/5 1979   1.0 item

 D5722/1/7/6 1981   1.0 item

 D5722/1/7/7 1982   1.0 item

 D5722/1/8 Sisterhood 

 D5722/1/8/1 Minutes 1991-2006   1.0 volumes

 D5722/1/9 Pictorial 

 D5722/1/9/1 Postcard of Monmouth Baptist Church (2 copies) c1920   2.0 items

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 D5722/2 Monmouth Group of Baptist Churches 

 D5722/2/1 Minutes 1964-1974   1.0 volumes

 D5722/2/2 Penallt Baptist Church: Papers including a Trust Deed (Manuscript copy of an 1824 Bargain and Sale of land in Penallt to be used as a place of worship. Included is a Note of Enrollment in the Court of Chancery); and Insurance Policies. c1893-1964 

 D5722/2/3 Penallt Baptist Church: Correspondence re: Closure and Sale 1991-1995 

 D5722/2/4 Penallt Baptist Church: Minute Book including List of Members, 1933; and List of Burials in the Chapel Yard. Enclosures include: Certificates for Burials, Receipts and Correspondence 1933-1985 

 D5722/2/5 Llandogo Baptist Church: Volume including Register of Members and a short history of the Churches at Llandogo and Whitebrook 1874-1883   1.0 volumes

 D5722/2/6 Llandogo and Whitebrook Baptist Churches: Register including Members Lists, and Lists of Ministers and Preachers 1839-1918   1.0 volumes

 D5722/2/7 Whitebrook Baptist Church: Minutes. Enclosures include: Minutes, Correspondence and Certifiactes for Burials 1948-1992 

 D5722/2/8 Whitebrook Baptist Church: Churchyard Committee Correspondence and Minutes 1989-2000 

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 D5722/3 Sunday School 

 D5722/3/1 Monmouth Baptist Church Sunday School 

 D5722/3/1/1 Teacher's Minutes, 1869-1883, and Statements of Accounts, 1882-1902 1869-1902 

 D5722/3/1/2 Minutes 1916-1931   1.0 item

 D5722/3/1/3 Minutes 1931-1940   1.0 item

 D5722/3/1/4 Minutes 1943-1945   1.0 volumes

 D5722/3/1/5 Minutes 1946-1952   1.0 volumes

 D5722/3/1/6 Minutes 1952-1969   1.0 volumes

 D5722/3/2 Wyesham Free Church Sunday School 

 D5722/3/2/1 Minutes 1958-1979   1.0 volumes

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 D5722/4 Monmouth Churches Sunday School Union 

 D5722/4/1 Minutes 1921-1922   1.0 volumes

 D5722/4/2 Minutes 1923-1927   1.0 volumes

 D5722/4/3 Minutes 1927-1951   1.0 volumes

 D5722/4/4 Minutes 1950-1955   1.0 volumes

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 D5722/5 Monmouth Free Church Council 

 D5722/5/1 Minutes 1896-1900   1.0 volumes

 D5722/5/2 Minutes 1901-1905   1.0 item

 D5722/5/3 Minutes 1906-1914   1.0 volumes

 D5722/5/4 Minutes 1914-1930   1.0 volumes

 D5722/5/5 Minutes 1930-1947   1.0 volumes

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 D5722/6 Monmouth Council of Churches 

 D5722/6/1 Minutes 1966-1971   1.0 volumes

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 D5722/7 Monmouth Lay Preachers Federation 

 D5722/7/1 Minutes 1956-1972   1.0 volumes

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 D5722/8 Monmouthshire Baptist Lay Preachers Union 

 D5722/8/1 Minutes, 1927-1936. Enclosures include: Account of Secretary's Expenses, 1952-1954. 1927-1954 

 D5722/8/2 Minutes 1939-1976   1.0 volumes

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