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Caerleon Parish records and Llangattock Iuxta Caerleon Parish Council records
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Biographical/Historical note

The responsibility of the parish to appoint overseers of the poor and provide poor relief dates back to the statute of 43 Elizabeth I (1601). Although the Poor Law Amendment Act of 4 & 5 William IV (1834), ended the duty of the parish to provide poor relief directly, the parish remained the unit or the basis for the assessment and collection of poor rates, and overseers of the poor continued to be appointed for this purpose.

Parish Councils were formed by the Local Government Act of 56-57 Victoria (1894) to have responsibility for various amenities within rural areas.

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Scope and Contents note

Caerleon Parish Overseers' receipt and payment books, 1868-1888, 1903-1927.

Llangattock Iuxta Caerleon Parish Council minute book, 1895-1935.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

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Custodial History note

These records were deposited by Caerleon Urban District Council.

Accruals note

No further accruals are expected

Appraisal note

All records have been retained.

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Related Materials

Related Archival Materials note

See also D449.

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Copies of finding aids are available at Gwent Archives.

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Collection Inventory

Caerleon Urban District Council 

Caerleon Local Board 

 D821/1 Minute Book 1872-1884 

 D821/2 Minute Book No.2. 1884-1889 

 D821/3 Minute Book No.3. 1889-1894 

 D821/4 Ledgers 1885-1890 

 D821/5 Ledgers (N.B. The terminal ledger contains also matters relating to the post 1894 U.D.C.) 1891-1897 

 D821/6 Surveyor's Reports 1883-1891 

 D821/7 Surveyor's Reports (See N.B. above) 1891-1897 

 D821/8 Copy letters "out" 1872-1884 

 D821/9 Copy letters "out" 1891-1897 

 D821/10 Copy letters "out" 1891-1899 

 D821/11 Copy letters "Local Govt. Board" (See N.B. above) 1884-1911 

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Caerleon Urban District Council 

 D821/12 Minute Book No.4. 1894-1898 

 D821/13 Minute Book No.5. 1898-1902 

 D821/14 Minute Book No.6. 1902-1905 

 D821/15 Minute Book No.7. 1905-1908 

 D821/16 Minute Book No.8. 1908-1910 

 D821/17 Minute Book No.9. 1911-1913 

 D821/18 Minute Book No.10. 1913-1915 

 D821/19 Minute Book No.11. 1915-1918 

 D821/20 Minute Book No.12. 1918-1921 

 D821/21 Minute Book No.13. 1921-1923 

 D821/22 Minute Book No.14. 1923-1926 

 D821/23 Minute Book 1926-1928 

 D821/24 Minute Book 1928-1931 

 D821/25 Minute Book 1931-1933 

 D821/26 Minute Book 1933-1935 

 D821/27 Minute Book No.2. 1935-1937 

 D821/28 Minute Book No.3. 1937-1939 

 D821/29 Minute Book No.4 1939-1941 

 D821/30 War Comforts Fund Minute Book 1939-1942 

 D821/31 Welcome Home Fund Minute Book 1945-1947 

 D821/32 Old Age Pensions Committee Book 1908-1927 

 D821/33 Old Age Pensions Committee Book 1927-1947 

 D821/34 Caerleon U.D.C. Draft Minute Book 1930-1933 

 D821/35 Ledger 1897-1903 

 D821/36 Ledger 1903-1908 

 D821/37 Ledger 1908-1912 

 D821/38 Ledger 1912-1915 

 D821/39 Ledger 1915-1918 

 D821/40 Ledger 1918-1922 

 D821/41 Ledger 1922-1925 

 D821/42 Ledger 1925-1933 

 D821/43 Ledger 1933-1939 

 D821/44 Ledger 1940-1943 

 D821/45 Ledger 1944-1947 

 D821/46 Ledger 1948-1951 

 D821/47 Ledger 1952-1955 

 D821/48 Treasurer's Account Book 1/2 Y.E. March 1924 - 1/2 Y.E. March 1928 1924-1928 

 D821/49 Treasurer's Account Book 1/2 Y.E. March 1929 - 1/2 Y.E. March 1939 1929-1939 

 D821/50 Treasurer's Account Book 1/2 Y.E. March 1940 - 1/2 Y.E. March 1954 1940-1954 

 D821/51 Surveyor's Reports 1897-1905 

 D821/52 Surveyor's Reports 1905-1911 

 D821/53 Surveyor's Reports 1922-1930 

 D821/54 Medical Office of Health Reports 1910-1916 

 D821/55 Register of Documents sealed 1936-1937, 1952-1953 

 D821/56 Register of Disclosures and General Notices 1936, 1957 

 D821/57 Register of Disclosures by officers 1955 

 D821/58 Declaration of Acceptance of Office 1894-1934 

 D821/59 Register of Allotments 1918-1947 

 D821/60 Register of Public Rights of Way (Rights of Way Act 1932) [1932] 

 D821/61 Housing Act Terrier of Housing Estates [c.1930s] 

 D821/62 Tenancy Register 1931-1938 

 D821/63 Register of dwelling houses 1933-1936 

 D821/64 Register of individual unfit houses not repairable 1935-1938 

 D821/65 Register of new houses 1935-1937 

 D821/66 Register of displaced persons [c.1930s] 

 D821/67 Register of assistance to private enterprise 1927-1929 

 D821/68 Certificate of qualification of houses for subsidy [c.1930s] 

 D821/69 Rent account book 1931-1934 

 D281/70 Register of rate contributions 1937-1956 

 D821/71 Town Planning Act, closure orders 1910-1916 

 D821/72 Notices of closing ordings which have become operative [Early 20th century-Mid 20th century] 

 D821/73 Rodent Control Cost A/C [c. Early 20th century] 

 D821/74 Copy Letters "out" 1899-1905 

 D821/75 Copy Letters "out" 1905-1911 

 D821/76 Copy Local Govt. Board 1916-1923 

 D821/77 Copy Local Govt. Board 1923-1929 

Copy Letters "In" 

 D821/78 Letters and orders from County Council 1899-1906 

 D821/79 Local Government Board 1895-1898 

 D821/80 Local Government Board 1899-1906 

 D821/81 Local Government Board 1906-1909 

 D821 Correspondence Files 

 D821/82 Agenda 1925-1936 

 D821/83 Assessments, objections and proposals 1925-1933 

 D821/84 Auditor's Reports 1907-1926 

 D821/85 Audit 1920-1936 

 D821/86 Balance sheets 1896-1931 

 D821/87 Bus Services Applications 1925 

 D821/88 Bus Services 1927-1937 

 D821/89 Circulars (Markets and Fair, Railways and road transport, cancer, miscellaneous etc) 1927-1935 

 D821/90 Clerk (M.C. Llewellin) letters 1926-1932 

 D821/91 Clerk orders issued 1935 

 D821/92 Coal Emergency 1920-1926 

 D821/93 Collector (appointment) 1925-1926 

 D821/94 Collector's reports 1925-1933 

 D821/95 Common of Bricks 1925-1929 

 D821/96 Council Minutes (copies) 1935-1936 

 D821/97 Defective Drains 1922-1925 

 D821/98 Drill Hall (Town Hall) 1876, 1897, 1923-1935 

 D821/99 Drill Hall (Town Hall) 1929-1936 

 D821/100 Elections (Caerleon U.D.C.) 1922-1935 

 D821/101 Elections, Nominations etc. 1923, 1924, 1925, 1926 

 D821/102 Elections. Nominations etc. 1928 

 D821/103 Elections, Nominations etc. 1934 

 D821/104 Elections, nominations, North Ward 1935 

 D821/105 Elections, nominations 1936 

 D821/106 Electricity Supply to Caerleon 1924-1926 

 D821/107 Electricity 1930-1936 

 D821/108 Employers Liability Insurance 1907-1927 

 D821/109 Epitome (of accounts) 1921-1926 

 D821/110 Epitome (of accounts) 1926-1942 

 D821/111 Estimated Products of 1d. rate 1927-1946 

 D821/112 (Evacuation Scheme) Billetting 1944-1945 

 D821/113 Extension of Urban Area 1926-1927 

 D821/114 Finance Committee Minutes and Finance Officer's Report 1946-1951 

 D821/115 Finance Committee Accounts presented and reports to. 1926-1933 

 D821/116 Finance Committee Reports 1932-1935 

 D821/117 Finance Officer Orders issued Oct 1935-Apr 1936 

 D821/118 Finance Officer Orders issued office copy Oct 1935-Apr 1936 

 D821/119 Fire Hydrants Treberth Estate 1935 

 D821/120 Footpaths and roads (general) 1923-1935 

 D821/121 Hackney carriage 1923-1930 

 D821/122 Housing Scheme 1919-1921 

 D821/123 Housing, Correspondence, Circulars etc: 1927-1932 

 D821/124 Housing, Correspondence Public Works Loan Board, Lodge Road. 1930 

 D821/125 Housing, Subsidy, Private builders 1926-1929 

 D821/126 Housing, Applications for houses or subsidy 1923-1925 

 D821/127 Housing Tenders 1929-1933 

 D821/128 Housing overcrowding survey 1936 

 D821/129 Housing Closing orders 1911-1925 

 D821/130 Housing closures 1934-1936 

 D821/131 Housing re: A.D. Davies (Lodge Avenue) 1932-1935 

 D821/132 Housing- Grange Cottage appeal 1936-1937 

 D821/133 Housing- Tippens appeal 1936-1937 

 D821/141 Housing- Correspondence with regard to demolition orders 1932-1936 

 D821/142 Housing- Hill 9 Lodge Road 1932-1935 

 D821/134 Income Tax (commons rent) 1922-1927 

 D821/135 Industrial Development 1936 

 D821/136 Insurances 1927-1931 

 D821/137 Jubilee Celebrations 1935 

 D821/138 Lamps - damage to 1928-1936 

 D821/139 Little Common 1920-1936 

 D821/140 Local Govt. Act 1929 Mon C.C. Review 1930-1935 

 D821/143 Markets 1925 

 D821/144 May Fair 1925-1935 

 D821/145 Merges Common 1926-1929 

 D821/146 Milk and Dairies Orders 1928-1933 

 D821/147 Milk Prices 1933 

 D821/148 Millard's Garage, Broadway 1933-1934 

 D821/149 Mill race 1927-1931 

 D821/150 Ministries of Health, Agriculture, Misc. Returns, correspondence. 1927-1936 

 D821/151 Ministry of Labour 1924-1925 

 D821/152 Miscellaneous 1923-1924 

 D821/153 Miscellaneous 1924-1927 

 D821/154 Miscellaneous 1928-1934 

 D821/155 Miscellaneous 1934-1936 

 D821/156 Mon. County Council, Salaies, Medical Officer and Sanitary Inspector 1920-1926 

 D821/57 Mon. County Council, Salaies, Medical Officer and Sanitary Inspector 1925-1946 

 D821/158 Medical Officers report 1924. 1924-1926 

 D821/159 Medical Officers reports 1934-1937 

 D821/160 Monmouthshire U.D.C. Association 1929-1931 

 D821/161 "Mynde" Caerleon 1933-1934 

 D821/162 National Playing Fields Association 1935-1936 

 D821/163 Overseers appointments 1920-1927 

 D821/164 Parish Band at Caerleon, Broadway 1923-1938 

 D821/165 Parking Cars 1924-1932 

 D821/166 Petroleum 1926-1930 

 D821/167 Petroleum licenses 1922-1936 

 D821/168 Pig cots 1923-1926 

 D821/169 Press cuttings 1960-1963 

 D821/170 Public Health amendment Act 1907 (adoption) 1922 

 D821/171 Public Health meat regulations 1924-1933 

 D821/172 Public Works Loan Board 1924-1932 

 D821/173 Rating circulars and miscellaneous (no.1.) 1923-1930 

 D821/174 Rating S.R.O.'s circulars etc: 1926-1932 

 D821/175 Rating correspondence and circulars 1926-1936 

 D821/176 Rates, estimates for 1927-1947 

 D821/177 Rats and Mice Destruction Act 1921-1934 

 D821/178 Recreation Field 1923-1934 

 D821/179 Refuse Tip 1925-1933 

 D821/180 Rent restriction act 1933 

 D821/181 Rent restriction act 1935 

 D821/182 Re-organisation of staff 1935-1936 

 D821/183 Restriction of ribbon development act 1935 1935 

 D821/184 Roads 1923-1932 

 D821/185 Roads-Post Office 1920-1934 

 D821/186 Roads - Coldbath Road 1926-1927 

 D821/187 College Street 1915-1935 

 D821/188 Lodge Road 1923-1926 

 D821/189 Museum Street 1923 

 D821/190 Newport/Usk Road 1933-1935 

 D821/191 Ponthir Road 1924 

 D821/192 Accepted tenders (materials) 1910-1918 

 D821/193 Road Transport 1923-1936 

 D821/194 Roadman 1936 

 D821/195 Royal Gwent Hospital 1924-1930 

 D821/196 Sale of scrap iron to G. Clarke 1933-1934 

 D821/197 Sanitary Officer-appointment 1927-1928 

 D821/198 Sanitary Matters Correspondence etc: 1922-1931 

 D821/199 Sanitary Matters Correspondence etc: 1925-1936 

 D821/200 Scavenging contracts 1922, Tenders 1922-1935 

 D821/201 Scavenging contracts 1922, Tenders (including public lighting) 1935-1936 

 D821/202 Sewers 1911-1934 

 D821/203 South Mon-Assessment Committee 1927-1937 

 D821/204 South Mon Public Assistance Minutes 1936 

 D821/205 Speed Limit of vehicles through Caerleon 1928-1938 

 D821/206 Surveyor 1922-1926 

 D821/207 Surveyor Orders issued 1935-1936 

 D821/208 Telegraphs 1923-1926 

 D821/209 Temporary buildings correspondence and plans 1927-1935 

 D821/210 Treasurer 1920-1932 

 D821/211 Unemployment Grants Committee application for Loans 1923-1935 

 D821/212 Unemployment Grants Committee application for Loans 1926-1936 

 D821/213 Urban D.C. Association 1932 

 D821/214 Valuation 1927-1935 

 D821/215 Valuation Record of total rateable values 1935-1949 

 D821/216 Valuation Proposals 1934-1947 

 D821/217 Valuation Proposals 1934-1950 

 D821/218 Wages account 1922-1926 

 D821/219 War charities 1916-1917 

 D821/220 War Charities Act 1916 1926-1927 

 D821/221 Water rate and supply (including draft schedule of deeds, books and miscellaneous papers etc: of Caerleon U.D.C. 1931) 1920-1935 

 D821/222 Welsh Church Acts 1925 

 D821/223 Works Committee Minutes 1935-1936 

 D821/224 Damage to ventilating pipe (Western Welsh Bus Co.) 1934 

 D821/225 Damage to ventilating pipe (Western Welsh Bus Co.) 

 D821/226 Miscellaneous legal papers including - London Gazette. 1872 June 7 - adoption of local Govt. Act. 1858 by Caerleon Local Govt. Board orders 1885 re: commons, byelaws etc: Draft conveyance 1899. Caerleon U.D.C. to Newport Board of Guardians - land at Mill Street, Caerleon. Land Values Duties 1915 Draft Licence 1931 G.A. Baker and Caerleon U.D.C. to lay pipes Lodge Farm. Draft Agreement 1932 Caerleon U.D.C. and Mr A.D. Davies Land at Lodge Avenue. Draft Lease 1933 Caerleon U.D.C. and Mr C. Collins Land at Lodge Avenue Draft Lease 1934, Caerleon U.D.C. and Mr F. Henley Land at Lodge Avenue. 1872, 1899, 1915, 1931-1934 

 D821/227 Press Cuttings [Mid 20th century] 

Rate Books 

 D821/228  1904 

 D821/229  1906 

 D821/230  1906 

 D821/231  1910 

 D821/232  1914 

 D821/233  1916 

 D821/234  1918 

 D821/235  1921 

 D821/236  1921 

 D821/237  1926 

 D821/238  1926 

 D821/239  1927 

 D821/240  1931 

 D821/241  1936 

 D821/242  1939 

Valuation Lists 

 D821/243  1904 

 D821/244  1910 

 D821/245  1919 

 D821/246  1921 

 D821 Caerleon Parish Overseers Receipt and Payment Books 

 D821/247 ½ Y.E. Mar 1868-½ Y.E. Mar 1888 Mar 1868-Mar 1888 

 D821/248 ½ Y.E. Mar 1903-½ Y.E. Sep 1921 Mar 1903-Sep 1921 

 D821/249 ½ Y.E. Mar 1922-½ Y.E. Mar 1927 Mar 1922-Mar 1927 

Llangattock (Iuxta Caerleon) Parish 

 D821/250 Parish Council Minute Book 1895-1935 

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