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This collection of documents from the firm of Messrs. Partridge, Jones and John Paton Ltd. has been classified into two main divisions, those documents relevant to the group of companies forming Partridge, Jones and John Paton Ltd, including the group in which John Paton had an interest before the amalgamation with Partridge, Jones & Co. Ltd, in 1920 and those relevant to the group forming the Ebbw Vale Steel Iron and Coal Co. Ltd, the assets of which were purchased by Partridge, Jones and John Paton in 1938. There is a special section devoted to the Conveyance of the assets of the Ebbw Vale Company. The firm of Partridge, Jones and Co., began trading in 1864 at Varteg Works and Colliery with William Bailey Partridge, Edward Jones, Charles Herbert and William T. Henley , as co-directors. The Company flourished and by 1874 was proprietor of Pontnewydd Iron Works, Golynos Works, works at Abersychan and the Plasycoed and Cwmserchan Collieries. In April of that year a Limited Company was formed. John Paton's association with the company seems to thave begun in 1895 when he became one of the principal shareholders in the newly formed Pontnewydd Sheet and Galvanising Co. Ltd. with William B. Partridge and Edward Jones. In 1902 he purchased the Glynos Foundary and in 1909 the death of William Bailey Partridge gave him a seat on the board of directors of Partridge, Jones & Co. Ltd. From then on his presence became increasingly more evident. Owner of the Caerleon Works in 1914, he was also agent of Abertillery Works Ltd., on the Board of Directors of Pontypool Works Ltd., and Henry White & Co., with a sizeable interest in the Monmouthshire Steel and Tinplate Works, Pontnewydd Sheet Works and Crumlin Valley Collieries. In 1920 John Paton proposed an amalgamation of his interests with those of Partridge, Jones & Co. Ltd. This was effected in December of the same year and Partridge, Jones and Co. Ltd., Crumlin Valley Collieries Ltd., Pontnewydd Sheet and Galvanising Co. Ltd., Pontypool Works Ltd., Caerleon Works Ltd., Monmouthshire Steel and Tinplate Co. Ltd., Henry White & Co. Ltd., and the Waterloo Tinplate Co. Ltd., were united under the management of Partridge Jones & John Paton Ltd.

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Records relating to Partridge, Jones & Co. Ltd, 1872-1918; Partridge, Jones & John Paton Ltd, 1921-1962; Pontnewydd Sheet and Galvanising Co. Ltd, 1895-1921; Caerleon Works Ltd, 1832-1923; Henry White & Co. Ltd, 1879-1925; Pontypool Works Ltd, 1772-1911; Monmouthshire Tinplates Ltd, 1944-1957; Crumlin Valley Collieries Ltd, 1918; Aberbeeg Collieries Ltd, 1923-1955; Tirpentwys Black Vein Steam Coal & Coke Co. Ltd, 1935-1955; Llanerch Colliery, 1890-1956; Ebbw Vale Steel, Iron & Coal Co. Ltd, 1674-1957; Pontnewydd Tube Works, 1893-1922; John Lancaster & Co. Ltd, 1881-1933; Blaendare Company, 1867-1896; Brendon Hills Iron Ore Co. (Somerset), 1758-1876; West Somerset Mineral Railway, 1854-1909; Bromley Hill Iron & Coal Co. (Gloucestershire), 1842-1872; Sale of Ebbw Vale Steel Iron & Coal Co. Ltd, 1890-1939.

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Collection Inventory

 D394/A/1-A/21 Partridge, Jones and Co. Ltd. 1863-1921 

 D394/A/1- A/5/2 The Company 1872-1921 

 D394/A/1 Agreement re. the entry into partnership of William Thomas Henley 16 Aug 1872 

 D394/A/2 Agreement for formation of Joint Stock Co. William Bailey Partridge, Edward Jones, William Henley and george Frederick Rogers. 14 Mar 1874 

 D394/A/3 Memorandum and Articles of Association, Partridge, Jones and Co. Ltd. 24 Apr 1874 

 D394/A/4 Certificate of the Incorporation of the Company (24 April 1874) 10 Dec 1902 

 D394/A/5/1 Minute Books, Meetings of Directors and Shareholders 28 Jul 1898-18 Mar 1915 

 D394/A/5/2 Minute Books, Meetings of Directors and Shareholders 18 Mar 1915-15 Apr 1921 

 D394/A/6-A/12 Title Deeds 1863-1913 

 D394/A/6 Lease of the Varteg Iron Works - Crawshay Bailey to Partridge, Jones. 8 Dec 1864 

 D394/A/7 Agreement for Sale of Interest in Cwm Frwdore Colliery. Mrs Habbakuk, John Jeremiah and William Thomas to Partiridge, Jones and Herbert. 21 Jun 1870 

 D394/A/8 Deeds re. Golynos Chemical Works. 22 Feb 1883 

 D394/A/9 Deeds re. Golynos Chemical Works 31 Dec 1902 

 D394/A/10/1-5 Deeds re. Llanhilleth Hotel, part of Maesycnew Farm Estate, Llanhilleth. 7 Aug 1891-1 Sep 1913 

 D394/A/11/1-6 Deeds re. Union Foundrey Inn at Llanhilleth; Trychywmad or Three Styles Farm, Usk; Green Lawn Farm in the pars. of Llanfihangel Pontymoile and Panteg and Hawthorn Cottage, Talywain (6). 18 Jul 1891-5 Feb 1912 

 D394/A/12/1-2 2 Deeds re. Plots of land assigned to Abertillery Urban District Council for improvements in road between Crumlin and Aberbeeg. 13 Dec 1897, 17 Jun 1899 

 D394/A/13/1-65 Mineral Leases 1871-1918 

 D394/A/13/1-65 Leases etc. from the Ebbw Vale Steel Iron and Coal Co. Ltd., (8); Blaenavon Iron and Steel Co. Ltd., (1); Pontytpool Park Estate (4); the Lords and Ladies of the Manor of Wentsland and Bryngwyn (6); Proprietors of the Llantarnam Abbey Estate (1) and other minerals under premises in the pars. of Trevethin, Llanhilleth and Abersychan (65 items in all). 1871-1918 

 D394/A/14-A/16 Share Certificates, Debentures.Etc. 1883-1920 

 D394/A/14 Details of Shares held held in Partridge, Jones and Co. Ltd. 1883 

 D394/A/15 Share certificates Pontypool Tin Plate Co. (2). 1887 

 D394/A/16 Debenture Trust Deeds and other Deeds re: issue of debentures, debenture certificates, lists of debentures to be drawn on various occasions together with tickets (16 items excluding tickets and certificates). 1892-1920 

 D394/A/17-A/18 Finance 1872-1917 

 D394/17/1-2 Varteg and Plasycoed Collieries - Balance sheets (2) 31 Dec 1872, 31 Dec 1875 

 D394/18/1-6 Partridge, Jones and Co. Ltd - Balance sheets and Reports of Directors (6) 29 Feb 1876-1917 

 D394/A/19 Company Premises 1874-1915 

 D394/A/19/1-3 Leases of Wharfs and offices at Newport (3) 1 Jul 1874-6 Mar 1915 

 D394/A/20/1-3 Plant 1872-1873 

 D394/A/20/1-3 Agreements etc. re: Varteg Blast Engine, coke ovens and plant at Golynos Foundry etc. (3) 19 Jun 1872-3 Apr 1873 

 D394/A/21 Wayleaves 1878 

 D394/A/21 Lease of Wayleave through land at Trevethin. Sir WIlliam Vernon Guise, Bart. and others to Partridge, Jones and Co. 2 May 1878 

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 D394/B/1-B/9 Partridge, Jones and John Paton Ltd. 1772-1955 

 D394/B/1 Minerals 1923-1945 

 D394/B/1 Licences, lease re: minerals under lands at Abersychan and Llanhilleth Upper and Lower Navigation Collieries and Llanerch Colliery (3). 24 May 1923-1 Nov 1945 

 D394/B/2 Railways 1939-1943 

 D394/B/2 Agreements with the Great Western Railway as to the telephone wires near Llanhilleth Station and siding accomodation Abertillery (2). 25 Feb 1939-21 May 1943 

 D394/B/3 Shares 1921-1953 

 D394/B/3 Share Certificates - Crumlin Valley Collieries Ltd., Aberbeeg Collieries Ltd., Tir Pentwys Black Vein Steam Coal and Coke Co. Ltd., and Monmouthshire Tinplates Ltd. 1921-1958 

 D394/B/4 Legal Papers 1938 

 D394/B/4 Copy Court Order for settlement of claim against Partridge, Jones and John Paton in respect of injury to Edith Jean Waite, an infant. 14 Jan 1938 

 D392/B/5 Company Premises 1943-1950 

 D394/B/5 Lease of Barclays Bank premises, Pontypool, to Partiridge, Jones and John Paton Ltd. (4 documents) 10 Apr 1943-27 Feb 1950 

 D394/B/2/1-9 Caerleon Works Ltd. 1889-1923 

Biographical/Historical note

Caerleon Forge, part of he Moggridge Estate, was leased to the Llwydarth Iron, Steel and Tinplate Co., on 19 February 1885. In the following years it underwent several changes of managment. In 1894 it was leased to the Eastern Valleys Tinplate Co. and later to Messrs. Richards and Hopkins Ltd. In 1907 Thomas replaced Hopkins and in 1909 another change took place when the Foundry was taken over by the Caerleon Tinplate and Engineering works and re-named Brittania Works. John Paton bought the works in 1914 and the firm was incorporated by the name of Caerleon Works Ltd.

 B2/1-5 The Companies 1889-1918 

 D394/B2/1 Memorandum and Articles of Association of Richards and Hopkins Ltd. 23 Dec 1903 

 D394/B2/2 Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Caerleon Tinplate and Engineering Works, Ltd. 11 Apr 1912 

 D394/B2/3 11/12 June 1832 - 4 March 1914 Deeds re. Caerleon Works (Brittania Works), Llangattock Iuxta Caerleon including plan of works and inventory with contract for sale to John Paton (4 March 1914) (23). 1832-1914 

 D394/B2/4 19 April 1893 -26 February 1919 Deeds etc. re. freehold premises called Greenmeadow with cottages adjoining in par. Llangattock Iuxa Caerleon with one deed re a house and farm called Rosenewydd in par. of Bedwellty. (9). 1893-1919 

 D394/B2/5 Particulars of Sale of premises forming part of Pontypool Park Estate in par. of Caerleon, Llangattock Llanhenock, Llanfrechfa lower, Blaenavon, Abersychan, co. Mon. , and par. of Llanelly, co. Brecon. Together with Abstract of Title of Mrs C. Morgan to the said premises. 21 September 1918 

 D394/B2/6 Railways 1902-1923 

 D394/B2/6 1902 March 27-1923 February 10 Agreement with the Great Western Railway as to junctions, sidings and works near Cearleon Station.(7) 1902-1923 

 D394 D2/7 Debentures 5 February 1913 

 D394/B2/7 1913 February 5 Debentures Caerleon Tinplate and Engineering Works,Ltd. 1913 

 D394/B2/8 Legal Papers 1889-1905 

 D394/B2/8 1889 March 15 - 1905 October 9 Correspondence and Court Orders re. dispute between Messers, Richards and Hopkins Ltd. and the Trustees of the D.W.Jenkins Estate over the upkeep of an aqueduct near Green meadow in the par.of Llangattock Iusta Caerleon. 1889-1905 

 D394/B2/9 Land Tax 1901-1902 

 D394/B2/9 1902 July 22 Certificates for the redemtion of land tax, Caerleon Engineering Co. Together with plan of the works dated 18 November 1901. 1901-1902 

 D394/B/6 Wayleaves 1938 

 D394/B/6 Through lands at Llanhilleth, E.W.T.L. Brewer-Williams to Partridge, Jones and John Paton Ltd., consent to grant of liberty to W.G. Price. 1 Jun 1938 

 D394/B/7 Trade Mark 1941-1951 

 D394/B/7 Trade Mark Certificates (4) see C/10 21 Feb 1941, 9 Mar 1951 

 D394/B/2/8-9 Miscellaneous 1935-1962 

 D394/B2/8 Extract from annual return of Roneo Ltd., showing particulars of Directors, names etc., of shareholders and numbers of shares held. 9 Jan 1935 

 D394/B2/9 Agreement between Messers F.I. and R.I. Dean and Partirdge, Jones and John Paton Ltd., for installation of a milk vending machine at Pontymister Works. Together with correspondence re: termination on the closure on the Works (7 items). 25 Apr 1960-1 Feb 1962 

 D394/B/3 Henry White & Co. (Pontymister) 1897-1925 

Henry White & Co Ltd.

Henry White and his partner Challingworth were in possesion of the Pontymister or Brittannia Foundrry in 1879. In 1893 the Company became Henry White and Co. and in 1897 purchased the six year old Pontymister Steel works, previously the property of P.S.Phillips Ltd. In 1917 John Paton was on the Board of Directors, of the then Limited Co. and at the time of the amalgematiion with Partridge, Jones & Co. Ltd>, in 1920. The works was closed in 1961

 D394/B3 The Company 1903 

 D394/B3 1903 June 3 Memorandum of Association of Henry White & Co.Ltd. 1903 

 D394/B3 Title Deeds 1897-1903 

 D394/B3 1897 July 28 Particulars of Sale of Pontymister Steel and Tinplate Works 1897 

 D394/B3 1903 March 31 Agreement for sale of Pontymister Foundry and the goodwill of the business. Henry White and Samuel Pope. 1903 

 D394/B3 Railways 1903 

 D393/B3 1903 June 30 Formal gurantee on the opening of a Credit A/c with the Great Western Railway together with printed conditions. 1903 

 D394/B3 Finance 1904-1925 

 G394/B3 1904 May 31-September 2 1920. Directors Reports and Statements of Account (8). 1905 May 31. Auditors Reports on the accounts for the year ending 31 May 1905. 1914 June 30-1925 December 31 Statements of Account and Balance Sheets (12). 1920 December 31-1921 December 31. Statements of Account. Messers. Henry White & Co. Ltd. 1904-1925 

 D394 Staff 1879-c.1916 

 D394/B3 Indenture of Apprenticeship. White and Challingeworth of Brittania Foundry, Pontymister (1879-1893) and Henry White & Co. (1893-1901) 1907 January 1. Agreement for appointment of an agent for counties of Glamorgan, Pembroke and Brecon. 1907 December 26. Agreement for medical attendance on the workmen. c.1916 Certificate authorising emplyees to wear War Service Badges. Together with several badges dated 1915. 1879-1901 

 D394 Licences 1916-1918 

 D394/B3 1916 December 16, 1918 December 6 Licences for use of a new process of manufacture of steel in the Bessemer Converter invented by Guy James Slock and a licence from the Board of Trade to carry on trade under the Non Ferrouse Metal Industry Act 1918. 1916-1918 

 D394 Sales 1902-1908 

 D394/B3 Corespondence and forms of tender re supply of steel castings to the Admiralty (10 items). 1902-1908 

 D394 Inventories 1900-1903 

 D394/B3 1900 March 8, 1903 June 3. Pontymister Foundry and Steel works (8). 1900-1903 

 D394 Insurance 1898-1907 

 D393 1898 October 10 - 1907 November 8. Fire, Legal Liability and Fidelity Guarantee polices (3). 1898-1907 

 D394/B1/1-2 Pontnewynydd Sheet and Galvanised Co. Ltd. 

Biographical/Historical note

Pontnewynydd Iron Works in the par. of Trevethin was purchased by Partridge Jones and Co. Ltd., in 1868 from the Lords and Ladies of the Manor of Wentsland and Bryngwyn. A new company, the Pontnewynydd Sheet and Galvanizing Co. Ltd., was incorporated in 1895 with William Bailey Partridge, Edward Jones and John Paton among its principal shareholders.

 D394/B1/1 Memorandum and Articles of Association (2 copies) 4 Dec 1895 

 D394/B1/2 Register of Shareholders 18 Dec 1895-29 Nov 1921 

 D394 Telephone Agreements 1904-1906 

 D394/B3 1904 December 1 - 1906 May 24. Documents re hiring of telephone from National Co. Ltd. (5 items). 1904-1906 

 D394/B/4 Pontypool Works Ltd. 1772-1919 

 D394/B4 The Companies 1851-1867 

Ponypool Works Ltd.

In 1851 the Pontypool Iron Co. was formed under the directorship of Messers. Dimmock, Thompson, Firmstone and Blackwell. This partnership was dissolved in 1856 and the works purchased three years later by messers. Levick Brown, Derby and Robinson of the Ebbw Vale Co. Ltd. in 1866 it was placed under the managment of the newly incorporated Ebbw Vale Steel Iron and Coal Co. Ltd. until Messers. Josiah Richards, John Jones and David Williams took over the business under lease in 1871 trading under the title of Pontypool Iron and Tinplate Co., and were responsible for the conversion of the town forge into a tinplate works. In 1887 the assets of the Company were taken over by Partridge. Jones & Co, Ltd. and in 1898 the Company wound up. Pontypool Works Ltd., was incorporated in 1900 with John Paton a director.

 D394/B4 1851 December 4 - 1867 May 21. Deeds re the partnership of Messers. Dimmock, Thomas and Firmstone, its dissolution, the parnership of Messers Darby, Brown, Robinson and Levick, retirement from the partnership of Richard Brown Roden and Thomas Brown, the share of William Allen in the Company, and purchase of the Works by the Ebbw Vale Co. (25). 15 December 1886-9 June 1887. 13 June 1887-14 May 1896 Minute Books of Meetings of the Board of Directors. 1851-1896 

General note

 D394/B4 Title Deeds 1772-1898 

 D394/D4 1/2 August 1772 - 19 November 1898. Twy yn pwll (9), Pen yr heol (2), Race Works and Cwmlicky Pits (2), and other premises in the par. of Panteg and premises in par. of Llanfrechfa. (18) in all. 1 August 1772 - 22 January 1867. Schedules of Deeds re Pontypool Estates of the Ebbw Vale Co. (2). 21/22 November 1810 - 19 January 1869. Abstract of Title of Ebbw Vale Co. to the Pontypool Iron Works and Premises, part of the Pontypoo. Estate of Capel Hanbury Leigh Esq. (13) 4 May 7 1859. Abstract of Convayance for a site for Pontypool National School. 1772-1898 

 D394/B4 Minerals 1839-1911 

 D394/B4 9 July 1839 Act to effect an exchange of mines and land between Sir Benjamin Hall and Capel Hanbury Leigh. 3 August 1853 - 31 May 1911 Lease of minerals under the Pontypool and Panteg estate of John Capel Hanbury (11). 23 December 1856 Copy heads of agreement for sale of Bunkers Hill Colliery. Messers. Dimmock and Thompson and the Shropshire Banking Company. 1839-1911 

 D394/B4 Railways 1802-1910 

 D394/B4 26 June, 1802. Act for making railways to communicate with the Monmouthshire Canal and for the formatiion of the Sirhowy Tramroad Co. 1857 - 1865. Agreement with the Newport, Abergavenny and Hereford Railway Co. and the Pontypool, Caerleon and Newport Railway Co. 19 November 1910. John Capel Hanbury and Baldwins Ltd. Agreement for use of Railway and sidings. 1802-1910 

 D394/4 Debentures etc. 1855 

 D394/B4 8 March 1855. Notice to West of England and South Wales District Banking Co. of Second Mortgage of Pontypool Iron and Tin plate Works, Together with Second Mortgage Debenture Certificate (2) dated 9 November 1887. 1855 

 D394/B4 Finance 1891 -1919 

 D394/B4 31 December 1891 - 8 November 1919. Balance Sheets and Reports of Directors (23) 1891 -1919 

 D394/B/5 Monmouthshire Tinplate Ltd. 1944-1957 

Monmouthshire Tinplates Ltd

Monmouthshire Tinplates Ltd., was incorporated in 1944 out of the old Monmouthshire Steel and Tinplate Co.Ltd., in which John Paton had had an interest. The new company involved Abertillery Works Ltd., Avondale Tinplate Co. Ltd., Redbrook Tinplate Co. Ltd., and partridge Jones and John Paton Ltd. It went into voluntary liqudation in 1956-1957.

 D394/5 22 May 1944. Memorandum and Articles of Associatiion Monmouthshire Tinplate Ltd. 27 June 1944 - 23 October 1956 Minute Book of Meetings of Board of Directors. 31 July 1956 - 5 February 1957. Voluntary liqudation of the Company. File of Correspondence, notices of meetings, voluntary liquidation forms, winding up balance sheets and accounts, income tax assesment forms etc. 1944-1957 

 D394/B/6 Crumlin Valley Collieries Ltd. (Hafodyrynys) 1918 

Crumlin Valley Collieries Ltd. ( Hafodyrynys)

John Paton brought his interest in Crumlin Valley Colleries Ltd. into the firm of Partridge Jones Ltd., at thier amalgamation in 1920. By 1936 Partridge, Jones and John Paton were in full control.

 D394/B6 4 April 1918 John Capel Hanbury to Crumlin Valley Colleries Ltd. Lease of cottages and land on pars. of Trvethin, Griffithstown and Panteg, co. Mon. 1918 

 D394/B/7 Aberbeeg Collieries Ltd 1923-1955 

 D394/B7 In 1938 Partridge, Jones and John Paton were in control of 75% of the share Capital of the company. 31 December 1923-1 October 1955. Balance Sheets and Statements of Account (38) 1923-1955 

 D394/B/8 Tir Pentwys Black Vein Steam Coal and Coke Co. Ltd. 1935-1955 

 D394/B8 31 December 1935 - 1 October 1955. Balance Sheets (23). 1935-1955 

 D394/B/9 Llanerch Colliery 1890-1956 

 D394/B9 Llanerch Colliery Expl;osion Fund. 1890-1956 

Llanerch Colliery Explosion Fund

An explosion occourd at the Colliery on 6 February 1890 by which 175 men and boys lost thier lives. A public meeting was held to take into consideration the best means to be adopted to collect subscriptions for a fundto relieve the distress of numerous widows, orphans and others left destitute by the explosion. The meeting resulted in the inauguration of the Llanerch Colliery Explosion Fund, which was closed in July 1956 with the purchase of anannuity for Mrs Dianah Lewis, the sole survivor of the recipients of the fund.

 D394/B9/1-B9/5 a-c B9/1, 6 August 1890 - 21 May 1943 Trustee Minute Book B9/2, 24 September 1890 -13 July 1956 Executive Committee Minute Book. B9/3, 1890-1956 Cash Book. B9/4, 15 June 1892 Copy Deed of Trust. B9/ 5 a-c, 21 May 1908 1908 - 25 January 1946 Appointments of new Trustees (5). 1890-1956 

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 D394/C/1-/C4 Ebbw Vale Steel, Iron Coal Co. Ltd. 1775-1951 

Ebbw Vale Steel, Iron and Coal Co. Ltd.

The Iron Works at Ebbw Vale was founded by Homfray at the begining of the nineteenth century. By the middle of the century it was under the mamagment of the Ebbw Vale Co. Ltd.and included the Victoria, Llangroyne and Sirhowy Works. By 1866 a new company had been incorporated with the samepartners, Abraham Darby, Henry Dick Inson, William Tothill and Thomas Brown. The new Ebbw Vale Steel Iron and Coal Co. owned or had a controlling interest in the Ebbw Vale Steel Sheet and Tinolate Works at Ebbw Vale, Abersychan and Pentwyn Iron Works at Abersychan and the Pontypool Iron and Tinplate Works together with the Prince of Wales and Waenlwydd Collieries at Ebbw Vale, the Marine Colliery near Cwm and the Cwmcarn Colliery. These partners managed the Brendon Hills Iron Ore Mines in the county of Somerset from 1855 under the same managment but under the firm of Brendon Hills Iron Ore Co. and a substantial estate in the Forest of Dean comprising the Bromley Hill Iron Mine and Colliery, the Prince of Wales Iron Mine and Colliery, The Drybrook Bottom Iron Mine, the Midsummer Level Colloery and a sandstone quarry at Breame Eaves., Control of the West Somerset Mineral Railway undertaking was gained in 1869. In 1916 the Company purchased a controlling interest in John Lancaster and Co. and by 1930's was also in control of the Newport Abercarn Black Vein Steam Coal Co. Ltd. and the Powells Tillery Steam Coal Co. Ltd. These assets were disposed of between 1936 and 1938 partly to Richard Thomas and Company Ltd., and the remaniding to Partridge, Jones and John Paton Ltd.

 D394/C/1/1-C/1/4/a-b Title Deeds 1674-1957 

 D394/ C1/1-C1/4 a & b C1/1,1674-1957 Schedule of Deeds relating to the estates of the Ebbw Vale Co. i.e. the Ebbw Vale, Victoria, Sirhowy, Abercarn, Abersychan, Pontypool and Brendon Hills estates. Also to the West Somerset Mineral Railway, wharfs at newport and to debenture stock (continued by Partridge, Jones and John Paton Ltd.) C1/2, 16 August 1775 -1916 Deeds re '' The Black Horse'', The Fox and Hounds'', premises on Pear Tree Road, 1 and 2 Broad Street and other premises at Abersychan (24) ( Admittances & Surrenders , Manor of Wentsland and Bryngwyn) C1/3, 23/24 May 1832 - 14 May 1866. Abstracts of title of the Ebbw Vale Co. '' The Black Horse'', ''The Fox and Hounds'', and other premises at Abersychan (11). C1/4 a & b, April 1936 Convayance and Assignment of the Ebbw Vale Iron and Steel Works to Richard Thomas and Co.Ltd. and Deed of Convenant as to libility fot claims under Workmans Compensation Acts. 1674-1957 

 D394/C/1/5/1-C/1/5/2 Particulars of Sale 1867-1868 

 D394/C1/5/1-C1/5/2 Particulars of Sale of premises at Abersychan plus map and the Golynos Iron Works, 20 December 1867 Particulars of Sale of ''Snatchwood'' in the par Trevethin, 5 March 1868 1867-1868 

 D394/C/1/6 Railways 1869-1881 

 D364/C/1/6 Agreement etc. between the Ebbw Vales Co. and the Monmothshire Railway and Canal Co., the London and North Western Railway Co., and the Great Western Railway Co. (7). 1869-1881 

 D398/C/1/7-8 Share Certificates, Debentures etc. 1915-1936 

Share certificates and debentures etc., in the Euxine and Marmora Brirish Development Syndicate Ltd., the French Iron Ore, Co. Ltd. Manns Patent Steam Cast and Wagon Co. Ltd., the Newport Abercarn Black Vein Steam Coal Co. Ltd., Powells Tillery Steam Coal Co.Ltd., and the West Somerset Mineral Railway Co. 1859-1936 

 D394/C/1/8 Agreement between the Ebbw Vale Co., D. Davies and Sons Ltd., and T. Beynon & Co. Ltd. re the purchase of the share capital of John Lancaster and Co. Ltd., (3). Together with correspondence on the purchase between the Ebbw vale Co. and T. Beynon and Sons Ltd., (11) 11 Dec 1915-7 Dec 1916 

 D394/C/1/9 Legal Papers 1842 

 D394/C/9 Manor of Wentsland and Bryngwyn against Mr. D. Phillips, Copy Case and Opinion of Mr Gray as to the ownership of land adjoining Blaen and Glyn Nant Ddu in the par. of Trevethin. 10 May 1842 

 D394/C/1/10 Tithes 1844 

 D394/C/1/10 Abstracts from the confirmed apportionment, par. of Trevethin. together with tracing (in three parts) of tithe map. 3 Sep 1844  

 D394/C/1/11 Wharfs 1817-1893 

 D394/C/1/11 Deeds and plans re. leases of Victoria, Mariners, Ebbw Vale, Pontypool and Abersychan Wharfs and premises in Dock St., Newport (20) 29 Sep 1817-1 Dec 1893 

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 D394/C/2/1-3 Pontnewydd Tube Works 1893-1922 

Pontnewdd Tube Works

Under the managment of the Isca Foundry Co. from 1894 but convayed to the Ebbw Vale Co. in 1911.

 D394/C/2/1 Schedule of Deeds re. Pontnewydd Tube Works 9 Oct 1893-27 Jun 1911 

 D394/C/2/2 Documents re. patent rights of the Isca Foundry Co., assigned to the Ebbw Vale Co. on 27 June 1911 (14). 29 Mar 1894-27 Jun 1911 

 D394/C/2/3 Correspondence re. gift of site of new road from Pontrhydrum to Pontnewydd. Ebbw Vale Co. to Panteg District Council. 1821-1922 

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 D394/C/3 John Lancaster & Co. ltd. 1892-1919 

John Lancaster & Co. Ltd.

A controlling interest in the company was purchased from 1915- 1916 by the Ebbw Vale Co.and by 1936 the latter owned the entire share capital.

 D394/C/3/1 The Company 1909 

 D394/C/3/1 Certificates of registration of alteration of previsions of memorandum of Association og John lancaster and Company ltd. 28 May 1909 

 D365/C/3/2 Title 1919 

 D394/C/3/2 Lease of Blaina Brickworks. Nantyglo and Blaina Ironworks Co.Ltd. to John Lancaster and Co.Ltd. 8 Apr 1919 

 D394/C/3/3 Minerals 1881-1916 

 D394/C/3/3 Lease etc. of the Nantyglo and Blaina Collieries, minerals under part of the Blaenavon Estate and permises in pars. of Llanhilleth, Aberystruth and Aberbeeg (11).(with some plans). 12 Apr 1881-16 Feb 1916 

 D394/C/3/4 Building Leases 1892-1910 

 D394/C/3/4 Leases etc. of buildings in Six Bells, Blaina and pars.of Llanfoist, Aberbeeg and Llanhilleth (10) 11 Feb 1892-16 Dec 1910 

 D394/C/3/5 Surface Leases 1904-1911 

 D394/C/3/5 Leases etc. of surface land at Six Bells and par. of Aberystruth (4 items) 19 Feb 1904-1 Sep 1911  

 D304/C/3/6 Railways 1889-1919 

 D394/C/3/6 Agreements between the Great Western railway Co. Ltd., and John Lancaster & Co. Ltd., re. running of workmens's trains, telephone wires, construction of Tylers Arms Collier Platforms etc. (7). 28 Feb 1889-17 Sep 1919 

 D394/C/3/7 Agreement for erection of a railway Platform for the benifit of the workmen near ''Tylers Arms'' Blaina. John Lancaster & Co. Ltd. and their workman. 2 Mar 1914 

 C394/C/3/8 Electricity 1915-1933 

 D394/C/3/8 Agreements re. supply of elecricity to John Lancaster, the Ebbw Vale Co. and others (4). 4 Dec 1915-15 Nov 1933 

 D394/C/3/9 Debentures etc. 1909-1914 

 D394/C/3/9 Certificates of the registration of a series of debentures where there is no Trust Deed. 12 February 1914-9 October 1924. Debenture certificates 11 Aug 1909, 26 Feb 1914  

 D394/C/3/10 Trade Marks 1901-1951 

 D394/C/3/10 Trade mark Registration Certificates to John Lancaster & Co. Ltd. also Correspondence between T. Beynon & Co.Ltd., and the Ebbw vale Co. as to renewal of the Griffin Trade Mark (18 items) 10 Mar 1901-26 Nov 1930 

 D394/B/7 Trade Mark Registration Certificate to Partridge Jones & John Paton Ltd., issued by the republic of Argentina (4 items, in Spanish) 1941, 1951 

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 D394/C/4 The Blaendare Co. 1867-1896 

 D394/C/4 Documents re. conveyance of Blaendare Company's traffic by the Ebbw Vale Co., arrangements for charges and subsiquent disputes. 16 Feb 1867-29 Feb 1896 

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 D394/D/1-15 Brendon Hills Iron Ore Co. and the West Somerset Mineral Railway 1758-1876 

Brendon Hills Iron Ore Co. and The West Somerset Mineral Railway

The Brendon Hills Iron Ore Co.was incorporated in 1855, with the assets of the Brendon Hills Mining Co. which had been in existance since 1852. The estate comprised mines under the parishes of Luxborough, Withiel Florey, Treborough,King Brompton, Exton, Cutcombe, Clatworthy, Watchet, Huishchampflower, Nettlecombe, Old Cleeve,Saint Decumans and Brendon Hill in the county of Somerset. Its directors, Thomas Brown,Joseph Robinson, Abraham Darby, Henry Dickinson and William Tothill, were also directors of the Ebbw Vale Co.Ltd. and in 1866 when the new Ebbw Vale Steel Iron and Coal Co. Ltd. was incorporated the Somerset mines were placed under its management.

 D394/D/1-7 Title 1758-1873 

 D394/D/1 Schedule and chartulary of Deeds relating to the Brendon Hills properties and the West Somerset Railway 22/23 Nov 1758-26 Sep 1873  

 D394/D/2 Abstracts, copy requisitiions as to title if the Brendon hills iron Ore Co. and the Ebbw vale Co. to the Grehound Inn at Watchet, premises in pars, of Saint Decumans, Old Cleeve and Withiel Florey etc. co. Somersetand the West Somerset Mineral Railway (3). 22/23 Nov 1758-8 Feb 1866 

 D394/D/3 Enclosure Act and Abstract Award relating to the Pars. Huishchampflower, Clatworthy and Brompton Ralph, co. Somerset and Abstracts of the Ison Hill (Winsford, Somerset) and Staddon Hill Enclosed Awards (4). 31 May 1842-14 Jun 1851 

 D394/D/4 Schedule of Deeds of the Ebbw Vale Co's Somersetshire Estates. 1867 

 D394/D/5 Lease of several plots of land near the mining works on Brendon Hill to the Ebbw Vale Co. 13 Mar 1875 

 D394/D/6 Lease to the Ebbw Vale Co. Ltd., of a dwelling house and offices on the Esplanade in Watchet. 24 Jan 1876 

 D394/D/7 Deeds re. Brendon Hills royalties (2) Aug 1866 

 D394/D/8 Minerals 1824-1876 

 D394/D/8 Schedules, leases, licences, opinion etc., re minerals under the estate of the Lethbridge Trustees in the pars of Luxborough, Withiel Florey, Treborough, Kings Brompton, Exton,Cutcombe,Clatworthy and Huish- champlower, Kings Brompton and Clatworthy, the estate of the Earl of Caernarvon in the par. of Kings Brompton and under other premises, co. Somerset. (29). The Trevelyan estate in the pars. of Nettlecombe, Old Cleeve, Huishchampflower. 28 Sep 1824-24 Jan 1876 

 D394/D/9-D15 Maps 1843 

 D394/D/9 Map of Huish Champflower, Clatworthy and brompton Ralph showing several proposed roads and highways appointed by the Enclosure Commissioners on Haddon Hill in the par. of Haddon Hill. 1843 

 D394/D/10 Map of Ison Hill Enclosed in the par. of Winsford, co. Somerset. 1850 

 D394/D/11 Map of the surface of the Brendon Hill mines. 1866 

 D394/D/12 Enclosure map showing part of the par.Exton. No Date 

 D394/D/13 Map of lands in par. of Winaford, Exton, Cutcombe, Luxborough, Treborough, Withiel Floray, Kings Brompton, Clatworthy, Huish Champflower ???ton and Nettlecombe under which the Ebbw Vale Co. have mines. No Date  

 D394/D/14 Map of Luxborough Estate belonging to the Trustees of the late Sir T. B. Lethbridge in pars. of Luxborough,, Cutcombe, Trebrough, Kingsbrompton, Upton, Exton and Withiel Florey. No Date  

 D394/D/15 Map showing lands of the late Sir T.B.Lethbridge and G.H.W. Carew in par of Clatworthy, Sir W.C.Trevelyan in Nettlecombe, Huish Champflower and Kings Brompton and the Earl of Carnarvon in Kings Brompton. No Date  

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 D394/E/1-2 West Somerset Railway 1854-1909 

 D394/E/1 Agreements etc. between the Brendon Hills Iron Ore Co. and the West Somerset Mineral Railway Co. the Ebbw Vale Steel Iron and Coal Co. Ltd. and the Ebbw Vale Steel Iron and Coal ltd., and the Somerset Mineral Syndicate Ltd. (15). 13 Jun 1856-6 Jul 1909 

 D394/E/2 Book of plans and sections of the West Somerset Mineral Railway. 1854 

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 D394/F Bromley Hill Iron and Coal Co. 1838-1867 

Bromley Hill and Coal Co.

The assets of the Bromley Hill Iron and Coal Co., which had been in existance since 1849 were purchased by the Ebbw vale Co. Ltd., in 1854 after the managment had become bankrupt. The assets then consisted of the Bromley Hill Iron Mine and the Bromley Hill and Midsummer Level Collieries. The Prince of Wales Iron Mine and Colliery was aquired in 1855. and the Drybrook Bottom Iron Mine and a sandstone quarry at Breams Eaves in 1859.

 D394/F Title 1842-1866 

 D394/F Deeds etc., re. Bromley Hill Iron Works and Mine, Midsummer level Colliery, Prince of Wales Colliery and Iron Mine, Breams Eaves Sandstone Quarry and other properties including the Bromley Iron Mine (4 May 1846), the Prince of Wales Iron Mine (3 November 1846) and Certificate of Complete registration of the Bromley Hill Iron and Coal Co. (28 December 1849) ( 40 Deeds) 15 Jun 1842-13 Mar 1872 

 D394/F Abstracts of Title of the Ebbw Vale Co. to Bromley Hill Coal Work Colliery, the Midsummer level Colliery, the Bromley Hill Iron Mine, the Prince of Wales Colliery and iron Mine, the Sandstone Quarry at Breams Eaves and a parcel of land at drybrook valley (4). 1866 

 D394/F Minerals 1863-1866 

 D394/F Ebbw Vale Co. Forest of Dean Hematite and Coal Gales. Extract from Mr.Hedely's Report. 1866 

 D394/F Ageements etc. re. royalties galeage, tonnage, short workings etc. (8 items) 13 Jan 1863-18 Jun 1881 

 D394/F Miscellaneous 1838-1867 

 D394/F Dean Forest Acts 27 Jul 1838, 22 Jul 1861 

 D394/F Particulars of Sale of the Farmers Folly and Windmill Pit Colliery in par. of English Bicknor, Forest of Dean. 23 Nov 1866 

 D394/F Letters from the office of Woods to the Ebbw Vale Co. Ltd., extending the time for opening the Midsummer Level and Prince of Wales Collieries, the bromley and Prince of Wales Iron Mines, Forest of Dean. (2) 10/28 Sep 1867 

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 D394/G Purchase of the assets of the Ebbw Vale Steel Iron and Coal Co. Ltd., and their subsiduary companies by Partridge, Jones and John Paton Ltd. 1890-1938 

Purchase by Partridge , Jones and John Paton Ltd of the assetts of Ebbw Vale Steel Iron and Coal Co. Ltd.

By a Conveyance and assignment dated 4 April 1936 the Steel Sheet and Tinplate Works and certain collieries were convayed and assigned to Messers. Richard Thomas and Company Ltd. The remaining collieries were convayed to messers. Partidge, Jones and John Paton two years later. These comprised the four Collieries of the Ebbw Vale Co; the Six Bells Colliery of John Lancaster and Abertillery: Gray, Vivian and Talywain collieries at Abertillery,the property of the Powells Tillery Co., and the Prince of Wales, Celynen and Graig Fawr collieries of the Newport Abercarn Co.

 D394/G Conveyance 1936-1938 

 D394/G Heads of Agreements between Edward Tresoldi Granger, reciver of the Ebbw vale Steel, Iron and Coal Co. Ltd., and newport Abercarn Black Vein Steam Coal Co. Ltd., and Partridge, Jones and John Paton Ltd., for Sale and purchase of the Ebbw Vale and thier subsidiaries. 21 Oct 1936 

 D394/G Opinion, requisitions on title instruction to Counsel, appointments pf receiver and coorespondence re the machinery of conveyance of the Ebbw Vale and subsiduary companies which have been sold to Patridge, Jones and John Paton Ltd. 10 Mar 1937-26 Apr 1938 

 D394/G Particulars of properties originally copyhold belonging to the Ebbw Vale and subsidiary companies which have been sold to Partridge, Jones and John Paton Ltd. 14 Jun 1937 

 D394/G Convayance of the assets of the Ebbw vale Co. and subsidiary companies (4). 27 May 1938 

 D394/G Minerals 1919-1938 

 D394/G Licences to assign and correspondence re minerals under premises in pars. of Aberystruth, Mynyddislwyn, Ebbw Vale, Bedwellty, Llanhilleth with licence to assign Blaina Brickworks (37 items). 14 Jul 1919, 32 Dec 1924, 1937-1938 

 D394/G Building Leases 1937 

 D394/G Schedule of building leases. Gellicrug Estate. Powells Tillery Steam Coal Co. Ltd., to Partridge, Jones and John Paton. 1937 

 D394/G Railways 1937 

 D394/G Letter from Colborne & Co., to Messers. Bythway and Son re transfer of Agreements between the Great Western Railway Co., and the Ebbw Vale Co. 10 Apr 1937 

 D394/G Capital 1890-1938 

 D394/G Wagon Charges (13) 20 Oct 1926-14 Feb 1935 

 D394/G Share certificates in the name of Francis Tothill and Frances Phillips,Bertram Northgraves and the Ebbw Vale Co. in Shropshire Railway Co. Euxine and Marmora British Development Syndicate.,and John Lancaster & Co Ltd. 1890, 1923, 1933-1938 

 D394/G Registers of Mortgages and Charges and of Memoranda of deposit of securities, deeds etc., re capital of the Ebbw Vale Co. Lancasters Steam Coal Collieries Ltd., Powell's Tillery Co. and the Newport Abercarn Co. (7 items). 3 Jun 1931-13 Jun 1938 

 D394/G Insurance 1920-1938 

 D394/G Fire policies, employers liability policies and correspondence re workmens compensation for injury and claims against the Monmouthshire and South Wales Mutual Indemnity Society Ltd. (12 items). 31 Mar 1920-11 Jun 1937 

 D394/G Income Tax and the dispute over whether Partridge, Jones and John Paton ''succeeded'' to the Ebbw vale and subsidiary companies. 1909-1939 

 D394/G Schedules of Deeds re. assets acquired by Partridge, Jones and John Paton Ltd., from the Ebbw Vale Co. and subsidiary companies. (5) 7 Jun 1909-15 Jun 1939 

 D394/G Correspondence between Colborne & Co., and the inland revenue as to whether Messers. Partiridge, Jones and John Paton Ltd. ''succeded'' to the assets of the Ebbw Vale Co.and subsidiary companies or whether the acquisitiion of the remaining assets does not consitute a ''succession''. Oct 1938 

 D394/G Case for the opinion of Counsel re. above together with statements of collieries and works owned by Partiridge, Jones and Co.prior to the purchase from the Ebbw Vale and subsidiary companies and of collieries acquired on purchase together with plan of collieries, works, etc. owned by Partridge, Jones & Co. in 1939 3 Mar 1939 

 D394/G Miscellaneous 1938 

 D394/G Letter from Herbert A. Powell and E.M. Barlow to Messers. Colborne & directing them to forward to Mr E.T. Granger, receiver, the keys to the deed boxes of the Powell's Tillery Steam Coal Co. Ltd., at the Midland Bank, Newport. 30 Apr 1938 

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