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Biographical/Historical note

In 1877 Mr DT Alexander and Mr WP Stephenson formed Stephenson & Alexander. Previous to that the firm had been known as Watkins & Stephenson

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Records of Stephenson & Alexander, 1880-1917, mainly Sales Particulars

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[DSA reference] in square brackets relates to a catalogue of further records of Stephenson & Alexander held by Glamorgan Archives. Finding aids for records relating to Monmouthshire, but held by Glamorgan Archives, are available to be viewed at Gwent Archives

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  • Chartered Surveyors-Wales-Monmouthshire

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Collection Inventory

 D5726/1 Sales Particulars 

 D5726/1/1 The Gaer Estate, Newport 3 Jun 1908   1.0 item [DSA/12/1712]

 D5726/1/2 Freehold Building Estate adjoining the Council Schools, Durham Road, Newport 23 Apr 1913   1.0 item [DSA/12/2348]

 D5726/1/3 Property/Land in the parishes of Bedwellty and Mynyddislwyn, including Buttery Hatch Farm, Mynyddislwyn 9 Jan 1894   1.0 item [DSA/3/18]

 D5726/1/4 Freehold land, known as Newton Farm, in the parish of Rumney 13 Feb 1904   1.0 item [DSA/12/1148]

 D5726/1/5 Freehold and Copyhold Property, Rumney 9 May 1896   1.0 item [DSA/3/59 and 12/65]

 D5726/1/6 Hatherleigh, Newport 21 Jan 1897   1.0 item [DSA/3/65]

 D5726/1/7 Vaindre Hall, St Mellons 6 Mar 1897   1.0 item [DSA/3/67 and 12/161]

 D5726/1/8 Victoria Brewery, Bridge Street, Newport, and six licensed houses in Newport, Cwmbran and Caerleon (Christchurch) 27 Apr 1898   1.0 item [DSA/3/82 and 12/477]

 D5726/1/9 The Abertillery Tin-Plate Works, Abertillery, and The Lion Tin-Plate Works, Nantyglo 20 Sep 1899   1.0 item [DSA/3/89]

 D5726/1/10 The Abertillery Tin-Plate Works, Abertillery and The Waterloo Tin-Plate Works, Rudry, Glamorgan 11 Dec 1900   1.0 item [DSA/3/118 and 12/921/2]

 D5726/1/11 The Abercarn Tinplate Works, Abercarn, and The Waterloo Tinplate Works, Rudry, Glamorgan 30 Oct 1901   1.0 item [DSA/3/148 and 12/948]

 D5726/1/12 The Lion Tin-Plate Works, situated at Nantyglo 16 Jul 1902   1.0 item [DSA/3/193]

 D5726/1/13 Mathern House Estate, Mathern, near Chepstow 30 Jul 1902   1.0 item [DSA/12/955]

 D5726/1/14 Portions of the Glen-Usk Estate, in parishes of Llanhennock, Tredunnock, Llangattock-Iuxta-Caerleon, Llanddewi Fach, Marshfield, St Mellons and Michaelstone-Y-Vedw 16 Sep 1903   1.0 item [DSA/1/1]

 D5726/1/15 Freehold Pasture Land, in the parish of Tredunnock 14 Oct 1903   1.0 item [DSA/12/1124?]

 D5726/1/16 The Coalbrookvale Estate, Nantyglo 08 Oct 1903   1.0 item [DSA/12/1128]

 D5726/1/17 Freehold Land in parishes of Tredunnock and Llanhennock (Including Great House Farm, Tredunnock) 14 Oct 1903   1.0 item [DSA/12/1124]

 D5726/1/18 Freehold Farms/Lands in parishes of Newchurch West and Gwehelog (Usk) 25 May 1904   1.0 item [DSA/6/85]

 D5726/1/19 Clarence Wharf Saw Mills, Newport 25 Aug 1904   1.0 item [DSA/12/1183]

 D5726/1/20 Twyn Bell, Llanbadoc 22 Sep 1904   1.0 item [DSA/12/1216]

 D5726/1/21 Cefn Gola and Mynydd Bach Farms, in the parishes of Llangwm Uchaf and Wolvesnewton 04 Jul 1905   1.0 item [DSA/12/1320]

 D5726/1/22 Wolvesnewton Estate in parishes of Wolvesnewton, Kilgwrrwg, Llangwm Uchaf, Llanvihangel Torymynydd, and Newchurch 04 Jul 1905   1.0 item [DSA/6/117]

 D5726/1/23 The Tredean Estate, near Devauden 19 Jun 1906   1.0 item [DSA/12/1460]

 D5726/1/24 Farms/Lands at Croes-Y-Ceiliog (Llanfrechfa Lower) and Pontnewydd (Llanfrechfa Upper) 25 Jul 1906   1.0 item [DSA/6/117]

 D5726/1/25 Freehold Farms: The Ton Farm, Llangibby; Lower House Farm, Shirenewton; and, Tyn-Y-Caia Farm, Llanbadoc 31 Oct 1906   1.0 item [DSA/12/1567]

 D5726/1/26 Freehold residence known as The Fields, Newport 15 May 1907   1.0 item [DSA/12/1565]

 D5726/1/27 Upper House Farm and Woodland known as Castell Prin Wood, in Parc Seymour, Penhow 29 May 1907   1.0 item [DSA/12/1571]

 D5726/1/28 Freehold Farms/Land in parishes of Llangattock-Iuxta-Caerleon, Christchurch (Newport), Llanfrechfa Lower, and Llanbadoc 29 May 1907   1.0 item [DSA/12/1567]

 D5726/1/29 Freehold Farms and Pasture Lands in the parishes of Llanfrechfa, Llantrissent and Bishton 29 May 1907   1.0 item [DSA/6/149A/1]

 D5726/1/30 Somerton Estate, Newport 18 Sep 1907   1.0 item [DSA/6/158]

 D5726/1/31 Oakfield, Westfield Road, Clytha Park, Newport 20 May 1908   1.0 item [DSA/12/1712]

 D5726/1/32 Rumney Court, parish of Rumney 23 Jun 1908   1.0 item [DSA/12/1708]

 D5726/1/33 Freehold Land/Properties in parishes of Llangattock-Iuxta-Caerleon, and Undy 1 Jul 1908   1.0 item [DSA/12/1799]

 D5726/1/34 The Brynderwen Estate in the parish of Bettws Newydd 12 Oct 1910   1.0 item [DSA/12/2120]

 D5726/1/35 King's Head Hotel, Newport 5 Apr 1911   1.0 item [DSA/12/2079]

 D5726/1/36 Farms/Land/Property in Townships of Glascoed and Gwehelog (both Usk); Parishes of Llanbadoc and Trostrey; and Town of Usk 12 Jul 1911   1.0 item [DSA/12/2103]

 D5726/1/37 Copyhold Public House known as The Full Moon Inn, Crosskeys, in the parish of Risca 16 Aug 1911   1.0 item [DSA/12/2137]

 D5726/1/38 Freehold and Copyhold Lands in parish of Rumney 20 Jul 1911   1.0 item [DSA/12/2136]

 D5726/1/39 Freehold Pasture, Farm and Woodlands, known as "Little Cwm Dowlais," in the parishes of Llangibby and Llanbadoc 25 Oct 1911   1.0 item [DSA/12/2168]

 D5726/1/40 Freehold Farms, Lands and Cottages in parishes of Rumney, Peterstone Wentlloog, St Mellons and Marshfield 22 Apr 1913   1.0 item [DSA/1/7]

 D5726/1/41 Freehold Farms, Lands, Building and Work Sites in the parishes of Langstone, Magor, Christchurch, Llanvihangel Llantarnam and Newport 23 Apr 1913   1.0 item [DSA/1/7]

 D5726/1/42 Freehold Country Residence, Farm House and Lands known as "Llanbedr Hall" and "Flambert Farm" in the parishes of Langstone and Llanmartin 21 May 1913   1.0 item [DSA/6/348]

 D5726/1/43 Freehold Farms, Pasture Lands and Dwelling Houses in the parishes of: Christchurch, Llanmartin, Llangibby, Llantrissent, Llanbadoc and Nash, and the County Borough of Newport 18 Jun 1913   1.0 item [DSA/6/346]

 D5726/1/44 Freehold and Copyhold Farms/Lands, and Freehold Business Premises in the parishes of Llantilio Pertholey, Llanvihangel Crucorney and Lower Cwmyoy 8 Jul 1913   1.0 item [DSA/12/2382]

 D5726/1/45 The Monkswood Estate: Freehold Agricultural and Sporting Estate 10 Jul 1913   1.0 item [DSA/12/2482]

 D5726/1/46 Freehold Farms, Accommodation Lands and Building Site (Part of Kemeys-Tynte Estate) in the parishes of Llanellen, Abergavenny, Raglan, Clytha (Llanarth), Llanddewi Rhydderch and Llantilio Crossenny 28 Sep 1915   1.0 item [DSA/1/16 and 12/2873]

 D5726/1/47 Freehold Farms, Accommodation Lands, Licensed Houses, Cottages and Woodlands (Part of Kemeys-Tynte Estate), in the parishes of: Monmouth, Wonastow, Newchurch West, Skenfrith (all Monmouthshire), and Garway, Tretire with Michaelchurch, Pencoyd and Llanrothal (all Herefordshire) 1 Oct 1915   1.0 item [DSA/12/2873]

 D5726/1/48 Surface and Mineral Estate known as "Cefn Crib Estate," Trevethin 19 Aug 1916   1.0 item [DSA/1/34 and 12/2845]

 D5726/1/49 Freehold Properties (part of the Estate of Percy Laybourne, Esq, Decd) in the parishes of Llangattock-Iuxta-Caerleon, Llanhennock, Llanbadoc and Risca. Also Privileges, Appurtenances and Manorial Rights belonging to Manor of Dingestow, together with Chief Rents in parishes of Llangovan, Dingestow, Penyclawdd and Rhydymaen (Llandenny) 18 Jul 1917   1.0 item [DSA/12/2915]

 D5726/1/50 Residential Properties, Accommodation Land, Shop and Premises, Cottages and Gardens in and near village of St Mellons 5 Oct 1916   1.0 item [DSA/12/2837]

 D5726/1/51 Freehold Farm known as "Great Llanllwyd," in the parish of Llangattock Vibon Avel 5 Jun 1917   1.0 item [DSA/12/2890]

 D5726/1/52 Freehold Properties, including 7 farms, in the parishes of Llandenny, Llangwm, Llansoy and Llangeview 4 April 1900   1.0 item [DSA/6/48]

 D5726/1/53 Freehold Mineral Properties in the parishes of Bedwellty and Mynyddislwyn 8 Feb 1900   1.0 item [DSA/3/120 and 12/632/1-2]

 D5726/1/54 Mineral Estates (devised by the Will of the late John Moggridge), in the parishes of Bedwellty and Mynyddislwyn, and Llangonoyd and Bettws (both in Glamorgan) 28 Sep 1895   1.0 item [DSA/3/42/1]

 D5726/1/55 Larch and Spruce Poles, Hardwood Timber and Underwood in the parish of Llanellen, and parishes of Cefn Mably and Lisvane (both in Glamorgan) 20 Nov 1913   1.0 item [DSA/12/2442]

 D5726/1/56 Valuable Larch Timber in the parish of Llanellen 25 Feb 1913   1.0 item [DSA/12/2443]

 D5726/1/57 Freehold Pasture Land, adjoining Trowbridge Bach Farm, in the parishes of St Mellons and Rumney 28 Feb 1903   1.0 item [DSA/12/1012]

 D5726/1/58 Freehold Surface and Mineral Estate in the parish of Llanhilleth 15 Mar 1905   1.0 item [DSA/12/1482]

 D5726/1/59 Freehold Family Residence known as "Ellesmere," Stow Park Avenue, County Borough of Newport 4 Oct 1905   1.0 item [DSA/6/92]

 D5726/1/60 Freehold Residential Property, known as "Bryn Gomer," Pontrhydyrun, near Cwmbran 3 Oct 1906   1.0 item [DSA/12/1464A]

 D5726/1/61 Oak Timber and Coppice in parish of Llangibby 28 Nov 1906   1.0 item [DSA/3/293A]

 D5726/1/62 Residential Property (mostly freehold) known as "Kings Acre," Newport 18 Mar 1913   1.0 item [DSA/12/2372]

 D5726/1/63 Freehold Farm known as "Tredeon Farm," in the parishes of Wolvestown and Llanvihangel Torymynydd 3 Jun 1913   1.0 item [DSA/12/2452]

 D5726/1/64 Valuable Minerals underlying part of Glanbrynar Farm, Copyhold of the Manor of Abercarn, in the parish of Mynyddislwyn. Also Pentwyn Farm, in the parish of Lisvane, Glamorgan 2 Oct 1913   1.0 item [DSA/12/2402]

 D5726/1/65 Freehold Land, part of the Glebe in the village of St Mellons 23 Jul 1914   1.0 item [DSA/12/2545]

 D5726/1/66 Freehold Farm, known as "The Priory Farm," Monmouth 25 Sep 1914   1.0 item [DSA/12/2550]

 D5726/1/67 The Hill Estate, Abergavenny 18 Jan 1916   1.0 item [DSA/12/2823]

 D5726/1/68 Two Freehold Mixed Farms known as "Llanwilka Farm" and "Llanwilka Fach," in the parishes of Raglan, Trostry and Gwehelog (Usk) 5 Jun 1917   1.0 item [DSA/12/1538]

 D5726/1/69 Freehold Property, Maindee Newport 5 Feb 1880   1.0 item [DSA/2/62]

 D5726/1/70 Freehold Residential Estate and Mansion known as "Beechwood," Christchurch, Newport 10 Aug 1892   2.0 items [DSA/2/172]

 D5726/1/71 Freehold Farm and Lands known as "Pentre Farm," in the parish of Mynyddislwyn 10 Feb 1894   1.0 item [DSA/12/399]

 D5726/1/72 Free Double-Licensed Hotel, Shop and Cottage, in Cwmtillery, Abertillery 4 Apr 1894   1.0 item [DSA/3/25]

 D5726/1/73 Property known as "Parc Seymour," in the parish of Penhow 13 Jun 1894   1.0 item [DSA/12/33]

 D5726/1/74 Tyneside Engineering and Ship Repairing Works, Old Dock, Newport, together with Plant, Machinery, etc 17 Oct 1894   1.0 item [DSA/3/34]

 D5726/1/75 Lion Tin-Plate Works, Nantyglo, together with Loose and Fixed Plant and Machinery, Stocks, Stores, etc 6 Aug 1898   1.0 item [DSA/3/81]

 D5726/1/76 Freehold Building Site and Freehold Ground Rent, in parish of Fleur de Lis; and, a Leasehold Dwelling House and Garden, in Nelson (Treharris), Glamorgan 5 Jun 1902   1.0 item [DSA/3/183 and 12/632-3 and 964]

 D5726/1/77 The Abertillery Tin-Plate Works, Abertillery and the Lion Tin-Plate Works, Nantyglo, together with Loose and Fixed Plant and Machinery 17 Aug 1899   1.0 item [DSA/12/922/6]

 D5726/1/78 Freehold Building Land, in Maindee, Newport 13 Jun 1894   1.0 item [DSA/3/33]

 D5726/1/79 Freehold Land in Rumney, near Cardiff; and, Freehold Ground Rents secured upon Dwelling Houses and Premises in Velindre Road and Brookland Terrace, Whitchurch, Glamorgan 6 Nov 1917   1.0 item [DSA/12/922/6]

 D5726/1/80 Family Residence known as "Daisy Lawn," in Oakfield Road, Clytha Park, Newport (Just first page of Sales particulars) 28 Feb 1906   1.0 item [DSA/3/294]

 D5726/1/81 Colliery Plant, Machinery, Stores: Coalbrookvale Deep Pit and the Old Yard Pit, Nantyglo 22 Oct 1903   1.0 item [DSA/12/1128]

 D5726/1/82 Antique and Modern Furniture: "Brodawel," Caerleon 29 Jul 1907-30 Jul 1907   1.0 item [DSA/12/1567]

 D5726/1/83 Freehold Accommodation Pasture Fields, St Mellons, near to Penlasgarn Farm (Just the Plan) 20 Jan 1916   1.0 item [DSA/12/2818]

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 D5726/2 Miscellaneous 

 D5726/2/1 Map showing area to be supplied with Gas and Water by the Rhymney and Aber Valleys Gas and Water 1898   1.0 item

 D5726/2/2 Map showing land occupied by Western Valleys Water and Gas Co (under a 21-year lease from 3 May 1907) 1907   1.0 item

 D5726/2/3 "Newport: A Shipping and Manufacturing Centre." A booklet advertising Newport as an Industrial Area 1908   1.0 item

 D5726/2/4 Copy Inventory and Valuation of Plant, Machinery and Stock-in-Trade: Atlantic Engineering Works, Newport Nov 1902   1.0 item

 D5726/2/5 Abstract of Indenture of Reconveyance by the Trustees of the Norwich Union Life Insurance Society of certain lands and hereditaments forming part of the security given by Crawshay Bailey Esq and others on an advance of £65000 from the said Company and which advance has now been paid and satisfied 1886   1.0 item [DSA/106]

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