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Edmond George 

Estate Management 

 D1459/19 Accounts of bills for perambulation of manor of Abercarn at alia E.T.G & J Llewellin 12 Oct 1822 

 D1459/17 Copy of statement of freeehold rent due from Capel Leigh esq, signed by Edmound George 11 May 1832 

 D1459/4 Royalty on Coal on Abercarn manor. Arrangements being made with the copyhold tenants Daniel Lewis, Henry Jones, James & Barbara Keyse, David & Eliz. Lewis near Penyfan 9 Jul 1845 

 D1459/39 Copy answers to interogations of Elizabeth Glover alias Gordon complainant, v Sir Benjamin Hall and John Jeffreys, defandants in respect of the High Meadows property. 12 Aug 1847 

 D1459/10 Memorandum of statement made with Mr Llewellin of the improvements made by Sir B Hall on Pwllynhead lands at Llanover and the outlay thereon, and the turn-pike land. Edmond George 14 Mar 1849 

Boundaries of Abercarn Manor 

 D1459/46 Memorandum of boundaries in Monythusloyne between Lordship of Tredegar 29 Jun 1803 

 D1459/59 Copy of survey of Henry Simmon's of Lordship of Abercarn given to Mr William Rees of Peny Rhiw Gwair by Edmond George 1811 

 D1459/15 Boundary Abercarn Manor Boundairies in the Basslig and Machain. Edmond George 16 Mar 1812 

 D1459/25 Memorandum of the boundaries of Monythusloyn between the lordship of Abercarne and the Lordship of Machen. Edmond George 25 Apr 1812 

 D1459/14 Survey of boundaries of Lordship of Abercen where they "join Tredegar joyn Rogestar, joyn Lantarnum, joyn Cabel Lee, joyn Tredegar, joyn Lantarnam, joyn Abergavenny" Edmond George 29 Apr 1812 

 D1459/29 Boundaries of Abercarne Manor "from Ebwy River at Cwm Carne to Trosnant Brook and from Trosnant Brook to Ebwy River at Crumlyn and from Crumlyn to Sirhowy River to Ebwy River at Carne Brook" Edmond George 29 Apr 1812 

 D1459/24 Memorandum of Abercarne Manor Boundaries, Rumney and Machen. Edmond George 8 May 1812 

 D1459/13 Boundary where Abercarne Manor joins Bedwellty and Rumney boundaries 16 Jul 1812 

 D1459/31 Boundary of Abercarne Manor in Bedwellty in Manmole Hamlet. Edmond George 18 Jul 1812 

 D1459/28 Boundary Bedwellty boundaries of Abercarne Manor. Edmond George 18 Jul 1812 

 D1459/20 Boundary Abercarne Manor boundaries - in Henllis, Lantarnum and Bettws Edmond George 1812 

 D1459/30 Boundary Abercarne Manor Boundaries - Henllis, Llantarnum and Bettws. Edmond George 1812 

 D1459/12 Memorandum Infromation given by "Old Lewis Thomas" about fence between Craig Afod Owen and Craig y pant Glow. Edmond George 11 Jan 1823 

 D1459/41 Memorandum RE Boundaries, at Ynis - Wharrud and Ynis Govilon. Edmond George 24 Dec 1824 

 D1459/18 Boundary of Abercarne Manor at Panteague and Trosnant Brook. Edmond George nd 

 D1459/9 Boundary of Abercarne Manor in Henllis, Lantarnumn and Bettws. Edmond George nd 

 D1459/61 Copy Survey of the Customs of Abercarne Manor 1653 Edmond George nd 

 D1459/8 Copy sketch of descriptive sketch of "Mr Hugh old survey of Abercarne Manor, copied by Edmond George 19 Jun 1677 

 D1459/7 Memorandum of settlement of boundary of Taff River between Ynys y Wharrud and Ynis Gefilon (Sir B.Hall has gained 70 feet of ground on his side of the present boundary stones. The river is now entirely in Sir Benj. Hall's property). Edmond George 3 Apr 1837 

 D1459/40 Lands in Mynyddysllwyn within the manor of Machen according to map and apportionment of 1839 Edmond George. account sheet. list of tenants and charges. 29 Sep 1875-30 Sep 1875 


 D1459/2 Boundaries (copy) "From Nant Trosnat to Blan Comlicy "shoud" by Thomas Jenkins aged 82 years" Signed Edmond George & John Job Plan 21 Jun 1800 

 D1459/35 Map of Kilvynydd Common and surrounding land. Scale :- 6 chains to 1 inch nd 

 D1459/32 Tracing of plan of copyhold property at Cwmfrwddoer, belonging to the dependants of the late Edmond George. Surveyed by late Mr John Jeremiah 1858 


 D1459/26 Letter Edmond George from John L_ _ written in pencil. Is a memorandum to attend a meeting to decide dispute between Abercarne Manor and Magna Porta on hill. 1833 Memorandum Agreement of dispute Signed Ed George R.E.Rees 15 Jul 1833 

 D1459/47 Letter Edmond George from Frederick Justice esq, concerning boundary of Machain and Magna Porta 27 May 1844 

 D1459/8 Letter Edmond George to Frederick Justice, agent to Sir Charles Morgan of Tredegar. Concerning boundaries of Abercarne and Tredegar lordships 8 Jul 1844 

 D1459/16 Copy of letter Edmond George to Mr Charles Parkes, Wentsland & Bryngwyn Cottage. Concerning fences between Sir B Hall's property and the Hafodyrynys Estate of Miss Webb 11 Dec 1846 

 D1459/38 Copy of letter to Edmond George from William Llewellin. Concerning Mrs Gordon's claim to the Highmeadow property. 12 Aug 1847 

 D1459/1 Copy of letter to Mr Wm Llewellin in respect of the strip of land in Risca parish - between the turn pike and the canal below Cwm Carne Brook belonging to Sir B Hall 9 May 1954 

 D1459/36 Letter to Edmond George from A.W 29 Feb 1856 

 D1459/37 To Edmond George from ? 12 Mar 1856 

 D1459/45 In chancery copy of affairs of Thos Jenkins v others respecting the rights of common on Mynydd Mane in Abercarne Manor. H Barker Grays Inn 20 Mar 1802 

 D1459/42 Verdict Manor of Westland & Bryngwin. Verdict and true presentiments of the jury delivered in or at great court held in the said manor 30 Sept 1678 nd 

 D1459/49 True Copy of the survey of Magna Porta which was between the tenants and examined 15 Sept 1660. Signed William Morgan, Andrew Morgan. witnessed W Walters, James Jones. nd 

 D1459/34 List of lands of Capel H Leigh Esq near Abercarn nd 

 D1459/21 Copy of terms of compromise of tithe's due. Sir Chas Morgan and Bishop of Llandaff 11 Jan 1839 

 D1459/3 Intelligence had from Thos. Lawrence about coal works that were in Mynyddyslwyn about 50 or 60 years ago and of the Lord's claim at that period - whether there was any claim made or not. Substance sent to Wm Llewellin of London when about to obtain an injuction on Cargill's Work. 17 Nov 1845 


 D1459/11 Memorandum concerning cutting the old lays on Sir C Morgan's fence adjoining Craig y Darren and Caer Shaun. Signed Wn Jones. Witness Lewis Moses. 12 Sep 1848 

 D1459/111 Copy of letter document. document of the customs of the Manor of Wentsland and Bryngwin. Wm Llewellin esq, from Charles I Parkes. 13 May 1857 

 D1459/57 Answer (copy) of Henry Burgh to the Bill of Complaint of William Morgan esq, and ors. relating to the relationship of the Manor of Machen and Abercarn and the tenants rights with regard to digging stones and minerals (lead) on his manor of Abercarn 17 Aug 1753 

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Thomas Edmond George 

Estate Management 

 D1459/60 Pocket Book Edmond George continued by his son Thomas Edmond George 1782, 1797,1868 

Executors Cash Account Book Thomas E George in account with Edmond George, then Thos E George acting as executor on E George's estate. inset with; 1. last notice before Summons to W Edwards (of Pantyscawen Farm) n.d 2. Promise tp pay Mr Edmund Edwards £50 and interest after 3 months signed John Brewe n.d 1855-1859 

 D1459/85 Wm E George on account of purchase money of his slae of freehold of Thos E George 13 May 1876 

 D1459/84 Thomas E George in account with William Edmund George for the £130 purchase money paid W.E.G 25 May 1876 

 D1459/90 Schedule of Deeds and documents relating to a freehold cottage and garden know as Ty-Pucca in the county of Monmouth undertaking to produce the same. Signed J Edwards 23 Nov 1897 

 D1459/81 Envelope containing 4 documents re Ty-Pucca freehold cottage and garden. Copy of bill of costs enclsoed. Copies of deeds and documents relating to Ty-Pucca Risca, in the county of Monmouth and the schedule of deeds and undertaking to produce:- 1 Conveyance of interest in a freehold cottage and garden in Risca, Mon. Mr W E George to Mr Thos C George 2 Draft conveyance of a freehold cottage and garden know as Ty-Pucca in the parish of Risca in the county of Monmouth subject to life interest reserved to the Vendor Mr T E George to James Edwards Esq 3 Bill of costs for £3 2s. 6d to T.E George Waunygolf Newbridge Mon re Ty Pucca 4 Bill of costs re Ty Pucca £3 2s 6d T E George Esq, Waunygof Newbridge Mon 23 Nov 1897 


 D1459/22 Conveyance 1. Daniel W Eastman and Emma W Eastman of Lyon County, State of Kansas 2. Edmond T George of Lyon County 325 dollars West half of the S.W quarter of section 14. Township 20 of Range 10 cont .80a Lyon County Endorsed with acknowledgement before public notary 20 Apr 1878 

 D1459/23 Homestead Certificate. No. 2193 application 3862 for 80 acres of land in USA. Purchased by Edmond T George from Daniel W Eastman 10 Jun 1879 

Personal Papers 

 D1459/72 Copy of Will of Charles Turner of Coed y Nodwydd in Llanover leaving his freehold property to his niece, Ellen Mary George copy of probate of Will of Charles Turner 13 Feb 1884 

 D1459/93 Copy of Will 6 Jan 1884 

 D1459/71 Probate of will of Mary George, wife of Thomas Edmond George she bequeaths £400 left to her brother to her husband, and in the case of his death, equally between her four children 27 Jan 1888 

 D1459/33 Will of Thomas Edmond George witnessed by Dr. Richards and his wife 22 Dec 1897 

 D1459/70 Will of Thomas Edmond George of Waunygof, Newbridge. Witnessed by J C Llewellin and M Allen Solictors. He leaves the copyhold farm, Cwmfrwddoer fach, in the parish of Trevethine to his trustees their heirs etc Leaves the house and garden, Waunygof to trustees in trust for his daughter Jane Cicely Edwards of Pontyscawen Farm also two freehold cottages and their gardens know as the Yew Tree property 2 Sep 1902 

 D1459/92 Copy of Letter to D Edward Jones solicitor from Arthur E George of Emporia Kansas re the inheritance of him and his family on the death of Thomas Edmond George 9 Feb 1911 

 D1459/91 Probate of the will of Thomas Edmond George of Waungof, Newbridge 5 Mar 1911 

 D1459/97 Probate of Will of Thomas Edmond George. Extracted by D Edward Jones Solicitor Abertillery 8 Mar 1911 

 D1459/86 Copy Particulars and Valuation of property and effects of late Miss Elinor Mary George of yr-Bwythyn in the parish of Mynyddislwyn Mon. Who died on 17 August 1925 aged 79 years 3 Sep 1925 

 D1459/87 Will of Ellinor Mary George. The District Probate Registry at Llandaff 12 Sep 1925 

Genealogical Memoranda 

 D1459/74 Marriage Certificate Copy of Thomas Edmond George and Mary Turner 1 May 1845 

 D1459/73 Memorandum of the relationships between Edmond George pf the Pant and Joseph Davies esq, Doctor of Bedwas who are second cousins 17 Jun 1848 

 D1459/94 Pedigree Statement Tuners of Wiltshire 1853 

 D1459/78 Affidavit of Identity of Edmond George, his marriage, children etc 3 Jul 1855 

 D1459/79 Affidavit of Identity of Edmond George, his marriage, children etc 3 Jul 1855 

 D1459/80 Copy Certificate of death of Charles Turner. Died 25 Dec 1883 aged 67 years 14 Jan 1884 


 D1459/53 Booklet " The Custom in Mynyddislwyn Parish respecting unexhausted Tillages etc" compiled by Thos E George 1867 

 D1459/56 Obituary Notice of Mr T E George of Waunygof Newbridge. The South Wales Gazette 20 Jan 1911 

Part of newspaper, the weekly Argus account of funeral of late Mr Thos E George 

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Pantyscawen Farm 


 D1459/66 Counterpart Lease William Edwards esq, to Messers Davies & Co counterpart lease of minerals under Pantysgawen Farm in the parish of Mynyddyslwyn 16 May 1867 

 D1459/110 Copy Conveyance and grant of a share in the mineral estate at Pantysgawen near Newbridge. W J G Edwards esq, to Mrs E M Bevan and others 31 Dec 1925 

 D1459/82 Councel's Opinion and copy letter about the working of minerals under the land owned by the late Mr James Edwards. T S Edwards & Son to Mrs Edwards 28 May 1930 

 D1459/109 Assigment of a reversionary interest in a settlement relating to a share in a mineral estate at Pantysgawen near Newbridge. W J G Edwards esq to Mrs E M Bevan 3 Apr 1948 

Miscellaneous Estate Papers 

 D1459/27 Receipt received of Mr William Edwards £35 for giving up Pantysgawen Farm in the parish of Mynyddyslwyn Unsigned 2 Feb 1861 

 D1459/89 Lease of a piece of ground and bungalow erected thereon sitaute in Newbridge James Edwards Esq to Miss E. M. George 20 Nov 1911 

 D1459/100 Letter to W. J. G. Edwards esq, from South Wales Electric Power Company. Concerning amendment of wayleave agreement No E248/1 Line: Abercarn E.LO 1914 Newbridge (Bush Colliery) L.V 19 Nov 1947 

Personal Rocords 

Edina may Edwards 

 D1459/64 Newspaper cutting from Western Mail. Announcement of birth of Edina May Edwards on Dec 3 1891 3 Dec 1891 

 D1459/95 Reference from E. Green Head Teacher of Gifford Street School. W Islington London for Miss Edwards 15 Jun 1916 

 D1459/119 Marriage Annoucement Miss E. M. Edwards to Mr S. G. Bevan 29 Nov 1916 

 D1459/98 Envelope addressed to Miss Edwards, Pantysgawen n.d 

William James George Edwards 

 D1459/120 Wedding Invitation Violet Irene Abbott to William James George Edwards 23 Apr 1919 

 D1459/69 Newspaper cutting account of wedding of Miss Violet Irene Abbott and Mr W. J. G. Edwards of Pantysgawen Farm nd 

 D1459/105 Certificate of Cremation Pontypridd Burial Board and Cremation Authority. Re: Jane Cecily Edwards of Rockleigh Gladstone Road, Crumlin 17 Jul 1948 

 D1459/83 Probate Valuation nd 

 D1459/106 Value of Pantscawen Farm Estate to be divided among the four beneficiaries nd 

 D1459 Envelope containing 11 receipts for cheque re: properties 1949 

 D1459/88 Signed Statement to the excutors of "Father's Will" (Father being Wm Edwards of Pantyscawen Farm) signed J.K Edwards,K.V.A Edwards, B.E.Edwards 22 Oct 1953 

 D1459/115 Estate Accounts 1. As shown for inland revenue purposes 2. Executors Cash Accounts 3. Distribution Account 4. The Executors in account with Mr Brian Edmund Edwards re Pantyscawen Farm 5 April 1954 - 30 Sept 1954 5. Executors cash income - payments for farm from 7 Oct 1953 - 5 April 1954 

 D1459/102 Estate Accounts 1. As shown for inland revenue purposes 2. Executors cash income and payments for farm from 7 Oct 1953 to 5 April 1954 3. The executors in account with Mr Brian Edmund Edwards re Pantscawen Farm 5 April 1954 to 30 Spet 1954 4. Executors cash account 5. Distribution account. Each of these seperate sheets signed by: J.K.T Edwards W.J.T Edwards B.E. Edwards V.A. Edwards Jean Edwards 1954 

 D1459/121 Newspaper cutting Re: Value of Will of William James George Edwards 16 Jan 1954 

James Edwards 

 D1459/116 Envelope containing: Copy of draft will of James Edwards of Pantyscawen Farm, Newbridge 13 Dec 1904 Copy of probate of the Will of James Edwards, Pantyscawen Farm Newbridge 4 April 1925 Letter Mrs Edwards from T S Edwards, solicitor concerning deed of arrangement minerals. Encloses 2 copies of the conveyance and grant made between her sons and daughters 16 May 1930 C. 1930 

Jane Cicely Edwards 

 D1459/104 Copy of will of Jane Cicely Edwards of Rockleigh, Crumlin 27 Nov 1947 

 D1459/112 Estate Duty Affidavait or affirmation for inland Revenue. Estate of Jane Cicely Edwards 28 Nov 1948 

 D1459/103 Settlement of Jane Cicely Edward's Estate 1948 

 D1459/99 Draft of will of personal effects No name nd 

Gwyneth Helen Parry 

 D1459/108 List of personal items sent to Gwyneth Helen Parry by her sister Mrs E.M. Bevan (nee Edwards) 1949 

 D1459/118 3 Receipts 16 Nov 1949 3 Jan 1950 10 Jan 1950 Signed by Gwyneth Helen Parry 

Abercarn Urban District Council Election 1895 1895 

 D1459/65 Bill poster of election manifesto of James Edwards of Pantysgawen Farm 1895 

 D1459/50 Bill poster to the electors of the North Ward. Election manifesto by James Edwards of Pantysgawen Farm 1895 

 D1459/51 Appeal to the Electors of the West Ward 1895 

 D1459/54 Electoral Roll Southern Division of Monmouthshire Polling Distrct (District P) Part of the parish of Mynyddislwyn. North Ward of Abercarn local government district. Electoral Roll of persons to vote for guardians and Urban District Councillors 1895 

 D1459/52 Newspaper The South Wales Gazette and Newport News, includes James Edwards' Address to Electors of North Ward 22 March 1895 

 D1459/55 Newspaper The South Wales Gazette and Newport News. Result of Abercarn Urban District Council Election North Ward 29 March 1895 

 D1459/5 Envelope containing 16 items in connection with Abercarn Urban District Election March 1895 

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Church Connections 

 D1459/44 Bundle received of Edmond George £20 lent towards expanding of Beulah Meeting house and £4 interest signed W Daniels Received £22 12s od from George part of money lent towards Beulah Meeting House. Signed Daniel Jones 23 Jun 1823 Received payment of £18 16s Od being remainder of the sum of £41 8s Od towards enlargment of Beulah Meeting House. Signed Daniel JOnes 31 Jan 1822 

 D1459/76 Booklet annual report and Statement of Accounts. Beulah Baptist Church, Newbridge 1925 

 D1459/77 Booklet annual report and statement of accounts Beulah Baptist Church, Newbridge 1936 

 D1459/117 2 Letters from Herbet Begbie, Secretary of Tabernacle English Baptist Church to Mrs Bevan about alterations to the "big seat" and brass plaque 23 Mar 1949 

 D1459/96 Booklet Souvenir Programme of Centenary celebrations of Tabernacle English Baptist Church Newbridge(1859-1959) 1959 

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 D1459/68 Memorandum taken from Sir.B Hall's Bible in his office or study at Llanover Court. Details relating to family events 21 Jun 1848 

 D1459/58 Ty-Newydd Farm Corn-Book 1850-1854 

 D1459/6 Circular "Sent free to any address" Articles on land, it's production, it's availability on easy terms, etc, Map in centre Sep 1877 

 D1459/75 Photograph of man and small child. No name nd 

 D1459/113 3 Photographs No Names nd 

 D1459/67 Newspaper cutting from South Wales Argus. Article on closure of last branch railway line in Monmouthshire over Crumlin Viaduct 13 Jun 1946 

 D1459/63 Booklet particulars of sale of Rockleigh, Gladstone Road, Crumlin. 2 Aug 1972 

 D1459/107 Empty envelope [19th century-20th century] 

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