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Victoria Avenue Methodist Church
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Collection Inventory

 D3438/1-5 Church Trust 1950-1977 

 D3438/1 Correspondence file regarding Church Trust, with minutes of meetings. 4 Dec 1950-5 Nov 1959 

 D3438/2 Minute Books of the Victoria Avenue Methodist Church Trust 9 Jan 1956-6 Nov 1972 

 D3438/3 Correspondence file regarding Church Trust 18 Jan 1960-[Dec 1969] 

 D3438/4 Correspondence file regarding Church Trust 7 Jan 1970-14 Oct 1977 

 D3438/5 Correspondence file relating to investment of Church Trust funds 13 Oct 1973-6 Apr 1976 

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 D3438/6-19 Church Buildings 1949-1983 

 D3438/6 Correspondence file relating to sale of 13 Victoria Avenue 25 Sep 1950-2 Mar 1953 

 D3438/7 File of correspondence concerning appointment of caretaker [Mar 1949]-12 Feb 1969 

 D3438/8 Correspondence file relating to appointment of caretaker 4 Dec 1950-10 Jul 1956 

 D3438/9 Correspondence file relating to service occupant of 17 Victoria Avenue, and to sale of a house. 8 Nov 1956-24 Mar 1971 

 D3438/10 Correspondence file relating to right of access to 17 Victoria Avenue 10 Jan 1951-8 May 1952 

 D3438/11 Correspondence file relating to heating of church buildings 6 Feb 1956-20 Oct 1971 

 D3438/12 Copy conveyance of 17 Victoria Avenue Newport 1. The Methodist Church Authorities 2. Mr D.J. Evans Consideration £800 9 May 1970 

 D3438/13 Correspondence file relating to insurance claims 9 Dec 1953-6 Jan 1978 

 D3438/14 Electrical plant and boiler policies 4 Mar 1969-29 Mar 1971 

 D3438/15 Church money policies 15 Dec 1967-13 Mar 1973 

 D3438/16 Church insurance policy 25 Mar 1976-25 Mar 1977 

 D3438/17 Bundle of correspondence relating to insurance claims 2 Oct 1978-30 Aug 1983 

 D3438/18 Correspondence file concerning rates on church buildings 4 Jun 1956-25 Sep 1969 

 D3438/19 Inventory of church property No Date  

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 D3438/20-28 Use of Church Premises by local groups 1934-1983 

 D3438/20 Correspondence file regarding lease of church institute to Toc. H. 1 Dec 1934-3 Mar 1977 

 D3438/21 Correspondence file regarding lease of church institute to Toc. H. 12 Apr 1964-23 Oct 1974 

 D3438/22 Correspondence file regarding lease of church institute to Toc H. 26 Jul 1965-26 Nov 1976 

 D3438/23 Correspondence regarding lease of church institute to Toc H. 1 Feb 1973-22 Apr 1983 

 D3438/24 Correspondence file regarding lease of church institute to Toc H. 6 Oct 1977-5 Aug 1980 

 D3438/25 Minute Book of the Victoria Boys' Glee Party 25 May 1938-8 Sep [1940] 

 D3438/26 Minute Book of the Victoria Inner Regnal Circle 31 May 1944-17 Nov 1949 

 D3438/27 Correspondence file regarding lease of gymnastic hall to Maindee Boxiung Club 3 Sep 1977-1 Jul 1978 

 D3438/28 Correspondence and reports file regarding use of church premises, especially for playgroups 15 Sep 1972-25 Mar 1976 

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 D3438/29-53 Printed Books and Leaflets 1941-1968 

 D3438/29 Lettering for Churches, Ruth Mary Wood 1941 

 D3438/30 The Stoker's Manuel, Ministry of Fuel and Power 1945 

 D3438/31 Serving the Church; Being Guidance in Care andf Use of Methodist Church Buildings, The Epworth Press 1948 

 D3438/32 The Choice of Stained Glass, Nevil Truman 1948 

 D3438/33 The Children's Corner in the Parish Church: A Plea for Right Thinking and Good Planning, The Church Information Board 1954 

 D3438/34 The Inspection and Care of Churches, The Church Information Board 1955 

 D3438/35 Short list and order forms for publications by the Church Assembly and the Church Information Office 1956 

 D3438/36 For Your Guidance: Being the Report of the Department for Chapel Affairs, The Department for Chapel Affairs 1956 

 D3438/37 Methodist Buildings: Some Practical Considerations, The Department for Chapel Affairs 1958 

 D3438/38 Central Council for the Care of Churches: Book List and Order Form May 1959 

 D3438/39 Church Assembly Select Lists and Order Forms 1959 

 D3438/40 How to Look After Your Church, The Church Information Office 1960 

 D3438/41 Methodiust Buildings: A Guide to their Maintenance, The Methodist Church, Department for Chapel Affairs 1960 

 D3438/42 Bundle of publications by Her Majesty's Stationary Office, including Charities Act 1960. Statutory instructions relating to charities 1961-1968 

 D3438/43 The Lighting and Wiring of Churches, The Church Information Office 1961 

 D3438/44 Church House Bookshop Shortlists and Order Forms 1962 

 D3438/45 How to Spring Clean your Church, The Church Information Office 1962 

 D3438/46 Question..and Answer, The Methodist Church, Department for Chapel Affairs 1962 

 D3438/47 The Care of Monuments, Brasses and Ledger Slabs in Churches, The Church Information Office 1962 

 D3438/48 1866-1966: Performance and Promise - A centenary Brochure describing the work of the Trustees for Methodist Church Purposes 1966 

 D3438/49 Ageing Church Buildings: Division of Property, The Methodist Church Division of Property 8 Aug 1975 

 D3438/50 How to Choose Stained Glass, Eric Milner White No Date  

 D3438/51 Choosing a Grave Stone: Advice on Churchyard Monuments, The Church Information Board No Date  

 D3438/52 The Duties of Stewards and Trustees of the Methodist Church, Wesley F. Swift No Date  

 D3438/53 Report of the Working Party to Consider a Resolution of the Conference of 1965 and a Memorial from the Highgate Circuit together with the Resolutions thereon made by the Middlesborough Conference 1967, Methodist Publishing House c.1968 

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 D3438/54-59 Miscellaneous 1932-1975 

 D3438/54 Miscellaneous file: 1932-1977 - Minutes of meeting of leaders and trustees, 1 Feb 1973 - Minutes of Trust Committee. 14 Feb 1975 - The Methodist Church Model Deed, 15 Dec 1932 - A Chapel Affairs Ready Reference, 1971 - Booklets relating to insurance and investments, No Date - Trust Accounts, 1957-1976 1932-1977 

 D3438/55 Correspondence file on war damage 30 Jul 1941-17 Jul 1952 

 D3438/56 Correspondence file, relating to proposed closure of church, use of church premises by social groups, and other matters 26 May 1954-22 Jan 1982 

 D3438/57 Miscellaneous file including; plans and drawings of church interior; Know the Game: Judo, published by the British Judo Association; Correspondence relating to income generation. 26 May 1954-Jan 1957 

 D3438/58 File of newscuttings and circulars, including Trust Committee minutes, buildings survey of Newport Methodist Circuit and church finances Jan 1957-23 Dec 1973 

 D3438/59 Church magazine for Victoria Avenue, Langstone, Bishpool, Ringland, and Undy Magor Oct 1972-Nov 1972 

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