Devauden Community Council (formerly Devauden Parish Council)

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Devauden Community Council.
Devauden Parish Council.
Newchurch East Parish Council.
Records of Devauden Community Council (formerly Parish Council) and Newchurch East Parish Council
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Biographical/Historical note

Devauden Parish Council was formed in April 1935 (the area having previously been part of Newchurch East Parish Council). It became a Community Council in 1974 following local government reorganisation.

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Scope and Contents note

Newchurch East Parish Council: Minute Book 1929-1935 (continues as Devauden Parish Council 1935-1949). Devauden Parish Council: Minutes 1935-1974. Devauden Community Council: Minutes 1974-1994.

Records for all three councils (depending on the relevant date): financial records 1912-1996; correspondence (re transport services, planning, recreational facilities, demolition of air-raid shelters, etc.) 1935-1997; selected copies of Monmouth District Council agenda and minutes 1974-1991; miscellaneous minutes from other authorities 1974-1997; reports of other authorities 1968-1993; miscellaneous publications 1954-1991; records re elections and appointments of officers 1948-1989; miscellaneous records 1898-1992 (including Submissions against the closure of St. Arvans C.V. Primary School c.1983, D3544/253).

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Administrative Information

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Appraisal note

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Other Finding Aids note

Copies of Finding Aids are available at Gwent Archives.

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Collection Inventory

 D3544/1-12 Minutes 1929-1994 

 D3544/1 Minute Book of Newchurch East Parish Council 1929-Mar 1935 (and of Devauden Parish Council from April 1935) 1929–1949 

 D3544/2 Minute Book 1953–1964 

 D3544/3 Minute Book 1964-1970 

 D3544/4 Minute Book 1970–1973 

 D3544/5 Minute Book 1973–1975 

 D3544/6 Minute Book 1975–1978 

 D3544/7 Minute Book 1978–1982 

 D3544/8 Minute Book 1982–1986 

 D3544/9 Minute Book 1986–1990 

 D3544/10 Minute Book 1990–1991 

 D3544/11 Minute Book 1992 

 D3544/12 Minute Book 1992–1994 

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 D3544/13-50 Finance 1912-1996 

 D3544/13 Parish Council Contribution Orders 1912-1946 

 D3544/14 Expenses Book of clerk 1936–1972 

 D3544/15 Reciept and Payment Book of Devauden Parish Council 1944-1985 

 D3544/16 Correspondence, Bank Statements and Cheques from the Midland Bank 1946–1963 

 D3544/17 Financial Statements 1949–1961 

 D3544/18 Invoices and Receipts 1950–1961 

 D3544/19 Financial Statements, Correspondence and Used Cheques 1959-1980 

 D3544/20 Receipts, Correspondence and Financial Statements 1961–1969 

 D3544/21 Precepts upon Chepstow U.D.C. and Monmouth District Council for expenses 1961–1980 

 D3544/22 Bank Statements, Correspondence, Receipts and Notice of Audit 1966–1979 

 D3544/23 Expenses Book of Clerk 1970–1971 

 D3544/24 Financial Statements and Receipts 1970–1974 

 D3544/25 Financial Statements and Correspondence 1971 

 D3544/26  Correspondence, Bank Statements, Receipts and Invoices 1972–1973 

 D3544/27 Correspondence concerning estimates 1973–1974 

 D3544/28 Invoices, Bank Statements and Financial Statements 1973–1975 

 D3544/29 Bank Statements, Correspondence, Receipts and Paid Cheques 1974–1975 

 D3544/30 Bank Statements, Financial Statements and Invoices 1974-1978 

 D3544/31 Expenses Book of Clerk 1975–1981 

 D3544/32 Correspondence, Notices and Certificates relating to policy with Cornhill Insurance Co. Ltd. 1976–1991 

 D3544/33 Bank Statements, Correspondence and Receipts 1978–1979 

 D3544/34  Financial Statements, Invoices and Receipts 1979-1981 

 D3544/35 Financial Statements, Bank Statements and Invoices 1982–1983 

 D3544/36 Telephone and Postage Book 1982–1991 

 D3544/37 Invoices, Correspondence, Bank Statements and Receipts 1983–1984 

 D3544/38 Correspondence, Invoices, Financial Statements and Cheques 1983–1985 

 D3544/39 Correspondence, Bank Statements and Invoices 1983–1988 

 D3544/40  Bank Statements and Correspondence Relating to Kilgwrrwg Parish Trustees 1984–1991 

 D3544/41 Bank Statements and Correspondence 1985–1986 

 D3544/42 Bank Statements, Invoices and Cheques 1986-1988 

 D3544/43 Invoices, Receipts, Bank Statements and Cheques 1988-1989 

 D3544/44 Bank Statements and Invoices 1989–1991 

 D3544/45 Bank Statements, Correspondence and Receipts 1991–1993 

 D3544/46 Bank Statements, Lists of Expenses, Invoices and Receipts 1991–1992 

 D3544/47 Correspondence, Bank Statements and Receipts 1992  

 D3544/48 Bank Statements, Invoices, Receipts and Correspondence 1993–1994 

 D3544/49 Correspondence, Invoices and Bank Statements 1994-1995 

 D3544/50 Correspondence, Bank Statements and Invoices 1995–1996 

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 D3544/51-113 Correspondence 1935-1997 

 D3544/51 Copy Letter Book 1935–1952 

 D3544/52 Copy Letter Book 1946–1952 

 D3544/53 Copy Letter Book 1946–1956 

 D3544/54 Correspondence concerning conveyance of land for use as village hall 1926–1979 

 D3544/55 Correspondence File on miscellaneous subjects including water supply and provision of village hall 1938–1962 

 D3544/56 File of Correspondence, mainly from Chepstow Rural District Council, concerning parish boundaries, playing fields and other matters 1940–1961 

 D3544/57 File of Correspondence from Monmouthshire County Council, concerning rights of way, withdrawal of train services and other matters 1940–1962 

 D3544/58 Correspondence, brochures and sketches of bus shelters 1954–1966 

 D3544/59  Correspondence relating to Monmouth District Council estimates and to ‘Best Kept village Competition’ 1961–1974 

 D3544/60 Correspondence File, concerning telephone kiosks, parish boundaries and other matters 1962–1966 

 D3544/61 File of Correspondence mainly with Chepstow R.D.C. and St. Arvans Parish Council, concerning Passenger Transport Co-ordinating Committee for Wales, investiture of Prince of Wales and various other matters 1962–1968 

 D3544/62 Correspondence and statements relating to withdrawal of railway passenger services between Cheltenham and Swansea 1963 

 D3544/63  Correspondence File relating mainly to election of parish councillors 1964–1974 

 D3544/64  Correspondence File relating to Devauden Parish Council Children’s playground and to registration of commons land 1965-1968 

 D3544/65 Correspondence relating to proposed bus shelter at Itton Green 1966–1971 

 D3544/66 File of correspondence with Chepstow R.D.C., Monmouthshire C.C., Devauden Parish Coucil and other authorities, relating to numerous subjects including proposed new county primary school at Llandogo, recreational facilities and road works 1968–1971 

 D3544/67  Correspondence File relating to Best-Kept Village and other matters 1968–1971 

 D3544/68 Correspondence relating to Wales in Bloom, Best-Kept Village Competition and other matters 1970 

 D3544/69  Correspondence and papers concerning the reform of local government in Wales, speed limits, and proposed bus shelter 1971 

 D3544/70  Correspondence concerning cleansing of villages, demolition of air-raid shelters and other matters 1971 

 D3544/71 Correspondence concerning local government reorganisation, street lighting, local broadcasting in Monmouthshire, and other matters 1972  

 D3544/72 Letter: John Gates to Devauden Parish Council enquiring about field names 1973  

 D3544/73  Correspondence concerning Tree Planting Year, foot-paths, and Best Kept Village competition 1973 

 D3544/74  Correspondence relating to diversions of public footpath at Tintern 1973 – 1974 

 D3544/75  File of Correspondence, mainly with Monmouth District Council, concerning planning matters 1973-1977 

 D3544/76 Correspondence relating to bus shelters, traffic management and play schemes 1974 

 D3544/77  Correspondence concerning the Local Government Boundary Commission for Wales, finance and other matters 1974-1979 

 D3544/78 Correspondence relating to proposed development at Kilgwrrug and other matters 1974–1990 

 D3544/79 Correspondence file relating to planning applications to Monmouth District Council 1975–1977 

 D3544/80  Correspondence file relating to rights of way, roadworks and other matters 1975–1977 

 D3544/81 Correspondence from Monmouth District Council concerning community enterprise programme, street lighting and other matters 1975–1981 

 D3544/82 Correspondence relating to public footpaths, secondary eduation in Gwent and other matters 1975–1987 

 D3544/83  Correspondence, mainly with Gwent County Council and Monmouth District Council, concerning planning and highways matters and special community review 1975-1984 

 D3544/84 Correspondence, mainly from Monmouth Borough Council, concerning provision of recreational facilities, bus shelters, and other matters 1977–1982 

 D3544/85 Correspondence, mainly from Gwent County Council, concerning highways and other matters 1977–1980 

 D3544/86 Correspondence, concerning closure of Devauden Village School, and finance 1978–1982 

 D3544/87 Correspondence, mainly with Monmouth District Council, concerning Monmouth District Council for the Disabled, register of electors, planning applications and other matters 1979-1980 

 D3544/88  Correspondence relating to Hood Memorial Hall, community councils revenue grants and other matters 1980–1988 

 D3544/89 Correspondence with Monmouth District Council and the Welsh Association of Community and Town Councils, concerning the Devauden Village Plan and other matters 1982–1984 

 D3544/90 Correspondence concerning planning application appeal 1983 

 D3544/91 Correspondence relating to election results, Trellech Quarry Objectors Group and other matters 1984–1988 

 D3544/92  Correspondence concerning urban programme 1985 

 D3544/93 Correspondence relating to structure of local government, postal services and other matters 1985–1992 

 D3544/94 Correspondence file relating to planning applications, Garden Festival Wales and other matters 1986–1992 

 D3544/95  Correspondence file concerning Gwent Association of Local Councils, Garden Festival Wales and numerous other matters 1986–1992 

 D3544/96 Correspondence file concerning miscellaneous matters, including appointment of town clerk, rural housing and electricity substation 1987–1990 

 D3544/97 File of correspondence from Gwent County Council, concerning planning matters 1988-1989 

 D3544/98 Correspondence, circulars, minutes, agendas and reports 1988–1990 

 D3544/99 Correspondence file concerning planning applications 1988–1990 

 D3544/100 File of correspondence from the Welsh Office and other governing bodies concerning Town and County Planning Act 1971, borrowing by community and town councils and other matters 1988–1990 

 D3544/101  Correspondence with Monmouth Borough Council concerning urban programme grant, planning applications and other matters 1988-1990 

 D3544/102  File of correspondence, mainly with Monmouth Borough Council, relating to public lighting, Public Health Act and other matters 1989–1990 

 D3544/103 Correspondence concerning audit of accounts and diversion of footpaths 1989–1990 

 D3544/104 Circulars from the National Association of Local Councils May-Aug 1990 

 D3544/105 Correspondence concerning planning applications affecting properties in Devauden and Llanishen 1990 

 D3544/106 Correspondence concerning planning applications and other matters 1990–1991  

 D3544/107  Correspondence with Monmouth Borough Council relating to planning applications 1990-1992 

 D3544/108 Correspondence, mainly with Monmouth Borough Council, concerning Urban Programme, Best Kept Village competition and other matters 1992 

 D3544/109 Correspondence and documentation relating to planning applications to Monmouth Borough Council 1992–1994 

 D3544/110 Correspondence on various matter including Monmouth Borough Development Plan (Includes minutes of Gwent Association of Local Councils) 1992–1996  

 D3544/111 Correspondence relating to various matters including post of community clerk, lighting, and policing in Gwent 1993–1997 

 D3544/112  Correspondence and documentation concerning planning applications to Monmouth Borough Council and Monmouthshire County Council 1994–1997 

 D3544/113 Correspondence relating to miscellaneous matters including amalgamation of police forces and white paper on local government reorganisation 1993–1997 

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 D3544/114-182 Minutes of Other Authorities 1974-1997 

 D3544/114-178 Monmouth District Council 1974-1991 

 D3544/114  Minutes of meeting of Monmouth District Council with Caldicot Town Council Oct 1974 

 D3544/115 Agenda and minutes Nov 1974 

 D3544/116  Agenda and minutes Jan 1975 

 D3544/117 Agenda and minutes Feb 1980 

 D3544/118 Agenda and minutes May 1980 

 D3544/119 Agenda and minutes Mar 1981 

 D3544/120 Agenda and minutes Jun 1981 

 D3544/121 Agenda and minutes Dec 1981 

 D3544/122 Agenda and minutes May 1982 

 D3544/123 Agenda and minutes Jun 1982 

 D3544/124  Agenda and minutes May 1983 

 D3544/125 Agenda and minutes Jul 1983 

 D3544/126 Agenda and minutes Aug 1983 

 D3544/127 Agenda and minutes Dec 1983 

 D3544/128 Agenda and minutes Mar 1984 

 D3544/129 Minutes of meeting of Development & Leisure Services (Planning) Committee Mar 1984 

 D3544/130  Minutes May 1984 

 D3544/131 Agenda and minutes Jun 1984 

 D3544/132 Minutes: Finance and General Purposes Committee Jun 1984 

 D3544/133 Minutes: Development and Leisure Services (Planning) Committee Jun 1984 

 D3544/134  Agenda and minutes Aug 1984 

 D3544/135 Minutes of Job Creation Committee Nov 1984 

 D3544/136 Minutes of Development and Leisure Services (Planning) Committee Dec 1984 

 D3544/137 Agenda and minutes Feb 1985 

 D3544/138 Agenda and minutes of special meeting Feb 1985 

 D3544/139 Agenda and minutes Mar 1985 

 D3544/140 Agenda and minutes Oct 1985 

 D3544/141 Minutes May 1986 

 D3544/142  Agenda and minutes Jul 1986 

 D3544/143 Agenda and minutes Aug 1986 

 D3544/144 Minutes Aug 1986 

 D3544/145 Minutes of Planning committee Nov 1986 

 D3544/146 Agenda and minutes Dec 1986 

 D3544/147 Minutes of Finance and General Purposes Committee Dec 1986 

 D3544/148 Minutes of Job Creation committee Mar 1987 

 D3544/149 Agenda and minutes May 1987 

 D3544/150  Minutes May 1987 

 D3544/151 Agenda and minutes July 1987 

 D3544/152 Minutes of Planning committee Jul 1987 

 D3544/153 Agenda and minutes Oct 1987 

 D3544/154 Minutes of Planning Committee Nov 1987 

 D3544/155 Agenda and minutes of Monmouth Borough Council Aug 1988 

 D3544/156 Minutes of Planning committee Aug 1988 

 D3544/157 Agenda and minutes Sep 1988 

 D3544/158 Agenda and minutes Nov 1988 

 D3544/159 Minutes of Planning Committee Dec 1988 

 D3544/160  Minutes of Job Creation Committee Dec 1988 

 D3544/161 Agenda and minutes Feb 1989 

 D3544/162 Agenda and minutes: of special meeting Feb 1989 

 D3544/163 Agenda and minutes Mar 1989 

 D3544/164 Minutes of Planning Committee Mar 1989 

 D3544/165 Minutes of Job Creation Committee Mar 1989 

 D3544/166 Minutes of Finance and General Purposes Committee Mar 1989 

 D3544/167 Agenda and minutes May 1989 

 D3544/168 Minutes May 1989 

 D3544/169  Minutes of Finance and General Purposes Committee Oct 1990  

 D3544/170 Minutes of Job Creation Committee Oct 1990 

 D3544/171 Minutes Nov 1990 

 D3544/172 Agenda Dec 1990 

 D3544/173 Agenda and minutes 12 Feb 1991 

 D3544/174 Agenda and minutes of special meeting Feb 1991 

 D3544/175 Agenda and minutes March 1991 

 D3544/176 Agenda and minutes March 1991 

 D3544/177 Agenda and minutes Jul 1991 

 D3544/178 Agenda and minutes Sept 1991 

 D3544/179-182 Miscellaneous Minutes 1974-1997 

 D3544/179 Minutes of Monmouthshire County Council Sep 1997 

 D3544/180 Agendas, minutes, and circulars: the Gwent Association of Local Councils (Series not complete) 1974–1991 

 D3544/181  Minutes of branch meeting of Gwent District Councils’ Association Nov 1986 

 D3544/182 Minutes of branch meeting of Gwent District Councils’ Association Feb 1989 

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 D3544/183-222 Reports of Other Authorities 1968-1993 

 D3544/183 Annual Report of Chief Fire Officer of Monmouthshire County Council 1968 

 D3544/184  Annual Report of Monmouthshire Rural Community Council 1970 

 D3544/185  Monmouthshire County Treasures: Introductory Report. James Kegie, Monmouthshire County Planning Officer 1970  

 D3544/186 Annual Report of Monmouthshire Rural Community Council 1972–1973 

 D3544/187 Gwent Structure Plan: Issues Report, Gwent County Council 1975 

 D3544/188 A Guide to Conservation, G. Griffith and T.G. Davies, Monmouth District Council 1976 

 D3544/189 Gwent Structure Plan: Draft Plan for Consultation, Gwent County Council 1977 

 D3544/190  Special Community Review Draft Proposals Monmouth, Local Government Boundary Commission for Wales 1977 

 D3544/191 Special Community Review, S.C. Davies, Monmouth District Council 1978 

 D3544/192 A Guide to the Advertisement Regulations, G. Griffith and T.G. Davies, Monmouth District Council 1978 

 D3544/193 Residential Development: Design Advisory Note 1, Monmouth District Council 1979 

 D3544/194  Industrial Stategy 1979-1991, G. Griffith and T.G. Davies, Monmouth District Council 1979  

 D3544/195 Annual Report of Chepstow and District Citizens’ Advice Bureau for 1979/1980 1980  

 D3544/196 Wye Valley – Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty: Towards a Management Plan, by the Technical Officers’ Working Party of the Joint Advisory Committee 1980  

 D3544/197  Summary – Wye Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty: Towards a Management Plan, Wye Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Technical Officers’ Working Party and Joint Advisory Committee 1980 

 D3544/198  A Report of the Market Analysis Project: Bus Services in the Forest of Dean & Eastern Gwent Area, National Welsh 1981 

 D3544/199  Gwent Structure Plan Review: Current Issues, Gwent County Council 1981 

 D3544/200  Approved Structure Plan Policies 1983 

 D3544/201  Special Community Review Report and Proposals for District of Monmouth, Local Government Boundary Commission for Wales 1983 

 D3544/202 Gwent Structure Plan Review: Draft for Consultation, Gwent County Council 1983 

 D3544/203 Gwent Public Transport Plan 1984/85: Draft, Gwent County Council 1984  

 D3544/204 Public Transport Plan 1984/85, Gwent County Council 1984 

 D3544/205  Transport Act 1985: Transitional Policies,Gwent County Council 1985 

 D3544/206 Review of District Electoral Arrangements: Report and Proposals for District of Monmouth, Local Government Boundary Commission for Wales 1985  

 D3544/207 Devauden Village Local Plan: Amendment Statement, Monmouth District Council Jul 1985 

 D3544/208  Review of County Electoral Arrangements: Draft proposals County of Gwent, Local Government Boundary Commission for Wales 1987 

 D3544/209 Review of County Electoral Arrangements: Report and Proposals for County of Gwent, Local Government Boundary Commission for Wales 1987 

 D3544/210  Vale of Usk and Wye Valley – Tourism Research Scheme 1985-1987: Project Report Summary, Monmouth District Council 1987  

 D3544/211  Local Government Boundary Commission for Wales: Report No. 4 1989 

 D3544/212 Report of Management Team of Monmouth Borough Council – Moris Research Study: ‘Attitudes to the Council and its Services’ Aug 1990 

 D3544/213  Consultation Paper. Gwent Health’s Stategy for Services to People with a Mental Handicap- Planning for a quality Service during the contraction and closure of Llanfrechfa Grange Hospital’, Gwent Health Authority 1991 

 D3544/214 Local Strategies for Health in Gwent 1992: An Emerging Strategy, Health Care Gwent 1992  

 D3544/215  Local Strategies for Health in Gwent 1993: Towards More Local Services 1993 

 D3544/216 Celebrating a New Partnership for the Health of Gwent: Annual Report and Forward Look 1992/1993, Health Care Gwent 1993 

 D3544/217 Gwent Structure Plan Programme (leaflet) Gwent County Council c.1974 

 D3544/218  Gwent Structure Plan: The Problems? Gwent County Council c.1974 

 D3544/219  Gwent Structure Plan: Towards A Strategy (leaflet), Gwent County Council c.1974 

 D3544/220 Draft Structure Plan for Consultation, Gwent County Council c.1975 

 D3544/221 Gwent Structure Plan Review: Summary of Proposals [c.1975] 

 D3544/222 Gwent Structure Plan: Approved Structure Policies, Gordon Probert, County Planning Officer c.1987  

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 D3544/223-236 Publications 1954-1991 

 D3544/223 The Constitution and Powers of Parish Councils and Parish Meetings, by Charles Arnold-Baker, B.A. 1954 

 D3544/224 English Parish Records, British Records Association 1962 

 D3544/225  Y Tir Comin, H.M.S.O. 1966 

 D3544/226 Local Government in Wales, white paper presented to parliament by Secretary of State for Wales 1967 

 D3544/227 Clerk’s Course Papers, Charles Arnold-Baker 1973 

 D3544/228 The Law of Local Councils, John Prophet 1974 

 D3544/229 Events in South-East Wales, South-East Wales Arts Association [2 programmes] 1975 

 D3544/230 Gwentplan: A Structure Plan for the County of Gwent, extract from the South Wales Argus 1975 

 D3544/231 Western Mail Gwent Review 1979 

 D3544/232  Local Council Review: Journal of the National Association of Local Councils, including reference to Goetre Fawr and Llanhilleth Community Councils in ‘Association News’ 1986 

 D3544/233 Local Council Review: Journal of the National Association of Local Councils, including article on young people’s centre in Cwmbrân 1987 

 D3544/234 Local Council Review: Journal of the National Association of Local Councils, including reference to Langstone and Tredegar Community Councils in ‘Association News’ 1987 

 D3544/235  Local Council Review: Journal of the National Association of Local Councils, including references to Nantyglo and Blaina Town Council in ‘Association News’ 1989 

 D3544/236 Bulletin of GAVO (Gwent Association of Voluntary Organisations) Jan 1991-Feb 1991 

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 D3544/237-244 Records Relating to Elections and Appointment of Officers 1948-1989 

 D3544/237 Election papers and posters of Devauden Parish councillors and for Chepstow Rural District 1948 – 1961 

 D3544/238  Declarations of Acceptance of Office by members of parish council 1967–1973 

 D3544/239 Declarations of Acceptance of Office by councillor and chairman 1972- 1983 

 D3544/240 Electoral register for Llanvihangel Tor-y-Mynydd, parliamentary constituency of Monmouth, for 1985-1986 1985 

 D3544/241  Electoral register for Wolvesnewton, Parliamentary constituency of Monmouth, for 1985-1986 2 registers 1985 

 D3544/242 Register of Electors for Devauden for 1989-1990 1989  

 D3544/243  Register of Electors for Kilgwrrwg for 1989-1990 1989 

 D3544/244 Register of Electors for Llanvihangel Wolvesnewton for 1989-1990 1989 

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 D3544/245-257 Miscellaneous 1898-1992 

 D3544/245 Particulars as to charities [in Monmouthshire], by H. Stafford Gustard, Clerk of the Council 1898 

 D3544/246  Census of bus passengers undertaken by Red & White Services, and correspondence regarding rural bus services, street lighting and other matters 1970 

 D3544/247  Catalogue and price list of playground equipment by H. Hirst & Sons Ltd 1971 

 D3544/248 Catalogue and price list of playground equipment by Charles Wicksteed & Co. Ltd 1971 

 D3544/249  Notebook giving details of allotment holders in Devauden 1978–1989 

 D3544/250  The Monmouth Borough Council (off Street Parking Places) Order 1994 1994 

 D3544/251 Catalogue of Charles Wickstead & Co. Ltd., engineers, for heavy duty playground equipment c.1960–1964 

 D3544/252  Community newsletters for Devauden, nos. 1-3 c. 1980 

 D3544/253 St Arvans Controlled Voluntary Primary School: Submissions of the Parents to the Local Education Authority and to the Secretary of State for Wales against the closure of the school c.1983 

 D3544/254 Guide to Monmouth Borough c.1990 

 D3544/255 Catalogue and plans of equipment for play area in Wentwood Forest [Late 20th century] 

 D3544/256 Monmouth Borough Street Index (1st edition) [Late 20th century] 

 D3544/257  Monmouth Borough Proposals Maps: Monmouth Borough Development Local Plan: Draft and insets for Abergavenny, Caldicot, Chepstow, Magor with Undy, Monmouth and Usk [7 maps] 1992 

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