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Newport Harriers Athletic Club and Newport Athletic Club, Photographs and Printed Ephemera
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General note

"Newport Athletic Club 1875-1975" published by Starling Press Ltd., Risca, 1974 is available at Gwent Archives.

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Collection Inventory

Caerau Harriers Athletic Club 

 D1836/1 Fixture Cards: Football Saturday First Team Saturday Reserves Harriers Meeting at Club Room, Talbot Inn St. Mary Street 1893-1894 

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Newport Harriers Athletic Club 

 D1836/2 Jubilee Brochure Compiled by Norman T.J. Moses, President, 1928-1946. Giving biographies of personalities connected with the Club, Championship successes. List of Presidents, Chairmen, Secretaries, Captains and Trainers. Successes of teams and individuals. Members of International Teams. 1896-1946 

 D1836/3 Photograph, Welsh Championship sports (names) 1907 

 D1836/4 Photograph, Welsh Champion (named) 1909 

 D1836/5 Photograph Newport Harriers (group) [3 copies] 1912 

 D1836/6 Photograph, Newport Harriers, Juniors (group). 1912 

 D1836/7 Photograph, Newport Harriers Welsh Cross-Counrtry Champions, (names) 1913-1914 

 D1836/8 Extract from the South Wales Argus Newspaper relating the advertisment 50 years previously of the formation of the club. 1946 

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Newport Athletic Club 

 D1836/9 Annual Report 1951 

 D1836/10 Annual Report 1954 

 D1836/11 Photograph, N.A.C. Sports. Finish 1/4 mile flat handicap Aug 1905 

 D1836/12 Photograph, N.A.C. Finish 120 yards final Boys Apr 1906 

 D1836/13 Photograph, N.A.C. Running and cycling class Sep 1906 

 D1836/14 Photohraph, N.A.C. Sports Finish. 1 mile flat. Apr 1907 

 D1836/15 Photograph, N.A.C. Sports Finish. 600 yards. flat. Aug 1907 

 D1836/16 Photograph, J. Gorman wins championship 100 yards flat. 1909 

 D1836/17 Photograph, N.A.C. runners Aug 1909 

 D1836/18 Photograph, N.A.C. Sports. Finish 120 yards flat (club) final Aug 1909 

 D1836/19 Photograph, N.A.C. Sports. Finish 120 yards flat (open) final Aug 1909 

 D1863/20 Group photograph, untitled, athletics and cyclists. (2) [20th century] 

 D1836/21 Group photograph, untitled [20th century] 

 D1836/22 Rugby Football, Programme card. Newport A.C. United tour, Taunton and Bideford. Easter 1930 

 D1836/23 Menu card Complimentary Dinner to Watsonians R.F.C. 1934 

 D1836/24 Menu card Annual football dinner 1954 

 D1836/25 Group photograph of Rugby football team (?) (2) [20th century] 

 D1836/26 Composite photograph showing N.A.C. Rugby teams 1896,1900 Barbarians 1898-1900 Blackheath 1900 (2) Bristol 1900 Cardiff 1897 Penarth 1896 Rockcliffe 1897 Swansea 1896 1896-1900 

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International Cross Country Championship 

 D1836/27 7th Annual Derby 1909 

 D1836/28 Menu Card, compimentary dinner, Newport 1911 

 D1836/29 Menu Card, 14th Annual Dinner, Newport 1921 

 D1836/30 Programme, Lord Mayor's Reception, Newcastle upon Tyne 1924 

 D1836/31 Admission Ticket, (Mr. F. L. Johns) Lord Mayor's Reception, Newpcastle Upon Tyne. 1924 

 D1836/32 Menu Card, Dinner, Lord Mayor's Reception, Newcastle Upon Tyne 1924 

 D1836/33 Photograph, Teams and officials, Newcastle Upon Tyne 1924 

 D1836/34 Programme 26th Annual, Caerleon 1933 

 D1836/35 Menu Card, dinner, Lord Mayor of Cardiff, (Ely) 1939 

 D1836/36 Invitation to F. L. Johns, dinner, Lord Mayor of Cardiff 1939 

 D1836/37 Menu Card, luncheon, Cardiff [1939] 

 D1836/38 Programme, 38th Annual, Caerleon 1951 

 D1836/39 Menu Card, dinner, Newport 1951 

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Welsh Cross Country Association 

 D1836/40 Official Programme, Caerleon 1900 

 D1836/41 Programme, Novice Championship, Malpas Court 1921 

 D1836/42 Official Programme, 25th Annual Welsh, Senior Championship and International Trail, Cwmbran. 1923 

 D1836/43 Official Programme, 29th Annual Welsh Senior Championship and International Trail, Caerleon 1927 

 D1836/44 Ticket, Football match, Cardiff Exchange v. Harry Packers XV. At Newport in aid of International Cross Country Championship funds. 1933 

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Welsh Amateur Athletic Association 

 D1836/45 Programme, 35th Annual Championships, Maindy Stadium, Cardiff 1952 

 1836/46 Fixture Card 1957 

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Miscellaneous Photographs 

 D1836/47 T. Arthur, Welsh Cross Country Champion 1906-1909 

 D1836/48 F.L.Johns [20th century] 

 D1836/49 Jacques Keyser, French Cross Country Champion, Paris Cross Country Champion, 1909-1911 1908 

 D1836/50 Alfred Shrubb, International Cross Country Champion, 1903-1904 (South London Harriers) 1903-1904 

 D1836/51 Welsh International Cross Country Team (named) 1906 

 D1836/52 English International Team (unnamed) 

 D1836/53 Copy of South Wales Argus newspaper article re: Frank L. Johns. (62 years Service to Athletics etc.) 1954 

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 D1836/54 Booklet ''Race Walking'' by D.J.P.Richards (Himself a AAA Champion at Running 1922-1926, 1928, 1929, Walking 1936-1939, 1946) [c.1946] 

 D1836/55 Menu Card, banquet in honour of visit of Second All Blacks (New Zealand) Rugby Football Team to Newport 1924 

 D1836/56 Copy of cover of brochure on the occasion of the opening, new running track at St. Julians Recreation Ground, Monmouthshire AAA Championships etc. 1959 

 D1836/57 Two unidentified photographs of the finish of races at Newport Athletic Grounds. [20th century] 

 D1836/58 Photograph of a single runner apparently cross country. (N.B. Army uniform and Boer War 'Slouch' hat). [Caerleon] c.1902 

 D1836/59 Three photographs of a group (34) of athletes with officials. [20th century] 

 D1836/60 Photograph, ''B. Lewis wins Welsh Championship Quarter mile race'', Newport 1907 

 D1836/61 Studio photograph unidentified gentleman. [20th century] 

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