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Information to be supplied.

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Records 1973-1994

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Arranged in the following way: Meetings, Correspondence, Finance, Research, Projects, Publications.

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 Gwent Archives

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All records have been retained.

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A hard copy catalogue is available at Gwent Archives.

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Collection Inventory


 D3295/1  Director's Report 'The First Six Months' Mar 1974 

 D3295/1/2  Annual Report, Adroddiad Blynyddol 1974-1975 

 D3295/1/3  Annual Report, Adroddiad Blynyddol 1975-1976 

 D3295/1/4  Annual Report, Adroddiad Blynyddol 1976-1977 

 D3925/1/5 Annual Report, Adroddiad Blynyddol 1977-1978 

 D3295/1/6  Annual Report, Adroddiad Blynyddol 1978-1979 

 D3295/1/7  Annual Report, Adroddiad Blynyddol 1979-1980 

 D3295/1/8  Annual Report, Adroddiad Blynyddol 1980-1981 

 D3295/1/9  Annual Report, Adroddiad Blynyddol 1981-1982 

 D3295/1/10  Annual Report, Adroddiad Blynyddol 1982-1983 

 D3295/1/11  Annual Report, Adroddiad Blynyddol 1983-1984 

 D3295/1/12  Annual Report, Adroddiad Blynyddol 1984-1985 

 D3295/1/13  Annual Report, Adroddiad Blynyddol 1985-1986 

 D3295/1/14  Annual Report, Adroddiad Blynyddol 1986-1987 

 D3295/1/15  Annual Report, Adroddiad Blynyddol 1987-1988 

 D3295/1/16  Annual Report, Adroddiad Blynyddol 1988-1989 

 D3295/1/17  Annual Report, Adroddiad Blynyddol 1989-1990 

 D3295/1/18 Annual Report, Adroddiad Blynyddol 1990-1991 

 D3295/1/19  Annual Report, Adroddiad Blynyddol 1991-1992 

 D3295/1/20  Annual Report, Adroddiad Blynyddol 1992-1993 

 D3295/1/21  Annual Report, Adroddiad Blynyddol 1993-1994 

 D3925/2 Inaugural Meeting minutes 1973, Half-Yearly Meeting minutes 1974, Annual General Meeting minutes 1975-1993, SEWAA Constitution 1973, SEWAA Constitution 1980, SEWAA Constitution 1983. 1973, 1974, 1975-1993 

 D3295/3/1  Executive Committee minutes Oct 1973-Feb 1976 

 D3295/3/2  Executive Committee minutes Apr 1976-Mar 1978 

 D3295/3/3  Executive Committee minutes Apr 1978-Mar 1982 

 D3295/3/4  Executive Committee minutes May 1982-Mar 1985 

 D3295/3/5  Executive Committee minutes May 1985-Nov 1992 

 D3295/3/6  Executive Committee minutes Feb 1993-Mar 1995 

 D3295/4/1  Executive Committee papers Jun 1978-Feb 1981 

 D3295/4/2  Executive Committee papers Jun 1981-Dec 1984 

 D3295/4/3  Executive Committee papers Feb 1985-Mar 1988 

 D3295/4/2  Executive Committee papers Jun 1988-Mar 1991 

 D3295/4/2  Executive Committee papers May 1991-Mar 1993 

 D3295/4/2  Executive Committee papers Jun 1993-Mar 1994 

 D3295/5/1  Priority assessment meeting minutes July 1973, Combined Arts Panel minutes, Dec 1973-Mar 1987. Jul 1973, Dec 1973-Mar 1987 

 D3295/5/2  Combined Arts Panel minutes Apr 1987-Mar 1994 

 D3295/6/1  Combined Arts Panel papers Dec 1973-Nov 1977 

 D3295/6/2  Combined Arts Panel papers Nov 1981-Mar 1985 

 D3295/6/3  Combined Arts panel papers Apr 1985-Nov 1988 

 D3295/6/4  Combined Arts Panel papers Jan 1989-Nov 1991 

 D3295/6/5  Combined Arts Panel papers Jan 1992-Mar 1994 

 D3295/7  Finance Committee minutes Oct 1981-Jan 1994 

 D3295/8  Working Committee minutes, papers Feb 1973-Jul 1973 

 D3295/9  Inaugural Meeting papers, correspondence, 2 35mm transparencies 1973  

 D3925/10/1  Annual General Meeting papers 1975 

 D3925/10/2  Annual General Meeting papers, correspondence 1979 

 D3925/10/3  Annual General Meeting papers, correspondence, speech by Parliamentary Under Secretary of State 1980 

 D3925/10/4  Annual General Meeting papers, correspondence 1981 

 D3925/10/5  Annual General Meeting papers, correspondence 1982 

 D3925/10/6  Annual General Meeting papers, correspondence 1983 

 D3925/10/7  Annual General Meeting papers, correspondence 1984 

 D3925/10/8  Annual General Meeting papers, correspondence 1986 

 D3925/10/9  Annual General Meeting papers, correspondence 1987 

 D3925/10/10  Annual General Meeting papers, correspondence 1988 

 D3925/10/11 Annual General Meeting papers, correspondence 1989 

 D3925/10/12  Annual General Meeting papers, correspondence 1990 

 D3925/10/13 Annual General Meeting papers, correspondence 1991 

 D3925/10/14  Annual General Meeting papers, correspondence 1992 

 D3925/10/15 Annual General Meeting papers, correspondence, photograph of members and officers 1993 

 D3925/11/1  Finance Committee papers, correspondence Nov 1979-Aug 1991 

 D3925/11/2  Finance Committee papers, correspondence 1992-1993 

 D3925/11/3  Finance Committee papers, correspondence 1993-1994 

 D3925/12  Policy Committee minutes, papers 1978 

 D3925/13  Extraordinary General Meeting minutes, papers 1976 

 D3925/14/1  Welsh Council of Regional Arts Associations papers 1984-1988 

 D3925/14/2  Welsh Council of Regional Arts Associations papers, correspondence 1986-1990 

 D3925/15  Welsh RAAs Chairmen's Meeting 1978 

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 D3925/16  WAC handovers and local authorities finance 1973-1978 

 D3925/17  Lord Redcliffe-Maud report submissions 1975-1976 

 D3925/18  SEWAA reference papers 1973-1994 

 D3925/19/1  Charity Commission 1973-1995 

 D3925/19/2  Legal Adviser 1993-1995 

 D3925/20  Inland Revenue tax exemption 1978 

 D3925/21  SCRAA Summer Conference 1977 

 D3925/22  District Councils representation 1978-1988 

 D3925/23/1  Arts and Disabled conference 1988 

 D3925/23/2  Arts and Disabled policy 1987-1992 

 D3925/23/3 Arts and Disabled conference 1990 

 D3925/24  SEWAA appraisal 1988-1989 

 D3925/25  Executive Committee members 1993-1995 

 D3925/26/1  Treasurer 1993-1994 

 D3925/26/2  Treasurer 1994-1995 

 D3925/26/3  Treasurer 1995-1996 

 D3925/27  Chairman 1993-1995 

 D3925/28  President 1993-1995 

 D3925/29/1  WAC/RAAs restructuring proposals, etc., 1976-1990 

 D3925/29/2  WAC/RAAs restructuring proposals 1990-1992 

 D3925/29/3  WAC/RAAs restructuring proposals 1992-1993 

 D3925/29/4  WAC/RAAs restructuring proposals 1992-1993 

 D3925/29/5  WAC/RAAs restructuring proposals 1993-1994 

 D3925/30  SEWAA and ACW letterheads 1994 

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 D3925/31/1  Associate membership 1974-1983 

 D3925/31/2  Associate membership card index 1976-1981 

 D3925/31/3  Associate membership card index 1976-1991 

 D3925/32/1  Journal 1973-1994 

 D3925/32/2  Ledgers 1973-1994 

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 D3925/33  Cynon Valley Survey of Arts Needs 1988 

 D3925/34/1  The Needs of the Arts in Cardiff, correspondence 1988 

 D3925/34/2  The Needs of the Arts in Cardiff, correspondence 1988-1989 

 D3925/34/3  The Needs of the Arts in Cardiff, correspondence and report 1989-1990 

 D3925/34/4  The Needs of the Arts in Cardiff survey returns 1989 

 D3925/35  Arts and Disability action research 1993-1994 

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 D3925/36  Dial-a-Poem recors 1974-1976 

 D3925/37/1  Prince of Wales Award contribution, framed 1978 

 D3925/37/2  Rhondda Community Arts correspondence and report 'The First Nine Months and the Future' 1982-1984 

 D3925/37/3  South Glamorgan County Council Certificate, International Year of Disabled People, framed 1981 

 D3925/37/4  Arts for Disabled People in Wales correspondence 1982-1984 

 D3925/37/5  Arts for Disabled People in Wales correspondence 1984-1986 

 D3925/38/1  Crafts purchases correspondence 1978-1980 

 D3925/38/2  Craftswomen from Mid Glamorgan exhibition correspondence 1979-1980 

 D3925/38/3  Model House Llantrisant correspondence and papers 1984-1987 

 D3925/39/1  'Bordertown', Monmouth community play programme 1987 

 D3925/39/2  Powys Musician in Residence (Tony Biggin) correspondence 1987-1988 

 D3925/39/3  PRS Compers in Education Scheme papers 1988-1994 

 D3925/39/4  'Points of Departure' schools' composition manual (Peter Stacey) 1989-1993 

 D3925/40/1  The Coliseum, Trevynon, correspondence and feasibility study 1982-1990 

 D3925/40/2 Blaengarw Workmen's Hall correspondence and papers 1987-1988 

 D3925/40/3 Blackwood Miners Institute correspondence and feasibility study 1986-1992 

 D3925/41/1  Valleys Cinema Development Project correspondence and papers 1991-1992 

 D3925/41/2  Valleys Arts Marketing correspondence and papers 1991-1992 

 D3925/41/3  Valleys Arts Marketing correspondence and papers 1992-1993 

 D3925/41/4  Arts Council British Gas 'Working for Cities' Award correspondence 1991-1992 

 D3925/41/5 'Working for Cities' Award photography 1991-1992 

 D3925/41/6  'Working for Cities' Award, framed 1992 

 D3925/41/7  Valleys Live budget summaries, papers, report 1991-1993 

 D3925/41/8  Valleys Live launch papers and programme 1992 

 D3925/42/1  Schools' and groups' writing projects output, A4 format 1976-1994 

 D3925/42/2  Schools' and groups' writing projects output, A5 format 1976-1994 

 D3925/43/1  Arts officer's report proposing Night Out towning scheme 1980 

 D3925/43/2  Night Out towning records, Blaenau Gwent, 5 files 1981-1994 

 D3925/43/3  Night Out towning records, Cardiff and South Glamorgan, 6 files 1983-1994 

 D3925/43/4  Night Out towning records, Cynon Valley, 3 files 1987-1993 

 D3925/43/5  Night Out towning records, Islwyn, 4 files 1981-1994 

 D3925/43/6  Night Out towning records, Merthyr Tydfil 1983-1994 

 D3925/43/7  Night Out towning records, Mid Glamorgan youth service 1989-1991 

 D3925/43/8  Night Out towning records, Monmmouth, 5 files 1987-1994 

 D 3925. 43. 9  Night Out towning records, Newport, 3 files 1985-1994 

 D3925/43/10  Night Out towning records, Ogwr, 4 files 1982-1994 

 D3925/43/11  Night Out towning records, Powys 1993 

 D3925/43/12 Night Out towning records, Rhondda, 3 files 1987-1994 

 D3925/43/13  Night Out towning records, Rhymney Valley, 2 files 1986-1994 

 D3925/43/14  Night Out towning records, Taff-Ely, 5 files 1987-1994 

 D3925/43/15  Night Out towning records, Torfaen, 3 files 1980-1994 

 D3925/43/16  Night Out towning records, Vale of Glamorgan, 2 files 1987-1994 

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 D3925/44  Events in South East Wales, pub. SEWAA, bi-monthly 1974-1984 

 D3925/45/1  Residencies 1 and 2, artists in residence doc., 1984-1985, pub. SEWAA 1985 

 D3925/45/2 Residencies 3, artists in residence doc., 1984-1986, pub. SEWAA 1986 

 D3925/45/3 Residencies 4, artists in residence doc., 1986-1987, pub. SEWAA 1987 

 D3925/45/4 Residencies 5, artists in residence doc., 1987-1988, pub. SEWAA 1988 

 D3925/45/5 Residencies, exh. cat., pub. SEWAA 1984 

 D3925/45/6 Residencies 1985, exh. cat., pub. Newport Borough Council 1985 

 D3925/45/7  Artists in Residence 1986, exh. cat., pub. SEWAA 1986 

 D3925/45/8 Artists in Residence 1988, exh. cat., pub. SEWAA 1988 

 D3925/45/9 Artist in Residence 90, exh. cat., pub. SEWAA 1990 

 D3925/45/10  Artists' Residencies Exhibition 1991, exh. cat., pub. SEWAA 1991 

 D3925/45/11  Artists' Residence 1984-1994, exh. cat., pub. Newport Borough Council 1994 

 D3925/46  Literature Newsletter, pub. SEWAA, 30 issues 1986-1994 

 D3925/47/1 A Long Way to Travel: a report on ethnic arts in south-west England and south-east Wales by John Newman, pub. South West Arts & South East Wales Arts Association 1980 

 D3925/47/2  The Arts in Wales: Priorities into Practice, pub. Welsh Arts Council 1984 

 D3925/47/3  The Arts in Brecknock: a growing asset to the borough and its inhabitants: a study commissioned by Brecknock Borough Council, pub. SEWAA [c.1988] 

 D3925/47/4  The Arts in Radnor: a study of opportunities for local people, pub. SEWAA [c.1988] 

 D3925/47/5  The Needs of the Arts in Cardiff: a report prepared for South Glamorgan County Council and Cardiff City Council, pub. SEWAA 1989 

 D3925/47/6  The Structure of the Arts in Gwent: a report for Gwent County Council, pub. SEWAA 1991 

 D3925/47/7 Shaping Up for the Nineties: a consultation paper on the structure for supporting the arts in Wales/Llunio Llwybr Drwy'r 90 au: papur ymgynchorol ar strwthur cynorthwyro'r celfyddydau yug Nghymru pub. North Wales Arts Association, South East Wales Arts Association, West Wales Arts Association & Welsh Arts County/Cymdeithas Gelfyddydau De-ddwyrain Cymru, Cymdeithas Gelfyddy dan Gogledd Cymru, Cymdethas Gelfyddydau Gorllewia Cymru & Cyngor Celfoddydau Cymru 1991 

 D3925/47/8  Towards a National Arts and Media Strategy, consultation draft, pub. Arts County of Great Britain 1992 

 D3925/47/9  Artist in Schools in Wales: a consultation paper/Artistiad Mewn Usgolion yng Nghymru: papur ymgyn chorol, pub. Welsh Arts Council and the Regional Arts Association in Wales/Cyngor Cabfyddydan Cymra a'r Cymdeithasau Celfyddydau Rhanbasthol yng Nghymru 1994 

 D3925/47/10  Local Government Reorganisation in Wales: a briefing paper for arts organisation/Ad-Drefuu Llywodraeth Leol Yng Nghymru: papur cyfarwyddo ar gyfer cymdeithasau celfyddydau, pub. Welsh Arts Council and the Regional Arts Association in Wales/Cyngor Celfyddydau Cymru a'r Cymdeithasau Celfyddyduu Rhanbarthol Cymru 1994 

 D3925/47/11  Unitary Local Authorities and the Arts: a guide for transitional committees and shadow authorities/Yr Awdurdodau Lleol Unedol a'r Celfyddydau: canllaw I bwyllgorau trawsnewidd ac awdurdodau cysgodi, pub. Arts Council of Wales/Cyngor Celfyddydau Cymru. 1994 

 D3925/47/12  Taking Part: developing participation in arts activity in Wales: a consultative paper/Cymrud Rhan: datblygu cyfranogi mewn gweithgaredd celfyddydol yng Nghymru: papur ymgynghorol, pub. Arts Council of Wales/Cyngor Celfyddydau Cymru 1996 

 D3925/48/1  Arts Matter: a report by ADPW in support of people with learning difficulties, vol. 2 pub. ADPW 1989 

 D3925/48/2 Arts and the Districts: report of the ADC working party on the arts, pub. Association of District Councils 1989 

 D3925/48/3  Using the Arts by Ceres with McCann Matthew Associates for the Institute of Welsh Affairs, [Cardiff]. 1989 

 D3925/48/4  Wales: The Arts of the Possible: Main Report, pub. Institute of Welsh Affairs. 1990 

 D3925/48/5  '94 Valleys Rock Music Handbook, pub. Community Music Wales 1994 

 D3925/48/6 Arts Development Review April 94-March 95: a review of development activities in five boroughs of the South Wales Valleys/Arolwg o Ddatblygiad y Celfyddydau Ebrith 94-Mawrth 95: arolwg o weith gareddau I ddatblygau'r celfyddydau mewn pum bwrdeistref yng Nghymoedd y De, pub. Blaenau Gwent, Cynon Valley, Islwyn, Ogwr & Taff Ely Borough Councils/Cyngor Bwrdeistref Blaenau Gwent, Cwm Cynon, Islwyn, Ogwr & Tâf-Elai, 1995. 1995 

 D3925/48/7  The Cultural Success Story of the Last Decade: community arts in South East Wales, pub. Group of community arts projects in South East Wales [c.1996] 

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