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Charles Williams Church in Wales Primary School.
Charles Williams Church in Wales Primary School
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Biographical/Historical note

Charles Williams (1633-1720) was a native of Caerleon. His first will was put together in 1715 but was cancelled and a new one was made in 1717. In this will, he left £4,000 to found a charity school for thirty boys and twenty girls in Caerleon-on-Usk, and to pay for their apprenticing — so far as the balance permitted; the school was built in 1724.

In 1864, a separate Infants Department was created, meaning that the there were now: Boys', Girls' and Infants' Schools. At the same time the Infants' and Mixed schools on Goldcroft Common closed and pupils were transferred to the Endowed schools.

During the 19th century the Boys' and Girls' Schools were also known as the "Blue Schools" or "Blue Coat Schools".

In 1948, separate Boys and Girls schools ceased to operate. Instead three separate schools came into existence: the Endowed Infants’ School, the Endowed Junior School and the Endowed Secondary Modern School.

In 1964, Caerleon County Secondary Modern School opened. Staff and pupils moved from the Endowed Secondary Modern School to the new school building.

In 2014, an amalgamation took place between the Charles Williams Infants and Junior Schools. The new school is now called “Charles Williams Church in Wales Primary School”.

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Scope and Contents note

Records include Admission Registers and Log Books inter alia

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Collection Inventory

 CEB69/1 Boys' School 

 CEB69/1/1 Log Books 

 CEB69/1/1/1  30 Aug 1920-10 Jul 1964   1.0 vol.

 CEB69/1/2 Admission Registers 

 CEB69/1/2/1 All entries for boys (except in 1862-3, when two girls are admitted) 1855-1863   1.0 vol.

Related Archival Materials note

See also: CEB69/5/1 for Boys' 1864-1878

 CEB69/1/2/2  1884-1910   1.0 vol.

 CEB69/1/2/3  1910-1935   1.0 vol.

 CEB69/1/2/4  1935-1948   1.0 vol.

 CEB69/1/3 Photographs 

 CEB69/1/3/1 B/W photograph: Boys School Football Team (with names) 1929-1930   1.0 item

 CEB69/1/3/2 B/W photograph: Class Photograph "Boys 2" c.1885   1.0 item

Custodial History note

Photograph donated to School by Norman Stevens of Caerleon, 1994

 CEB69/1/4 Miscellaneous 

 CEB69/1/4/1 Punishment Book: although Boys Department (after 1948 it includes girls too), 2 May 1905-12 February 1957. (Enclosures include: a note from Primrose Hockey to teachers reminding them to complete Syllabus and Record Book, 1958; Staffing and Accommodation Review signed by Primrose Hockey, 1954; staff lists c.1948-c.1973; multiple copies of forms signed by teachers confirming that they have received and perused a copy of the Corporal Punishment Regulations; inter alia) 1905-c.1973   1.0 vol.

 CEB69/1/4/2 Attendance Register 1855-1859   1.0 item

 CEB69/2 Girls' School 

 CEB69/2/1 Log Books 

 CEB69/2/1/1  22 Dec 1876-31 Oct 1890   1.0 vol.

Related Archival Materials note

Extracts from this Log Book are to be found in D4165/26

 CEB69/2/1/2  7 Nov 1890-5 Jul 1918   1.0 vol.

Related Archival Materials note

Extracts from this Log Book are to be found in D4165/26

 CEB69/2/1/3  14 Aug 1918-25 Jul 1949   1.0 vol.

 CEB69/2/2 Admission Registers 

 CEB69/2/2/1  1921-1948   1.0 vol.

 CEB69/3 Infants' School 

 CEB69/3/1 Log Books 

 CEB69/3/1/1 Log Book: 25 Sep 1905-16 July 1931 (enclosures include an HMI Report on the Girls’ Department 1948) 1905-1948   1.0 vol.

 CEB69/3/2 Admission Registers 

 CEB69/3/2/1 "Caerleon Endowed Non-Provided School Infants" (Index contains torn pages) 1914-1948   1.0 vol.

 CEB69/3/2/2  1946-1956   1.0 vol.

 CEB69/3/2/3  1956-1979   1.0 vol.

 CEB69/3/3 Summary Registers 

 CEB69/3/3/1  1914-1918   1.0 vol.

 CEB69/3/3/2  1919-1922   1.0 vol.

 CEB69/3/3/3  1933-1938   1.0 vol.

 CEB69/3/3/4  1943-1948   1.0 vol.

 CEB69/3/3/5  1948-1953   1.0 vol.

 CEB69/3/3/6  1953-1958   1.0 vol.

 CEB69/3/3/7  1958-1963   1.0 vol.

 CEB69/3/3/8  1963-1964   1.0 vol.

 CEB69/3/3/9  1964-1969   1.0 vol.

 CEB69/3/3/10  1969-1974   1.0 vol.

 CEB69/3/4 Photographs 

 CEB69/3/4/1 B/W photograph: "Infants Class III" c.1895   1.0 item

Biographical/Historical note

Donated to the school by Norman Stevens of Caerleon in December 1996

 CEB69/3/5 Miscellaneous 

 CEB69/3/5/1 “School Income” – this volume is mainly an account of payments taken for school meals and how many children have free meals 1975-1976   1.0 vol.

 CEB69/3/5/2 Attendance Registers 

 CEB69/3/5/2/1 "Class 3" (children born Sep 1970-Aug 1971) Sep 1976-Jul 1977   1.0 item

 CEB69/3/5/2/2 "Class 4" (children born Sep 1970-Aug 1971) Sep 1976-Jul 1977   1.0 item

 CEB69/3/5/2/3 "Mrs. George" (children born Sep 1974-Aug 1975) Sep 1981-Jul 1982   1.0 item

 CEB69/3/5/2/4 "Mrs. Haswell" (children born Sep 1975-Aug 1976) Sep 1981-Jul 1982   1.0 item

 CEB69/3/5/2/5 "Mrs. George" (children born Sep 1975-Aug 1976; enclosed is a holiday note from a parent) Sep 1982-Jul 1983   1.0 item

 CEB69/3/5/2/6 "Mrs. Haswell" (children born Sep 1976-Aug 1977) Sep 1982-Jul 1983   1.0 item

 CEB69/3/5/2/7 "Mrs. Gallagher" (children born Sep 1977-Aug 1978) Sep 1982-Jul 1983   1.0 item

 CEB69/3/5/2/8 "Mrs. Vittle, Tops" (children born Sep 1976-Aug 1977) Sep 1983-Jul 1984   1.0 item

 CEB69/3/5/2/9 "Mrs. Williams" (children born Sep 1978-Aug 1979) Sep 1983-Jul 1984   1.0 item

 CEB69/3/5/2/10 "Caerleon Endowed Infant School, Nursery, July 1984" (children born Sep 1979-Aug 1980) Sep 1983-Jul 1984   1.0 item

 CEB69/3/5/2/11 "Top Infants" (children born Sep 1977-Aug 1978; enclosed is a medical note) Sep 1984-Jul 1985   1.0 item

 CEB69/3/5/2/12 "Mrs. Williams" (children born Sep 1979-Aug 1980; enclosed are medical notes) Sep 1984-Jul 1985   1.0 item

 CEB69/3/5/2/13 "Mrs. Gallagher" (children born Apr 1980-Aug 1980) Sep 1984-Jul 1985   1.0 item

 CEB69/4 Junior School 

 CEB69/4/1 Log Books 

 CEB69/4/1/1 "Junior Mixed Department" 7 Sep 1948-25 July 1961   1.0 vol.

Biographical/Historical note

Note inside log book: opened as a Junior School on Tuesday September 7th 1948

 CEB69/4/1/2  4 Sep 1961-17 Jul 1974   1.0 vol.

 CEB69/4/1/3 Log Book (enclosed in Log Book: Newspaper cutting re: Prize giving at the school) 2 Sep 1974-19 May 1987   1.0 vol.

 CEB69/4/1/4 Log Book (enclosures include letters and cards to the Head and his staff) 20 May 1987-27 Feb 2006   1.0 vol.

 CEB69/4/1/5 Log Book (with 2 enclosures: Letter to the Head (Nick Vittle) regarding two pupils leaving the school as the family are moving abroad; Letter to the Head (Nick Vittle), a thank you for showing International Students around the school) 28 Feb 2006-17 Jul 2009   1.0 vol.

 CEB69/4/2 Photographs 

 CEB69/4/2/1 Cricket Team 

 CEB69/4/2/1/1 B/W Photograph: Boys (with names) 1968   1.0 item

 CEB69/4/2/1/2 B/W Photograph: Boys (with names) 1969   1.0 item

 CEB69/4/2/1/3 B/W Photograph: Boys (with names) 1970   1.0 item

 CEB69/4/2/1/4 B/W Photograph: Boys (with names) 1972   1.0 item

 CEB69/4/2/1/5 B/W Photograph: Boys (with names) 1973   1.0 item

 CEB69/4/2/1/6 B/W Photograph: Boys (with names) 1974   1.0 item

 CEB69/4/2/1/7 B/W Photograph: Boys (with names) 1979   1.0 item

 CEB69/4/2/1/8 B/W Photograph: Boys (with names) 1970   2.0 items

 CEB69/4/2/1/9 B/W Photograph: Mixed Team c.1975-c.1980   1.0 item

 CEB69/4/2/2 Football Team (Boys) 

 CEB69/4/2/2/1 B/W Photograph (with names): Included in the team is Nigel Vaughan, who went on to represent Wales at football 1969   1.0 item

 CEB69/4/2/2/2 B/W Photograph (with names) 1972   1.0 item

 CEB69/4/2/2/3 B/W Photograph (with names) 1972-1973   1.0 item

 CEB69/4/2/2/4 B/W Photograph (with names) 1973-1974   1.0 item

 CEB69/4/2/2/5 B/W Photograph (with names) 1976-1977   1.0 item

 CEB69/4/2/2/6 B/W Photograph (with names) 1977-1978   1.0 item

 CEB69/4/2/2/7 Colour Photograph (with names) 1978-1979   1.0 item

 CEB69/4/2/2/8 B/W Photograph: Team Photo 1976-1977   4.0 items

 CEB69/4/2/2/9 B/W Photograph: Team Photo c.1975   1.0 item

 CEB69/4/2/2/10 B/W Photograph: Team Photo c.1975   1.0 item

 CEB69/4/2/2/11 Colour Photograph: Team Photograph c.1991-c.1993   1.0 item

 CEB69/4/2/3 Netball Team (Girls) 

 CEB69/4/2/3/1 B/W Photograph: Team Photograph (with names) 1977-1978   1.0 item

 CEB69/4/2/3/2 B/W Photograph: Team Photograph c.1970-c.1980   5.0 items

 CEB69/4/2/3/3 B/W Photograph: Team Photograph c.1970-c.1980   1.0 item

 CEB69/4/2/3/4 B/W Photograph: Girls playing netball c.1970-c.1980   1.0 item

 CEB69/4/2/3/5 B/W Photograph: Girls playing netball c.1970-.c1980   1.0 item

 CEB69/4/2/3/6 B/W Photograph: Girls playing netball c.1970-c.1980   1.0 item

 CEB69/4/2/4 Miscellaneous 

 CEB69/4/2/4/1 Colour photograph: Staff photograph (with names) 1998   1.0 item

 CEB69/4/2/4/2 Colour photograph: Staff photograph 2002   1.0 item

 CEB69/4/2/4/3 Colour Photograph: school photograph including all staff and pupils 1999   1.0 item

 CEB69/4/2/4/4 Album labelled "Memories of AY5 Approx 1995." Album includes colour photographs of activities taking place at school, and a school trip to Llancaich Fawr c.1995   1.0 vol.

 CEB69/4/2/4/5 Scrapbook including colour photographs from school trips to Llancaiach Fawr House, Patrishow Church and Tretower Court; also, b/w photographs from a trip to Llancaiach Fawr House, and futher colour photographs of pupils in period costume at the school c.1995   1.0 vol.

 CEB69/4/2/4/6 2 x colour photographs mounted on green card labelled: "Our Welsh Dance Team. They have danced in the Gwll Plant festivals and some of the older members danced at the Garden Festival in Ebbw Vale" c.1992   2.0 photographs

 CEB69/4/3 Miscellaneous 

 CEB69/4/3/1 Punishment Book (2 entires) 15 Jan 1969   1.0 vol.

 CEB69/4/3/2 “Record Keeping 1990”: volume records the progress of children from class HY6 who appear to be struggling with their work. (The pupils recorded appear to be born in the period Sep 1978-Aug 1979) 1990   1.0 vol.

 CEB69/4/3/3 Staff Meeting Minutes Jan 1992-Mar 1994   1.0 item

 CEB69/4/3/4 “Rev Morgan-Jones Award” Folder includes bank statements, and correspondence regarding the award 1981-1986   1.0 item

Biographical/Historical note

The award was set up in 1981, whereby a sum of money was to be presented to a pupil on Founder's Day

 CEB69/4/3/5 "The Poem Shop" - a collection of poems written by pupils of the Junior School c.1970   1.0 item

Appraisal note

Originally found in an envelope along with covering letters and part of a Thesis. Only the anthology of poetry has been retained

Custodial History note

This anthology (inter alia) was handed in to the school by Mr. Chris Morris, the father of a pupil in Year 5, in 2003. The family were living at 2 Lodge Road, Caerleon at that time; and, this was discovered in the loft of the house. A previous occupant of 2 Lodge Road had been a Mrs. Susan Williams, erstwhile deputy head of the Infants' School. Her former husband (divorced) was an AJ Williams. This name was written on the side of the envelope, in which this anthology appeared

 CEB69/5 Miscellaneous 

 CEB69/5/1 "Admission Book" (Admission Register) - Entries pre-1864 appear to be for the Caerleon National School, at Goldcroft Common; from 1864 onwards entries appear to be for the Boys and Girls' Endowed Schools (predominantly Boys') (1856-1878)   1.0 vol.

Biographical/Historical note

In 1864, the Infants' and Mixed schools on Goldcroft Common closed and pupils were transferred to the Endowed schools.

 CEB69/5/2 Volume labelled: “Miss P. Hockey Scholarship Papers Griff Council Schools”. The volume sets out the scholarship examination. Also includes examination papers from all over the country. Included also are poems originally composed by schoolgirls from Caerleon Girls' School in the 1920s; subsequently transcribed by Miss Hockey. c.1935   1.0 vol.

Biographical/Historical note

Miss Primrose Hockey was a teacher at Griffithstown School before moving to the Endowed School in 1948

Related Archival Materials note

D4165: Primrose Hockey Collection, c.1915-1993

 CEB69/5/3 Photocopy of a General Plan of Roman Legionary Fortress, Caerleon, by VE Nash-Williams (His excavations: 1926-1936) c.1980   1.0 item

 CEB69/5/4 File labelled “Managers: Notes concerned with Amalgamation” includes correspondence: Gwent CC proposing amalgamation of Infants’ and Junior Schools, and the objections from the teachers of the two schools 1981-1984   1.0 item

 CEB69/5/5 Visitors Book 23 Mar 2012-19 Oct 2012   1.0 item