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Pontypool Circuit of the Methodist Church, Records
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Biographical/Historical note

Explanatory Note - The Pontypool Curcuit of the Methodist Church was formed in 1968 by the amalgamation of the Pontypool (Eastern Valley) Circuit and the Pontypool (Park Terrace) Circuit. The Pontypool (Eastern Valley) Circuit was itself the product of the amalgamation in 1939 of a) The Pontypool (High Street) Circuit which before Methodist Union in 1932 was the Pontypool Wesleyan Circuit. b) The Garndiffaith Circuit which before Union was the Blaenavon Circuit in the United Methodist Church being originally associated with the Bible Christiam Church. c) The Blaenavon Circuit which was previously a Primitive Methodist Circuit. The Pontypool (Park Terace) Circuit was te successor of the former Pontypool Primitive Methodist Circuit.

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Scope and Contents note

Circuit Records, 1819-1969

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Collection Inventory

Pontypool Weslyan Methodist Circuit 1844-1958 

 D942/ Circuit Records 1844-1958 

 D942/1 Quarterly Meetings Minute Book 1844-1893 

 D942/2 Quarterly Meetings Minute Book 1894-1913 

 D942/3 Quarterly Meetings Minute Book 1913-1927 

 D942/4 Quarterly Meetings Minute Book 1927-1939 

 D942/5 Quartlery Meetings Account Book 1821-1865 

 D942/6 Quarterly Meetings Account Book 1866-1892 

 D942/7 Quarterly Meetings Account Book 1894-1912 

 D942/8 Circuit Schedule Book 1839-1845 

 D942/9 Circuite Schedule Book 1845-1863 

 D942/10 Circuit Schedule Book 1864-1887 

 D942/11 Circuit Schedule Book 1887-1907 

 D942/12 Circuit Schedule Book 1920-1931 

 D942/13 Circuit Schedule Book 1929-1938 

 D942/14 Chapel Trust Schedule 1899-1917 

 D942/15 Chapel Trust Schedule 1917-1938 

 D942/16 Local Preachers Meeting Minute Book 1893-1915 

 D942/17 Local Preachers Meeting Minute Book 1928-1961 

 D942/18 Missionary Society Account Book 1852-1891 

 D942/19 Pontypool Weslyan Methodist Circuit Plans 1898-1906, 1908-1922 

 D942/ Registers 1819-1958 

 D942/20 Register of Births at the Methodist Chapel, Pontypool, par. Trevethin. 1819-1832 

 D942/21 Register of Births at The Methodist Chapel at Blaenavon Iron Works 1820-1837 

 D942/22 Wesleyan Methodist Register of Baptisms (Pontypool) Baptisms solemnized in the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Pontypool. 1849 +- Pontypool Circuit. 1838-1855 

 D942/23 Baptisms solemnized in the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Abersychan. (Abersychan etc. -1845+) 1838-1855 

 D942/24 Baptisms solemnized in the Weslyan Methodist Chapel, Varteg Iron Works. (1840+-+Garndiffaith) 1840-1859 

 D942/25 Baptisms solemnized in the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Blaenavon, par. Llanover. 1840-1859 

 D942/26 Baptisms solemnized in the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Pontypool etc. 1855-1872 

 D942/27 Baptisms solemnized in the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel Pontypool Circuit 1872-1888 

 D942/28 Baptisms solemnized in the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Pontypool Circuit 1857-1872 

 D942/29 Baptisms solemnized in the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel Pontypool and elsewhere. Griffithstown 1872-1916 

 D942/30 Baptisms solemnized in the Wesleyan Methodist Chapels, Pontypool Circuit. 1937 Pontypool (High St,) Circuit 1938 High St. Pontypool and Race etc. 1943 Pontypool (Eastern Valley) Circuit and High Street., Pontypool. 1918-1958 

 D942/ Circuit Registers 1870-1910 

 D942/31 Pontypool Circuit (Abersychan No.1) 1870-1881 

 D942/32 Pontypool and Abersychan Circuit (Abersychan No.2) 1881-1894 

 D942/33 Methodist Chapel, Abersychan and (Abersychan No. 3) Pontypool Circuit Chapels 1889-1910 

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Abersychan Trinity Wesleyan Methodist 1853-1968 

 D942/ Churches 1885-1960 

 D942/34 Trustees Minute Book 1885-1921 

 D942/35 Trustees Minute Book 1922-1960 

 D942/36 Trustees Minute Book 1960-1968 

 D942/37 Sunday School Minute Book 1925-1947 

 D942/38 Finance Committee Minute Book 1956-1966 

 D942/39 Centenary of chapel, Minute Book of proceedings and accounts 1926-1939 

 D942/40 Band of Hope Minute Book 1877-1882 

 D942/41 Account Books 1890-1938 

 D942/41 Society Stewards Account Book 1908-1935 

 D942/42 Organ Fund Account Book 1902-1908 

 D942/ Miscellaneous 1890-1938 

 D942/43 "Wanted" poster for choir 28 Apr 1890 

 D942/44 Abersychan and Pontenewynydd Orchestral Band (Wesley Guild) Minute Book 1926-1938 

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Blaenavon Park St. 1892-1965 

Minute Books 

 D942/45 Trustees Meetings 1892-1918 

 D942/46 Trustees Meetings 1919-1937 

 D942/47 Trustees Meetings 1937-1949 

 D942/ Account Books 1912-1933 

 D942/48 Monthly Trust Find 1912-1933 

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Blaenavon Wesley 1922-1925 

 D942/ Minute Book 1922-1925 

 D942/49 Blaenavon Wesley Guild 1912-1933 

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Cwmbran 1896-1954 

Minute Book 

 D942/50 Trustees Meetings 1896-1954 

Account Books 

 D942/51 Copied Accounts (1883-1889) (At rear, cost of original chapel, original trusteens etc., organ fund 1889/90 capital account 1889/98., Wesleyan Trust Schedule 1892) 1883-1904 

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Griffithstown 1870-1944 

 D942/ Minute Books 1895-1936 

 D942/52 Trustees meetings 1895-1914 

 D942/52 Trustees meetings 1915-1942 

 D942/54 Leaders Meetings 1900-1936 

 D942/ Account Books 1870-1965 

 D942/55 Account Book (at rear, Trustees Meetings Minutes) 1870-1895 

 D942/56 Trustees Treasurer's Account Book 1909-1944 

 D942/57 Trustees Treasurer's Account Book 1945-1965 

 D942/58 Collection Journal 1896-1907 

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New Inn, Pontypool 1930-1962 

Minute Book 

 D942/59 Trustees Meetings 1930-1962 

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Pontypool, High Street 1825-1962 

 D942/ Minute Books 1854-1942 

 D942/60 Trustees Meetings 1906-1942 

 D942/61 Trustees Meetings 1942-1961 

 D942/62 Trustees Meetings 1854-1915 

 D942/ Account Books 1825-1962 

 D942/63  1825-1855 

 D942/64  1853-1943 

 D942/65  1942-1962 

 D942/ Miscellaneous 1886-1956 

 D942/66 Bundle containing plan etc. of new organ etc. 1886, 1952 

 D942/67 Form of consent to act as Trustee 1938 

 D942/68 Bundle containing licences to use part of the chapel as a school canteen. 1954, 1956 

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Varteg 1884-1911 

 D942/ Minute Books 1884-1911 

 D942/69 Trustees meetings 1886-1911 

 D942/70 Leaders meetings 1884-1910 

 D942/ Miscellaneous 1893-1903 

 D942/71 Letter Book 1893-1903 

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Garndiffaith Circuit 1864-1937 

Biographical/Historical note

N.B. Prior ti the unification of the Methodist Church in 1932 there was a Blaenavon United Methodist Church and a Blaenavon Primitive Methodist Church. It appears that to avoid confusion the Blaenavon United Methodist Church changed its title to Garndiffaith Circuit in 1932. The Garndiffaith Circuit was amalgamaterinto the Pontypool (Eastern Valley) Circuit in 1939.

 D942/ Circuit Records 1864-1939 

 D942/72 Quarterly Meeting Accounts and Minutes and Preachers Meeting minutes 1891-1911, 1891-1910 

 D942/73 Quarterly Meeting Accounts and Minutes 1925-1936 

 D942/74 Quarterly Meeting Accounts and Minutes 1937-1939 

 D942/75 Register of the baptisms solemnized by the Bible Christian Ministers in the Pontypool Circuit. 1864-1899 

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Blaenavon Circuit (P.M) 1825-1907 

Circuit Records 

 D942/76 Reports (see Pontypool Circuit) 1830-1837, 1897-1907 

 D942/77 Minutes of Quarterly Meeting Dec 1830 

 D942/78 Minutes of Quarterly Meeting Mar 1835-1837 

 D942/109 Register of Baptisms 1825-1837 

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Pontypool (Eastern Valley) Circuit 

Circuit Records 

 D942/79 Minute Book: Quarterly Meetings, Finance Committee, Invitation Committee etc. 1939-1953 

 D942/80 Minute Book: Quarterly Meetings, Finance Committee, Invitation Committee etc. 1953-1967 

 D942/81 Circuit Stewards Account Book 1959-1968 

 D942/82 Circuit Plans 1942-1968 

 D942/83 Register of Baptisms solemnized in the Methodist Church, Victoria, Harpers Road, Abersychan, Garndiffaith 1961-1969 

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Pontypool (Park Terrace) Circuit (PM) 

Circuit Records 

 D942/84 Quarterly Meetings Minute Book 1862-1880 

 D942/85 Quarterly Meetings Minute Book 1881-1902 

 D942/86 Quarterly Meetings Minute Book 1902-1922 

 D942/87 Quarterly Meetings Minute Book 1922-1929 

 D942/88 Quarterly Meetings Minute Book 1930-1941 

 D942/89 Quarterly Meetings Minute Book 1942-1949 

 D942/90 Quarterly Day Account Book (Blaenavon Circuit to 1839, then Pontypool) 1837-1850 

 D942/91 Quarter Day Account Book 1850-1874 

 D942/92 Quarter Day Account Book 1885-1905 

 D942/93-94 Quarter Day Account Book (2 copies) 1900-1922 

 D942/95 Quarter Day Account Book 1922-1940 

 D942/96 Pontypool Circuit Missionary Account Book 1862-1869 

 D942/97 Pontypool Circuit Missionary Account Book 1870-1880 

 D942/98 Pontypool Circuit Missionary Account Book 1862-1912 

 D942/99 Pontypool Circuit Missionary Account Book 1913-1932 

 D942/100 Pontypool Circuit Missionary Account Book 1932-1933 

 D942/101 Ministers House Committee Account Book 1900-1928 

 D942/102 Ministers House Committee Account Book 1904-1934 

 D942/103 Finance Committee Minute Book 1932-1937 

 D942/104 Account between the Quarter Day Board of Pontypool Circuit and the Circuit Book Steward 1835-1844 

 D942/105 Local Preachers Meetings Minute Book, Park Terrace 1932-1965 

 D942/106 Circuit Schedule of Methodist Trust Property 1934-1956 

 D942/107-108 2 Files of receipts and circuit plans 1932-1935, 1962-1965 


 D942/109 Register of Baptisms 1824-1863 

 D942/110 Register of Baptisms 1863-1871 

 D942/111 Register of Baptisms 1871-1902 

 D942/112 Baptisms in the Pontypool Primitive Methodist Chapels 1902-1913 

 D942/113 Pontypool Circuit (Primitive Methodist becomes Methodist Chapels, Park Terrace Circuits 1946) 1913-1949 

Pontypool Primitive Methodist Circuit 

 D942/114 Reports (i.e. numerical states, finance, Sunday schools, chapels, travelling preachers, historical account) (includes reports of the Blaenavon Circuit) (2 bundles) 1830-1837 1841-1932 

 D942/115 Rolls Books (152 books, 11 bundles) 1856-1923 

 D942/116 Circuit Plans 1887-1968 

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 D942/117 Cash Account Book 1846-1880 


 D942/118 Account Book (at rear, minutes of Trustees Meetings, 1847-1852) 1845-1867 


Minute Books 

 D942/119 Pontypool Park Terrace, Trustees Minute Book 1921-1937 

 D942/120 Pontypool Leaders Meeting Minute Book 1846-1860 

Account Books 

 D942/121 Abergavenny Branch of Pontypool Circuit; also minutes of quarterly meetings. In front "Rules of Young Men's Christian Association", Chippenham (1848) 1853-1858 

 D942/122 Pontypool Sunday School Account Book 1850-1867 


Minute Books 

 D942/123 Trustees and General Church Meeting Minute Book 1921-1936 

 D942/124 Minute Book 1937-1948 

 D942/125 Minutes of leaders' meetings 1944-1968 

Account Books 

 D942/126 Account Book, preaching room at Pontnewynydd 1870-1875 

 D942/127 Account Book, Pontnewynydd Chapel 1921-1954 

 D942/128 Pontnewynydd Sunday School Book 1901-1945 

 D942/129 Collection Journal and Society Stewards Room, Pontnewynydd Church 1923-1933 

 D942/130 Mortgage and assignment of mortgage - Primitive Methodist Chapel 1849, 1870 

Upper Cwmbran 

 D942/131 Account Book - Upper Cwmbran Chapel 1905-1931 

 D942/163 Account Book - Upper Cwmbran Chapel 1936-1979 

 D942/132 Bundle of receipts etc. re: chapel 1920-1931 

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 D942/133 Llanelly Chapel - Seat Book (Primitive Methodist) 1841-1843 

 D942/134 Account Book (not clear which chapel) 1858-1869 

 D942/135 Minutes of the Methodist Conferences 1848-1851 

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Miscellaneous Papers 

 D942/136 Quarterly reports of the Primitive Methodist Connexion, Pontypool Station 1874-1877 

 D942/137 Papers relating to the appointment of New Trustees etc. in the Pontypool Circuit, also mortgages in order to pay contributions to Primitive Methodist Chapels Aid Fund. 1893, 1916, 1920, 1937-1939 

 D942/138 Bundles re: insurance of chapels etc. and leaflets and papers re: War Damage 1864-1960 

 D942/139 Bundle of receipts for contributions etc. re: Pontypool Circuit 1830-1831, 1867, 1932-1935 

 D942/140 Valuations of chapels, Pontypool Circuit, also details of weekly collection etc. 1914, 1934 

 D942/141 Bundle containing recommendations for travelling preachers etc. 1852-1854, 1874, 1927 

 D942/142 Bundle of correspondence re: Methodist Church Union Act, 1929, whereby the word "primitive" ceased to be used. 1933-1934 

 D942/143 Local Returns of Temperance Work and circuit schedule of young Methodism 1932, 1935 

 D942/144 Bundle of receipts fpor registers of marriages 1917-1955 

 D942/145 Bundle of doctrinal papers c.1850 

 D942/146 Copy of an entry from Register of Baptisms and a certificate of registry of death. 1915, 1927 

 D942/147 Bundle of forms of questions to be answered by candidates for the preachers plan. c.1896, c.1923 

 D942/148 Miscellaneous bundle containing newspaper articles on Methodism and the Depressed Areas, application forms to District Building Committees for building of chapels etc. 1934, 1957 

 D942/149 Bundle of correspondence re: registration of marriages and licence appointing The Rev. R.B. Preece of Pontnewydd as a registered person. 1907, 1922-1923 

 D942/150 Bundle containing papers re: inclusion of Llanelly chapel with the Tredegar Circuit. 1847-1849 

 D942/151 Bundle containing correspondence and bills re: the purchase of land at Pontnewynydd for a chapel and also a letter concerning the use of the chapel for a political meeting (1922). 1878 

 D942/152 Bundle of papers re: Pontnewydd Chapel, and bills re: manse. 1908, 1927 

 D942/153 Bundle of papers re: Blaenavon Primitive Methodist Chapel; Blaeavon Trust 1877, 1900, 1930 

 D942/154 Bundle of papers re: Abersychan Chapel including a specification for the new Primitive Methodist schools and correspondence concerning the same. 1878, 1911-1915, 1928 

 D942/155 Bundle of receipts re: Pontypool Primitive Methodist Chapel 1849-1854 

 D942/156 Agreement to let to the Primitive Methodist society, premises in Park Terrace. 19 Oct 1863 

 D942/157 Licence to hold protestant meetings in a building in High St., Pontypool (being the old Calvinistic Methodist Chapel). 1 Jul 1850 

 D942/158 Letter from Enock Bocock on behalf of the Blaenavon circuit to Brother Brown re: amalgamation of circuits. 6 Mar 1927 

 D942/159 Bundle of letters re: purchase of Calvinistic Methodist Chapel, Griffithstown. 1881 

 D942/160 Booklet issued during the centenary celebrations of the Central Methodist Church, Pontnewynydd. 1949 

 D942/161 Chapel Schedule: Report of the Abergavenny Chapel in the Abergavenny Branch. 8 Mar 1858 

 D942/162 Letter concerning tenancy of Race or Upper Race. 9 Jul 1957 

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