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Manorial documents including Court Rolls etc.; Arnold Castle, 1914; Bassaleg, 1790-1927; Caldicot West End and Shirenewton, 1592-1918; Caldicot and Newton, 1613; Cogan Flemming, 1702-1927; Cogan Pembroke, 1751-1927; Dyffrin, 1776-1927; Ebboth, 1703-1927; English-Welsh Dowles, 1771-1927; Fitz John de la Moore, 1772-1927; Hencourt, 1708-1927; Llanfair Kilgeddin, 1914; Llanfaches, 1917-1927; Llanfihangel iuxta Rogiet, 1650-1710; Magor le Green Moorland Redwick, 1917-1927; Malpas and Mendlegeif, 1633-1927; Pencarn, 1776-1927; Redcastle, 1767-1927; Rogiet, 1599-1927; St. Brides (Wentloog), 1710-1927; Stow, 1917-1927; Sutton, 1762-1927; Undy, 1917-1927; Youeton, 1703-1927; Clothy Hopkins, Urishay, Trelshope, Coalbrook Co. Hereford: Deeds, Caerleon, 1658-1765; Llangattock iuxta Caerleon, 1654-19th century; Llanthewy Vach, 1669-19th century.

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 D668/6 Court Book, Courts Baron Manor of Youlton, 1753-1797 Manor of English and Welsh Dowles, 1771-1799 Manor of Sutton, 1771-1797 Manor of Duffrin, 1776 Manor of Cogan Pembroke, 1751, 1785-1791 1751-1799 

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 D668/5 Court Book, Courts Baron Manor of Red Castle, 1767-1799 Manor of Malpas and Mendlegief, 1752-1805 Manor of Fitz John de la Moor, 1772-1796 Manor of St. Brides, 1770-1796 1767-1805 

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 D668/4 Court Book, Courts Baron Manor of Hencourt (Marshfield), 1771-1799 Manor of Cogan Fleming, 1744-1798 Manor of Ebboth (Greenfield), 1751, 1776-1795 Pencarn, 1776-1797, 1852 1771-1852 

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 D668/3 Court Book, Courts Baron Manor of Youlton, 1799-1808 Manor of English Dowlas, 1801-1808 Manor of Welsh Dowlas, 1806 Manor of Sutton, 1799-1808 Manor of Redcastle, 1800-1808 Manor of Malpas and Mendlegief, 1797-1808 Manor of Fitz John de la Moor, 1799-1801 Manor of St. Brides, 1799-1807 Manor of Hencourt (Marshfield), 1800-1808 Manor of Pencarn, 1804-1805 Manor of Ebboth, 1805-1807 1797-1808 

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 D668/2 Court Book, Manor of Bassaleg 1736-1805 

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 D668/2A Court Book, Manor of Bassaleg 1807-1808, 1841-1859 

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 D668/1 Survey book (copies only) Lordship of Wentloog, 1700 Manor of Ebboth (Greenfield), 1703 Manor of Hencourt (Marshfield), 1708 Manor of Cogan Fleming, 1702 Manor of Sutton, 1702 Manor of Youlton, 1703 Manor of Pencarn Manor of St. Brides, 1710 Manor of English and/Welsh Dowles 1700, 1702, 1703, 1708, 1710 

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 D668/7 Rental of Chief Rents due to Lord Tredegar in the manors of Machen, Malpas, Redcastle, Mendlegief, Hencourt, St.Brides, Wentlooge, Youlton, English Dowlas, Welsh Dowlas, Cogan Flemming, Cogan Pembroke, Ebboth, Pencarn, Duffryn, Sutton, Fitz John de la Moore, Llanfaches, Caldicot West End, Shirenewton (sold to Col.Curre, 1915), Llanfair Kilgeddin (sold to Llanover Estate, 1914), Bassaleg, Stow, Magor Le Green Moor and Redwick, Undy, Rogiet, Llanfihangel and Ifton and Arnold Castle (sold to Llanover Estate,1914). 1917-1927 

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 D668/25 Volume of copy surveys Manor of Caldicot West End and Shirenewton, 1697 Manor of Rogiet, 1710 Manor of Llanfihangel (juxta Rogiet), 1710 Manor of Undy, 1711 Manor of Magor, Redwick and Le Green Moore, 1707 Manor of Llanvaches, 1691 1691, 1697, 1707, 1710, 1711 

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 D668/23 Presentment Book Manors of Caldicot West End and Shirenewton, Undy, Llanfihangel, Rogiet and Redwick 1762-1811 

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 D668/24 Presentment Book (as in D668/23) 1812-1867 

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 D688/16 Court Roll Manor of Caldicot West End and Shirenewton 1592-1601 

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 D668/11 Survey, Manor of Caldicot West End and Shirenewton 1617 

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 D688/9 Survey, Manor of Caldicot West End and Shirenewton 1684 

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 D668/13 Survey, Manor of Caldicot West End and Shirenewton 1697 

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 D668/26 Rental and Terrier, Manor of Caldicot West End and Shirenewton c.1755 

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 D668/21-22 Perambulation of Manor of Shirenewton 1906 

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 D688/20 Survey (Dutchy) Manor of Caldicot and Newton 1613 

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 D668/19 Survey Manor of Rogiet (copy) 1599 

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 D688/10 Survey Manor of Rogiet 1651 

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 D668/17 Survey (Abstract) Manor of Rogiet 1651 

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 D668/18 Survey (Draft) Manor of Rogiet 1710 

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 D668/14 Survey Manor of Rogiet 1710 

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 D668/12 Survey Manor of Llanvihangel juxta Rogiet 1651 

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 D668/8 Survey Manor of Llanvihangel juxta Rogiet 1710 

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 D668/15 Survey Manor of Malpas and Mendlegief 1633 

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 D668/71 File, papers, including:- Manor of Clothye Hopkin co. Herford. Presentments of jurors, bailiffs' warrants, 1722-1732 Manor of Urishay otherwise Hay urry, co. Hereford, Court Roll, view of Frankpledge, 1671, presentments of jurors, 1705, 1722; appointment of steward, 1778, list of encroachers, 1833 Letter, 1823 Manors of Clothie Hopkin, Urishay and Treleshope otherwise Trenant. Jurors' presentments, bailiffs' warrants, 1710-1833 Manor of Wilbrook otherwise Wirkbrook co. Hereford. extracts from Court Rolls, 1465, 1525, 1542 Jurors' presentments, bailiffs' warrants, jury lists, schedule of documents (1832), 1732-1833, charge by the steward to the jury (courts leet and baron), undated, unidentified; presentment (undated, unidentified); articles to a jury of survey (undated), juror's lists, account of chief rents, 1821; Memo re: heriots. 1465-1833 

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 D668/55 Feoffment (1) John Vaen, yeoman and Andrew Vaen, yeoman, s.and h. of John, both of Caerlyon and Cecilie his wife. (2) James Jones of Caerlyon, gent., £5 Messuage and garden now in tenure of William John the baker, situate at Caerlyon between the tenement and garden of John Vaen (now in tenure of Andrew Vaen), the tenement and garden of James Jones (now tenanted by John Thomas), the garden of Sir Williams knt. and bart. (in tenure of Rice Gwynn) and the street leading from the high cross there to the Broadway. 10 Nov 1658 

Mss 666

See Misc. Mss 666 for Bond to perform covenants

 D668/53 Will (copy) of Catherine Dent of Caerleon. To niece Mary Davies of town of Caerleon, spinster, capital mess. where she now lives. 3a in possession Thomas Evans, clerk, in Caerleon likewise to Mary Davies. Acre purchased of Mrs Allen in Caerleon to Mary Davies. To niece Mary Smith, £20. To nephew Edward Williams, £10. To John, son of Margaret Nash, widow, £10. To cousin Charles Williams, £10. Residue to niece Mary Davies, Sole Executrix Mary Davies. 25 Jul 1765 

Parishes Llangattock iuxta Caerleon and Llandewi Vach. Cefn Llewyn Farm 

 D668/34 Feoffment (1) Lewis Richards of Lanvihangel iuxta Lantarnam co. Mon. (2) John Williams of Lanvrechva, gent. and Henry Richard of same gent. his trustees Sum unspecified paid by William Thomas par. Llanvrechva, nephew to Lewis Richards. 4 parcels called Y Dryger, Keven Bychan Ycha, Y kae dan y Tu and Y kae yech lawr Tu, 18a.par. Lanvrechva, between lands of John Morgan, esq. Edward Perkins, gent. lands in occupation of John Williams, and other lands of Lewis Richards which 4 closes now in occupation of William Thomas. to use of Lewis Richards and then Fortune his wife and then Williams Thomas, Grace his wife and their heirs. 1 Feb 1639-1640 

 D668/37 Marriage Settlement (1) Morgan Edward of Lanthewy Vach co. Mon. gent (2) Phillip James par. Lanarth,gent. and Morgan William par. Lanthewy Vach,gent, his trustees. Marriage of Morgan Edward and Elizabeth Kemeys already his wife. Mess. where Jenkin Jenkin Jones now lives as tenant to Morgan Edward with appurts and lands as amply as heretofore were purchased by Morgan William (Morgan Edwards's deceased grandfather) of Sir Charles Williams knight, Edward Powell Watkin and Morgan David all of which amount to 80a. par Langatugg iuxta Caerleon between lands of Edward Morgan of Llanternam,esq., Henry Watkins, gent, Thomas Williams,esq., George Morgan, James Thomas and William Morgan of Pencreeke, esq. in the tenure of Watkin Lewis, late John Jones, gent the horseway from Pontheere towards Keven y Lloyn, the Horseway from Pont Loyd towards Keven y Lloyn, the common called Keven y Lloyn, all of which are in tenure of Jenkin Jones. 18 Mar 1653-1654 

 D668/45 Lease for a year/Release (1) Thomas Morgan of Kevanloyn (2) Simon Sloper of Bath. £50 and £10 annuity during Morgan's lifetime. Kevenloyn Farm etc. Chairlyon where William James now lives, lands called Ka Ken reice (12a.) Craick Ddy (18a.), Keven yr Tente,(9a.), Ke Koose Lach (4a.) Ke Kooth Maine, Ke yr Trust (7a.) Ka Lewys (8a.), Ke rewlin (6a.), Ke yr Hendy (12a.), Gworland yr Hendy (14a.), Gworlass Theway,(18a.), all par. Chairlyon and in occupation of William James, bounded by the highway through the common Kevelloyn leading from Landigvethes Church to Lanverchas Church on one side and on the other lands of William Meredith, James Thomas, late of George Morgan, Elenor Williams, widow. William Rosser, and Giles Morgan. Also tenement with 4 parcels (16a.) par Lanverchvas intermixed with lands of Edward Morgan, bart. now leased to Sanger Rosser and John Rosser at rent of £4 p.a. of the Manor of Edluggen. Also other tenement par. Lan due vach within the lands and lanes of Sir Edward Morgan, lands of Sir Trevor Williams bart and William Williams esq. and the lane leading to Cod a Pane warren now in occupation of John Kemeys and formerly the land of the father of the said Thomas Morgan. 28 Jul 1669-29 Jul 1669 

 D668/48-49 Agreement (2 items) (1) Simon Sloper of Bath co. Somerset, gent. (2) Griffith Davies of Landigveth co. Mon.,clerk. £390. £100 to be paid at this date and the remaining £290 on 24 June next. The property as in Settlement of July 1700 between Griffith Davies and Edward Lloyd and Henry Lloyd. On payment of the £100 Symon Sloper will deliver the parcel of land called Gworlass ddewy and the tenement and premises in par. Llanvrechva occupied by John Kemeys to Griffith Davies who will receive the rents and profits in lieu of the interest of the £100 untill the conveyance shall be executed. 27 Feb 1699-1700 

 D668/42-43 Lease for a year/Release (1) Symon Sloper late Bath, Somerset, now of Latteridge, co. Glouc. (2) Griffith Davies of par. Landegveth, clerk. £390. Kevenlloyne, etc. as in Release of 28/29 July, 1669, all which are let to John Kemeys as tenant to Symon Sloper. 24 Jun 1700-25 Jun 1700 

 D668/50 Marriage Settlement (copy) (1) Griffith Davies of par. Landegveth co. Mon. clerk. (2) Edward Lloyd of Lancadle co. Glam. gent., and Henry Lloyd of Llandilo vaure co. Carmarthen, gent. Marriage already solemnised between Grffith Davies and Jennett his wife, £200 being the marriage portion. Keven Lloyne farm in par. Langattock iuxta Caerlion (1a) parcels of land called Ca Kerrick (12a.), Graig ddy (18a., Cae day yr heole (9a.), cae cosh bach (4a.), Cae Koed mawr (8a.), Ca yr trawst (7a.), Cae Lewis (8a.), Cae Rawlin (6a.), Kayr Hendy (12a.) Gworlod yr Hendy (14a.), all premises now in occupation by Ambrode John Morgan. Also the parcel of land called Gworlod Thewy (18a.), in tenure of John Kemeys, gent. all premises situated in Langattock iuxta Caerlion and are bounded with the highway through the common now called Keven Lloyne leading from Landegveth church to Lanvrechvas church on one side and on the other with the lands formerly of Wm. Meredith, Herbert Evans, James Thomas, Geo. Morgan Elianor Williams, Wm. Rosser and Giles Morgan. Also the tenement with 4 parcels of land (16a.) situate in par. Lanvrechva, intermixed in the of Sir Edward Morgan formerly held by lease for a year at £4 p.a. rent by Samuel and John Rosser under manor of Edlogan, which premises are occupied by John Kemeys. The above premises were described in an Indenture of Demise of July between Griffith Davies and Symon Sloper late of bath but then in Latteredge co. Glos. gent. Jul 1700 

 D668/36 Lease for a year (1) Lewis William Thomas of Lanvrechva, gent., E.S. and H. of William Thomas of same, Yeoman, dec'd. Wiliam Thomas par. Lanvrechva, yeoman and Elizabeth his wife, daughter of Lewis William Thomas, John Knight of same, Wheelwright and Frances his wife, and Grace William Thomas of same, spinster, youngest daughter of Lewis William Thomas. (2) Griffith Davies par. Llangattock iuxta Caerlion, clerk. Tenement with closes called Cae yr Fynnon, Cae dishlawety, Cae ychlawer ty, Y Cred dishlawrty, Gwayney Skybor, Y cae draw, Y Keven hyre, Keven Bythan ysha, Y ddryger, Keven by than Ycha, Y Cae dan y Ty and Y cae Ychlawrty and now called Y ddrygar ycha, Yddrygar ysha, Cefn Bychan, Cae Maur, Cae Wayne Ycha, Cae Wayne ysha, Gwayne yseyfer, Caer lan ycha and Cae lan yasha ya hereof (40a.), par Lanvrechva, bounded by lands of Mrs. Ann Morgan now in tenure of John Lawrence, gent. lands of William Thomas, other lands of Anne Morgan now in possession of Roger Kemeys or his underteneants, lands of Amy Thomas, Lands Barzilla Jones, Clerk, in occupation of William Ambross, lands of Cisly Perkins widow occupied by David Robins and lands of Cisley Perkins widow occupied by David Robins and lands of Cisly Perkins. The Mess. etc. now leased and now occupied by Lewis John Thomas. 20 Apr 1711 

 D668/52 Release (1) Griffith Davies the elder, par. Langattock iuxta Caerlion, clerk. (2) John Davies, second son of Griffith Davies. (3) John Ambrose of par. Lanthewy Vach, yeoman. Tenement withh 4 parcels of meadow and pasture land (16a.) situate in par. Lanvrechva, intermixed with lands formerly of Sir Edward Morgan, bart and held formerly by Samuel Rosser and John Rosser and now in tenure of William John Giles. To the use of Griffith Davies during his lifetime, then to the use of Jannet his wife and at her decease to the use of John Davies. 4 Apr 1715 

 D668/51 Mortgage (1) William Rice and Issac Lewy, tammer both of Caerlion. (2) Griffith Davies of Caerlion, clerk. £40. The parcel of meadow with appurts. called Morva Goviley bach (3a.), sitiate in par Langattock iuxta Caerlion, mearing to the horseway leading from Caerlion towards the house late in tenure of William Cornelius and now of Richard Lewis and the river Avon Lloyd. now occupied by John Reece Dyer. 18 Apr 1718 

 D668/35 Mortgage (1) Griffith Davies par. Landegveth, clerk. (2) Symon Sloper, late of Bath, now of Latteridge, co. Glouc., gent. £120 Kevenlloyn Farm etc. par. Llangattock juxta Caerlyon. 26 Jun 1700 

 D668/40-41 Lease for a year/Release (1) John Bartlett Allen of Cresselly, co. Pembroke, esq. (2) Margaret Allen, late of Fobston, but now of par. St. Martins in Haverfordwest, widow and devisee etc. in the will of William her late husband dec'd. Trustee. (3) John Prichard late of Caerleon, but now of Bristol, gent. £32. All those parcels (2a.) in the tenure of Jane Jones par. Langattock nigh Caerleon mearing lands of Elizabeth Prichard, widow, and Mary Davies, spinster and lands of Henry Thomas. 5 Aug 1771-6 Aug 1771 

 D668/56-57 Lease for a year/Release (1) John Hamman Pritchard of Caerleon, esq. only s. and h. of John Pritchard late of Caerleon esq. dec'd and grandson and heir of Elizabeth Prichard late of Caerleon, widow dec'd., and devisee in fee of the premises named in her Will. (2) Ann Pritchard of London, widow, mother of John Hamman Pritchard. £700. Messuage and farm called Cefn Llwyn Farm situate in parish Langattock iuxta Caerleon, now occupied by Thomas Edwards, adjoining the common Cefn Llwyd and lands of Sir Digby Mackworth bart., Capel Leigh esq., Antony Montonier Hawkins, doctor and widow Edwards. 2 Jan 1804-3 Jan 1804 

 D668/28 Abstract of title (Draft) Cefn Llewn Farm par Langattock co. Mon Lease for a year/Release 1828 March 13/14 between (1) Ann Pritchard formerly of Cefn Llewn now of Cheltenham (2) John Hamman Pritchard of Caerleon, Esq. (3) Phillip Henry Watts of Bath, gent., his trustee. 1828 

 D668/33 Plan Cefn Llwyn Farm Fields, named and described (one of abuttals provides slight clue to dating, a road to Llanthewy Vach and lands C.H. Leigh, Esq.) [18th century] 

 D668/54 Schedule of Deeds Title of Bickerton Pratt to Cefn Llwyn Farm pars. Llangattock-juxta-Caerleon and Llanddewi Vach co. Mon. Deeds listed 1639 Feb 1 to 1892 Feb 1 and all the deeds here listed are included among them. Late 19th century 

Parish Llanhilleth 

 D668/65 Assignment (1) John Lewis of par. Bedwas, shopkeeper. (2) The Rev. William Crawley, archdeacon of Monmouth and the Rev. Hughes, rector of par. Llanhilleth. £250. Cites lease of 2 Nov 1835 between (1) Edward Kendall (2) William Morris re: a parcel of land at Crumlin par. Llanhilleth, on which a Meeting House had been lately built, bounded by lands of Edward Kendall and by the turnpike road leading from Crumlin to Pontypool. Term 94 years at 1/= p.a. rent. The premises were assigned to John Lewis on 2 May 1836. The premises and land by this Assignment of 1846 are to be used as a school for the education of children (and adults) of the labouring and other poor of Llanhilleth and Crumlin, in the principles of the Established Church. With a note pinned to document. Statement dated 1893 June 14 by The Rev. James Hughes re: a path passing through the playground of Crumlin School Church, as pencilled on a plan. 17 Apr 1846 

 D668/64 Assignment (1) John Lewis of the Bryn, par. Bedwas, shopkeeper. (2) The Rev. William Crawley, clerk, Archdeacon of Monmouth and The Rev, James Hughes, clerk, rector of Llanhilleth. £150. Parcel of land, 182 sq. yds., near the Crumlin to Pontypool Road in par. Llanhilleth together with the messuage erected thereon as residence for the school master. Term, residue of term of 60 years from 1839. 25 Mar 1848 

 D668/63 Provisional Agreement (1) The Ven. William Conybeare Bruce, Archdeacon of Monmouth and The Rev. Daniel felix, rector of Llanhilleth. (2) Rosa Julianna Harriett, Nurse, widow and Angelina Symons, widow, both of Cheltenham co. Glous. (3) Abertillery U.D.C. 101 sq.yds. of land fronting the schools and adjoining the Aberbeeg to Crumlin road, situate in par. Llanhilleth and within the manor of Wentsland and Bryngwyn, for the purpose of widening the highway. Plan attached 1 Apr 1898 

 D668/62 Counterpart Assignment (1) The Venerable William Conybeare Bruce, Archdeacon of Monmouth and The Rev. Daniel Felix, rector of Llanhilleth, co. Mon. (2) Rosa Julianna Harriett Nurse, widow and Angelina Symons, widow both of Cheltenham co. Glos. (3) Abertillery Urban District Council £1 101 sq.yds. of land fronting the school and adjoining the Aberbeeg to Crumlin road, in par, Llanhilleth and within the manor of Wentsland and Bryngwyn for the purpose of widening the road. Plan attached 12 Dec 1898 

 D668/70 Release. (1) Phillip Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery etc., the Hon. William Lord Herbert his s.and h. a., Thomas Penrose and Griffith Owen of London, gent, Henry Rumnsey of Sudbrooke co.Mon. gent. and William Hughs of Staple Inn London, gent. (2) John Mathewe par. St. Clement Danes, Middx. gent. and Thomas Newman of London, gent trustee. (3) William Morgan of Tredegar, esq. (4) Edward Morgan of Tredegar, his brother. (5) Edmund Gamage of Bridgend, co. Glam. (6) John Greenuff of Bedwas, co. Mon. £1,146 paid by William Morgan, £340 by Edward Morgan. £361.15.4d. from Edmund Gamage, £140 by John Greenuff. (a) Manor of Diffrin with premises par. St. Woolles, St.Brides, Bettus and Basselegg. Also mess. and 33a. par. Bassaleg in manor of Abercarne, also cottage with land adjoining called Lantoclas par. Monythysloyn. Also tenement called Abertussowgg and 2 parcels called Kae David Adam and Kae Coch, par. Maghen, Bedwas and Bedwellty and within the manor of St Maghen. Also yearly rent of £1.12s.4d. for 4a. called Ty r y Gwaithe tyre in the park of William Morgan called Tredegar Park, par. Bassaleg, now or late occupied by William Morgan his heirs or assigns. Also mess. and 16a. called Pensyddon par. Bassaleg, manor of Wenllough, now or late in occupation of Rowland Morgan. Also 2 parcels called Maes Yarll 11a. in same par. and manor and in possession of Gabriell Jones. Also Tenement called Manachty par. Basselegg and manor of abercarne 30a. Also tenement called Maes Tire and a parcel of waste called Ton Evans, par. Maghen and Basselegg and manor of Abercarne and measuring 40a. late in possession of John George. Also land called Tyr Gwynn, a garden near the marsh, manor of Wenllough in possession of John Morgan. (b) Also mess. outbuildings and 50a. land etc. par. Malpas and manor of Malpas and Mendlegiffe in possession of Henry of Penhouse gent. (c) Also farm, park etc called Dowlas Park (112a.) Lordship Dowlas and parishes of Marshfield, Lanvauges y vedw and bassaleg. Also lands called Teere Carney and buildings therupon erected par Monythyslloyne and manor of Machen all of which are in tenure of Edmund Gammage. (d) Also Mess. called Gelly Wastodd, 100a. par. Machen. Also parcels called Tyrrwerne Wrangogg (40a.) par. Bedwas and Lordship of machen late in tenure of Rynald Williams, gent. Sale to trustees for following uses. Properties marked (a) for William Morgan (b) for Edward Morgan (c) for Edmund Gammage (d) to John Greenuff. 2 Apr 1668 

 D668/59 Tithe Reference (copy) Parish of Goldcliff with summary undated 

 D668/58 Part tithe map and Reference (copy) Parish of Nash. Area shown contains Great House and Farm Field and borders Goldcliff. undated 

 D668/60 Tithe reference (copy) Par. of Whitson with summary undated 

 D668/61 Ordnance Survey Index Concerns sheets re: Llangattwg juxta Caerleon, Mon. Addenda lists parish amalgamations as result of Divided Parishes and Poor Law Amendment Acts of 1882 1883 

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 D668/68 (4 Anne) Final Concorde (copy) Easter (1) Katherine Waters, spinster, Elianor Smith, spinster, James Smith, William Rogers and David Parry querents. (2) William Price, Katherine his wife, David Nicholls, Thomas Price and Mary his wife and Thomas Smith and Edith his wife, deforciants. 3 mess., 4 gardens, 2 orchards, 28a. land, 10a. meadow, 70a. furze and heath in parishes of Clodocke and Michael Church Escley. £120. The document is on parchment and in Chancery hand but it is poll. 1705 

 D668/46 Mortgage (1) Thomas Powell of par. Peterchurch co. Hereford, gent and Hannah his wife. (2) John Price of par. Michael Church Escley, co. Hereford, gent. £60 Cites an indenture of 1762 Nov 19/20 whereby the premises were mortgaged for £200. Interest of £15.15 is owing an this sum and Thomas and Hannah Powell wish to raise a further sum of £44.5. Messuage and lands in which Mary Brown formerly lived and now inhabited by David Pritchard, situate in Craswall par. Clodock and Michael Church, Escley. Endorsment that David Pritchard becomes tenant of John Price at a rental of £30 p.a. 20 Aug 1764 

Clothey Hopkin 

 D668/38 Feoffment and counterpart (together on file) (1) Thomas Urry Delahaye, gent and Richard Delahaye, gent (2) Thomas Lace Mess. etc. called Clothey Hopkin in Clothey Hopkin co. Hereford. in tenure of Thomas Lace and pasture in Urrieshaye co. Hereford. Rent 3s. p.a. 2 capon at Christmas: also heriot of second best beast. 12 May 1570 


 D668/69 Final Concord Trinity (1. Anne 1702) (1) John William and Watkin Watkin querents (2) Evan Brace the elder and Joan his wife, Evan Brace the younger, Phillip David and Margaret his wife, Thomas Smith and Edith his wife and William Gay, gent, deforciants. 3 messes, 1 cottage, 60a. land, 20a. meadow, 40a. pasture, 50a wood, 40a. furze and heath pars. Cussep and peterchurch co. Hereford. £200 1702 

 D668/39 Release (1) James Price par. Michaelchurch Escley, co. Hereford., blackmith. (2) Samuel Price,par. Peterchurch co. Hereford., blacksmith, his son. Love and annuity of £4 p.a. Tenement where Constance Thomas, widow, mother of Richard Thomas lived and where Samuel Price now lives with all outhouses and 2 1/2 a. of land par. Peterchurch 2 Feb 1809 

 D668/30 Bond (1) Thomas Smyth of Peterchurch, Hereford., yeoman. (2) Henry Lanwrarne of same, gent. £40 to pay with interest £20 on June 24th next 10 Feb 1743 

Hay Urry Parish Peterchurch 

 D668/32 Hilary (36 Eliz.) Final Concord (1) Thomas Harley esq., Paul Delahay esq., Richard Karnous, Roger Vaughan and John Bridgman, querents. (2) Walter Delahay, gent., deforciant Manor of Urishay alias Hay Urrie, Trilleshope alias Trenant, Clothy Hopkin and Wilbroke alias Wirkbroke with appurts. and 20 messes., 10 cottages, 10 tofts, 2 water mills, 2 dove cots, 20 gardens, 1000a. land2001. meadow, 500a. pasture, 200a. wood, 40a. furzeand heath, 40a. marsh and 8 freehold rents £320 1594 

 D668/44 Lease for one year (1) Thomas Delahay of Uriishay alias Hay Urrie, Hereford, esq. (2) John Delahay his son and heir apparent. Manor and castle of Urishay alias Hay Urrie co. Hereford. with rights, also manor of Trilleshope alias Trenant, Clothy Hopkin and Willbroke alias Wirkbroke co. Hereford. and mess. called Deyry. Also mess. purchased by John Delahay of James Penoyre, gent. and William Penoyre his son in township of Hinton and parish of Peterchurch now in possession of John Delehay and tenants John William Victor, John Weston, James Lewis, John Atkins, and John Williams. Manor house of Willbiroke and lands thereto belonging par. Peterchurch on possession of George Watkins. Meadow with appurts. par. Vowchurch co. Hereford. in possession of Thomas Pritchard as tenant to Thomas and John Delahay. Also 8a. pasture par. Peterchurch called Monks Close now in possession of Griffith Powell. Also house called the Hostrey with 4a. in possession Martha Draper, widow and smiths forge par. Peterchurch now in possession of John Hanroe. Six acres of pasture and arable called Forge Close, Byfield and Snowdle par. Peterchurch in possessions John Jenkins, Samuell Mychell and Mary Gundy, widow. Several cottages par. Peterchurch in possession of John Nicholas, Michael Box, Thomas Howeles, Edward Higgins and William Watkins and cottages in possession of Walter Thomas, Katherine Thomas, Walter Prosser, Rowland Watkins, Elizabeth James, Roger Davies. Manor of Vrishay or Hay Urrie. Also cottages in possession of Henry Pykes, Anne James and Joane Williams lying within the manor of Clothy Hopkyn. Also several cottages in possession of David Harris, John Jones and William James laying in the manor of Trilleshope. Also mess. called Honibrowne and the meadow in Vowchurch in possession of Thomas Pritchard. Also the Grove Close and Woodland called Oateley par. Peterchurch in possession of Thomas Delahay. Also farm called Old Hay, par. Peterchurch now in possession of John Morgan. Also all estate to which John and Thomas Delahay are entitled to inherit pars Peterchurch, Michaell Church Estley, Vowchurch, St. Margaretts and Hinton. 30 Jul 1694 

 D668/31 Hilary (14 Ch. II) Quittance of John Handford lately sheriff of Herefordshire of seisin of Mess. with appurts. and 60a. arable, 20a. meadow, 10a. pasture, in Urishay par. Peterchurch in possession of Paul de la Haye gent., who was bound by Obligation of 1641 (17 Charles I) November 13 in £216 being two subsidies. 1662 

 D668/66 Command to John Williams and Mary his wife that they perform the covenant made with John Delahay to warrant to him. 1 mess, 2 barns, 1 stable, 1 beasthouse, 1 garden, 4a. land, 3a. meadow, 4a. pasture, 1a. wood with the appurts. in Urish Hay (hay Ury) in par. Peterchurch and of tithes of corn and grain in Urish Hay. 14 Feb 1767 

 D668/67 Holy Trinity (7 George III) Final Agreement Court of Common Pleas. (1) John Delahay plt. (2) John Williams and Mary his wife, deforcts. £60. 1 mess., 2 barns, 1 stable, 1 beasthouse, 1 garden, 4a. land, 3a. meadow,4a. pasture, 1 a. of wood with appurts. in Urish Hay (Hay Ury) in par. Peterchurch and of the tythes of corn and grain. 1767 


 D668/47 Will of James Coode of Wilmoston, co Hereford., yeoman. Lands etc. situate in Wilmeston bequethed to his wife Elizabeth. If she marries the property bequathed to his son James Coode and his male heirs. If there are no heirs then Richard Coode the second son and his male heirs. If there are no legal heirs then the property passes to the youngest son Tho. Coode. Probate granted 1605. Endorsement 1612. 13 Nov 1605 

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