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Mr E.I.P. Bowen worked as a Solicitor at the Town Hall, Pontypool in 1972

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Records including title deeds relating to various parishes in Monmouthshire

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The collection has been arranged into the following series: Caerleon, Goytre, Llanbaddock, Llanthewy Vach, Newchurch West, Panteg, Trevethin, Usk, Unidentified.

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 D1014/26 Settlement 1. Thomas James, yeoman, of Caerleon. 2. William Williams, gent., of Llanfoist, and William Jones, gent. of Llantarnam. Premises in Caerleon comprising: mansion house inhabited by James with outhouse, curtilage and garden, bounded by premises of Henry Watkins, gent. dec'd, William Rotherch, William Sandiford, gent and by the highway from the Sanctuary Stone, Caerleon, towards Pont Kernew; messuage and garden occupied by Richard Lewis, abutting on the other premises of James; barn in the Goldcroft adjoining the lord's pound. For the use of James and his intended wife, Amy Jones, widow of Llangattock-iuxta-Caerleon, and after their death, of any issue born to them, if none, the mansion house and appurtenances for the use of Elizabeth, youngest daughter of James, and the other premises for the use of the next heirs of James. 10 May 1660 

 D1014/29 Assignment of Lease 1. Thomas Hooper, farmer, of Caerleon. 2. Thomas Davies (Davis), currier of Newport, nephew of John Richards, dec'd, gent, of Neath, co. Glam. 3. Robert Gething, mariner, of Caerleon. £460 £350 to Hooper in cancellation of assignment of mortgage of 1799 February. £110 to Davies for 21 year lease of 1795 June 30. Barn called Cannons Barn; also 29 acres of land adjoining The Moor, Caerleon, on the west, and formerly occupied by William Lewis, comprising Cannons Close and Red Acre. Recites mortgage of 1795 October 24, assignment of mortgage of 1797 July 4, further mortgage of 1798 June 16, declaration of trust of 1798 June 16, bond of 1798 June 16. 9 Sep 1799 

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 D1014/1 Lease for a year 1. William Thomas, yeoman, late par. Goytrey, now par. Usk, nephew and heir of John William Thomas, yeoman dec'd, par. Goytrey; and Mary his wife. 2. John Griffiths, yeoman par. Trevethin. Messuage with barn, cow-house, garden and orchard, 50 acres land named Cae Pen Yr Hewle, Ca Lisgorne, Cae'r Werne, Cae'r Fald, Cae'r Odyn, Cae'r Fynnon, Cae'r Werne Isha, Yr Worlod Ycha, Ar Wyrlod Ysha, in parish Goytrey, abutting on lands of the Lord of Abergavenny, of Anthony Morgan, esq., of Llanelly, of James Phillip Lewis, of Henry Bosville, esq., and of Reynold Charles, on the lane from Crossenny Pant to Llanvihangel Bridge, and on the lane from Abergavenny towards Usk, and now or late occupied by William Romsey; all other premises of William Thomas par. Goytrey. 15 Jan 1727-1728 

 D1014/2 Lease for a Year 1. James Phillip Lewis, yeoman, par. Usk, and Mary his wife, only daughter and heir of William John Phillip Lewis, yeoman, dec'd par. Goytrey. 2. John Griffiths, yeoman, Pontypool. Messuages with cow-house, garden, orchard; 30 Welsh acres of lands named Cae Tre Coper, Cae'r Uwen, Y Werne Vach, Cae Bach, Y Worlod Isha, Y Worlod Ycha, The Croft, in par. Goytrey, abutting on lands of Henry Bosvile, esq., the lane from Croes Un Y Pant to Llanvihangel-nigh-Usk bridge, lands of the Lord of Abergavenny and John Griffiths; all other freehold lands of James Phillip Lewis and Mary his wife, par. Goytrey. 22 Mar 1727-1728 

 D1014/3 Lease for a Year/Settlement 1. John Griffiths, gent, formerly par. Bedwellty, now of Pontypool, and Margaret his wife. 2. David Miles, esq., Llandervell, par Llanvihangel, Llantarnam. 3. John Williams, yeoman, par. Llanvihangel Llantarnam., father of Margaret Griffiths. Messuage with cow-house, garden and orchard, 30 Welsh acres of land named Cae Tre Cover, Cae'r Uwen, Y Wern Vach, Cae Bach, Y Worlod Ysha, Y Worlod Ycha, The Croft in par. Goytrey, abutting on lands of Henry Bosville, esq., on the lane from Croes Un Y Pant to Llanvihangel-nigh-Usk bridge on lands of the Lord of Abergavenny and of John Griffiths now or late occupied by Walter Powell, all other freehold lands late of James Phillip Lewis and Mary, his wife, par. Goytrey; all these premises were bought by John Griffiths from James Phillip Lewis and Mary, his wife; messuage with barn, cow-house, garden and orchard; 50 acres of land named Cae Pen'r Hewle, Cae Lisborne, Cae'r Gwerne, Cae'r Fald, Cae'r Odyn, Cae'r Funnon, Cae'r Wern Isha, Yr Worlod Ycha, Ar Worlod Ysha, in par. Goytrey, abutting on lands of the Lord of Abergavenny, of Anthony Morgan, esq., of Llanelly, lands late of James Phillip Lewis, now of John Griffiths, of Henry Bosville esq., of Reynold Charles, on the lane from Croes Un Y Pant to Llanvihangel bridge and on the lane from Abergavenny towards Usk. these premises formerly occupied by William Romsey; all other premises late of William Thomas, par. Goytrey, lately purchased by John Griffiths from William Thomas and Mary, his wife; all other premises of John Griffiths, par. Goytrey. 29 Apr 1729-30 Apr 1729 

 D1014/4 Bond 1. Bridgett Bosville, widow, and Hugh Bosville, esq., her son both of Llanellen. 2. John Griffiths, gent of Pontypool. £200 to perform, with John Bosville and Mary Bosville, son and daughter of Bridgett Bosville, the covenants of a release of even date. 27 Dec 1746 

 D1014/5 Bond 1. John Griffiths, gent of Trosnant, par. Trevethin. 2. John Beddome, gent, of Bristol. £800 to pay Beddome £400 with interest Endorsed Receipts For interest paid, from 1751 July 23 to 1757 January 10 10 Items. 26 Dec 1750-10 Jan 1757 

 D1014/8 Release 1. William Bliss, cooper, of Caerleon-ultra-Pontem, par. Christchurch, and John Bliss, ship carpenter of Bristol, his eldest son and heir apparent. 2. John Griffiths, gent, of Caerleon. £3 10s decayed messuage and plot in Caerleon-ultra-Pontem adjoining house of James Morgan, tailor, and highway from Caerleon Bridge to Christchurch. 15 Apr 1762 

 D1014/9 Assignment of Lease 1. Lewis Davies, tailor, of Hatton Garden, co. Middlesex. 2. John Griffiths, the younger, gent. of Caerleon. 3. Charles Rogers, nailer of Caerleon, and Elizabeth Harris, spinster of Pontypool. £150 Dwelling House, site of which was bought by Griffiths from Edward Bliss and William Bliss, par. Christchurch-iuxta-Caerleon, between river Usk and highway from Caerleon to Newport; ajoining store house, loft, workshops and forges; the land and way behind these premises to the low water mark of the Usk; the tools and equipment of the nailery there. Rogers and Harris to be tennants in common, not joint tennants. Recites lease of 1766 February 14. 4 Oct 1766 

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 D1014/10 Copy of Court Roll Admittance Manor of Usk, Herbert Thomas, carpenter, par. Llanllowel, one of 5 sons of William Thomas, yeoman, par. Llanbaddock and Mary his wife, both dec'; Edward Thomas, carpenter par. Llanbaddock, only son of Edward Thomas, carpenter, dec'd. par. Llanbaddock, another son of William Thomas. 2 fifths of dwelling house formerly inhabited by William Cadogan and Catherine, his wife; garden and orchard belonging thereto; 2 parcels of land belonging, occupied by Thomas Williams, par. Llanbaddock. Entry fine 9d. heriot 5s. 13 Aug 1793 

 D1014/11 Copy of Court Roll Surrender and Admittance Manor of Usk 1. Herbert Thomas, yeoman, par. Llangattock-iuxta-Caerleon, only son of John Thomas, yeoman, par. Llantrissent. 2. John Lewis, shoemaker, Usk. 2 fifths of dwelling-house par. Llanbaddock, formerly occupied by William Cadogan and Catherine, his wife, with garden and orchard; 2 parcels of land belonging thereto, formerly occupied by Thomas Williams. Entry Fine 9d. Heriot 5s. 21 Feb 1806 

 D.1014/12 Copy of Court Roll Surrender and Admittance Manor of Usk 1. John Lewis, shoemaker, of Usk. 2. Joshua Davies, clerk, par. Goytrey. Premises as in copy of court roll of 1806 February 21. 8 Feb 1810 

 D1014/13 Assignment of Mortgage 1. John Lewis, shoemaker, Usk. 2. Herbert Thomas, yeoman par. Llangattock iuxta Caerleon. 3. Joshua Davies, clerk, par. Goytrey. £100 £72 to Lewis in cancellation of mortgage of 11 February 1806. £28 to Thomas. Premises as in copy of court roll of 1806 February 21. Endorsed 12 February 1812 Receipt Further £10 from Joshua Davies to Herbert Thomas on security of above premises. Endorsed 22 May 1812 Receipt £117 paid by John Monk, yeoman, par. Llanbaddock, to Joshua Davies for mortgage of 8 February 1810. 8 Feb 1810 

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Llanthewy Vach 

 D1014/6 Lease for a Year 1. Francis Lewis, gent, par. Llanelly, co. Brecon, and Tabitha his wife; James Lewis, gent, Neath, co. Glam, his only son and Heir, and Jennet, his wife. 2. James Lewis, baker, Abergavenny Messuage and lands formerly occupied by William Morgan and Rachel, his wife; site of decayed messuage adjoining; cottage adjoining and belonging thereto, occupied by Thomas Powell, land belonging to above premises, named Cae Dwych Lawyr Wain, Gwynnud Dan Yr Skibor, Croft Wrth Y Berllan, Cae'r Keffyl, Cae'r Moch, Cae Mart, Cae Bach, Coed Bach Y Ddryssiog, Y Graig Ar Lansoar, Ynis Y Pwelvayne, Gwayne Y Pwelvayne, totalling 50 acres par. Llanthewy Vach; lands named Cae Groeswen, Cae'r Fera, Cae'r Hendy, Gwain Yr Hendy, Cae Pwll, Y Llainde, Y Slieegoedra, Cae Willim, par. Llanthewy Vach totalling 50 acres, occupied by Lewis Watkin; lands named Y waine Ar Lan Sirowi, Cae'r Fanalog Blethyn; lands adjoining Cae'f Fanalog Blethyn, par. Llanthewy Vach, abutting on lands of Francis Lewis and on the stream called Sirowi, with a moiety of a barn and cow-house belonging thereto. 16 Apr 1773 

 D1014/7 Lease for a Year 1. Mary Lewis, spinster, of Abergavenny, daughter of James Lewis, baker, dec'd Abergavenny; and James Williams, sadler, of Abergavenny, only son and heir of Elizabeth Morgan, dec'd wife of John Morgan and other daughter of James Lewis, by James Williams, dec'd, her first husband. 2. James Lewis, esq., of Pontypool, only son and heir of Francis Lewis, gent, dec'd, par. Llanelly, co. Brecon by Tabitha his wife dec'd. Premises as in lease for a year, of 1773 April 16, described as formally of Thomas Powell, Lewis Watkins and Francis Lewis. 5 May 1803 

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Newchurch West 

 D1014/30 Mortgage 1. William Morgan, the younger farmer, par. Newchurch West, and Mary his wife. 2. Henry Mostyn, gent., of Usk. £20 messuage formerly in possesion of Trevor Morgan, then of Richard Lewis, then of James Evans, then of William Harris, with outbuildings etc., 30 acres of land named Cae Gwin, Cae'r Pwll, Cae'r Coed Ma, Cae Bach, Gwain Vaur, Cae Mayne, Gwain Vellau Dislawr Coed, Cae Worth Y Tuy, par. Newchurch West, formerly occupied by Edmund Jones and now by the said William Morgan. Recites settlement 1844 March 8, mortgages of 1844 March 9 and 1844 May 24. 4 Feb 1845 

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 D1014/25 Grant (17 Eliz I) 1. Laurence Phillip Gwilim of Panteg and Alice Verch Howell, his wife. 2. Ievan Laurence and Margaret Verch Johan, his wife. Dwelling house with gardens, outbuildings, orchards and freehold land par. Panteg, named Tyre Ievan Moell and Tyre Y Payntwr, between highway from Caerleon towards Abergavenny, lands named Tyre Ievan Ap Gwynn, lands named Dewest, and lands formerly of Thomas Morgan. 26 Jul 1575 

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 D1014/27 Lease for a Year 1. Thomas David, yeoman, par. Trevethin, and Jeonet, his wife. 2. William Jenkins, gent., Trostrey par. Usk, and Walter Lewis, yeoman, par. Trevethin. Messuage, 2 barns, stable, 2 gardens, 3 curtilages, 18 closes, totalling 80 acres par. Trevethin between lands of John Waters, Gwenllian William, widow, Cradock Jones, gent, the highway from Pontymoyle towards Abergavenny, and lands of William Gibbon. 7 Jun 1695 

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 D1014/28 Lease for a Year 1. William Thomas, tiler and plasterer, formerly of Usk, now of Haversham, co. Bucks, eldest son of William Thomas, yeoman, dec'd of Usk; Henry Thomas, glazier and painter, par. St. Michael's Bristol, only son and heir of Henry Thomas tiler, dec'd of Usk. 2. John Laverick, gent, par. New Inn, London. Mansion house, barn, stable, gardens and orchards, called The Cock, formally occupied by David Davies, miller, now by Thomas Lewis and Rachael, his wife, formerly Rachael Thomas; orchard called Garddy Bach, of 1 acre, occupied by James Price, tanner, of Usk; all these premises situated par. Usk. 5 acres of land par. Llangeview, occupied by Robert Thomas of Usk, abutting on lands formerly of Sir. John Williams, bart., now of Lady Williams, on lands of Graigolwy Farm, and on highway from Usk to Chepstow; mansion house divided into 2 tenements with garden, in St. Mary Street, Usk, formerly owned by Henry Thomas, above, now occupied by Robert Thomas the younger and John Watkins, mason. Parties to subsequent release to be (1) William Thomas and Margaret his wife, and Henry Thomas and Frances, his wife; (2) Thomas David, farmer, par. Llangeview and Margaret his wife; (3) Thomas David the younger, heir and only son; (4) John Laverick. 28 Sep 1764 

 D1014/14 Notice 1. John Shepard, attorney. 2. James Williams, John Jones, Charles Banvin, William Weights, Richard Steel and James Hopkins, tenants of George Howell, yeoman of Usk. Period of mortgage of 1837 August 21 has expired; the rent for their respective dwelling houses par. Usk, must be paid to mortgagee (unnamed) not to Howell, Mortgagor. 8 Jun 1838 

 D1014/19 Particulars of Sale By William Graham, jr. auctioneer, of Savings Bank Chambers, Newport, to be held at the Three Salmons Hotel, Usk. 17 lots in pars. Llanbaddock, Llangeview, Llanvihangel Ystern Llewern, Penrose, Usk, with memorandum of purchase by John Parker of Lot 11, meadow called Brick Field, par. Llangeview occupied by Thomas Morgan. 3 Feb 1863 

 D.1014/15 Probate of Will (Copy) Richard James Pye Steel, doctor of medicine, of Blaenavon. All his estate to Henry Charles Steel, of Blaenavon, his son. Money deposited in trust at Post Office Savings Bank for his daughter Elizabeth Jane Steel, to be paid over to her. Desires that H. C. Steel shall aid widow and children of Richard James Steel, son of testator. Sole executor, H. C. Steel. Probate granted 1877 March 12. 3 Jul 1873 

 D1014/21 Tenancy Agreement 1. Mary Sophia Steel of Blaenavon. 2. Rees Thomas, farmer of Cefn Lla, par. Llanbaddock. £40 p.a. Premises formerly occupied by John Parker, dec'd, comprising a messuage called Victoria Villa, Usk, with garden, coach-house, stable, and meadow and shed in front. This document has been altered in a later hand, apparently as draft agreement of 1893 September 4. Letters 9 Feb 1903 Watkins and Co., solicitors, to H. C. Steel, esq., of Blaenavon, relating to the estate of W. G. Dowden, dec'd; also related correspondence from 1898 August 29 to 1903 February 4. 8 items 4 May 1888-9 Feb 1903 

 D1014/22 Conveyance (Copy) 1. Mary Sophia, wife of Henry Charles Steel, estate agent, of Blaenavon, and daughter of John Parker, dec'd, gent, formerly of Llanbaddock, late of Victoria Villa, Usk. 2. John Parker, farmer, of Hill Farm, par. Trostrey her brother. £200 10 unoccupied dwelling houses and gardens, called The Walcheren, Usk; also licence to construct sewage tank and drain for these premises on opposite side of road; also stable adjoining Victoria Villa, occupied by Mrs Crichton. Recites conveyances of 1858 August 23 and 1859 February 4, and will of 1887 August 26 (probate 1888 March 15). Plan annexed, scale 1/2500. 9 Nov 1895 

 D1014/17 Profit and Loss Account Referred to in letter of 1896 May 15 Attached Balance Sheet The Blaenavon Co. Ltd., previous doc. 28 Mar 1896 

 D1014/16 Letter (15 May 1896) J. A. Strachan of the Blaenavon Co. Ltd., 86 Cannon Street, London E.C. to Mr Dowden, relating to the profit and loss account for the half year ending 1896 March. List (2 Dec 1899) Securities belonging to the Dowden Trust and deposited at Blaenavon branch of Metropolitan Bank. Signed H. C. Steel. Attached 15 May 1896, 2 Dec 1899 

 D1014/18 Letters Watkins and Co., solicitors of Club Chambers, Pontypool, to H. C. Steel of Blaenavon, relating to estate of W. G. Dowden, dec'd, and related correspondence 1903. 6 items 11 Mar 1903 

 D1014/20 Tenancy Agreement 1. Mary Sophia Steel of Blaenavon. 2. Morwent Parker of Twyn Square, par. Usk. £13 p.a. Meadow called The Brickfield, par. Llangeview. 15 Mar 1904 

 D.1014/23 Tenancy Agreement 1. Mary Sophia Steel, of Whilwell, Hereford Road, Abergavenny. 2. Edward Morgan, of Four Ash Cottage, Usk, milk vendor. £15 p.a. Meadow in front of Victoria Villa, Usk, occupied by Morgan. Reserving access by tenants of Victoria Villa and Jubilee Villa to sewage tanks. 28 Sep 1914 

 D1014/24 Tenancy Agreement 1. Mary Sophia Steel of Whilwell, Hereford Road, Abergavenny. 2. Ernest John Whittington of The Laurels, Monmouth. £25 p.a. Messuage known as Victoria Villa, Usk. 30 Oct 1914 

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 D1014/31 Certificate of Acknowledgement Eleanor, wife of James Williams. Relates to indenture of 1878 July 16. 1878 

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