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Jones Family of Bulmoor, Kemeys Inferior
Baker Jones family of Newport
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Biographical/Historical note

The family land at Bulmoor [Bulmore], p. Kemeys Inferior, was purchased in 1757 by Edmund Jones of Trosnant, gent. (1690-1765), an agent and manager for the estate of Charles Williams of Caerleon.

Members of the family included:

Thomas Baker Jones (TBJ), 1862-1959, was a local solicitor, eventually running the firm Hornby and Baker Jones (now Hornby Baker Jones and Wood LLP). Thomas played Rugby for Newport and Wales. He played 6 internationals between 1882-1885. He also had the distinction of scoring Wales first ever try. He also served as chairman of the Royal Gwent Hospital, 1931-1935. Thomas married Elizabeth Wood.

Paul Esmond Russell Baker-Jones (PBJ), 1894-1934, (born Paul Esmond Russell Jones) also played for Wales, earning a solitary cap in 1921. This was the first instance of a father and son representing Wales at Rugby. In 1914 Paul joined the 4th Brigade of Welsh Royal Field Artillery. In 1915 he served in France, in 1916 in Egypt. Paul then moved on to Palestine and Syria. Paul Baker-Jones eventually became a Captain in the Royal Artillery. He died in Quetta, Pakistan in 1934.

Tim W Baker-Jones (TWBJ), 1933-2010, the son of Paul Baker-Jones. In 1951 he entered Merton College Oxford, graduating with a good second in Modern History. His deferred National Service was in the Royal Navy from 1954, in which he was promoted to Temporary Acting Sub-Lieutenant RNVR. Most of his service was in the Far East; and he saw sea service in HMS Opossum, a sister ship of HMS Amethyst of the Yangtze River incident. His Commanding Officer’s final report regarded him as ‘a perfectionist by nature [whose] work is always of the highest quality....sustained by a spirit of duty and by interest.’ In later life he lived in Oxford.

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Scope and Contents note

Records consist of the private papers of Thomas Baker Jones and Paul Baker-Jones

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

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Custodial History note

Records for a long time were lodged with Tim W Baker-Jones of Oxford, son of Paul Baker-Jones. On his passing, the records were passed to his first cousin Paul Aeron-Thomas, the son of Cicily (Cecilia) Mary Aeron-Thomas (née Jones), sister of Paul Baker-Jones.

Accruals note

No further accruals are expected

Appraisal note

Records have been appraised along the lines of the Gwent Archives Collection and Appraisal Policies

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Related Materials

Related Archival Materials note

See also D4683: Papers of Edmund Jones of Bulmore, Caerleon, Mon., Thomas Bevan Jones; and Thomas Baker Jones, of Newport, Mon., 1797-1931

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General note

Many papers in the collection contain pencil annotations by TW Baker Jones, who organised much of the collection

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Collection Inventory

 D5831/1 Papers of Thomas Baker Jones 

 D5831/1/1 Papers 

Custodial History note

D5831/1/1/1-32 were all found in a deeds tin labelled 'TBJ'

 D5831/1/1/1 Partnership papers 1907-1946   1 item, 1 bundle

 D5831/1/1/1/1 Article of Partnership between Mr. Louis H. Hornby and Mr. T. Baker Jones (endorsed with Memoranda) 8 Jun 1907   1.0 item

 D5831/1/1/1/2 Partnership Papers: Mr. T. Baker Jones and Mr. J.K. Wood 1926-1946   1 bundle

 D5831/1/1/2 Executors Accounts for the estate of Mrs Mary Wood (TBJ's Mother-in-law) 30 Dec 1899-31 Dec 1904   5.0 items

 D5831/1/1/3 Draft Will of Harold Wood (TBJ's Brother-in-law) and associated papers 1942-1943   7.0 items

 D5831/1/1/4 "Photographs from album kept at Oak Villas, Gold Tops, Newport Mon, the residence of Mr. and Mrs. John Wood for many years from about 1860 to 1" Signed TBJ 15.9.55. (Mr. and Mrs. Wood were the parents-in-law of TBJ). All photographs are black and white, some labelled with names on the dorse c.1880-c.1900   25.0 items

 D5831/1/1/5 Notice given by the District Probate Registry at Llandaff that Paul Esmond Russell Baker-Jones of 292 Queens Road, Quetta, Baluchistan, India (now Pakistan), a Captain in His Majesty's Royal Artillery died on 17 May 1934 intestate. Notice states that Letters of Administration granted to Margaret Simpson Baker-Jones of The Poplars, St Andrews, co. Fife, Scotland, widow; and, TBJ, solicitor Net Value of Personal Estate £1629 9s 10d 31 Aug 1934   1.0 item

 D5831/1/1/6 Plan of a Building Estate in Cwmbran, showing the settlement of a boundary. Boundary concerns plots owned by Jacob Jones (father of TBJ) Surveyor: George E. Robinson, Cardiff 1 Feb 1908   1.0 item

Related Archival Materials note

See also D5831/1/1/7 and D5831/1/1/29

 D5831/1/1/7 Papers re: Building Estate in Cwmbran 1908-1910   1 bundle

Related Archival Materials note

See also D5831/1/1/6 and D5831/1/1/29

 D5831/1/1/8 Notebook entitled 'Clients Private' including enclosures: expenses, correspondence and cuttings 1929-1940   1.0 volume

 D5831/1/1/9 Notebook labelled 'Garden Diary 1927.' Detailed diary of work carried out in the garden 1927-1952   1.0 item

 D5831/1/1/10 Financial papers originally labelled 'TBJ' 1885-1958   1 bundle and 1 envelope

 D5831/1/1/10/1 Envelope labelled "Scottish Widows Fund Life Policy, T. Baker Jones" containing: policies, premiums paid in over the years, copy birth certificate 1904-1958   1 envelope

 D5831/1/1/10/2 Envelope labelled "Mountstuart Dry Docks Ltd" containing notices for pending meetings, directors' reports and statements of accounts inter alia 1931-1936   1 envelope

 D5831/1/1/10/3 Envelope labelled "British Railways" containing Notices, Reports of the Directors, and general papers on shares inter alia 1922-1947   1 envelope

 D5831/1/1/10/4 Envelope labelled "4% funding stock" containing correspondence and receipts regards puchase stock 1946-1952   1 envelope

 D5831/1/1/10/5 Envelope labelled "Daggafontein Mines Ltd" containing rough notes and a circular to share holders 1936   1 envelope

 D5831/1/1/10/6 Envelope labelled "4% consolidated stock" containing correspondence and receipts regards puchase stock 8 Nov 1954-14 Dec 1954   1 envelope

 D5831/1/1/10/7 Envelope labelled "War Loans 3½%" containing rough notes, stock certificates, and Note of Estate of Baker Jones (8 Nov 1952) 1931-1952   1 envelope

 D5831/1/1/10/8 Envelope labelled "3% defence bonds" containing correspondence and publicity material 1946-1956   1 envelope

 D5831/1/1/10/9 Envelope entitled "Odd Papers relating to Land and Houses at Cwmbran, Mon" containing: correspondence; maps; plans; title deeds; Sales Particulars for Llantarnam Abbey (1885). Land in Cwmbran owned by Jacob Jones (TBJ's father) 1885-1949   1 envelope

 D5831/1/1/11 Correspondence regards the estate of Mrs Hern, of Ilfracombe, Devon. Correspondence comes from both Miss C.E. Shepherd Smith and Mrs Mackillop. A dispute has arisen: Mrs Mackillop is trying to take control of Mrs Hern's estate, while Miss C.E. Shepherd Smith has provisional power of attorney 1931-1932   1 bundle

 D5831/1/1/12 Envelope labelled "Mr Coulter's Prescription for bifocal glasses." Mr RJ Coulter was a surgeon in Newport. These are glasses for TBJ 22 Sep 1935   1 envelope

 D5831/1/1/13 Envelope labelled "Income Tax - Post War Credits" containing papers including a Certificate of Post War Credit 16 Oct 1942-6 Sep 1950   1 envelope

 D5831/1/1/14 Bundle labelled "John Windsor Richards" containing letters by Mr Windsor Richards to TBJ (also letters written by Sylvia Venn, Mr Windsor Richards' sister). It appears Mr Windsor is writing to his solicitor regards potential demands for money from his estranged wife, and his mother 1939-1941   1 bundle

 D5831/1/1/15 Letter labelled "Mrs Dorothy Lewis." Letter to TBJ from Dorothy concerning [her husband] Llewellyn and his brothers 12 Jun 1938   1.0 item

 D5831/1/1/16 Correspondence between TBJ and Mrs Bessie M Webb of Anglesey regards Mrs Webb's unhappy marriage to her husband, Martin 1936-1937   4.0 items

 D5831/1/1/17 Letter from Tom James to TBJ enquiring whether TBJ had a brother called Frederick and whether he in turn knew a Mary Ann Pritchard and her daughter, Olive. Mr James wife is Olive, and she believes Frederick to be her father 17 Sep 1945   1 envelope

 D5831/1/1/18 Letter from Mary to TBJ, address given as California School of Gardening for Women. Mary is writing to TBJ regards a shortage of money and sorting out her will. Mary obviously knows the family as she is on first name terms with TBJ and is pleased to hear about his son Paul. (Mary may be a client or possibly his sister Cecilia Mary?) 23 Oct 1932   1.0 item

 D5831/1/1/19 Letter from Ivor F. James to TBJ informing of his mother's estate and intestacy 25 Mar 1930   1.0 item

 D5831/1/1/20 Correspondence between TBJ and the Bowker family of Cwmbran House, Pontnewynydd 1937-1938   1 bundle

 D5831/1/1/20/1 Letter from Miss Edna Bowker to TBJ. Miss Bowker is asking TBJ to write on her behalf to her mother regards: Miss Bowker's possessions being transferred to her home at 6 Pentonville, Newport; Miss Bowker paying off a Mrs Swain regards launching a defamation order against her mother; Miss Bowker paying her father's funeral expenses; and, asking TBJ to delay her father's probate while she is away (Letter includes annotations in pencil, probably by TBJ) 21 Mar 1937   1 m

 D5831/1/1/20/2 Letter from Miss Edna Bowker to TBJ: Miss Bowker is asking TBJ to write on her behalf to her mother regards: 26 Bond Street. This property has come into Miss Bowker's possession and it has cost her a great deal of money - she encloses the costings for the property. The main body of the letter is regards Miss Bowker disputing potential moneys owed to her mother 10 April 1937   2 mm

 D5831/1/1/20/3 Letter from Miss Edna Bowker to TBJ: a thank you letter 11 Apr 1937   1 m

 D5831/1/1/20/4 Letter from TBJ to Miss Edna Bowker: TBJ reports that he has visited Miss Bowker's mother, and she is in better health than she has been recently. TBJ advises Miss Bowker not to visit just yet, but leave it a while 22 Jul 1937   1 m

 D5831/1/1/20/5 Letter from Mrs Mary Bowker to TBJ: describing two robberies that had recently taken place at Cwmbran House. Robbery included the burglars going into Edna Bowker's room. (Annotations in pencil and red pen by TBJ) 16 Aug 1937   2 mm

 D5831/1/1/20/6 Letter from Mrs Mary Bowker to TBJ: asking whether Miss Edna Bowker had taken her possessions from Cwmbran House (Annotations in red) 25 Aug 1937   1 m

 D5831/1/1/20/7 Letter from Mrs Mary Bowker to TBJ: telling him that the matter of Income Tax, which Miss Edna Bowker raised, is in hand (Annotation in pencil and red pen) 26 Aug 1937   1 m

 D5831/1/1/20/8 Letter from Miss Edna Bowker to TBJ: Miss Bowker writes regarding buying a house for her aunt to live in. Letter is undated but in the top left-hand red pen is written: "Recd 3/9/37" c.1 Sep 1937   1 m

 D5831/1/1/20/9 Letter from Miss Edna Bowker to TBJ: Miss Bowker writes regarding her mother's Income Tax Returns. Miss Bowker is upset at her brother, Dick's, interference in all this and suggests to TBJ that she writes to her brother to scare him (Enclosed is a draft letter by TBJ warning Miss Bowker not to write to her brother) 7 Sep 1937   2.0 items

 D5831/1/1/20/10 Letter from Miss Edna Bowker to TBJ: she is encouraging TBJ to look into her father's(?) will again 15 Sep 1937   1 m

 D5831/1/1/20/11 Letter from Miss Edna Bowker to TBJ: offering TBJ some financial recompense for her mother taking affairs out of the hands of his firm. Enclosed is TBJ's draft reply 24 Sep 1937-28 Sep 1937   2.0 items

 D5831/1/1/20/12 Letter from Miss Edna Bowker to TBJ: Miss Bowker is informing TBJ that she has written to her mother. Enclosed is a copy of the letter to her mother saying that her estrangement is not her fault and that if her mother asks her, then she is happy to see her again 6 Oct 1937   2.0 items

 D5831/1/1/20/13 Letter from Miss Edna Bowker to TBJ: Thanking TBJ for his note and for him agreeing to come (to Cwmbran House?) 12 Jul 1938   1 m

 D5831/1/1/21 Envelope: Instructions from Mrs C.M.F. Hornby decd. that a parcel of letters is to be destroyed. Note on envelope says that "This was done on 6/3/37 on my garden bonfire TBJ" Inside envelope is: a singed label "This pa[rcel]...burnt unopened after my death, CM Hornby" c.6 Mar 1937   2.0 items

 D5831/1/1/22 Letter from Mabel Sims to TBJ: her sister is being bullied by her husband. Mrs Sims would like to know whether a letter should go from TBJ to her brother-in-law or she should hire a private detective to monitor things. Enclosed is a list of injuries to her sister that have been reported to Mrs Sims by witnesses 23 May 1937   2.0 items (5 mm)

 D5831/1/1/23 Death Certificate of TBJ. Attached is a compliment slip from Lewis Thomson, Registrar of Births and Deaths, Registration District of Swansea 27 May 1959-29 May 1959   2.0 items

 D5831/1/1/24 Correspondence re: the welfare of a child and access to her by her father 23 Mar 1931-24 April 1931   4.0 items

 D5831/1/1/24/1 Letter from Donald Meacock (father) to his brother and father telling them of the letter he had received from a solicitor regards the welfare of his daughter, Paddy. Enclosed is the letter from Solicitors, Dauncey & Sons, to Donald Meacock (father) telling him that his wife will no longer allow him to see his daughter 23 Mar 1931-24 Mar 1931   2.0 items

 D5831/1/1/24/2 Confirmation from Thomas Morrell Thomas, Senior Surgeon at the Royal Gwent Hospital, that he has examined Donald Meacock and he "can find no evidence of infection about him" 4 Apr 1931   1.0 item

 D5831/1/1/24/3 Letter from TBJ to Donald Meacock (father) telling him that he is chasing up Dauncey & Sons, solicitors 24 Apr 1931   1.0 item

 D5831/1/1/25 Letter from Mr. B.B. Oliver to TBJ, dated 3 Feb 1932. Mr Oliver is worried about his son-in-law, who has another woman and is making his wife and son miserable. Mr. Oliver's son-in-law is a trustee to his estate, and Mr. Oliver is unhappy about this. Attached to the letter are: TBJ's Draft reply, dated 6 Feb 1932; and, some notes TBJ has made on the back of an envelope, dated 3 Sep 1934 1932-1934   3.0 items

 D5831/1/1/26 Draft Letter from TBJ to a vicar: TBJ is disappointed the vicar is not pursuing his petition against his wife 29 Oct 1931   1.0 item

 D5831/1/1/27 Notes on a case whereby a woman has left her husband in 1927 on account of him abusing and assaulting her. Notes include a timeline as to where the wife went to live afterwards. Attached is a draft letter (in TBJ's hand) from the wife to her husband (Harold Kelsall) explaining that she has met somebody else and does not want to return to live with him 15 Feb 1932   4 mm

 D5831/1/1/28 Letters to Mrs Lizzie Baker Jones (TBJ's wife) regards Mary Wood (her late mother's) estate from J. Martin Wood, Solicitor (Lizzie's brother) 20 Jan 1905-27 Jun 1910   5.0 items

 D5831/1/1/28/1 Letter to Lizzie from J. Martin Wood regards the Statement of Account of their mother's estate 20 Jan 1905   1.0 item

 D5831/1/1/28/2 Letter to Lizzie from J. Martin Wood regards Statement of Account for: Royal Oak Cottage and Newbridge Cottage (Enclosed: Statement of Account 1 Jan 1905-31 Dec 1907 period) 21 May 1908   2.0 items

 D5831/1/1/28/3 Letter to Lizzie from J. Martin Wood regards Statement of Mother's Estate 24 May 1910   1.0 item

 D5831/1/1/28/4 Letter to Lizzie from J. Martin Wood regards Estate of Mary Wood deceased 27 Jun 1910   1.0 item

 D5831/1/1/29 Building Estate in Cwmbran: Notes with hand-drawn map highlighting a mistake on the plan and that nine houses have different frontages (In pencil on dorse "Cwmbran Ground Rents - sold 1953") 5 Dec 1911   1.0 item

Related Archival Materials note

See also D5831/1/1/6-7

 D5831/1/1/30 Draft letter from TBJ to Gwil Aeron-Thomas (TBJ's son-in-law) talking of his imminent retirement and asking Gwil's opinion on whether TBJ would be a nuisance if he came to live with them 11 Oct 1945   1.0 item

 D5831/1/1/31 Correspondence regards verdict of suicide from the inquest on 'Tom' and effect on his Life Insurance Policy 28 Sep 1932   2.0 items

 D5831/1/1/31/1 Letter from A.G. Jones (possibly Gwen?) of Llantarnam to TBJ regards the verdict of suicide from the inquest on 'Tom.' A.G. Jones wants to know what difference this will make with the Life Insurance Policy 28 Sep 1932   1.0 item

 D5831/1/1/31/2 Draft letter from TBJ to Gwen (possibly A.G. Jones?) saying that the verdict may affect the Life Insurance Policy 28 Sep 1932   1.0 item

 D5831/1/1/32 Notes re: how law stands on changing name (On dorse: "T.G.M. 1932" (Tracey Gwynne Maddocks)) 27 Sep 1932-25 Oct 1932   1.0 item

 D5831/1/1/33 Personalised label: "Capt T Baker Jones 1 Mons Rgt" c.1915   1.0 item

Custodial History note

Found amongst the papers of PBJ

 D5831/1/1/34 Newspaper cutting of a eulogising poem to Sir Joseph Bradney on the occasion of his death; family tree for the Wood (TBJ's wife's) family c.1933   2.0 items 1 folder

Custodial History note

These 2 items were found in a bible

 D5831/1/2 Books 

 D5831/1/2/1 "Notes on family history commenced Dec 1904." Includes notes compiled by TBJ; amendments in pencil by TW Baker Jones (TBJ's Grandson) Sept 1971. At back of book are general notes on History of Newport. Enclosures include: further genealogical work and newspaper cuttings   1.0 volume

 D5831/1/2/2 "A History of the Charities of William Jones at Monmouth & Newland," by William Meyler Warlow, M.A. (This is TBJ's personal copy. William Jones' bequest led to the establishment of Monmouth School, which TBJ attended) 1899   1.0 volume

 D5831/1/2/3 Enclosures from D5831/1/2/2, including: 3 x Undated Monmouth School Christmas Cards to TBJ from: W. Bishop Pitt (former master), W.N.Roseveare (former master), 1 blank; various newspaper cuttings on Monmouth School c.1929-c.1950   14.0 items

 D5831/1/2/4 "Monmouth School 1614-1964: An Outline History," by H.A. Ward 1964   1.0 volume

 D5831/1/2/5 "Newport Athletic Club 1875-1975." Enclosures include: Compliment Slip from Newport Athletic Club and Agenda for the Newport Athletic Club AGM 1975   1.0 volume

Biographical/Historical note

TBJ and PBJ both played for Newport RFC

 D5831/1/2/6 "History of the Royal Gwent Hospital," by Thomas Baker Jones and William John Townsend Collins (Presentation Edition given to TBJ). Enclosures include: newspaper cutting re: TBJ's appointment as Chairman of the Directors of the Royal Gwent Hospital Jul 1948   1.0 volume

 D5831/1/2/7 Book labelled in front cover "Thos. B. Jones 1885: Y Gwir yn erbyn y Byd." Appears to be a Commonplace Book including: poems, drawings, cuttings 1885-c.1897   1.0 volume

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 D5831/2 Papers of Paul Baker-Jones 

 D5831/2/1 Diaries 

 D5831/2/1/1 Includes entries for his time serving in Middle East and North Africa 23 Dec 1916-16 Dec 1917   1.0 volume

 D5831/2/1/2  1 Jan 1920-7 Jan 1921   1.0 volume

 D5831/2/1/3 Includes entry on 5 Feb 1921: PBJ's solitary appearance for Wales in a rugby international - first instance of a son and father having represented Wales at rugby football 1 Jan 1921-21 Jan 1922   1.0 volume

 D5831/2/1/4  1 Jan 1922-13 Jan 1923   1.0 volume

 D5831/2/1/5 Calendar 25 Feb 1924-10 Jan 1925   1.0 item

 D5831/2/1/6  29 Dec 1924-31 Dec 1925   1.0 volume

 D5831/2/1/7  1 Jan 1926-20 April 1927   1.0 volume

 D5831/2/1/8  1 Jan 1927-31 Dec 1927   1.0 volume

 D5831/2/2 Commonplace Book including Collages and Poems by members of (Baker) Jones family. (Enclosed is a note by TWBJ who explains who is who. TWBJ also has made pencil annotations throughout the book) 1855-1879   1.0 volume

 D5831/2/3 "Confessions: An Album to Record Thoughts and Feelings" - for Members of (Baker) Jones family (and friends?) Annotations in pencil by TWBJ c.1878-c.1910   1.0 volume

 D5831/2/4 "The Gunner" - Official Organ of the Royal Artillery Association. p123 includes Photograph and Obituary for the Late Capt. P.E.R. Baker-Jones, R.A. Aug 1934   1.0 item

 D5831/2/5 Enclosures from D5831/2/4 1933-1934   7.0 items

 D5831/2/5/1 Letter from TWBJ to his grandparents (though obviously written by his father, as TWBJ was a baby) 3 Jun 1933   1.0 item

 D5831/2/5/2 Letter from PBJ to TBJ: general newsletter to his parents, much of it regards money 30 Aug 1933   1.0 item

 D5831/2/5/3 Letter from PBJ to his mother: general newsletter including PBJ and his family moving into new bungalow in Quetta, Pakistan 18 Apr 1934   1.0 item

 D5831/2/5/4 Letter from PBJ to his mother: sent from Quetta, general newsletter 25 Apr 1934   1.0 item

 D5831/2/5/5 Letter from PBJ to his mother: from Quetta, general newsletter, including family and social events (Annotation made 2 May 1934) 27 Apr 1934   1.0 item

 D5831/2/5/6 Letter from PBJ to his mother (possibly his last letter, written 8 days prior to his death): from Quetta, general newsletter, talks about his bungalow 9 May 1934   1.0 item

 D5831/2/5/7 Printed thanks and acknowledgment card from the Baker Jones family and Mrs Cicily (Cecilia) Aeron-Thomas (PBJ's sister) for the funeral of PBJ 6 Jun 1934   1.0 item

 D5831/2/6 Two cap badges from Royal Artillery c.1930   2.0 items

 D5831/2/7 2 x B/W Photographs of PBJ's Grave, probably in Quetta c.1934   2.0 items

Related Archival Materials note

D5831/2/22/4: is a postcard of the family grave, including an epitaph to PBJ, at St. Woolos, Cemetery, Newport

 D5831/2/8 B/W Postcards of Welsh/Monmouthshire RFA Brigades training at Salisbury Plain - two postcards have annotations on them c.1913-c.1914   5.0 items

 D5831/2/9 B/W Postcard of a Royal Visit to Newport, by Prince George, Duke of York (who became George V). Picture is taken outside 12-14 High Street, Newport 1907   1.0 item

 D5831/2/10 B/W Postcard of gentlemen wearing hats (possibly fancy dress). One of the gentleman in the front row (2nd from left) is probably PBJ c.1930   1.0 item

 D5831/2/11 Character references for PBJ from Commanding Officers 1919-1933   5.0 items

 D5831/2/12 B/W Photographs and Notes from Sports career, including: Photographs of Monmouthshire Rugby XV, 1914; Wales XV to play Scotland, 1921 (2 copies); Presentation to Newport Old Boys; Undated note of PBJ's Rugby career; Letter, dated 1960, from Newport Athletic Club to TW Baker-Jones (PBJ's son) regards apologising for not knowing PBJ had passed away - the Athletic Club were inviting PBJ to have his photograph taken with other former Welsh Internationals 1914-1960   6.0 items

 D5831/2/13 B/W Postcard of Gateway, Old Blundell's School, Tiverton, Devon c.1920   1.0 item

 D5831/2/14 Order of Service and Invitation to the wedding of PBJ and Margaret Simpson Meek c.24 Jun 1930   2.0 items

 D5831/2/15 Newspaper cuttings re: members of Baker Jones and Aeron-Thomas families, including: Obituaries for Gwilym E. Aeron-Thomas (TBJ's son-in-law), and Mrs E Baker Jones (TBJ's wife); and, Rugby related pieces for TBJ and PBJ c.1921-c.1958   1 envelope

 D5831/2/16 "A Hundred Years of Rugger at Blundell's" - Booklet celebrating 100 years of rugby at Blundell's School, Tiverton. PBJ went to school here and is mentioned within as one of the alumni who went on to play international rugby. 1967   1.0 volume

 D5831/2/17 Personal papers 1920   1 envelope

Custodial History note

All papers found in a large leather wallet (now D5831/2/17/39)

 D5831/2/17/1 Calling Card for PBJ c.1926-c.1934   1.0 item

 D5831/2/17/2 Certificate that PBJ has become a qualified rugby referee (with photograph of PBJ enclosed) 1 Nov 1932   2.0 items

 D5831/2/17/3 Pass to enter the City Walls of Jerusalem 15 Dec 1917   1.0 item

 D5831/2/17/4 Two telegraphs: one to PBJ and one from PBJ c.1925-c.1930   2.0 items

 D5831/2/17/5 Letter to PBJ from his Auntie Maud (PBJ's mother's sister-in-law) offering PBJ congratulations on his selection for the Wales National Rugby Team 1 Feb 1921   1.0 item

 D5831/2/17/6 Letter to PBJ from his uncle Ken (his mother's brother) congratulating him on his selection for the Welsh National Rugby Team 2 Feb 1921   1.0 item

 D5831/2/17/7 Letter to PBJ from Tod (pencil annotation suggests that Tod is Vera Elsie Beynon-Winsor, PBJ's cousin) congratulating PBJ on his selection for the Welsh National Rugby Team 30 Jan 1921   2 mm

 D5831/2/17/8 Letter from G. Abraham of Abertillery to PBJ congratulating him on his selection for the Welsh National Team (Mr Abraham is on the County Committee for rugby) 29 Jan 1921   1.0 item

 D5831/2/17/9 Telegram to PBJ from TBJ asking after PBJ's weight and height, after a request for information from the South Wales Argus 2 Feb 1921   1.0 item

 D5831/2/17/10 Letter to PBJ from Tommy (pencil annotation suggests Gwilym Aeron-Thomas, PBJ's brother-in-law) congratulating him on his selction for the Welsh National Rugby Team 1 Feb 1921   1.0 item

 D5831/2/17/11 Letter to PBJ from Jen (Raymonde Jennifer Walrond-Skinner) congratulating him on his selection for Wales National Team 31 Jan 1921   1.0 item

 D5831/2/17/12 Letter to PBJ from TBJ sending congratulations on selection to Welsh National Team 28 Jan 1921   1.0 item

 D5831/2/17/13 Letter to PBJ from TBJ re: requests for tickets to Wales v Scotland and which family members are coming to see PBJ play 1 Feb 1921   1.0 item

 D5831/2/17/14 Letter from PBJ to TBJ explaining why he has chosen to pursue an army career ahead of one in the law 18 Mar 1920   1.0 item

 D5831/2/17/15 Letter from TBJ to PBJ outlining the consequences (financial and otherwise) of marriage and making sure that PBJ is not entering into things lightly 29 Jan 1930   1.0 item

 D5831/2/17/16 Telegram from PBJ to Miss Margaret Meek, his fiance, alluding to their imminent marriage (in original envelope) c.1930   1.0 item

 D5831/2/17/17 Proclamation Certificate of the Banns of Marriage; and Marriage Certificate for PBJ and Margaret Simpson Meek. (Marriage took place at St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland) 26 May 1930-24 June 1930   2.0 items

 D5831/2/17/18 Letter from TBJ to PBJ saying how proud he is of him as a son, and wishing him the best as he undertakes active service 19 Nov 1915   1.0 item

 D5831/2/17/19 Papers related to PBJ being granted the temporary rank of Captain 1917-1919   4.0 items

 D5831/2/17/20 Recipe for a cocktail c.1910-c.1930   1.0 item

 D5831/2/17/21 Note to PBJ: appears to be about expenses for a function for Captain (The Lord) George Hugo Cholmondeley c.1917   1.0 item

 D5831/2/17/22 Telegram from TBJ to PBJ saying "It is a proud man I am this night, Dad" 28 Jan 1921   1.0 item

 D5831/2/17/23 PBJ's Officer's Pass: including physical description, signature and photograph c.1920   1.0 item

 D5831/2/17/24 Newspaper cutting re: the third annual reunion dinner of the 83rd Field Brigade, R.A., late 4th Welsh Brigade, R.F.A. In the toast to Absent Friends reference was made to Captain Paul Baker-Jones c.1935   1.0 item

 D5831/2/17/25 Permit to allow PBJ to carry a revolver when he was wearing plain clothes c.1926   1.0 item

 D5831/2/17/26 Menu from the Kurhaus (Hotel), Lenzerheide, in Switzerland. Menu contains various signatures, including PBJ's in the middle 22 Jan 1926   1.0 item

 D5831/2/17/27 Programme (signed by PBJ) for 37th Brigade R.F.A. Mounted Sports. PBJ has filled in all the results for all of the events Sep 1922   1.0 item

 D5831/2/17/28 Notes for a speech to be given at the House Supper in 1912. [PBJ was Head of Petergate, at Blundell's] Enclosed is a poem, possibly read out at the Supper 1912   2.0 items

 D5831/2/17/29 Printed poems, with annotations by PBJ thereon 1924   1.0 item

 D5831/2/17/30 Letter from Ministry of Supply to Mrs Margaret Baker-Jones (PBJ's wife) thanking her for responding to the appeal for binoculars c.1930-c.1939   1.0 item

 D5831/2/17/31 Telegram to PBJ: appears to instruct him to go to Port Said c.1916   1.0 item

 D5831/2/17/32 Menu from the Trocadero (Restaurant), in London, signed by various people. One signature is PBJ's 14 Jan 1916   1.0 item

 D5831/2/17/33 Christmas Card, depicting a hunting scene, to the Baker Jones family from Capt and Mrs Boylan, Hilltown, Drogheda c.1920-c.1930   1.0 item

 D5831/2/17/34 Best Wishes Card, including poem to PBJ from Unknown [possibly his wife]. Inside is a photograph of PBJ c.1934   1.0 item

 D5831/2/17/35 In an envelope simply labelled "Margaret" - the name of PBJ's wife - is: a permit for PBJ to be in possession of a Gun and Ammunition for the purpose of shooting game, 1921; cuttings regards his death, 1934; a cutting regards his Marriage, 1930; an undated poem called "The Leave Train" 1921-1934   7.0 items

 D5831/2/17/36 50 centime note (French currency) c.1920   1.0 item

 D5831/2/17/37 5 piastre note (Turkish currency) c.1920   1.0 item

 D5831/2/17/38 "Form No XVI: Licence for the Possession of Arms and Ammunition" 1929-1934   1.0 item

 D5831/2/17/39 Large leather wallet. Written thereon in pen is: "P Baker Jones, V Battery, RFA" c.1914-c.1926   1.0 item

 D5831/2/18 Envelope including: letter from the RFU and correspondence between rugby historian Timothy Auty and TWBJ regards identifying the players in a photograph he has. Enclosed are photocopies of photographs of former Wales national teams including: 1882 v Ireland; 1883 v Scotland; 1884 v Scotland; and, 1885 v Scotland. Also enclosed are summaries of the careers of TBJ and PBJ. Annotations on back of envelope by TWBJ 1995   1.0 bundle

 D5831/2/19 Personal papers   1.0 bundle

Custodial History note

Originally all in an envelope

 D5831/2/19/1 Photograph of TBJ c.1890   1.0 item

 D5831/2/19/2 Cutting re: death of PBJ c.1934   1.0 item

 D5831/2/19/3 Booklet of compositions by Lizzie Wood [future wife of TBJ and mother of PBJ]: mainly poems. (Lizzie Wood born 1 June 1862) 8 May 1878   1.0 item

 D5831/2/19/4 Folder of letters: mainly between TBJ and his wife, Lizzie, some from when they were courting. Also enclosed are: letters to and from Gwilym Aeron-Thomas (TBJ's son-in-law); Invitation to wedding of Gwilym Aeron-Thomas and Cicily Baker Jones, 1919; laminated photograph of Army Team (including PBJ), 1921 c.1888-1945   1 folder

 D5831/2/19/5 Quetta Directory Map, showing: street names and military locations thereon 1933   1.0 item

 D5831/2/20 Photograph of Jacob Jones (TBJ's father) in 1881; Photograph of Wales Team including TBJ (c.1882-c.1885) c.1881-c.1885   3.0 items

 D5831/2/21 Personal papers 

 D5831/2/21/1 "Honourable Document" from Sultan of Egypt offering PBJ the Grand Nile Medal (1 letter in arabic) 15 Aug 1919   2.0 items 1 envelope

 D5831/2/21/2 Letter from War Office, Foreign Decorations Sections to PBJ, re: the award of the Order of the Nile, 4th Class 3 Dec 1919   1.0 item

 D5831/2/21/3 Army Form B. 199A: detailing PBJ's army career 1908-1934   1.0 item

 D5831/2/21/4 Deed Poll declaring change of name from Paul Esmond Russell Jones to Paul Esmond Russell Baker-Jones 13 Oct 1919   1.0 item

 D5831/2/21/5 Page from London Gazette confirming change of PBJ's surname from Jones to Baker-Jones 25 Nov 1919   1.0 item

 D5831/2/21/6 Certificate confirming PBJ as a Second Lieutenant in the Territorial Force, 4th Welsh Brigade, Royal Field Artillery 10 Jun 1913   1.0 item

 D5831/2/21/7 Certificate showing that PBJ was mentioned in a Despatch from General Sir A.J. Murray, dated 18 March 1917, for gallant and distiguished services in the field 1 March 1919   1.0 item

 D5831/2/21/8 PBJ's Birth Certificate 27 Dec 1894   1.0 item

 D5831/2/21/9 Certificate from University of London confirming that PBJ has matriculated in English, Latin, Chemistry and French 10 Feb 1912   1.0 item

 D5831/2/21/10 "Army Book 136," detailing PBJ's army career and action he saw (signed inside front cover by PBJ) 1913-1934   1.0 volume

 D5831/2/22 Personal papers   1 envelope

Custodial History note

Originally in an envelope labelled: "Family Grave - Newport; Photos of Bulmore"

 D5831/2/22/1 Colour Photograph of Bulmore Villa, p. Kemeys Inferior c.1957   1.0 item

 D5831/2/22/2 Colour Photograph of Bulmore Farm and Villa, p. Kemeys Inferior 1957   1.0 item

 D5831/2/22/3 Colour Photograph of Bulmore Villa, p. Kemeys Inferior 1957   1.0 item

 D5831/2/22/4 B/W Postcard of Grave, including epitaphs to: Jacob Jones (TBJ's father), Augustus Jones (TBJ's brother), and PBJ, at St Woolos Cemetery, Newport c.1934-c.1944   1.0 item

Custodial History note

D5831/2/7: contains two photographs of the PBJ's headstone (probably in Quetta)

 D5831/2/22/5 Design drawn up by TWBJ of family grave and additional names to be added thereon 28 Nov 1964   1.0 item

 D5831/2/22/6 Notes by TW Baker-Jones (PBJ's son) on epitaphs on family grave c.1951   1.0 item

 D5831/2/23 History of Dewstow Estate and Gardens: includes printed history on the Estate and images of the estate; leaflet on visiting "Dewstow Hidden Gardens & Grottoes" c.2000   2.0 items

Biographical/Historical note

In 1893 Henry Roger Keane Oakley became the owner of the Dewstow Estate. HRK Oakley was TBJ's second cousin. Both had been at Monmouth School together

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 D5831/3 Papers of Tim W Baker-Jones 

 D5831/3/1 Extensive family history notes on members on Baker Jones family, written and compiled by Tim W Baker-Jones c.2006   1 folder

Custodial History note

Originally in a folder labelled: "Family History (some more modern info re birthdays etc)"

 D5831/3/2 Correspondence file: between TWBJ and various family members and record offices. File includes notes on family history c.1968-c.2006   1 folder

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