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Acts of Parliament (Local and Personal) and Parliamentary Proceedings re: Newport and Monmouthshire
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Biographical/Historical note

Local and Personal Acts of Parliament were created by private Bills for local purposes such as canal and railway undertakings and the activities of local authorities such as courts of Quarter Sessions and later County Councils. The records in this collection relate to Newport and Monmouthshire and were used by Newport Borough Council.

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Scope and Contents note

Local and Personal Acts of Parliament re Monmouthshire (roads, railways, canals, docks, water, gas, lighting, etc.; Parliamentary Proceedings re Newport Bills (Newport Water, Newport Corporation Bills, Alexandra Docks, etc.).

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Administrative Information

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 Gwent Archives

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There are no restrictions on access.

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Usual copyright conditions apply.

Immediate Source of Acquisition note

Deposited by Newport Borough Council, 1980.

Appraisal note

It is not known whether all records were retained.

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Related Materials

Related Archival Materials note

Local and Personal Acts of Parliament c. 1797-1926 originally deposited with the Clerk of the Quarter Sessions are at Gwent Archives, Q/AOFPD. Acts originally deposited with the clerk of Monmouthshire County Council from 1889 onwards are at Gwent Archives, CC/PP.

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Other Finding Aids note

Copies of finding aids are available at Gwent Archives.

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Collection Inventory

Local and Personal Acts of Parliament 

 D1767/1 Abergavenny Paving 34/G.III/c.106 (1794) Abergavenny Pavement Amendment 55/G.III/c.24 (1815) Abergavenny Lighting and Markets 17/V./c.44 (1854) Abergavenny Improvement Amendment 23 & 24/V./c.137 (1860) Abergavenny Roads 50/G.III/c.58 (1810) Crickhowell to Cross Hands between Hereford and Ross (road) 54/G.III/c.58 (1814) Abernant through Merthyr to Rhyd y Blew (road) 57/G.III/c.74 (1817) Abergavenny Roads 1 and 2/ W.IV/c.26 (1831) Ross and Abergavenny via Broad Oak and Skenfrith (road) 3/W.IV/c.61 (1833) Aberavenny Turnpike Trust continuance 26/V./c.59 (1863) Blaenafon Church 45/G.III/c.45 (1805) 1794-1863 

 D1767/2 Brecon and Merthyr Tydfil Railway: Junction 24/V./c.10 (1861) New Lines 24 and 25/V./c.235 (1861) New Railways 25 and 26/V./c.184 (1862) Deviations and junction with Rhymney Iron Company Railway 27 and 28/V./c.265 (1864) New Lines, Rhmney and Rumney, Rumney and Caerffili, Great Western Railway 27 and 28/V./ c.304 (1864) 1861-1864 

 D1767/3 Chepstow Water Works 6/V./c.11 (1843) Chepstow Gas Works 20 and 21/V./c.2 (1857) Chepstow Turnpike Roads 39 and 40 G.III/c.15 (1800) Roack and Fountain to Newport, Newport to Rhymney Bridge, Newport to Pen yr Heol (roads) 51/G.III/c.62 (1811) Chepstow District and New Passage District (roads) 3/G.IV/c.2 (1822) Chepstow and Abergavenny (road) 3/W.IV/c.94 (1833) Redbrook to St Arvan's and Bigswear Bridge 5/G.IV/c.29 (1824) AbbeyTintern and Bigswear continuance (road) 15/V./c.71 (1872) 1800-1857 

 D1767/4 Sir Benjamin Hall's Estate (private) 1/W.IV/c.43 (1830) Sir Benjamin Hall and C. H. Leigh exchange (private) 2 and 3/V./c.38 (1839) Trusts of the will of Sir Benjamin Hall, further powers (private) 21 and 22/V./c.6 (1858) Earl of Abergavenny, leasing powers (private) 6 and 7 V./c.18 (1836) Earl of Abergavenny leasing powers (private) 18 and 19 V./c.9 (1855) Earl of Abergavenny Charging Portions and Leases and Sales 27 and 28 V./c.9 (1864) Rhymney Iron Company Church 2/V./c.11 (1839) Rhymney Iron Company Legal Proceedings 4 and 5 V./c.90 (1841) Monmouthshire Iron and Coal Company 3 and 4/V./c.126 (1840) 

 D1767/5 Monmouthshire Canal 32/G.III/c.102 (1792) Monmouthshire Canal Extension 37/G.III/c.100 (1797) Monmouthshire Canal Sirhowy tramroad 42/G.III/c.115 (1802) Monmouthshire Canal Newport and Pontypool 8 and 9/V./c.169 (1845) Monmouthshire Canal Railway and Branch Railways 9 and 10/V./c.371 (1846) Monmouthshire Canal Amendment 11 and 12/V./c.120 (1848) Monmouthshire Canal new railway and change of name to Monmouthshire Railway and Canal Company 15 and 16/V./c.126 (1852) Monmouthshire Railway and Canal - new railways 16 and 17/V./c.195 (1853) Monmouthshire Railway and Canal further capital 18/V./c.10 (1855) Monmouthshire Railway and Canal new lines deviations 24 and 25/V./c.218 (1861) Sirhowy Railway, change of title 23/V./c.71 (1860) Glamorganshire Canal 30/G.III/c.82 (1790) Glamorganshire Canal extension to Aberdare 33/G.III/c.95 (1793) Brecon Canal 33/G.III/c.96 (1793) Brecon Canal further money and powers 44/G.III/c.29 (1804) 1790-1861 

 D1767/6 Monmouth and Howler Slcore Railway 50/G.III/c.123 (1810) Railway from Llanwenarth o the Abergavenny and Brecon Canal to Llanfihengal Crucorney 51/G.IIIc.123 (1811) Railway from the end of Llanfihengal railway to the twelfth milestone on te Abergavenny to Hereford road 52/G.III/c.107 (1812) Railway from Monmouth cap to Hereford 7/G.IV/c.100 (1826) Railway from Monmouthto Hereford 9 and 10/V./c.191 (1845) 1810-1845 

 D1767/7 Monmouth County Hall 10/G.IV/c.8 (1829) Monmouth Paving and Lighting 58/G.III/c.81 (1818) Monmouth Water 58/G.III/c.85 (1818) Monmouth Markets 4/G.IV/c.49 (1834) Vale of Neath Railway 9 and 10/V./c.341 (1846) Vale of Neath Railway Powers to south Wales 11 and 12/V./c.27 (1848) Vale of Neath Railway - Railway to hold shares and extensions 15/V./c.16 (1852) Vale of Neath Railway further money 18/V./c.25 (1855) Vale of Neath Railway power to lease wharves in Swansea Harbour 25 and 26/V./c.167 (1862) Vale of Neath Railway in Swansea Harbour 25 and 26/V./c.182 (1862) Vale of Neath Railway in Swansea Harbour 26 and 27/V./c.120 (1863) South Wales Railways (new railways at Newport inter alia) 15/V./c.117 (1852) Soth wales Railways (additional land at Newport) 21 & 22/V./c.146 (1858) 1818-1863 

 D1767/9 Newport, Abergavenny and Hereford Railway 9 and 10/V./c.303 (1846) Newport, Abergavenny and Hereford Railway amendments and deviations 10 and 11/V./c.86 (1847) Newport, Abergavenny and Hereford Railway Taff Vale extension 10 and 11/V./c.177 (1847) Newport, Abergavenny and Hereford further extension and deviations 16 and 17/V./c.178(1853) Newport, Abergavenny and Hereford railways deviations at Hereford and Pontypool 16 and 17/V./c.179 (1853) Newport, Abergavenny and Hereford Railway Aberdare and Aberbargoed extensions 20 & 21/V./c.119 (1857) Newport,Abergavenny and Hereford Aberdare diversion 21 and 22/V./c.126 (1858) Newport, Abergavenny and Hereford, Coleford, Monmouth, Usk and Pontypool Railway 16 and 17/V./c.218 (1853) Newport, Abergavenny and Hereford lease to West Midland Railway 24 and 25/V./c.197 (1861) Newport, Abergavenny and Hereford Railway, Worcester and Hereford Railway, Oxford, Worcester and Wolverhampton Railway, West Midland amalgamation 23/V./c.81 (1860) Hereford, Hay and Brecon railway - power to relinquish junction with Shrewsbury and Hereford railway, and with Newport, Abergavenny and Hereford railway 23 and 24/V./c.127 (1860) Merthyr and abergavenny Railway 22 and 23/V./c.59 (1859)the West Midland Railway, through the Forest of Dean to the Coleford, Monmouth, Usk and Pontypool Railway 26 and 27/V./c.185 (1863) Worcester, Forest of Dean and Monmouth Railway - extension to Great Western Railway at Gloucester 27 and 28/V./c.295 (1864) Merthyr Tydfil - justice of the peace 10/G.IV/c.95 (1829) Merthyr Tydfil - justice of the peace amendment 6 and 7/V./c.44 (1843) Merthyr Tydfil - justice of the peace small debts, recovery appeal 4/W.IV/c.40 (1834) 1829-1864 

 D1767/10 Newport Dock 5 and 6/W.IV/c.75 (1835) Newport Harbour 6/W.IV/c.66 (1836) Newport Dock further money 2 and 3/V./c.74 (1839) Newport Dock Further Money 4 and 5/V./c.51 (1841) Newport Dock power to sell 7 and 8/V./c.78 (1844) 17 and 18/V./c.185 (1854) Bristol Channel Pilotage 24 and 25/V./c.236 (1861) Newport Improvement 7/G.IV/c.6 (1826) Provisional order of the General Board of Health for appliction of the Public Health Act 1848 to Newport (typed copy) and Public Health Supplemental Act (confirming the order) 13 & 14/V./c.32 (1850) Newport Corporation (Marshes) 18/V./c.41 (1855) Newport Gas 6/V./c.31 (1843) Newport Gas 18 and 19/V./c.80 (1855) Newport Water Works 9 and 10/V./c.221 (1846) Newport and Pillgwenlly Water Works 17 and 18/V./c.191 (1854) 1826-1861 

 D1767/11 Rhymney Railway 17 and 18/V./c.193 (1854) Rhymney Railway extension to Taff Vale 18 and 19/V./c.110 (1855) Rhymney Railway consolidating and further railway 20 and 21/V./c.140 (1857) Rhymney Railway Bargoed Rhymney Branch railway 24 and 25/V./c.144 (1861) Rhymney Valley new lines to join the Brecon and Merthyr Tydfil Junction Railway and the Merthyr, Tredegar and Abergavenny Railway 27 and 28/V./c.275 (1864) 1854-1864 

 D1767/12 Ystrad, Pontymoel and Risca 50/G.III/c.136 (1810) Pontypool and Usk Districts (roads) 59/G.III/c.121 (1819) Road from Lanfabon to Pontymoel 2/W.IV/c.77 (1832) Caerleon Roads 3/G.IV/c.94 (1822) Newport Turnpike Trust 2/W.IV/c.14 (1832) Newport and Caerleon Turnpike Trusts amalgamation 27 and 28/V./c.53 (1864) Monmouth Turnpike Trust 28/G.I (1754) Monmouth Turnpike Trust amendment 17/G.III/ (1776) Monmouth Turnpike Trustfurther amendment 33/G.III (1793) Monmouth Turnpike Trust further amendment 50/G.III/c.97 (1810) Monmouth TurnPike Trust to continue the above Acts and make two pieces of road 58/G.III/c.79 (1818) Roads from Monmouth to places in the counties of Monmouth, Gloucester and Hereford 1 and 2/W.IV/c.18 (1831) Monmouth Roads 19 and 20/V./c.89 (1856) Trelleck Inclosure 50/G.III/c.212 (1810) Caldicot Inclosure 13/V./c.8 (1850) Rogiet Inclosure 14/V./c.2 (1851) Magor and Redwick Inclosure 15/V./c.2 (1852) Magor and Undy Inclosure 16/V./c.3 (1852) Undy and Bishton Inclosure 16 and 17/V./c120 (1853) Caldicot Inclosure 21/V./c.8 (1858) West of England and South Wales Land Draining Company 11 and 12/v./c.142 (1848) 1754-1864 

 D1767/13 Consolidation Acts (public) Cemetries 10 and 11/V./c.65 (1847) Commissioners 10/V./c.16 (1847) Companies 26 and 27/V./c.118 (1863) County Rates 15 and 16/V./c.81 (1852) County Rates 21 and 22/V.c.33 (1858) Gas Works 10/V./c.15 (1847) Harbours, Docks and Piers 10/V./c.27 (1847) Lands 8/V./c.18 (1845) Markets and Fairs 10/V./c.14 (1847) Police (towns) 10 and 11/V./c.89 (1847) Railways 7 and 8/V./c.85 (1844) Railway 8 and 9/V./c.96 (1845) Railways 8/V./c.20 (1845) Traffic on railways 7 and 18/V./c.31 (1854) Traffic on railways 26 and 27/V./c.92(1863) Traffic on railways 27 and 28/V./c.120 (1864) Construction of railways 27 and 28/V./c.121 (1864) Turnpike Trusts, South Wales 7 and 8/V./c.91 (1844) Turnpike Trusts South Wales 8 and 9/V./c.61 (1845) Turnpike Trusts South Wales 10 and 11/V./c.72 (1847) Highways, South Wales 14 and 15/V./c.16 (1851) Highways, South Wales 17/V./c.7 (1854) Towns Improvement 10 and 11/V./c.34 (1847) Waterworks 10/V./c.17 (1847) Water works 26 and 27/V./c.93 (1863) 1844-1864 

 D1767/14 Monmouthshire Railway and Canal 28 and 29/V./c.281 (1865) Alexandra (Newport) Dock 28 and 29/V./c.377 (1865) Lord Tredegar's Estate (Private) 28 and 29/V./c.5 (1865) Bute Docks 28 & 29/V./c. 325 (1865) Pontypool, Caerleon and Newport Railway 28 and 29/V./c.364 (1865) Newport and Usk Railway 28 and 29/V./c.360 (1865) Abergavenny and Monmouth Railway 28 and 29/V./c.276 (1865) Worcester, Forest of Dean and Monmouth Railway 28 and 29/V./c.319 (1865) Ross and Monmouth Railway 28 and 29/V./c.312 (1865) Bristol and South Wales Union Railway 20 and 21/V./c.54 (1857) Bristol and South Wales Union Railway 25 and 26/V./c.149 (1862) Bristol and South Wales Union Railway 27 and 28/V./c.136 (1864) Weston-Super-Mare Pier 25 and 26/V./c.169 (1862) Bristol Port and Channel Dock 27 and 28/V./c.241 (1864) Bristol Dock 28/V./c.33 (1865) Brean Down Harbour 25/V./c.29 (1862) Brean Down Harbour 28/V./c.122 (1865) South Wales and Great Wester Direct Raiway 28 and 29/V./c.367 (1865) Severn Junction railway 28 and 29/V./c.366 (1865) Sirhowy Railway 28 and 29/V./c.342 (1865) Vale of Neath Railway 28 and 29/V./c.316 (1865) Merthyr Tydfil Water 28 and 29/V./c.138 (1865) Halifax Extension and Improvement 28 and 29/V./c.140 (1865) Western-Super-Mare Pier Extension 27 and 28/V./c.155 (1864) Burnham Tidal Harbour 23 & 24/V./c.191 (1860) Burnham Tidal Harbour 28 & 29/V./c.188 (1865) Callander and Oban Railway 28 & 29/V./c.266 (1865) 1857-1865 

 D1767/15 Newport and Pillgwenlly Waterworks Extension 35 and 36/V./c.35 (1872) Newport (Mon.) Improvement 39 and 40/V./c.227 (1876) Newport waterworks 50 and 51/V./c.134 (1887) Newport (Mon.) Corporation Water 51 and 52/V./c.82 (1888) Newport (Mon.) Corporation 52 and 53/V./c.152 (1889) Electric Lighting Order Confirmation (no.11), inc. Provisional Order - Newport 54 and 55/V./c.105 (1891) Newport Corporation 55 and 56/V./c.123 (1892) Newport Corporation 60 and 61/V./c.168 (1897) Newport Corporation 63 and 64/V./c.42 (1900) Newport Corporation 2/E.VII/c.167 (1902) Newport Corporation 6/E.VII/c.97 (1906) Newport Corporation 4 and 5/G.V/c.88 (1914) Newport Corporation 10 and 11/G.V/c.57 (1920) Newport Corporation 15 and 16/G.V/c.56 (1925) 1872-1925 

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Parliamentary Proceedings 

 D1767/16 Newport and Pillgwlgwenlly Water Bill (H.L.) 1887 

 D1767/17 Newport Corporation Bill (H.L.) 1897 

 D1767/18 Newport Corporation Bill (H.C. and H.L.) 1900 

 D1767/19 Newport Corporation Bill (H.C. and H.L.) 1902 

 D1767/20 Newport Corporation Bill (H.C. and H.L.) 1906 

 D1767/21 Alexandra Docks Bill (H.L.) 1907 

 D1767/22 Newport Corporation Bill (H.C. and H.L.) 1914 

 D1767/23 Newport Corporation Bill (H.L.) (Manuscript notes, including a reference to the poll on the 1919 bill which the voters rejected) 1919-1920 

 D1767/24 Railway Bills, including correspondence, copy committee resolutions and other manuscript material 1846-1866 

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