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Biographical/Historical note

Machen is a large village east of Caerphilly, south Wales, situated in the Caerphilly borough within the boundaries of Monmouthshire. It neighbours Bedwas and Trethomas, and forms a council ward in conjunction with those communities.

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Arrangement note

Arranged in to the following: Overseers of the Poor, Surveyor of the Highways, Parish Constable, Churchwardens, Machen Schools, Machen Charities, Tithe Records, Parish Affairs, Miscellaneous.

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Deposited 1961.

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All records have been retained.

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Personal Name(s)

  • Rector of Machen, Rector of Machen

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Other Finding Aids note

A hard copy catalogue is available at Gwent Archives.

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Collection Inventory

Overseers of the Poor 

Assessments and Accounts 

 D314/1 Par. Machen, Machen Upper and Machen Lower (1733- 1976) found inside: Removal Order and Settlement Examination of Ann Stockham (removal from Machen to Llandogo) (1833) 1733-1796, 1833 

 D314/2 Par. Machen Upper and Machen Lower (1796-1820) contains also Vestry Minutes. (1815-1820) 1796-1820 

 D314/3 Par. Machen Upper (1819-1826) Machen Lower (1819- 1828) contains also Select Vestry Minutes (1822 1828, 1833) 1819-1826, 1819-1828, 1822-1828, 1833 

 D314/4 Par. Machen Upper (1826-1836) contains Vestry Minutes (1827-1836, 1840) 1826-1836, 1827-1836, 1840 

 D314/5 Par. Machen Lower (1828-1836) contains Vestry Minutes (1833, 1835, 1836) 1828-1836, 1833, 1835, 1836 

 D314/6 Hamlet of Rhydygwern 1770-1848 

 D314/55-56 Machen Upper Overseers Accounts Books 1912-1925, 1925-1927 

Receipt and Payment Books 

 D314/7 Machen Lower 1846-1848 

 D314/8 Machen Lower 1848-1854 

Rate Books and Assessments 

 D314/9 Machen Lower, Jul 1815 Machen Lower, Oct 1815 Hamlet of Rhydygwern, Sep 1832 1815, 1832 

 D314/10 Machen Lower 1845 

 D314/11 Machen Lower 1845-1848 

 D314/12 Orders of Removal (100 items) (1762-1843) found inside: Removal Order and Settlement Examination of Ann Stockham (removal from Machen to Llandogo) (1833) 1762-1843 

 D314/13 Examinations to Settlement (77 items) (1771-1834) found inside: Removal Order and Settlement Examination of Ann Stockham (removal from Machen to Llandogo) (1833) 1771-1834  

 D314/14 Bastardy Bonds and Examinations (29 items) 1795-1830 

 D314/15 Warrants for non payment of rates (4 items) 1816-1817 

 D314/16 General Correspondence Mainly relating to Settlement and Payment of relief to non resident poor. Includes (29 items) (1815-1843) Order to the Overseers of par. Machen to pay weekly sums to wife of a militiamen serving in Carmarthenshire Fusilier Militia (1815) Summons to Overseers to appear before Justices to show cause why relief was with-hold from a pauper (1816) Certificate of Perambulation of the boundary between pars. Machen and Risca (1828) Death of a pauper of the parish at Duffryn Aberdare from cholera (1832) Appointment of Evan Roberts as Assistant Overseer. Salart £10 p.a. Machen Lower (1837) List of Householders (no date) Proxy appointments by Sir Charles Morgan for voting in parish matters (1838) 1815-1843 

 D314/17 Orders of the Poor Law Commissioners (One copy each to Machen Upper and Machen Lower) Concerning - Workhouse Rules (5th Feb 1842) Proceedings of Boards of Guardians (20 Apr 1842) Duties of Officers (21 Apr 1842) Duties of Officers (22 Apr 1842) Feb 1842-Apr 1842 

 D314/18 Newport Union Extract from Quarterly Abstract showing the numbers of paupers relieved (10 items, incomplete) Christmas 1836- Midsummer 1840 List of paupers belonging to par. of Machen Lower (6 items, incomplete) Christmas 1836-Christmas 1840 Abstract of the Union QE. Dec. 1840 to QE. Sept. 1842 1836-1842 

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Surveyor of the Highways 


 D314/19 Par. Machen, Machen Upper and Machen Lower (1736- 1790) including valuation of Machen Upper and Lower (1752) 1736-1790 

 D314/20 Par. Machen, Machen Upper and Machen Lower 1791-1828 

 D314/6 Hamlet of Rhydygwern 1801-1802, 1819-1823 

Weekly Accounts 

 D314/21 Par. Machen Lower (1837-1838) inset, papers relating to memo. of parish meeting re: responsibilites of Turnpike Trust. (1845) Measurement of stones, Machen Upper Road (1845) Letter to The Rev. Augustus Morgan, - repair of roads. (1845) James Huish's statement relating to the terms of his engagement to repair roads in parish Machen. Stones hauled by M. Morgan, Machen (1843) Memo. concerning state of the turnpike road par. Machen, methods of hiring workmen and repairing the highway (no date) 1837-1845 

 D314/22 Par. Machen Lower inset, private accounts of Augustus Morgan. 1839-1840 

 D314/23 Par. Machen Lower 1840-1841 

 D314/24 Par. Machen Lower 1841-1842 

 D314/25 Par. Machen Lower 1842-1843 

 D314/26 Par. Machen Lower (1843-1844) inset papers relating to: Responsibility of Turnpike Trust in par. Machen (no date) Memo of meeting by The Rev. Augustus Morgan concerning turnpike roads, their repair and amount of money available from tolls to surveyor par. Machen List of questions Mr McAdam Receipts of money for work done for Robert Young surveyor of highways par. Machen (rising and breaking stones etc.), 1841, 1842 Receipts for payments for work done on Pontyminster road, Machen turnpike road, hauling stones etc. List of charges against Mr Maule and account of money expended on Machen Rd. over a period of 2 years. Account by John Morgan of expenditure on roads par. Machen, 1843-1845 Account of William Edmunds, hauling of stones par. Machen, 1843-1845 Account for hauling stone, 1843 Account of job work on tram road by William Thomas par. Machen 1841-1845 

 D314/27 Par. Machen Lower. 1845-1846 

 D314/28 Vouchers, Overseets of the Highways, 1841 Including: Notice of appointment of Robert Young as surveyor of highways for the year, 1841 Printed books - "The Parish Surveyors Appointment and Guide for the Highways" containing appointment of Thomas Roberts as surveyor for par. Henllis, 1826, and The Rev. Augustus Morgan for par. Machen Lower, 1831 Assessment made in lieu of Statute Labour, par. Machen. (no date) 1831-1841 

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Parish Constable 


 D314/1 Par. Machen 1733-1742, 1747-1749 

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 D314/19 Par. Machen, Machen Upper and Machen Lower 1734-1790 

 D314/20 Par. Machen Upper and Machen Lower 1790-1826 

 D314/29 Par. Machen, Machen Upper and Machen Lower, 1826- 1854 Hamlet of Rhydygwern, 1834-1854 1826-1854, 1834-1854 

 D314/30 Vouchers to Churchwardens' Accounts (incomplete) 1828-1871 

 D314/31 "Ecclesiastical" Correspondence par. Machen including: Receipts for collections raised by the parish in response to appeals by way of "Kings" or "Queen's Letters", including, 1828-1871 [19 items] For enlarging and building of Churches and Chapels, 1828, 1834, 1840, 1843, 1846, 1849 Society for Propogation of the Gospel, 1831, 1838, 1842, 1850 National Society, 1823, 1838, 1847, 1849, 1858, 1870 Relief of Working Classes in some Districts of England and Scotland, 1842 Relief of sufferers, two fires in Quebec, 1845; fire at St. John's, Newfoundland, 1846. Request for payment of First Fruits and Tenths on admission of The Rev. J.C.S. Darby to the benefice of Machen, 1873 Places of Confirmation and list of candidates from Machen, 1834 Licence to perform Divine Service in Waunfawr School room, 1875 Correspondence with Commissioners for English Fisheries, 1871 Statement by Edward Samuel concerning illegal interment of his mother in Marshfield churchyard, 1834 Coroner's Certificate for interment of body of Charles Thomas, par. Marshfield, 1824 Correspondence - Ecclesiastical Dilapidations Act, 1811. [14 items], 1873 - 1875 Private correspondence of The Rev. Augustus Morgan, 1817, 1871-1872, 1889 Correspondence concerning new forms of registration, 1837 1823-1889 

 D314/32 Miscellaneous plans etc. [Cellar plan](no date) Drawing of East Window, Machen Church by W.G. and E Habershon, Architects. (This differs from a photograph amongst the records), 1855 Plan of parsonage, New Church, Machen The Rev. A. Morgan, Habershon and Pite, Architects, 1864 Sketch for reading desk, Machen (no date) List of subscribers, site of Machen new church (no date) Terrier of Glebe lands etc. par. Machen (1846) Plans of a school and a church, issued by Llandaff Church Building Society (no date) 1855-1864 

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Machen Schools 

 D314/33 Correspondence and Miscellaneous papers [56 items] (1870-1874) including: Teaching time-table, Machen Lower School, (post 1869) Duties of Tailor, shoemaker and Female Industrial Trials [Caerleon Industrial Schools], (no date) Replies to Questionnaire on State of Education in Wales Machen Church School and Machen Sunday School, 1847 Opening of Upper Machen National School, 1873 Staffing, statement relating to Schools, 1873 General correspondence concerning Lower Machen Church School, Waunfawr School, Upper Machen School Site map of Machen National Schools, (no date) 1847-1874 

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Machen Charities 

 D314/34 Lists of Beneficiaries under the charities of Madam Kate Morgan of Ruperra and Hugh Jones of Gellywasted. [16 items] (1828-1833, 1864-1870) Correspondence concerning Wm. Russell's Charity. (Dec 1870-Oct 1871) 1828-1833, 1864-1870, Dec 1870-Oct 1871 

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Tithe Records 

 D314/35 Apportionment of rent charge in lieu of Tithes par. Machen (Award and Map) 1842 

 D314/36 Ms. Copy Apportionment of rent charge in lieu of tithes par. Machen 1842 

 D314/37 Altered Apportionment 1875 

 D314/38 Certificate of Redemption of Tithe Rent Charge 1924 

 D314/39 Printed copy Apportionment of Rent Charge in lieu of tithes, par. Bassaleg 1844 

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Parish Affairs 


 D314/40 Schedule, form of Answers by Clergymen in England as to census, par. Machen, 1821 Schedule, form of Answers by Overseers in England and Schoolmasters in Scotland as to census par. Machen, 1821 Letter giving details of Census, Machen Lower and Rhydygwern, 1831 1821, 1821, 1831 

 D314/41 Par. Machen Sep 1839 

 D314/42 Par. Machen May 1844 

 D314/43 Par. Machen, taken by The Rev. Augustus Morgan, rector, and The Rev. Howell Williams, curate. May 1853 

Erection of Adullam Independent Chapel, Machen 

 D314/44 Collecting Book 1860-1862 

Belgian Refugee Relief Fund 

 D314/45 Minute Book inset - correspondence, receipts and accounts 1914-1917 

 D314/46 Account Book 1915-1916 

 D314/47 General Correspondence, Machen Committee [113 items] 1916-1918 

Machen Reception Committee. For service men returning after 1914 - 1918 war, war memorial, photographs to next of kin etc. 

 D314/48 Minute Book 1915-1918 

 D314/49 Minute Book inset, letters re: war memorial 1917-1922, 1934, 1935 

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 D314/51 A list of wells in Caerleon, listing 54 wells 1882 

 D314/52 Cash Book, Machen and Waunfawr U.D. School Board 1881-1898 

 D314/53 Cash Book, Kirkcaldy and Districh Railway. No. 1. Section (This book was kept by H.M. Darby who was probably a relative of The Rev. J.C.S. Darby, some time Rector of Machen). 1892-1893 

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