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Gwent Archives
Llanthewy Road Baptist Church.
Llanthewy Road Baptist Church Newport
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Biographical/Historical note

Additional Deposit (Accession 3495)

These records are subject to the usual rule restricting public access to records less than 30 years old. There is no restriction on material which has already been made public. This 30-year restriction is variable at the discretion of the depositor, and Dedication certificates are not included.

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Arrangement note

The collection is arranged into the following series': Minute Books; Church Membership and Dedication; Llanthewy Road Baptist Sunday School; Ladies' Working Party; Ladies' Guild; Subscriptions Paid by Church Members; Miscellaneous Printed Items; Financial.

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 Gwent Archives

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Usual conditions apply.

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Usual copyright conditions apply.

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Accruals are not expected.

Appraisal note

All records have been retained.

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Controlled Access Headings


  • Baptists-Wales-Newport-Llanthewy Road

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Other Finding Aids note

A hard copy catalogue is available at Gwent Archives.

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Collection Inventory

Minute Books 

 D3475/10 Church Meetings Minute Book 1903-1913 

 D3475/11 Church Meetings Minute Book 1913-1928 

 D3475/13 Church Meetings Minute Book 1928-1937 

 1938-1946 Church Meetings Minute Book also Church Council meetings(discontinued in November 1932) 1938-1946 

 D3475/14 Church Meetings Minute Book 1947-1961 

 D3475/15 Church Meetings Minute Book 1961-1978 

 D3475/16 Church Meetings Minute Book 1978-1991 

 D3475/17 Deacons’ Meetings Minute Book 1905-1908 

 D3475/18 Deacons’ Meetings Minute Book 1909-1912 

 D3475/19 Deacons’ Meetings Minute Book 1912-1917 

 D3475/20 Deacons’ Meetings Minute Book 1917-1925 

 D3475/21 Deacons’ Meetings Minute Book 1925-1929 

 D3475/22 Deacons’ Meetings Minute Book 1930-1936 

 D3475/23 Deacons’ Meetings Minute Book 1936-1942 

 D3475/24 Deacons’ Meetings Minute Book 1942-1948 

 D3475/25 Deacons’ Meetings Minute Book 1948-1952 

 D3475/26 Deacons’ Meetings Minute Book 1953-1956 

 D3475/27 Deacons’ Meetings Minute Book 1957-1962 

 D3475/28 Deacons’ Meetings Minute Book 1962-1967 

 D3475/29 Deacons’ Meetings Minute Book 1967-1971 

 D3475/30 Deacons’ Meetings Minute Book 1971-1976 

 D3475/31 Deacons’ Meetings Minute Book 1976-1982 

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Church Membership and Dedication 

 D3475/32 Roll Book of Church members 1904-1962 

 D3475/33 Book of Dedication certificates 1944-1967 

 D3475/34 Book of Dedication certificates 1967-1976 

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Llanthewy Road Baptist Sunday School 

 D3475/35 Teacher’s Meetings Minute Book 1904-1914 

 D3475/36 Teacher’s Meetings Minute Book 1915-1919 

 D3475/37 Teacher’s Meetings Minute Book 1953-1968 

 D3475/38 Teacher’s Meetings Minute Book 1968-1978 

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Ladies’ Working Party 

 D3475/39 Business Meeting Minute Book 1946-1955 

 D3475/40 Cash Book and Journal 1949-1964 

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Ladies’ Guild 

 D3475/41 Business Meeting Minute Book 1966-1993 

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Subscriptions paid by Church members (Ladies’ Sewing Class?) to Newport Home Nursing Association Physiotherapy Trust 

 D3475/42 Subscription Book 1954-1955 

 D3475/43 Subscription Book 1955-1956 

 D3475/44 Subscription Book 1956-1961 

 D3475/45 Subscription Book 1962-1964 

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Miscellaneous printed items 

 D3475/46 The Baptist Union of Great Britain andNIreland: Report of the Council together with financial statements, for the year ended 31st December 1928. 1929 

 D3475/47 The Baptist Union of Great Britain and Ireland: Report of the Committee on Baptist Policy (includes handwritten notes) 1942 

 D3475/48 Llanthewy Road Baptist Church Year Book including illustration of the church, and Church Roll 1926 

 D3475/49 “The Messenger”, Llanthewy Road Baptist Church magazine: no. 77, November 1932, no. 341, January 1955 1932, 1955 

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 D3475/50 Ledger 1904-1908 

 D3475/51 Ledger 1923-1979 

 D3475/52 Income and Expenditure Account Book 1966-1974 

 D3475/53 Income and Expenditure Account Book 1975-1981 

 D3475/54 Income and Expenditure Account Book 1981-1987 

 D3475/55 Income and Expenditure Account Book 1988-1994 

 D3475/56 Weekly Offerings Account Book 1977 

 D3475/57 Weekly Offerings Account Book 1978 

 D3475/58 Weekly Offerings Account Book 1979 

 D3475/59 Weekly Offerings Account Book 1980 

 D3475/60 Weekly Offerings Account Book (includes list of Covenants 1980-1987) 1981-1982 

 D3475/61 Weekly Offerings Account Book 1983-1985 

 D3475/62 Weekly Offerings Account Book 1986-1991 

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