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Collection Inventory


 D3166/1 Minutes 1973-1975 

 D3166/2 Agenda and Minutes 1976-1978 

 D3166/3 Agenda and Minutes 1979-1981 

 D3166/4 Agenda and Minutes 1982-1984 

 D3166/5 Agenda and Minutes 1985-1988 

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Income and Expenditure Accounts 

 D3166/6  1974-1976 

 D3166/7  1977-1980 

 D3166/8  1983 

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 D3166/9 General Correspondence 1975-1976 

 D3166/10 General Correspondence 1976-1977 

 D3166/11 General Correspondence 1977 

 D3166/12 General Correspondence 1978 

 D3166/13 General Correspondence 1979 

 D3166/14 General Correspondence 1980 

 D3166/15 General Correspondence 1981 

 D3166/16 General Correspondence 1982 

 D3166/17 General Correspondence 1983 - 1984 

 D3166/18 General Correspondence 1985 

 D3166/19 General Correspondence 1986 

 D3166/20 General Correspondence 1987-1988 

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Reports and Other Papers 

 D3166/21 Reports and correspondence concerning pedestrianisation of town of Chepstow 1973-1978 

 D3166/22 Reports and correspondence concerning the Gwent structure plan 1974-1977 

 D3166/23 Papers concerning the 1977 annual dinner and dance of the Chamber 1976-1977 

 D3166/24 Papers concerning the 1978 annual dinner and dance of the Chamber 1978 

 D3166/25 Reports, leaflets, brochures etc. concerning objectives and membership rules of the Chamber; pedestrianisation promotion of Chepstow as a shopping centre; Festival of Castles; Christmas lighting; Llanwern steelworks; Caldicot redevelopment; job losses uniform business rate; the 1988 business survey; Chepstow guide book 1978-1988 

 D3166/26 Papers concerning the 1980 annual dinner and dance of the Chamber 1980 

 D3166/27 Papers concerning Chepstow Inner Relief Road Stage II 1980-1987 

 D3166/28 Papers concerning Severn Bridge tolls, including a report of a local inquiry held at Bristol 1984-1985 

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Newspapers and Newspaper Cuttings 

 D3166/29 Newspapers: 'Chepstow and Caldicot Free Press' 19 Feb '81, 18 July '85, 17 April '86, 9 Oct '86, 6 Nov '86, 2 April '87, 13 Aug '87, 23 Feb '87; 'The News and Weekly Argus - Chepstow and District Union' 1 May '86; 'Chepstow News' 23 Feb '89; 'South Wales Argus' 23 Feb '89. 1981-1989 

 D3166/30 Newspaper cutting concerning, inter alia, car parking, open-air market, Welsh hertiage, boating on River Wye, town guide, post office, Christmas lighting, rates, traffic problems, Chepstow Eisteddfod, Festival of Castles, Chepstow Chamber of Commerce 1982-1989 

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