Records of the 8th Newport Company of the Boys’ Brigade

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Records of the 8th Newport Company of the Boys’ Brigade
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Biographical/Historical note

The Boys' Brigade (BB) is an interdenominational Christian youth organisation, conceived by William Alexander Smith to combine drill and fun activities with Christian values. Following its inception in Glasgow in 1883, the BB quickly spread across the United Kingdom and became a worldwide organisation by the early 1890s.

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Arrangement note

Arranged in the following way: History, Administration, Events and Training, Newsletters, Finance, Certificates, Photocopies, General Paperwork and Correspondence, Miscellaneous.

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Administrative Information

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All records have been retained.

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Controlled Access Headings

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  • Newport Company of the Boys' Brigade.

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Other Finding Aids note

A hard copy catalogue is available at Gwent Archives.

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Collection Inventory


 D4209/1 Documents relating to the history of the Newport Boys’ Brigade and the 8th Newport Company, including photocopies of the Boys’ Brigade Gazette (1895-1916), membership cards (1908-1954), souvenir guides and programmes (1921-1994) and general notes and correspondence [n.d.]. (1 folder). 1895-1994 

 D4209/1/2 Correspondence relating to the history of the 8th Newport Company (1 folder). Aug 1986–Jun 1988  

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 D4209/2 Documents relating to the registration of the Company and Sections (1974-1981), the registration of chaplains (1974-1994), the registration of officer (1974-1992) and annual returns (1979-1995) (1 folder). 1974-1995 

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Events and Training 

 D4209/3/1 Documents relating to the 8th Newport Company Junior Section programme (1 folder). Sep 1982–Mar 1983 

 D4209/3/2 Documents relating to Junior Section holidays (1folder) Mar 1983–May 1983  

 D4209/3/3 Documents relating to the 8th Newport Company camps; (1 folder). Feb 1984–Aug 1987  

 D4209/3/4 Documents relating to Flag Day (1 folder) Jun 1984-Jul 1999 

 D4209/3/5 Documents relating to the 8th Newport Company Founders Day(1 folder) 12 Oct 1986  

 D4209/3/6  Documents relating to training (1 folder) Oct 1986–Jul 1993 

 D4209/3/7 Documents relating to visiting companies (1 folder) 30 Oct–1 Nov 1987  

 D4209/3/8 8th Newport Company entries from the Battalion Junior Section Eisteddfod (9 items). 1987 

 D4209/3/9 Documents relating to Company trips (1 folder) May 1987–May 1991 

 D4209/3/10 Documents relating to Awards Night (1 folder) Jun 1987–May 1999  

 D4209/3/11 Documents relating to the 8th Newport Company camps (1 folder) Aug 1987–Jul 1993  

 D4209/3/12 Documents relating to Junior Section holidays (1 folder). Nov 1987–Apr 1993  

 D4209/3/13 Documents relating to national competitions (1 folder) Aug 1990–Jan 1997  

 D4209/3/14  Documents relating to the Company Section sectional events(1 folder) Oct 1991–Aug 1999 

 D4209/3/15 Documents relating to Junior Section sectional events (1 folder). Sep 1991–Jun 1997 

 D4209/3/16 Documents relating to Anchor Boys sectional events(1 folder). Nov 1991–Apr 1997 

 D4209/3/17  Documents relating to joint sectional events (1 folder). Jul 1991–Nov 1999  

 D4209/3/18 Documents relating to training (1 folder). Aug 1993–Jan 2000 

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 D4209/4 Company newsletter (1 folder). Nov 1988–Jul 1993  

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 D4209/5/1 Bank statements (1 folder). Jan 1983–Sep 1991 

 D4209/5/2 Documents relating to Company finance (1 folder). Jul 1985–Jul 1991 

 D4209/5/3 Bank statements (1 folder) Sep 1991- Aug 1995 

 D4209/5/4 Documents relating to Company finance (1 folder) Sep 1991–Mar 1995  

 D4209/5/5 Bank statements (1 folder). Aug 1995–Sep 1998  

 D4209/5/6 Documents relating to Company finance (1 folder) Aug 1995–Dec 2002  

 D4209/5/7 Bank statements (1 folder) Sep 1998–Nov 2002  

 D4209/5/8  Documents relating to the purchase and insurance of the Company colours (1 folder) Jun 1986–Jan 1989 

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 D4209/6 Certificates awarded to members of the 8th Newport Company (1 folder) [1979-2001] 

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 D4209/7/1  Photograph of William John Langmaid, founder of the 8th Newport Company and David White, captain of the 8th Newport Company, c. 1895 – 1902, with accompanying letter from Mr Langmaid’s granddaughter [n.d.] and a Boys’ Brigade hat badge [n.d.]. [c.1895-1902] 

 D4209/7/2 Photograph album of the 8th Newport Company (1 folder) [1981-1987] 

 D4209/7/3 Photographs of Company camp at Guernsey (1 packet). [1981] 

 D4209/7/4 Photographs of Company trip to Barry Island (1 packet). 10 Jul 1985 

 D4209/7/5 Photographs of Company camp (1 packet). Aug 1985  

 D4209/7/6  Photographs of trip to Bovington Tank Museum (1 packet). 6 Aug 1985  

 D4209/7/7 Photographs of Company camp at Butlins, Pwllheli(1 packet). [1987] 

 D4209/7/8 Photographs of Portland Street and Commercial Road Methodist Churches (1 packet). 2 Oct 1987  

 D4209/7/9 Photographs of the dedication of the colours and the Company enrolment service(1 packet). 22 Nov 1987 

 D4209/7/10 Photograph of Trinity Methodist Church 20th anniversary parade (1 item). Mar 1988 

 D4209/7/11 Photographs of Kinmel Hall (1 packet). May 1988 

 D4209/7/12 Photographs of district athletics competition (1 packet) 11 Jun 1988 

 D4209/7/13 Photograph of visit to Twm Barlwm (1 item) 11 Jul 1988 

 D4209/7/14 Photographs of NCH concert (1 packet). 20 Dec 1988 

 D4209/7/15 Photographs of TFSL presentation (1 packet) 10 Jan 1989 

 D4209/7/16 Photographs of Awards Night (1 packet) 11 Jul 1989 

 D4209/7/17 Photographs of Company staff meal (1 packet) 12 Jul 1989 

 D4209/7/18 Photographs of the District Junior Section five-a-side competition at Port Talbot (1 packet). Jul 1989 

 D4209/7/19 Photographs of Company camp (1 packet). Jul 1989–Aug 1989  

 D4209/7/20 Photographs of the Battalion Junior section five-a-side competition (1 packet) 14 Oct 1989  

 D4209/7/21 Photographs of Awards Night (1 packet) 22 May 1990 

 D4209/7/22 Photograph of Company camp (1 item). Sep 1990  

 D4209/7/23 Photographs of Awards Night (1 packet) 18 Jun 1991 

 D4209/7/24 Photographs of Founders Day (1 packet) Oct 1993 

 D4209/7/25 Photographs of Company camp on the Isle of Wight (1 packet). [1994] 

 D4209/7/26 Photographs of Company staff meal (1 packet) Jul 1998 

 D4209/7/27 Miscellaneous photographs (1 packet) c.1980’s– 1990’s 

 D4209/7/28 Miscellaneous photographs (1 packet) [20th century] 

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General Paperwork and Correspondence 

 D4209/8/1 General correspondence (1 folder) Oct 1975–Jul 1977 

 D4209/8/2 General correspondence (1 folder) Mar 1979–Aug 1981  

 D4209/8/3 General correspondence (1 folder) Sep 1981–Jun 1982 

 D4209/8/4 General correspondence (1 folder) Aug 1982–Jul 1983 

 D4209/8/5 General correspondence (1 folder) Jul 1983–Jul 1984 

 D4209/8/6 General correspondence (1 folder) Jul 1984–Jul 1985  

 D4209/8/7 General correspondence (1 folder) Aug 1985–Nov 1985 

 D4209/8/8 General correspondence (1 folder) Dec 1985–Aug 1986 

 D4209/8/9 General correspondence (1 folder) Sep 1986–Dec 1986 

 D4209/8/10 General correspondence (1 folder) Dec 1986–Sep 1987  

 D4209/8/11 General correspondence (1 folder) Sep 1987–Mar 1988 

 D4209/8/12 Documents relating to staff meetings, with related correspondence (1 folder) [1987– 2001]  

 D4209/8/13 General correspondence (1 folder) Mar 1988–Jul 1988 

 D4209/8/14  General correspondence (1 folder) Sep 1988–Jul 1989  

 D4209/8/15  General correspondence (1 folder) Sep 1989–Jun 1990 

 D4209/8/16 General correspondence (1 folder) Aug 1990–Jun 1991 

 D4209/8/17 General correspondence (1 folder) Aug 1991–Aug 1992  

 D4209/8/18 General correspondence (1 folder) Sep 1992–Jul 1993  

 D4209/8/19 General correspondence (1 folder) Jul 1993–Aug 1994  

 D4209/8/20  General correspondence (1 folder) Aug 1994–Jul 1995 

 D4209/8/21 General correspondence (1 folder) Jul 1995–Jul 1996 

 D4209/8/22 General correspondence (1 folder) Jul 1996–Aug 1997 

 D4209/8/23 General correspondence (1 folder) Aug 1997–Jul 1998 

 D4209/8/24 Documents relating to the scout post, with related correspondence (1 folder) Nov 1997–Mar 2001 

 D4209/8/25 General Correspondence (1 folder) Aug 1998–Mar 2002 

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  D4209/9/1 Framed Boys’ Brigade centenary stamp and postcard [1983] 

 D4209/9/2 The Boys’ Brigade in Wales Newport, Gwent centenary plaque [1987] 

 D4209/9/3 Framed centenary competition banner [1987] 

 D4209/9/4 Christmas cards (4 items) [Late 20th century] 

 D4209/9/5 Newport Deanery Confirmation Service booklet [Late 20th century] 

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