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Biographical/Historical note

The Gwent Training and Enterprise Council Limited was founded in 1989.

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Arrangement note

Arranged in the following way: Foundation Papers, Board Meetings, Policy and Secretarial, Finance, External and Publicity, Dissolution Papers.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

 Gwent Archives

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Conditions Governing Use note

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Accruals note

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Appraisal note

All records have been retained.

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Other Finding Aids note

A hard copy catalogue is available at Gwent Archives.

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Collection Inventory

Foundation Papers 

 D4161/1 Memorandum and articles of association of the Gwent Training and Enterprise Council Limited 17th Nov 1989 

 D4161/2  Letters relating to the appointment of Col. R. Hanbury Tenison as director of Gwent TEC (4 items) Apr 1991-May 1991 

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Board Meetings 

 D4162/3 AGM minutes 10 Apr 1991 

 D4161/3/2 Board Meeting Minutes 10 Apr 1991 

 D4161/3/3 Related correspondence re: above meetings May 1991 

 D4161/3/4  Board meeting agenda and reports 10 July 1991 

 D4161/3/5  Board meeting minutes 10 Jul 1991 

 D4161/3/6  Extra-ordinary general meeting agenda and reports 10 Jul 1991 

 D4161/3/7  Extra-ordinary general meeting minutes 10 Jul 1991 

 D4161/3/8 Related correspondence re: above meeting August 1991 

 D4161/3/9  Board meeting agenda and reports 4 Sep 1991 

 D4161/3/10  Board meeting agenda and reports 16 Sep 1991 

 D4161/3/11  Board meeting agenda and reports 9 Oct 1991 

 D4161/3/12  Board meeting agenda and reports 20 Nov 1991 

 D4161/3/13  Board meeting agenda and reports 8 Jan 1992 

 D4161/3/14 Related correspondence re: above meeting Jan 1992 

 D4161/3/15  Board meeting agenda and reports 19 Feb 1992 

 D4161/3/16  Related correspondence re: above meeting Feb 1992. 

 D4161/3/17 Board meeting agenda and reports 1 Apr 1992 

 D4161/3/ 18  Related correspondence re: above meeting Mar 1992 

 D4161/3/19 Board meeting agenda and reports 13 May 1992 

 D4161/3/20 Board meeting agenda and reports 20 Jan 1992 

 D4161/3/21 Related correspondence re: above meeting Jan1993 

 D4161/3/22 Board meeting agenda and reports 3 Mar 1993 

 D4161/3/23 Board meeting agenda and reports 7 Jul 1993 

 D4161/3/24 Board meeting minutes 7 Jul 1993 

 D4161/3/25  Related correspondence re: above meeting Aug 1993 

 D4161/3/26 Board meeting agenda and reports 18 Aug 1993 

 D4161/3/27  Related correspondence re: above meeting Aug 1993 

 D4161/3/28  Board meeting agenda and reports 29 Sep 1993 

 D4161/3/29 Board meeting minutes 29 Sep1993 

 D4161/3/30  Related correspondence re: above meeting Sep 1993 

 D4161/3/31 Board meeting agenda and reports 10 Nov 1993 

 D4161/3/32 Related correspondence re: above meeting Nov 1993 

 D4161/3/33  Board meeting agenda and reports 19 Jan 1994 

 D4161/3/34  Board meeting agenda and reports 13 Apr 1994 

 D4161/3/35  Board meeting agenda and reports 18 May 1994 

 D4161/3/36  Related correspondence re: above meeting May 1994 

 D4161/3/37  Board meeting agenda and reports 6 Jul 1994 

 D4161/3/38 Related correspondence re: above meeting Jul 1994 

 D4161/3/39 Board meeting minutes 17 Aug 1994 

 D4161/3/40 Board meeting agenda and reports 28 Sep 1994 

 D4161/3/41 Related correspondence re: above meeting Sep1994–Jan 1995 

 D4161/3/42 Board meeting agenda and reports 9 Nov 1994 

 D4161/3/43 Board meeting agenda and reports 18 Jan1995 

 D4161/3/44  Notes re: above meeting Jan 1995 

 D4161/3/45  Board meeting agenda and reports 8 Mar 1995 

 D4161/3/46 Board meeting agenda and reports 12 Apr 1995 

 D4161/3/47  Related correspondence and notes re: above meeting Apr 1995 

 D4161/3/48 Board meeting agenda and reports 17 May 1995 

 D4161/3/49  Related correspondence re: above meeting May 1995 

 D4161/3/50  Board meeting agenda and reports 5 Jul 1995 

 D4161/3/51 Board meeting agenda and reports 27 Sep 1995 

 D4161/3/52  Board meeting minutes 8 Nov 1995 

 D4161/3/53 Related correspondence re: above meeting Jan 1996 

 D4161/3/54 Correspondence re: re-scheduled board meeting Feb 1996 

 D4161/3/55 Board meeting minutes 27 Mar 1996 

 D4161/3/56 Board meeting minutes 28 Mar 1996 

 D4161/3/57  Related correspondence re: above meeting Jun 1996 

 D4161/3/58  Report on board meeting 23 Jul 1996 

 D4161/3/59  Related correspondence re: above meeting Jul 1996 

 D4161/3/60  Board meeting agenda and reports 14 Aug 1996 

 D4161/3/61 Related correspondence re: above meeting Aug 1996 

 D4161/3/62 Board meeting agenda and reports 25 Sep 1996 

 D4161/3/63 Notes on board meeting 5 Mar 1997 

 D4161/3/64 Board meeting agenda and reports 16 Apr 1997 

 D4161/3/65 Board meeting agenda and reports 25 Jun 1997 

 D4161/3/66  Board meeting agenda and reports 16 Jul 1997 

 D4161/3/67 Board meeting agenda and reports 13 Aug 1997 

 D4161/3/68 Board meeting minutes 13 Aug 1997 

 D4161/3/69 Related correspondence re: above meeting Aug 1997 

 D4161/3/70 Board meeting agenda and reports 15 Oct 1997 

 D4161/3/71 Board meeting agenda and reports 5 Dec 1997 

 D4161/3/72 Special board meeting agenda and reports 10 Mar 1998 

 D4161/3/73  Board meeting agenda and reports 26 Aug 1998 

 D4161/3/74  Related correspondence re: above meeting Aug 1998 

 D4161/3/75  Board meeting agenda and reports 14 Oct 1998 

 D4161/3/76  Board meeting agenda and reports 27 Jan 1999 

 D4161/3/77 Board meeting agenda and reports 9 Jun 1999 

 D4161/3/78  Related correspondence re: above meeting Jun 1999 

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Policy and Secretarial 

General correspondence and documentation; 1991–1999 

 D4161/4/1  Correspondence and working documents related to events 1991 

 D4161/4/2  Correspondence and working documents related to events 1992–1994 

 D4161/4/3  Correspondence and working documents related to events 1995 – 1996 

 D4161/4/4 Correspondence and working documents related to events 1997–1998 

 D4161/4/5  Correspondence and working documents related to events 1999 

 D4161/4/6 Correspondence and working documents related to events [Late 20th century] 

Corporate and business plans; 1991–1999 

 D4161/5/1 Corporate and business plan 1991 

 D4161/5/2 Directors overview of review of TEC business plan 1991 

 D4161/5/3  Business plan (final document) 1991–1992 

 D4161/5/4 Draft business plan 1992–1993 

 D4161/5/5 Business plan (abridged) 1992–1993 

 D4161/5/6  Business plan 1992–1993 

 D4161/5/7 Business plan 1993–1994 

 D4161/5/8  Corporate plan rollover 1993–1996 

 D4161/5/9  Corporate plan supplement 1995–1996 

 D4161/5/10  Joint corporate/business plan 1996–1999 

Investors in people reports and related correspondence; 1992–1998 

 D4161/6/1  Correspondence re: training for directors Mar 1992 

 D4161/6/2 Assessment of Beacon Training Limited Jun 1993 

 D4161/6/3 Related correspondence re: above report Jun 1993 

 D4161/6/4  Report by Birmingham TEC on the Rover Group 22 Sep 1993 

 D4161/6/5  Assessment of Victoria Training Centre Feb 1994 

 D4161/6/6 Assessment of IMI Computing Limited 1 Feb 1994 

 D4161/6/7  Related correspondence re: above report Feb 1994 

 D4161/6/8  Assessment of Monmouth Borough Council Youth Training Scheme  29 Apr 1994 

 D4161/6/9 Related correspondence re: above report May 1994–Jan 1995 

 D4161/6/10  Assessment of Derwen Nursing Home Oct 1994 

 D4161/6/11 Related correspondence re: above report Nov 1994 

 D4161/6/12  Assessment of Lucas Heavy Duty Braking Systems Nov 1994 

 D4161/6/13 Related correspondence re: above report Dec 1994 

 D4161/6/14 Assessment of Marshfield Primary School Apr 1995 

 D4161/6/15  Assessment of Risca Primary School 28 Apr 1995 

 D4161/6/16 Related correspondence re: above report May 1995 

 D4161/6/17  Assessment of Newport Wafer-Fab Limited 15 Jun 1995 

 D4161/6/18  Assessment of Craig-y-Trwyn Nursing Home 16 Jun 1995 

 D4161/6/19 Related correspondence re: above report Jun 1995 

 D4161/6/20 Assessment of The Chrysalis Group Jun 1995 

 D4161/6/21  Assessment of Ray Purnell and Company 19 Jun 1995 

 D4161/6/22 Assessment of Wales Council for Voluntary Action 19 Dec 1995 

 D4161/6/23  Assessment of Gwernyfed High School 19 Dec 1995 

 D4161/6/24 Assessment of St Joseph’s High School 5 Feb 1996 

 D4161/6/25 Correspondence re: investors in people rules Jul 1996 

 D4161/6/26 Assessment of MADE 16 Sep 1996 

 D4161/6/27  Assessment of Precision Engineering Limited 2 Oct 1996 

 D4161/6/28 Related correspondence re: above report Oct 1996 

 D4161/6/29 Assessment of Abertillery Comprehensive School 13 Nov 1996 

 D4161/6/30  Assessment of M.D. Fabrications Limited 17 Dec 1996 

 D4161/6/31 Assessment of Rehoboth Residential Home 18 Dec 1996 

 D4161/6/32  Brochure for Warner Lambert Consumer Healthcare 23 Jul 1997 

 D4161/6/33  Correspondence and working documents re: meetings and policy February 1998–March 1998. 

 D4161/6/34  Diagnostic pack for employers [Late 20th century] 

 D4161/6/35 Assessor work book [Late 20th century] 

 D4161/6/36 ‘How do we measure up’ report [Late 20th century] 

 D4161/6/37 ‘How do we measure up’ report [Late 20th century] 

 D4161/6/38  ‘How will we gain recognition’ report [Late 20th century] 

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 D4161/7/1 Directors report and financial statements Nov 1989–Mar 1991 

 D4161/7/2 Profit and loss account April 1991–May 1991 

 D4161/7/3 Finance sub-committee minutes 30 Sep 1991 

 D4161/7/4 Papers of the finance sub-committee 18 Nov 1991 

 D4161/7/5 Six monthly review performance statistics 1991–1992 

 D4161/7/ 6  Annual Report and accounts 1991–1992 

 D4161/7/7 Correspondence re: budget allocation 1991/1993 Mar 1992 

 D4161/7/8 Revenue budget 1992–1993 

 D4161/7/9 Directors report and financial statements (draft) 28 Mar 1993 

 D4161/7/10 Directors report and financial statements 28 Mar 1993 

 D4161/7/11 Related correspondence re: above report and third AGM Jul 1993 

 D4161/7/12 Directors report and financial statements 26 Mar 1995 

 D4161/7/13  Report on reducing dependency on exchequer funding Nov 1995 

 D4161/7/14 Report on TECs and income generation Nov 1995 

 D4161/7/15 Directors report and financial statements with related correspondence 24 Mar 1996 

 D4161/7/16  Profit and loss account 2 Mar 1997 

 D4161/7/17  Comparison of offer dated 23 February 1998 to all Wales and previous year 10 Mar 1998 

 D4161/7/18  Period 11 figures–volume and spend 30 Mar 1998 

 D4161/7/19 Investment services for charities 26 Nov 1999 

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External and Publicity 

Special reports, guidelines and brochures; 1991-1999 

 D4161/8/1 Labour market bulletin; Spring 1991 1991 

 D4161/8/2 Correspondence and reports re: events Aug 1991–Sep 1991 

 D4161/8/3 Market research presentation on employers and manpower development 19 Sep 1991 

 D4161/8/4  Report on Gwent Employers and manpower development (draft) 30 Sep 1991 

 D4161/8/5 Labour market assessment 1991 

 D4161/8/6 Skills and enterprise: an agenda for Wales Nov 1991 

 D4161/8/7 Correspondence re: above report Nov 1991 

 D4161/8/8 Quarterly report to the Secretary of State for Wales Dec 1991 

 D4161/8/9  Related correspondence re: above report Feb 1992 

 D4161/8/10 Quarterly report to the Secretary of State for Wales Mar 1992 

 D4161/8/11  The Royal Anniversary Trust brochure 1992 

 D4161/8/12  Updating Welsh Business brochure 1992 

 D4161/8/13  Related correspondence re: above brochure Feb 1992 

 D4161/8/14 Labour market assessment 1993 

 D4161/8/15 Related correspondence re: above report Jul 1993 

 D4161/8/16 People and prosperity: a challenge to Wales Nov 1993 

 D4161/8/17 Modern apprenticeship in engineering manufacture brochure 1994 

 D4161/8/18  Internal audit review of IT security 16 Sep 1994 

 D4161/8/19  TEC National Council information leaflet 11 Apr 1997 

 D4161/8/20 Guidelines on Equal Opportunities and Health and Safety 6 Mar 1998 

 D4161/8/21  Improving rights of way in England and Wales consultation paper Jul 1999 

 D4161/8/22 The service industries: an overview Aug 1999 

 D4161/8/23 Self appraisal system: 1. self appraisal pack [Late 20th century] 

 D4161/8/24  Self appraisal system: 2 guidance for self appraisers and verifiers [Late 20th century] 

 D4161/8/25 Business start-up scheme brochure [Late 20th century] 

 D4161/8/26  Business development brochures and application pack [Late 20th century] 

 D4161/8/27  Becoming a director brochure [Late 20th century] 

 D4161/8/28 Powys TEC: The key to new horizons report [Late 20th century] 

 D4161/8/29 Skills and enterprise guidelines [Late 20th century] 

 D4161/8/30 TEC’s and women report [Late 20th century] 

 D4161/8/31  Business support pack [Late 20th century] 

 D4161/8/32 Training for future success brochure [Late 20th century] 

 D4161/8/33 National record of achievement guide [Late 20th century] 

 D4161/8/34 MCI in action pack [Late 20th century] 

 D4161/8/35 Gwent REC training brochure [Late 20th century] 

 D4161/8/36  Summary and recommendations re: labour and skills [Late 20th century] 

 D4161/8/37  Starting and running your own business booklet [Late 20th century] 

 D4161/8/38  How to make the most of your future booklet [Late 20th century] 

TEC conference correspondence and paperwork; 1991–1992 

 D4161/9/1 Correspondence re: 1991 conference May 1991 

 D4161/9/2 Conference brochure Jul 1991 

 D4161/9/3 Chairman and chief executives seminar brochure 4 Jul 1991 

 D4161/9/4 Correspondence re: 1992 conference May 1992–Jul 1992 

 D4161/9/5  Conference dinner table plan 9 Jul 1992 

 D4161/9/6 Conference brochure Jul 1992 

 D4161/9/7 Theme papers Jul 1992 

 D4161/9/8  Responses to circulated paper and questionnaire Jul 1992 

TEC and business magazines; 1991–1996 

 D4161/10/1 TEC Director issue 9 May 1991-Jun 1991 

 D4161/10/2  TEC Director issue 10 Jul 1991–Aug 1991 

 D4161/10/3 TEC Director issue 11 Oct 1991–Nov 1991 

 D4161/10/4  TEC Director issue 13 Apr 1992–May 1992 

 D4161/10/5 TEC Topics no. 3; Summer 1992 1992 

 D4161/10/6  Business Direction Jun 1992–Jul 1992 

 D4161/10/7 TEC Director issue 14 Jul 1992–Aug 1992 

 D4161/10/8 Agenda issue 49 Sep 1996 

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Dissolution Papers 

 D4161/11 Correspondence re: dissolution of Gwent Training and Enterprise Council Aug 2000–Oct 2000 

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