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Alexander Murray Tulloch, K.C.B., Major General Sir
Major General Sir Alexander Murray Tulloch, K.C. B.
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Biographical/Historical note

Sir Alexander Murray Tulloch (1803-1864) was an army officer of Scottish parentage. He served with the 45th Regiment in Burma. He was concerned with welfare matters and while in Burma exposed various scandals including poor food and poor health among the soldiers and their payment in debased coinage. In 1855 Tulloch and Sir John McNeill conducted an investigation into the distribution system put in place by the Commisariat Department in the Crimea. They produced two reports in 1855 and 1856. Tulloch was appointed KCB in 1857 and promoted to Major General in 1859. He married Emma Louisa Pearson in 1844 but they had no children. Tulloch died on 16 May 1864. Sir Alexander Bruce Tulloch (1838-1920) was a soldier and military intelligence officer. He joined the 1st Royal Scots in 1855 and served in the Crimea, India, China and Egypt. He worked in the Intelligence Department of the War Office, was in charge of the Intelligence Department in Egypt, being sent on missions to Belgium, Crete and elsewhere. He commanded the Welsh Regiment in South Africa and Egypt. As a Major General he commanded the Victorian military forces and acted as military adviser to the Australian colonies. He was awarded the KCB (Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath) in 1902. Tulloch wrote various books and articles on military matters. He married Arabella Heelis (d. 1904) in 1865 and had five sons. In 1907 he married the widow of Mr Attwood of Glaslyn Court, Brecknockshire, where he died on 25 May 1920. The familial relationship between the two men is unknown.

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Scope and Contents note

Papers of Sir Alexander Murray Tulloch, 1836-1861, including reports and other papers relating to the Crimea inquiry, 1855-1857; papers of Sir Alexander Bruce Tulloch, 1882-1900, comprising personal papers, 1883-1900, personal correspondence, [1886]-1892, and correspondence and other papers relating to Military Intelligence matters, 1882-1892.

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Arranged into the following: Alexander Murray Tulloch; Alexander Bruce Tulloch.

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Further records are Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections: Palace Green Section, GRE/B129/3; National Archives of Scotland, GD371.

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  • Miscellaneous Papers-Major General Sir Alexander Murray Tulloch K.C.B.

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Hard copies of the catalogue are available at Gwent Record Office and the National Register of Archives.

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Collection Inventory

 D460 Part only of Draft Report (MSS) on sickness amongst troops including - diseases of liver, stomach and bowels, lungs, fevers. On the Geographical distribution of diseases as determined by Statistical results. c.1839-1844 

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 D460 Copy order relating to the payment to the troops in India of rupees at the rate of 2/0 1/2 d instead of at 2/3 1/2 d. post 1843  

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 D460  Report on Salubrity of the Military Stations in Jamaica with tables of incidence of sickness 1837-1846. c.1846  

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 D460 Papers, reports etc. relating to the "Guards Memorial" (promotion of Lt. Colonels etc.) 1855  

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Crimea Papers 

 D460  Printed papers and reports relating to a Commission to enquire into the irregularities which have taken place in the transport of stores etc., to the east. (Craigie, Tulloch and Stewart) 1855  

 D460  Printed report of evidence of Col. the Hon. Alex. Gordon (Dep. Q.M.G.) (50th day) plus (MSS? draft) Appendixes to Evidence of Col. Hon Alex Gordon. 24 May 1855-30 May 1855  

 D460  MSS Question and Answer of Q.M.G. Richard Airey Army of the East. 1855  

 D460 Letter [copy, incomplete] concerning the completion of enquiries intrusted to the writers (Sir John M'Neil and Col. Tulloch). 9 Jun 1855  

 D460 Draft printed report (incomplete) as to Commissary arrangements in the Crimea. (into the supplies for the British Army in the Crimea) M'Neil and Tulloch 10 Jun 1855  

 D460 Copies of letters addressed to Lord Panmure by the Earls of Lucan and Cardigan. (casualty rates, Cavalry animals) Printed (2) Feb 1856  

 D460 Printed copy letter from Sir John M'Neill and Col. Tulloch to Lord Panmure concerning casualty rates in cavalry animals. Feb 1856  

 D460 Printed report of Proceedings before Court of General Officer's of M'Neills and Tulloch's Report. 1856 

 D460 Proceedings before the Court of General Officers. [1865] 

 D460  4, 6, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14 and 21st Days. re-report of M'Neill and Tulloch. [9 Apr 1865-15 May 1865]  

 D460  Report of the Board of General Officers appointed to enquire into statements contained in reports of Sir John McNeill and Col. Tulloch. 4 Jul 1856  

 D460  Printed evidence taken before the Commission appointed to enquire into the organization etc. of the Medical Dept. of the Army. (inter alia. evidence of Col. Sir A.M. Tulloch K.C.B.) 1857 

 D460 Copy of letter book of Col. A.M. Tulloch containing part of a letter relating to his promotion to the rank of Major General. c.1858-1859  

 D460  Abstract of confidential reports on Enrolled Pensioners, Ireland. (printed) Post 1858  

 D460  MSS Summary of Arrangements relative to the Emigration of Pensioners and their families. (incl. those in New Zealand, Fort Garry in Hudson Bay Territory, Falkland Islands, Convict Guards, to Australia.) [Jan 1851] 

 D460  Printed Report and relevant papers and correspondence of the Committee (Chairman - Major General Sir A.M. Tulloch K.C.B.) appointed to consider the payments in England on account of British troops serving in India. 1860-1861  

 D460  Draft MSS report on material difference (if any) between the loss sustained (in action and by sickness) by troops who had been in India prior to the mutiny and those newly arrived in that country (for service during the mutiny) with statistical tables. c.1860-1861  

 D460  Reprint from United Service Journal "Suggestions for increasing promotion in the Army without expense to the public" [by A.M. Tulloch] c.1835  

 D460  Reprint from United Service Journal "On the relief of Corps on Foregin Service" (? A.M. Tulloch) Nov 1836  

 D460  Reprint from the "Journal of the Statistical Society of London" "On the Pay and Income of the British Soldier as compared with the rate of Agricultural Wages" Major-General Sir Alex. M. Tulloch K.C.B. Jun 1863  

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 D460  Major General Sir Alexander Bruce Tulloch K.C.B., C.B., C.M.G. 

 D460  Military Intelligence 

 D460  Correspondence from (Major) A.B. Tulloch mainly to Col. East of W.O. concerning observations on state of Suez Canal and Nile defences. (9 letters - one to "Sir Garnet") 1882  

 D460  One memo to Chief of Staff H.Q. from Tulloch (Lt. Col.) at Ismalia concerning defeat of Rahid Pasha Husin's army, tribe offers allegiance, perishing with thirst etc. 27 Aug 1882  

 D460  MSS. Report on Egypt by Major Tulloch, Welch Regt. 3rd Section - Cairo, the Egyption Army, Alexandria, Damietta. 1882  

 D460  Letter from William W. Tope (?) in Bechuanaland to Colonel Tulloch giving observations on that country and the habits etc., of the Boers. 1885  

 D460  Letter from J.H. Ewart at Bontuku (?) West Coast of Africa to Tulloch containing a description of that area. 1889  

 D460  Letter from [John Richardson], Military Staff Office, Sydney, N.S.W. to Tulloch. 1892  

 D460 Personal Papers 

 D460  MSS paper on method of aiming rifle without using backsight based on results obtained from experimental firing by marksmen at Londonderry. (Lt. Col. Tulloch). 1883  

 D460  Printed Pamphlet - "Natal and the Zulus" (Lt. Col. Tulloch, C.B.) 1885  

 D460  Printed article (The Illustrated Naval and Military Magazine) by Colonel Tulloch C.B. Welsh (sic.) Regt. relating to the adaptation of army uniform for wear in a hot climate (Natal) c.1887  

 D460  Field Service equiptment tables, sec. x. (British Officer's Kit; Native Officers, N.C.O,'s and Sepoy's kit; Follower's kit) 1888  

 D460  MSS article "Food of Young Soldiers on Home Service" in handwriting of Tulloch. [c.1888] 

 D460  Receipt for photographs 1889  

 D460  Printed report (draft) ? of Military Service Inquiry Commission in the Colony of New South Wales. 1892  

 D460  Extract (printed) from The Colonial Military Gazette (Sydney, Australia) relating to the supposed "insolent " conduct of the Commandant of Victoria (General Tulloch) completely vindicating the General. 1894  

 D460  Typescript article [Tulloch] relating to educational qualifications for army entrance examinations. 1895-1900  

 D460 Personal Correspondence 

 D460  Personal Correspondence from Annie Tulloch (daughter of Sir Alex. B.) to her grandmother from Cairo (1), London (1) and Dover (5), to her father (3). [c.1886-1889] 

 D460  From Tom Tulloch (R.A., Bangalore) to his mother (wifeof Sir Alex. B.) at Melbourne, Australia. (1) 1889  

 D460  from (Ara) Bell (a) Tulloch (wife of Sir Alex. B.) in Melbourne, Australia to her son Angus and her mother in law. (2). c.1889-1890  

 D460  from S ( ) Tulloch to his father, from Dover (1) [19th century] 

 D460  from H.G. MacGregor to Tulloch in reply to a letter of condolence on death of his (MacGregor's) wife. 1892  

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