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Biographical/Historical note

Messrs Wm Evans & Co. Ltd of Newport, Cardiff and Swansea were wholesale grocers. The company was founded by William Evans, a provisions merchant of Newport, Monmouthshire, and was incorporated in 1879. The company went into liquidation in 1920 but was subsequently reconstituted.

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Scope and Contents note

Records of Messrs Wm Evans and Co., 1852-1978, including minutes, 1880-1946; financial records, 1879-1978; agreements, 1879-1921; registers of members and directors, 1880-1941; share certificates and related records, 1880-1969; Memoranda and Articles of Association, 1879, 1920; deeds, being securities for debts to the company, relating to properties in Monmouthshire, Glamorgan and Brecknockshire, 1852-1925; insurance policies, 1881-1927; agency agreements, 1893-1925; guarantees to pay debts to William Evans or Wm Evans & Co., 1866-1925; papers relating to investments in other companies, 1893-1900.

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Arrangement note

Arranged into the following: company administration; deeds; insurances; agency agreements; guarantees; investments in other companies; [miscellaneous].

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Deposited by Mr R. Hatton Evans, Newport per Newport Museum, [1981].

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Hard copies of the catalogue are available at Gwent Record Office, the National Library of Wales and the National Register of Archives.

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Collection Inventory

 1819 Company Administration 1880-1978 

 D1819/1 Minute Book of Directors' Meetings 1880-1920 and of General Meetings 1880 -1921 1880-1921  

 D1819/2 Minute Book of Directors' Meetings 1921-1946 

 D1819/3 General Ledger 1879-1921 

 D1819/4 Ledger 1885-1890 

 D1819/5 Ledger 1890-1892 

 D1819/6 Ledger 1893-1895 

 D1819/7 Ledger 1930-1957 

 D1819/8 Ledger 1930-1962 

 D1819/9 Ledger 1962-1977 

 D1819/10 Ledger 1962-1978 

 D1819/11 Journal 1920-1961 

 D1819/12 Expenses Journal 1975-1977 

 D1819/12A Daily Sales 1966-1978 

 D1819/13 Balance Sheets and Auditors' Report (15 items) 1898-1913, 1918 1898-1913, 1918 

 D1819/14 Statment of Accounts (55 items) 1923-1977 

 D1819/15 Bank Cash Book 1915-1926 

 D1819/16 Particulars of Monthly Balances in Bank Cash Book 1899-1907 

 D1819/17 Salaries/Wages Book 1899-1908 

 D1819/18 Cardiff Salaries 1928-1943 

 D1819/19 Stock and Ledger Balances 1879 

 D1819/19A Notification of openeing of monthly ledger account, Monmouthshire Railway and Canal Co. 14 Apr 1880 1880 

 D1819/20 Certificate of Incorporation of the Company 1879 

 D1819/21 Agreement Wm. Evans of Newport, provision merchant, Alf. Williams of Newport, merchant and trustee for intended company. 1. Wm. E to sell goodwill, stock debts, cash balance, mortgages, plant, utensils etc. to Wm. E. and Co. Ltd for £32,376-19s. 2. Of purchase money, £1750 to be paid in cash, £20,250 to be paid by issue of 81 shares of £300 each (£250 credited as paid up), £9376-19s. secured by company debentures, of which one third to be paid by 1 Nov. 1884, one third by 1 Nov. 1885 and one third by 1 Nov. 1886, the debentures to be first charge on company's property and assets, with 5% interest. 3. Purchase to take effect from 1 Nov. 1879 4. Wm E. to grant company Lease of is warehouses, offices and premises at Newport for 14 years from 1 Nov 1879 for £150 yearly, with option to renew Lease for further 14 yrs. for £180 yearly. Reciting: Intention to form and register a company called Wm.Evans and Co. Ltd with £45,000 capital divided into 150 shares of £300 each. 20 Dec 1879 

 D1819/21A Agreement (i) Wm. Evans of Newport, provision merchant, (ii) Alf. Williams of Newport, merchant, (trustee), (iii) Wm. Evans and Co. Ltd. 1. Confirm Agreement 21. 2. By direction of Wm.E., shares numbers 1-81 (as in 21), to be issued to himself (25), Art. Evans (4), Wm. Lancaster Owen (4), Bowen Pottinger Woosnam (4), Wm. Evans (16), Alf. Williams (11), Wm. Evans (12), Edw. Lewis (3) Wm. Evans (2). 3. £250 to be credited on each share as paid up, further £50 per share to be paid. 4. This Agreement to be subject to its filed in accordance with sec. 25 of the Companies Act 1867. Reciting: (1) 21 (2) Comapny since incorprated with capital if £45000 divided into 150 shares of £300 each. 9 Jan 1880 

 D1819/22 Debenture for £3000 for 6yrs. at 5% Wm. Evans and Co. Ltd. to Wm. Evans of the Fields, Newport, esq. Loan to be a first charge on company's lands, property, assets etc. (part 2 of total debenture loan of £9376-19s.) Endorsed: 1. 11 Apr. 1881 Registration in company's books in the name of Art. Evans of 27 Phillimore Gardens, Kensington, co. Middx., as transfer 5 Mar 1881. 2. 31 Mar 1921, Receipt for principal sum and interest, solrs. for Alf. Williams and Flo. Nightingale Marie Evans, exors. of Will of Art. E. 9 Jan 1880 

 D1819/23 Debenture for £3376-19s. for 7 trs. at 5% (as in 22) (part 3 of total debenture loan of £9376-19s.) Endorsed: (as in 22) 9 Jan 1880 

 D1819/23A Extract from Register of Mortgages and Charges, 1880, referring to Debentures (as in 22 and 23), and Transfer of Debentures, 5 Mar 1881, Art. Evans of 27 Phillimore Gardens, Kensington, co. Middx., esq., late of the Fields, Newport, Wm. Lancaster Owen of 38 Gloucester Gardens, co. Middx., esq., and Bowen Pottinger Woosnam of 41 Warwick Gardens, Kensington, esq., exors.of Will of Wm. Evans (as in 21), to Art. E. 1880-1881 

 D1819/24 Notice of Mortgage Solrs. for London and Midland Bank Ltd. to Wm. Evans and Co. Ltd. That Art. Evans of Llangibby Castle, esq., had mortgaged Debenture no. 2 (as 22 above) to the Bank for £3000 on 6 June 1894. Also a note, 4th Oct. 1921, ''No. 1 Debenture handed to Mr. Williams for same to be given Dauncey''. 28 Dec 1894 

 D1819/25 Lease for 14 yrs. for £150 p.a. with plan. Wm. Evans to Wm Evans & Co. Ltd. (both in 22) Warehouses and office in Corn St. and Merchant St., late in occ. of Wm. E. for business of wholesale grocer, flour, corn and provision merchant, with named fixtures., in Newport. Subject to rights of Mayor, Alderman and Burgesses of Newport under Newport Improvement Act 1876 to part of premises. Covenants: 1. To use premises only for trade of wholesale grocers or other business authorised by company's Memorandum of Association. 2. Provision for renewing Lease for a further 14 yrs. for £180 p.a., but no such provision to be included in renewed Lease. 3. Provision for Wm. E. to purchase fixtures installed by company at an agreed value, or valuation made by two arbitrators or umpire under Common Law Procedure Act 1854, at expiration of Lease or renewed Lease. 12 Mar 1880 

 D1819/25A Lease for 12 yrs. from 1882 for £150 yearly up to 30 June 1884 and £290 yearly therafter, with plan Art. Evans of 27 Phillimore Gardens, Kensinton , co. Middx., esq. to Wm. Evans and Co. Ltd. Warehouses, offices etc. abt. Corn St., Merchant St. and new road called Dock St., in occ. of Co., ( ? inc. property as in 25); in Newport. Covenants: 1. To use premises only for trade of wholesale grocer or other busines autherised by company's Memorandum of Association. 2. Provision for renewal of the Lease for a further 14 yrs. for £320 yearly, nut no such provision to be included in renewed Lease. 3. Provision for Lessor to purchase fixtures installed by the company at an agreed value (as covanant 3 in 25). Also Bill of Costs of Messrs. Gibbs, Llewellyn and Lock, Solicitors. 1 Oct 1885 

 D1819/26 Memorandum and Articles of Association, 1879, and special resolution (printed), 1880-1908 1879, 1880-1908 

 D1819/26A Notices, copy and rough minutes of meetings of directors and shareholders. 1880-1919 

 D1819/27 Agreement (i) Wm. Evans and Co. Ltd. (incorporated 1920), (ii) Wm. Evans and Co. (in liquidation) and Edw, Jos. Gill,its liquidator, (iii) Walt. Hen. Bowen of Cardiff, trustee for allottees of shares. Wm. E. and Co. to allot 44,000 shares at £1 each to various persons listed, the shares deemed to be fully paid up in satifaction of clause 4 of Reconstruction Agreement of even date. 30 Apr 1921 

 D1819/27A Assignment of Leases etc. (i) Wm. Evans and Co. Ltd. (in liquidation), and (ii) Edw. Jos. Gill of 8 Bolton Road, newport, Commercial accountant, (liquidator), to (iii) Wm. Evans and Co. Ltd. (reconstituted), of 94-96 Shaftesbury Street, Newport, incorporatated in 1920 under the Companies Acts 1908-1917. (a) parcel of ground on Newport Marches (384 sq. yds.) adj. north Wyndham St., south land owned by Hen. Jas. Parnell, east public slaughter houses, west the Marshes Road; in Newport. (b) ground floor and cellarage in premises A, ground floor, three upper floors and smoking room in premises B, stable and loft, coach and dwelling house in premises C, arches under the ice house in premises D refs, to plan in original lease, see recital 7.?? John St warehouse, Cardiff - see 87). right to use name of Wm. Evans and Co. Ltd., trade marks and licences, book and other debts, money banked as 1 Dec. 1920, securities, agreements, convenants, pending contracts and orders, insurance. Reciting: (1). 8 and 23 Nov 1920, Special resolutions at extraordinary general meetings to reconstruct company and accordingly to wind up existing company, and to appoint Edw. Jos. G. as liquidator; to give liquidator authority to register new company with Memorandum and Articles of Association already agreed; to approve a draft agreement between old and new companies and to authorise liquidator to execute it (see 57 below). (2) 30 Nov 1920, publication of first part of recital 1 in London Gazzette (3) 30 Nov 1920, incorporation of new company with nominal capital of £40,007 in £1 shares. (4) 1 Jan, 1921, Agreement (as last part of recital 1), old company to sell and new company to purchase undertaking, properties, assets (other than uncalled capital), book debts, cash in hand, goodwill and business as on 1 Dec 1920, all real and personal property subject to mortgages etc. and provision for paying old company shareholders a dividend for period from 1 Jan 1920; new company to take on liablilities and obligations of old company and to indemnify it; new company to pay costs of transfer; new company to allot 500 shares to every member of old company for each share held in old company, two-thirds to be ordinary shares and one third preference shares; shareholders in old company to be entitled to 12.5% dividend for period from 31 Dec 1919 to 30 Nov 1920, and necessary money except from transfer. (5) 26 Jan 1921, Agreement, (as in recital 4) filed with Registrar of Joint Stock Companies. (6) 1 Apr 1893, Lease for 999 yrs. for £11-4s-7d yearly, Mayor, Alderman and Burgesses of Newport to Newport Steam Bakery Co. Ltd. (property as (a) above) (7) 14 Aug 1919, Lease for 7 yrs. renewable for £375 yearly, The South Wales Public Wharf Warehouse and Transit Co. Ltd. to Wm Evans and Co. Ltd. (property as (b) above) 30 Apr 1921 

 D1819/28 Register of members Annual List of Members and Summary of Capital and Shares Register of Transfers 1880-1894 

 D1819/29 Register of Members 1894-1903 Annual List of Members and Summary of Capital and Shares 1895-1904 Register of Transfers 1895-1903 1894-1903 

 D1819/30 Register of Members 1905-1914 Annual List of Members and Summary of Capital and Shares 1905-1914 Register of Transfers 1906-1914 1905-1914 

 D1819/31 Register of Members 1915-1918 Summary of Share Capital and Shares 1915-1920 Register of Transfers 1915-1918 1915-1920 

 D1819/32 Register of Members 1921-1941 Register of Transfers 1921-1946 Register of Direcors 1923-1946 1921-1946 

 D1819/33 Summary of Share Capital and Shares 1921-1933 

 D1819/34 Annual return of Company having a Share Capital 1931-1940 

 D1819/35 Annual Return of Company having a Share Capital 1941-1951 

 D1819/36 Register of Director's Share and Debenture Holdings 1948-1969 

 D1819/37 Register of Mortgages and Charges 1880-1886 

 D1819/38 Register of Mortgages and Charges 1927-1967 

 D1819/39 Counterfoils-Preference Share Certificates 1921-1925 

 D1819/40 Counterfoils-Preference Share Certificates 1925-1938 

 D1819/41 Counterfoils-Preference Share Certificates 1933-1950 

 D1819/42 Counterfoils-Ordinary Share Cerificates 1921-1928 

 D1819/43 Counterfoils-Ordinary Share Certificates 1928-1933 

 D1819/44 Counterfoils-Ordinary Share Certificates 1933-1955 

 D1819/45 Shares 1-25, 38-53, 65-82, 84, 87, Certificates, receipts, transfer documents etc. 1880-1916 

 D1819/46 Shares 26-29, Certificates, receipts, transfer documents etc. 1880-1903 

 D1819/47 Shares 30-33, 86 Certificates,receipts,transfer documents etc. 1880-1915 

 D1819/48 Shares 34-37 Cerificates, receipts, tranfer documents etc. 1880-1898 

 D1819/49 Shares 54-64, Certificates,receipts,transfer documents etc. 1880 

 D1819/50 Share 83, Cerificates, receipts, transfer documents etc. 1880-1898 

 D1819/51 Share 85, Certificate,receipt, transfer document etc. 1880-1918 

 1819/52 Share 88, Certificate, receipt, transfer documents etc. 1880-1910 

 D1819/53 Correspondence and agreements relating to unspecified shares, particulars of dividends 1880-1921 

 D1819/54 Bill of Costs, Messrs. Faithfull and Owen, re: formation and incorporation of company 1880 

 D1819/55 Certificates etc. relating to filing of annual summaries Companies' Registration Ofice. 1880-1926 

 D1819/56 Authority of Directors for Alf. Williams, Jos. Roe and Geo. Lewis to prove debts 1880, 1901 

 D1819/57 Notices of extraordinary general meetings and copies of special resolutions 1898-1970 

 D1819/58 Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Company 1920 

 D1819/59 Copy Certificate of incorporation of Company and certificate permitting commencement of business 1920 

 D1819/60 Receipts of Dauncey and Son, solicitors, for payment of fees relating to winding up up old company and formation of new company and letters. 1920, 1921 

 D1819/61 Application for shares 1920 

 D1819/62 Documents transfering shares 1923-1927 

 D1819/63 Notices of ordinary general meetings with Directors' Reports and Staements of Accounts 1930-1971 

 D1819/63A Agreement Wm. Evans and Co. Ltd., Edw. Lewis of Les Eaux, Newport, a Director of the company In prder to settle dispute, Edw. L. renounces all remuneration from the company from 1 Oct 1899 except £150 p.a. as a director. Reciting: (1) By clause 57 of the company's Articles of Association, Edw. L. appointed as commercial traveller and salesman for £420 p.a. (2). Edw. L. retired from position of commercial traveller some years past. 21 Oct 1899 

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Deeds- mostly securities for debts to the Compamy 1852-1925 


 D1819/64 Second Mortgage by Demise for residue of 99 yrs. (as in recital (1) for £218.12s. and any future debts) (i) Eliz. Fielding, w. of Fred F. of the Post Office, Cwmtillery, grocer. (ii) Eliz. Haynes of Cwmtillery, grocer, trading under the style of F. Fielding and Co., to (iii) Wm. Evans and Co. Ltd. Land (1009 sq.yds.), adj. west of new road from Abertillery to Cwmtillery, east land in occ. of South Wales Colliery Co. Ltd., south-east a bye road to the offices of the S. Wales Colliery Co., with houses, shop, cottages, stables, bakehouse and buildings erected thereon, known as Fielding's Tce., in occ. of Fred F., Jas. Powell, Ben. Lewis, Jos. Williams, Ephraim Baldwin, Jn. Partridge, Rich. Leggw, Rob. Wigg and Chas. Pruett. Subject to Mortgage (as in recital 2) Covenant: Eliz. F. not to redeem this Mortgage without redeeming all outstanding mortgages to Wm. E and Co. Reciting: (1) 9 Aug 1887, Lease for 99 yrs., Tho. Brooks to Eliz. F., Land (as Above) (2) 12 Dec 1898, Mortgage by Demise for £2250 for residue of 99 yrs. (as in recital 1), Eliz. F. to the Provident Permanent Bulding Society, property (as above) (3) Outstanding sum of Mortgage (as in recital 2) is £2160, interest paid, (pencil note: ''This is not correct. The installments are 6 arrear''). Eliz. H. in debt to Wm.E. and Co. on her trading a/c with them, but wished to continue receiving provisions from them for carrying on business. Attached: Notice of Mortgage to the Provident Permanent Bulding Society 30 May 1900 

Ebbw Vale 

 D1819/65 Receipted schedule of deeds, 1878-1884 with covering letter. Wm. Evans and Co. Ltd. to Jane Williams House in Tredegar Road, Ebbw Vale 15 Mar 1888 

Llanfrechfa Upper 

 D1819/66 Leasehold premises in Pontnewynydd (unspecified) 4 Dec 1889 


 D1819/67 Second Mortgage by Demise for residue of 99 yrs. (as in recital for £416 and future debts) Jas. meyrick of Machen, grocer, to Wm. Evans and Co. Ltd. Land (516 sq. yds. in main road with two houses; in Machen Reciting: 13 Dec 1879, Lease for 99yrs., (i) Hen. Lewis, (ii) Rich. Wyndam Vaughan, (iii) said Hen. L. Rich. Wyndham Williams, Hen. Lewis jun., (iv) Mary Jane Vaughan, Ann price Clark, (v) Hen. Chas. Vernon and w. Cath., (vi) Cath. Price Jackson, to (vii) said Jas. M. Property (as above) Correspondence 1881-1898 7 Dec 1880 


 D1819/68 Declaration of deposit of deeds, 1845-1852, as security Wm. Anstice of Pillgwenlly, St.Woolos, mariner Reciting: (1) that Wm.A. has borrowed £85 from Wm. Evans of Newport, grocer (2) Bond in £170 of even date 24 Oct 1862 Receipt for deeds returned. 8 Jan 1852 

 D1819/69 Annual Lease for £90 p.a. Wm. Evans of Newport, merchant, to Rich. Ste. Roper of Newport, ironmaster Messuage, stable and coach house in Bridge St., late in occ. of Claridge Brewer, esq., deed., in Newport Rich. Ste. R. to purchase itemeised fixtures for £44-6s.-6d. 30 Dec 1867 

 D1819/70 Receipt Bill of Costs of Messrs. Gibbs, Llewellyn and Lock, solicitors, re: Lease and Underlease for £99 yrs. for £350 p.a. 7 Dec 1885 

 D1819/71 Papers relating to Lease of 94/96 Shaftesbury St. for 21 yrs.for £110 p.a. Capt. O.M. Williams to Wm. Evans and Co., and Mortgage. Correspondence, Bill of Costs of Messrs. Le Brasseur, solicitors, receipts for mortgage and insurance payments, receipt for deeds by National Provincial Bank May 1915-Jun 1925 

Pont Rhyd Yr Ynn 

 D1819/72 Third Mortgage by Assignment for residue of years (as in recital (1) ) for £37-10s.-8d. and future debts. Jos.Haycock of Pontryhydyrynn,grocer, to Wm. Evans and Co. Four leasehold messuages, 9-12 Pontrhydyrynn Terrace Subject to Mortgages (as in recitals (2) and (3)) Reciting: (1). 30 Jun 1876, Lease of above messuages to Jos.H. (2). Jul 1892, Mortgage for £240, Jos. H. to Jas.Wm. Morgan (3). 23 Jan 1911, Further Charge for £60, Jos. H. to Jos. Green and Dav. Jones Also Notice of Mortgage to Frank Lewis of Newport, solicitors to Jos. G and Dav. J. 24 Feb 1911 


 D1819/73 Copy Conveyance for £2056 Ben. Evans and Frank Evans, both of Church View, builders, to Frs. James of High St., provision merchant Land (1316 sq.yds.), part of Penywain near Wainfelin Road, with eight houses thereon in occ. of Jas. Eckersley, Jn. Tomlin, Fred. Chas. Searle, Wm. Browning, Owen Price, Geo. Brown, Sergeant Rosier and Jas. Stewart, with right of way for Frs. J.thereto from Wainfelin Rd. Venders to maintain a particular road pending its taking over by the U.D.C., purchaser to allow a portion for maintaining other roads, party walls, drains etc. With correspondence 1911-1929, showing that above propert was mortgaged to Wm. Evans and Co. for £275-8s.on 11 Jul 1908. 24 Oct 1903 


 D1819/74 Agreement to assign Lease Jos. Mattick of Usk, grocer, and Ellen Jones, to Wm. Evans of Newport, Merchant Covenant to execute a Mortgage for £1000 maximum if requested by Wm. E. Reciting: (1) Jos. M. in debt of £898-19s.-4d. to Wm. E. (2) 4 Jun 1875, Lease, Hen. Phillips, esq., to Jos. M. and Ellen J. (property unspecified) Endorsed: 1. 1880 Draft Memorandum, that debt (as recital (1) ) to Wm. E., now decd., was owing to Wm. E. and Co. Ltd. 2. 4 Apr 1886, Memorandum that debt had been repaid and Lease returned. With correspondence (2 items) 16 Jun 1877 

 D1819/74A Second Mortgage for £20, trading debt up to £50 and future debts (i) Rachel Howell, w. of Dav. Howell of Church Rd., Barnard Town, Newport, grocer (ii) said Dav. H., to (iii) Wm. Evans and Co. Ltd., Star Mills, Newport Messuage with garden and outbuildings in New Market St., Late in occ. of Capt. Berthon, now in occ. of Maitland Watkins, adj. house and garden late in occ of Wm. Cheyney Blyth, then in occ. of Tho. Falconer, esq., r. Usk, and lane from New Market St. to r. Usk. Subject to Mortgage, 19 May 1882, Rach. H. to Abr. Garrod Thomas and Wm. Shammon for £500 Attached: Recipted Notice of Above Mortgage to A. Garrod Thomas, esq., M. D. Newport 13 Feb 1894 

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Co. Brec. 


 D1819/75 Probate copy of Will Maria Watkins late of Baker St., Abergavenny, now of Cheltenham, Clydach. par. Llanelly, wid. (d. 16 July 1877). Devising all real and personal estate to natural S. Chas. Morgan of Beaufort iron Works, grocer Exor: said Chas. M. 21 Feb 1870 

 D1819/76 Copy Decretal Order Case of Wm. Evans and Co. v. Chas. Morgan (as in 75) at County Court of Brecs., Crickhowell, before Judge Jn. Maurice Herbert Ordering foreclosure of Chas. M. from property in the event of non-payment of mortgage debt within six months 10 Feb 1881 

 D1819/77 Copy Notice Messrs. Colborne and Ward of Newport, solrs. to Wm. Evans and Co.,to Wm. Vaughan, timberer, and Phil. James, grocer and draper, both of Clydach That Wm. E. and Co. by court order are now owners of property at Clydach, lately owned by Chas M. (as in 75), and rents should be paid to them 7 May 1881 

 D1819/77A Copy of Judgement for Forclosure in case (as in 76), bills of costs of E.G. Davies [barrister] and Colborne and Ward, and letter from Wm. H Hewitt, Crickhowell, re: arrears of ground rent. 6 Oct 1881-24 Jan 1882 

 D1819/77B Insurance policy, correspondence and receipts relating to shop and cottage (as property in 76,77) 1877-1919 

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Co. Glam 


 D1819/78 Notices to Jn. Daniel of High St., Aberafon, cake manufacturer (chairman and/or managing director of Avana Cake Co. Ltd.) Mrs Marht. Daniel, and Jn. Art. Lones, of a Mortgage, Flint Bros. Ltd., 18 Costum House St., Cardiff to Wm. Evans and Co. Ltd., supplemental to a Mortgage 6 May 1903, Flint bros. to Jn. D., Margt., D. and Jn. Art. J., for £407-18s.-11d., lands also subject to Mortages 14 Apr, 1881for £700, 17 June 1889 for £300, and Further Charge, 24 June 1902, for £800 Relevant correspondence, Directors' Reports, Statements of Accounts, papers relating to Wm.E. and Co's investments in Avana, and other papers of Avana Co. 1902-1914 


 D1819/79 Receipted Schedule of Deeds, 1881-1884 Jn. Grifiths to Wm. Evans and Co., subsequently to Jn. and Frank Mason Unspecified leasehold property 25 Feb 1884, 24 Jun 1887 

 D1819/80 Second Mortgage by Demise for £330 for reisidue of 99 yrs. (as in recital) and future debts Wm.Jn.Waite of 120 Clifton St., Cardiff, grocer to Wm. Evans & Co. Ltd. Land (51ft.x80ft.)on east side of Carlisle ST., Splotlands,adj. north unlet land, south Seymour St., east land let to Jonas Phillips, with three messuages bakehouse and shops thereon, viz. 132,134,136 carlise St. in occ. of W.G.Pritchard, Derring Bros. and Wm. Clarke. Subject to mortgage to Rog. Lewis for £1200 Reciting: 29 Apr. 1887, Lease for 99yrs. for £7-10s. yearly, Rt. Hon. Godfrey Chas.Lord Tredegar to Tho. Thomas. Attached: Notice of Mortgage to Lewis Lewis of Gwrhay, Blackwood,esq., and his solrs. Messers. J.D.Pain & Son. 15 Jun 1899 

 D1819/81 Tenancy Agreement for 3yrs., for £50p.a. Wm. Evans and Co. Ben. Lloyd Daniel of 122 Portman Moor Road, Cardiff, grocer. Messuage, shop and warehouse being 122 Portman Moor Rd., situate at junction of Portman Moor Rd. and Freshmoor Rd., in occ. of Ben. Lloyd D. Option to purchase residue of term under lease for £1000 and £30 for fixtures before end of second year of tenancy. 26 Sep 1889 

 D1819/82 Copy tenancy Agreement for £126 p.a. Hatton Evans to Wm. Morgan Premises at corner of Sneyd St. and King's Rd. Canton Reciting that Harron E. had recently purchased the property from Wm. M., held on lease from Bute estate 13 Feb 1904 

 D1819/83 Under-Lease for 21 yrs. for £100 p.a. Hatton Evans of 6 Cwrt-y-vil Rd., Penarth, provisions importer, to Stranaghan and Stephens Stores Ltd., 9 Castle St., Cardiff, grocer and provisions merchants Shop, house and stables, being 180 King's Rd. and 13 Sneyd St., in occ. of Wm. Morgan. Cancelled 16 June 1914 1 Jun 1908 

 D1819/84 Receiped Notice of transfer of deeds (1896-1904) as security for £360 and further debts. Dav.Price to Wm. Evans and Co. Ltd. Shop at Corperation Rd. 16 Jan 1912 

 D1819/85 Duties on Land Values, forms 35 and 36 - Land (Inland Revenue) Provisional valuation of house, shop and workshops, 80 Harriet St. 19 Jan 1912 

 D1819/86 Recipts for insurance premiums, and letters from Dauncey and Sons, solrs., to Wm. Evans and Co. acknowledging receipt of deeds of 80 Harriett St. 1918-1924 

 D1819/87 Account and receipts of Donald Maclean, Handcock and Hann, solrs., Cardiff in respect of Lease of John St. Warehouse for £375 p.a. ; the S. Wales Public Wharf Warehouse and Transit Co. Ltd. to Wm. Evans and Co., with covering letter from Dauncey and Sons, solrs., Newport Aug 1919-Sep 1919 

 D1819/88 Bill of costs and accounts of Colborne, Ward and Colborne, solrs., in respect of sale of 8 St. John's Square by Wm. Evans and Co. Ltd., and statement of account of Jn. Riddington as to application of proceeds. 1886-1891 


 D1819/89 Second Mortgage for £81 and further debts for remainder of term of years in unspecified Lease Gilbert Dutfield of Gelli Rd., Gelli, Pentre, grocer, to Wm. Evans and Co. Ltd. Messuages, 35 and 36 Arthur St., Ystrad Reciting: 4 July 1908, Mortgage, (Gilbert D.) to Jn. Salathiel of the Railway Bar, Treorci, licensed victualler 13 Sep 1910 


 D1819/90 Second Mortgage for £168 and further debts for residue of 99 yrs. of Lease (as recital (1) ) Rich. James of Gwalia House, Wern St., Clydach Vale, grocer, to Wm. Evans and Co. Ltd. Land and messuage used as a shop, Gwalia House, 10 Marion St., Clydach Vale, in occ. of Rich. J. Reciting: (1) 1 Aug 1877, lease for 99 yrs. for £1-15s.11d. p.a., Sam. Thomas, Jn. Osborne Riches and Osborne Hen. Riches to Dav. Griffiths; land (287 sq. yds. part of Ffynnondwm Farm (2) 24 Nov 1890, Assignment of Lease for 18s. p.a., Dav. G. to Jn. Thomas, 11 Marion St., Clydach Vale (part of property in recital (1)) (3) 14 Feb 1902, Assignmnet of Lease for 18s. p.a., Dav.G. to Rich. J., (property as above, being remainder of property in recital (1) ) (4) 15 Feb 1902, Mortgage for £350, Rich. J. to Jn. Phillips, (property as above) (5). 11 Mar 1910, Transfer of Mortgage for £300 (as in recital (4)), Rhys Sam. Griffiths and Issac Griffiths to Jn. Adams Endorsed: 8 Mar 1911, that this deed had been produced as proof of debt in bankruptcy proceedings of Rich. J. 27 May 1910 

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 D1819/91 Bill of costs of Colborne, Ward and Colborne, solicitors, relating to transactions involving properties at Tredegar, Cardiff and Pontypool. 1888 

 D1819/92 Bundle of correspondence, lists of deeds, recipts etc. relating to various properties 1882-1923 

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(a) Securities for debts to Wm. E. and Co. 

 D1819/93 Jn. Evans of 19 Commercial Rd., Tredegar, provision merchant Insurance policy on house, shop, contents and stock, mortgages and charges on life policies, receipts, correspondence, documents relating to claims on death of Jn. E. 1881-1888 

 D1819/94 Receipts and correspondence re: insurance on life of Eleazer Davies, Queen St., Tredegar, grocer 1882-1888 

 D1819/95 Assignment of insurance on life of Jn. Atkins of Overton House, Cardiff Rd., Newport, receipt, correspondence, document relating to death of Jn. A., Certificate for 20 shares in Colombian Hydraulic Mining Co. 1883-1903 

 D1819/96 Receipts, correspondence etc., re: insurance on life of Wm. Morgan [as in 82, 83] 1907-1921 

 D1819/97 Copy Will of Gwenllian Rees of Glamorgan Villa, Tonypandy, co. Glam., widow Bequeathing all personal property to trustees for Benefit of her children. Named relatives: s. Jos. Rees, grandson Leonard Rees, granddaughters Matilda Griffiths and Margaret. Sarah Rees Exors: Thos. Lewis Old of 2 Zion Tce., Tonypandy, contractor and Dav. Watkin James of De Winton House, Tonypandy, Solr. 24 Jan 1910 

 D1891/97A Insurance policy on lives of Willie and Margt. Sarah Waters, 5 Catherine Crescent, Porth, co. Glam. 30 Sep 1911 

 D1819/97B Assignment of issurance policy (as in 97A) and interest of Margt. Sarah W. under will of her grandmother (as in 97) and estate of her f. Jos. Rees Wm. Waters of Graig Wen Stores Cymer, Porth, co. Glam., to Wm. Evans and Co. 13 Apr 1912 

 D1819/98 Correspondence and receipts relating to insurance on life of C. Karagianis [of Cardiff], mortgage to Wm. E. and Co. including references to its discharge 1905-1920 

 D1819/99 Correspondence after death of Mary Smith of 8 Lincoln St., Cymer, Rhondda Two insurance policies on her life had been assigned to Wm. Llewellyn of People's Store, Cross Inn Llantrisant, co. Glam. and reassigned to Wm. E. and Co. Aug 1921-Sep 1921 

 D1819/99A Insurance policies proposed by Gwilym Williams and Bessie A. Williams [alis Eliz. A. Williams] of 1 Wain House Court St., Tonypandy, co. Glam, trading as London Tea Co., on lives of: Jn. L Jones of 13 Hugh St., Penygraig (cousin), age 47 (7 Jul 1902) Ann Morgan of 28 Eleanor St., Tonypandy, (aunt), age 63 (30 Mar 1903) Sarah Lloyd of 125 Court St., Tonypandy, (aunt), age 69 (8 May 1905) Maria Tibury, 127 Court St., Tonypandy (10 July 1906) Margt. A. Morgan of 1 Court St. Tonypandy, age 24, (16 Jul 1906) Hugh Williams of 11 Chapel St., Tonypandy, (1 Jan 1907) Eliz. Rees of 40 Jones St., Clydach Vale, (aunt), age 62 (18 Mar 1907) Margt. Powell of 31 Sherwood Pl., Llwynypia, (25 Jun 1907) Cath. Silvanus of 125 Tylaclyn Rd., Penygraig, (30 Jul 1907) Sam. Birch of 147 Primrose St., Pandy, age 67 (23 Sep 1907) Dav. Jones of 38 Clydach Rd., Clydach Vale, (uncle of Bessie A.W.), age 58 (30 Mar 1908) Hannah Jones of 38 Clydach Rd., Clydach Vale, (aunt of Bessie A.W.), age 64 (30 Mar 1908) Geo. Rees of 147 Primrose St., Tonypandy, (uncle), age 57 (30 Mar 1908) Frank Weaver of 4 Court Tce., Tonypandy, (14 Apr. 1908) Geo. Rees of 147 Primrose St., Tonypandy, (5 May 1908) Sarah Lloyd of 226 Court St., Tonypandy, age 65 (25 Jun 1909) Frank Weaver of 4 Court Tce., Tonypandy age 65 (25 Jun 1909) Frank Weaver of 4 Court Tce., Tonypandy age 65 (18 Oct 1909) Sarah Lloyd of 226 Court St., Tonypandy, (18 Oct 1909) With letter and list (14 Jan and 22 Jun 1910) 1902-1910 

(b) Company Property 

 D1819/100 Insurance policies, receipts, correspondence etc. relating to 94-96 Shaftsbury St., Newport. Dec 1914-Oct 1924 

 D1819/101 Insurance policies, receipts, correspondence etc. relating to 94 -96 Shaftsbury St., Newport, contents and stock, John St. warehouse, Cardiff, and other Cardiff properties. Feb 1917-Nov 1924 

 D1819/102 Insurance policies on property in Dukestown, Tredegar 1916, 1936 

 D1819/103 Insurance policies, receipts, correspondence etc. relating to properties in Cardiff (v.79-88 above) 1915-1922 

 D1819 /104 Insurance policy and cover note relating to properties in Swansea 1922, 1924 

 D1819/105 Insurance policies, receipts etc. relating to stock. 1911-1924 

 D1819/106 Insurance polices, receipts, correspondence etc. relating to vehicles 1914-1927 

 D1819/107 Insurance policy, receipts, correspondence etc. relating to employees 1907-1923 

 D1819/108 Miscellaneous insurance papers 1910-1923 

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Agency Agreements 

 D1819/109 Agreement The Aberystwyth Bacon Curing Co. Ltd. Wm. Evans and Co. Ltd. to be the sole agents for sale of the Bacon Curing Co's products in Monmouthshire and other parts of S. Wales where they already operate. 6 Sep 1893 

 D1819/110 Agreement Wm. Evans and Co. Ltd., Cardiff and Newport, Beldring and Co., Copenhagen Beldring and Co. to be sole purchasing agents for Wm. E. and Co. in respect of Danish produce. 1 Apr 1921 

 D1819/111 Agreement Angus Watson and Co. Ltd., Ellison Buildings, Newcastle upon Tyne Wm. Evans and Co., John St. Cardiff Wm. E. and Co. to be agents for products of Angus W. and Co. in Cardiff and adjacent areas. 26 Sep 1924 

 D1819/112 Agreement [variouse retailers] Not to sell ''Frisian Girl'' condensed milk, the product of the Lijempf Co. Ltd., below minimum fixed prices. With two copies 1 Apr 1925 

 D1819/112A Letter of Agreement Ivirmy Ltd., Lafone St., Tower Bridge, London, Wm. Evans and Co. Ltd. Wm. E and Co. appointed sole buying agents for 'Ivy' Tea and 'Custoda' (custard) in a district marked on Southall's Railway Guide Map of Wales 30 Jul 1906 

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 D1819/113 To pay debts to Wm. Evans, or to Wm. Evans and co. Ltd., Hen. Cottle for Abr. Cottle of Beaufort, grocer, £50 21 Nov 1866 

 D1819/114 Fred. Oakey of Pill, clothier, for Geo. Oakey of Pillgwenlly, £50. (Cancelled 7 Aug 1875) 6 Oct 1868 

 D1819/115 Rob. Nurse for Phil. Phillips of Risca, grocer, £20 21 Apr 1870 

 D1819/116 Jas. Young for Ben. Yates Young of Christchurch, grocer, £50 10 May 1870 

 D1819/117 Moses Wheeler for Jn. Wheeler of Blaenafon, grocer, £50 1872 

 D1819/118 Jos. Isaac for Dan. Nicholas of Clydach, grocer, £50 16 Apr 1875 

 D1819/119 Thos. Evans (late Foreman), Club Row, Clydach, for Dav. Evans of Darren Felin Shop. Llanelly Hill, grocer, £50 12 Jul 1876 

 D1819/120 Jos. Williams for Augustus Williams of Garnfach, Nanyglo, grocer, £100 18 Aug 1876 

 D1819/121 Eliz. Bateman for Jos. Haines of Risca, grocer, £100 18 Sep 1876 

 D1819/122 Ben. Wallace, stocktaker, Oakfield Works, Cwmbran, for Ben. Jenkins of Cwmbran, £50 22 Nov 1876 

 D1819/123 Dav. Phillips for Wm. Greenland of Beaufort, £60 10 Apr 1877 

 D1819/124 A. Morgan for Hen. Bolt Sketch of Cwmbran, grocer, £50 8 Oct 1880 

 D1819/125 Leonard Adolphus Fox and Geo.Tho. Fox for Emily Fox of Newport, grocer, £50 29 Mar 1883 

 D1819/126 Letter from Tho. J. Jones of Bulmore requesting supply of goods worth £10 to Miss Allen, Inkerman St., Alexandra Dock, Pillgwenlly, Newport, and guranteeing payment 13 Aug 1885 

 D1819/127 For W.A. and A. Hobbs of Usk (unexecuted) 1887 

 D1819/128 E.Howell for Chas. Howell of [87] Fram St., Glam., grocer, £50 29 Aug 1892 

 D1819/129 Tho. Jn. Lewis for Jas. Meyrick of Machen, grocer (vid.67), £100 22 Jun 1893 

 D1819/130 E. Stuart Stockdale of H.M. Customs, Leith, for Jas. Morris Randall of 166 Penarth Road., Cardiff, grocer, £50 5 Nov 1896 

 D1819/131 Jn. Mullett and [Lydia] for Art. Hen. Mullett of Grangetown, Cardiff, grocer, £50 5 Aug 1898 

 D1819/132 [M.] Jones of 206 Bute Rd. Cardiff, for Chas. Wm. Ackerley, Cornwall Rd., Cardiff, grocer, £40 Feb 1899 

 D1819/133 Letter from Syd. John of 98 Baglan Rd., Treherbert, guaranteeing payment of £24-6s.9d. for bro. Tudor G John of Blackwood, under protest. 20 Dec 1914 

 D1819/134 Alf. Williams of Wm. E. and Co. guarantee of £1000 to Lloyd's Bank for Idris Evans of the Central Stores, Whitchurch, co. Glam. With letter, 30 Sep 1920, cancelling guarantee 31 Dec 1918 

 D1819/135 Letter from Edw. Swidenbank of Tredegar requesting supply of goods worth £10 to brother-in-law [Jn.] Lecotas of Maindee, and guaranteeing payment [16 Feb 1872] 

 D1819/136 Letter from [D.] T. Evans of Evans and Davies Solrs., 12 Tredegar Place, Newport, requesting supply of goods for Jn. Elias of Newtown, North Risca, and guaranteeing payment of £10 maximum 18 Jul 1888 

 D1819/137 Letter from T.S. Edwards,solr., 20 High St., Newport requesting supply of £20 worth of goods for Dav. Rees of Abercarn, guaranteeing payment 12 Dec 1888 

 D1819/138 Note that guarantee of T. Charles, Croft House Mountain Ash, 2 Jan 1908, for £100 against goods supplied to J.P. Charles (Charles and Phillips) of Llanbradach, had been delivered to Dauncey and Sons, Newport 1908 

 D1819/139 Note of letter, 3 May 1911, from H.M. Jones Castleton, accepting liability for G. Jones. Handed to Dauncey 6 Dec 1911 

 D1819/140 Notices from Midland Bank, Pontypridd, (co. Glam) that Wm. Morgan [cf. 82 and 96] had deposited certificates of 250 preference shares and 250 ordinary shares in Wm. E and Co. as security for a loan, with copy letter of acknowledgement. 12 Dec 1923-14 Dec 1923 

 D1819/141 Notice from Barcalays Bank, Bargoed (co. Glam.) that Tom Jenkins of 25 Queen's Rd., New Tredegar, had deposited certificates of 125 preference shares and 125 ordinary shares in Wm. E and security for overdraft, with copy letter of acknowledgement. 18 May 1925-20 May 1925 

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Investments inother companies 

 D1819/142 Copy resolution that £1000 be advanced to Alf. Williams for investment in the Aberystwyth Bacon Curing Co. Ltd. in trust Wm. E and Co. 24 Jun 1893 

 D1819/143 Two certificates of 300 and 400 shares in Newport Steam Baking Co.; Alf. Williams for Wm. E. and Co. 12 Jun 1894 

 D1819/144 Certificate of 7 ordinary shares in Palmer and Co. Ltd.; Alf. Williams for Wm.E. and Co., with ancillary papers, and covering letter for share certificate 14 Aug 1895 10 Jan 1899 

 D1819/145 Report and Statement of Accounts, Spillers and Bakers Ltd. 25 Apr 1900 

 D1819/146 Certificate of 10 shares in the Farmers' Co-operative Packing Co. of Brantford (Ontario, Canada); Alf. Williams for Wm. E. and Co. with covering letters 30 Oct 1900 

 D1819/147 Memorandom and Articles of Association of the Golden Vein Dairy Co. Ltd., Ireland. 1900 

 D1819/148 Certificate of registration of trade name "Hyfendai" at the Patent Office, with renewal notices 15 Oct 1902, 1922 

 D1918/149-150 Certificates of registration at Ministry of Food of Wm. E. and Co. as wholesalers of imported bacon, hams and lard, and of margarine 1 Jan 1918, 28 Jun 1918 

 D1819/151 Tobacco dealer's licence 6 Jul 1926 

 D1819/152 File labelled ' Historical', containing price lists 1897-1960 Chairman's Reports 1956-1959, Brief account of Wm. Evans and the Fields Estate 1977, Petty cash book 1913-1915, Rough account books 1931-1939, 1958-65, Invoices 1890-1892, Statistics 1936-38, 1958, distribution of profits 1901-1918, Reprint from 'Multigraph News' of an article about the company 1912, Correspondence 1892,1941,1943 1897-1977 

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