John G. Williams, solicitor, collection of deeds 1473-1984

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Gwent Archives
Mr. John G. Williams, solicitor, Abergavenny - Deeds
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Biographical/Historical note

John G. Williams was a Solicitor operating in Abergavenny in the 1970s. The collection includes the Admission as a Solicitor of James Sayce of Abergavenny in 1860 (and his draft articles of agreement to Cornelius Lloyd, Solicitor, 1855) and these may have been predecessors of Mr. Williams' firm.

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Scope and Contents note

Deeds and other documents relating to Abergavenny and district, Monmouthshire, 1473-1984.

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Arrangement note

The earlier deposits, comprising D1524/1-83, are arranged by place: Abergavenny, Llanfoist, Llanelen, Monmouth, Miscellaneous. Later additional deposits are listed separately and generally in date order, not by place.

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Deposited by Mr. John G. Williams, solicitor, 2 Baker Street, Abergavenny, 1978. The deposit was transferred to the name of his son, Richard John Williams, Abergavenny, in 1984. Additional deposits were made by Mr. R. J. Williams in 1984, 1985 and 1986; also in 1987 per Powys Archivist.

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  • Deeds--Wales--Monmouthshire;

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Hard copies of the catalogue are available at Gwent Record Office and the National Library of Wales.

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Collection Inventory

 D1524/1-35 Abergavenny Mid 19th century-Late 19th century 

 D1524/1 Conveyance for £31 10s. 1. John Harris Conway, grocer, John Daniel, tanner, Jas. Hiley Morgan, bookseller, and Henry Thomas, printer, all of Abergavenny to 2. William Powell of Abergavenny, 3. Henry Poole of Abergavenny, Baptist Minister, 4. Jas. Price of Abergavenny, esq. Plot of land in Cantref, fronting North Street. 9 Jan 1852 

 D1524/2 Mortgage for £35. 1. William Powell of Abergavenny, labourer, to 2. John Evans, junior, of the Grange Farm, Llanfihange, Ystern Llewern, yeoman. Plot of land (D1524/1) and cottage being erected on it. 6 May 1856 

 D1524/3-4 Further charges of £25 and £20. Parties and property as D1524/2. 24 Feb 1857, 21 May 1858 

 D1524/5 Copy Will William Powell of the Parrot Inn, Abergavenny. Devising house in Cantref and all personal estate to widow, Elizabeth Powell for life, then to son, Henry and daughter, Elizabeth, on attaining 21 years. Executors: William Davies, butcher and John Straker, both of Abergavenny. Endorsed: death of William Powell 4 April 1868; Renunication by executors, Letters of Administration granted to Elizabeth Powell, widow, 9 December 1869. 4 Apr 1868 

 D1524/6 Deed Poll William Davies, butcher, and John Straker, accountant (as in D1524/5). Disclaiming executorship of Will of William Powell of Parrot Inn, innkeeper. 23 Feb 1870 

 D1524/7 Transfer of mortgage and further charges (as in D1524/4) £40 13s 4d interest. 1. John Evans (D1524/2) to 2. Philip Williams of Cantref, gentleman. Reciting: 1. D1524/2-4 2. 2 January 1866 William Powell (as above) paid £40 to said John Evans being half of the mortgage debt. 21 Mar 1870 

 D1524/8 Copy Minutes of County Court Decree Henry and Elizabeth Powell of Parrot Inn, infants, by Jas. Sayce of Abergavenny, gentleman and solicitor, plaintaiffs v. Elizabeth Powell, widow and administratrix with will annexed of William Powell (as D1524/7), defendant. Ordered that testator's real estate be sold before 30 December 1870, sale to be arranged by Jas. Sayce, proceeds to be paid into Court, then to Philip Williams (as in D1524/7) to repay mortgage and further charges (as above). Reciting: Testator's personal estate insufficient to pay debts. 14 Oct 1870 

 D1524/9 Abstract of title Reciting deeds D1524/1-8 1870 

 D1524/10 Poster for sale of above property. 29 Dec 1870 

 D1524/11 Court Registrar's Receipt £214, less £40 outstanding mortgage, being proceeds of sale of above property, now in occupancy of Philip Williams (as in D1524/7). Reciting: D1524/8, that Philiip Williams (tenant and mortgagee) had purchased the property at the sale (D1524/10). 12 Jan 1871 

 D1524/12 Conveyance for £214 1. Philip Williams (as inD1524/7), and 2. Elizabeth Powell, widow, (as in D1524/5), to 3. Jas. Sayce (as in D1524/8). Property (as D1524/2) to use of Philip Williams. Reciting D1524/2-8 and D1524/11. 10 Feb 1871 

 D1524/13 Extract from residuary account of estate of William Powell, deceased, showing duty payable on above property to be accounted for. 25 Feb 1871 

 D1524/14 Deed of gift 1. Philip Williams (as in D1524/7) to 2. Mary James, spinster, sister-in-law of Philip Williams. Property as D1524/2, now known as Bay Tree Cottage. 26 Nov 1874 

 D1524/15 Abstract of title Property as above. Reciting: 1. D1524/12 and D1524/14 2. 21 May 1894, will of Mary James (as D1524/14), devising real and personal estate to friends Manley Ashwin, esq, and Albert West Blake, gentleman, both of Abergavenny, as trustees. daughter of Mary James. Sep 1894 

 D1524/16 Mortgage Agreement for £200. 1. John Joseph Clarke, innkeeper, to 2. Elizabeth Ann Greenland, widow of Thomas Greenland of Chapel Road, railway telegraph inspector, all of Abergavenny. Property as D1524/14. 9 Mar 1895 

 D1524/17 Conveyance for £470. 1. Manley Ashwin and Albert West Blake (as in D1524/15) to 2. John Jos. Clarke (as in D1524/16). Property as D1524/14 Reciting: D1524/2-15 18 May 1895 

 D1524/18 Mortgage Agreement for £200. Parties and property as in D1524/16. 21 May 1897 

 D1524/19 Schedule of deeds Deeds as D1524/1-18. Memorandum re: redemption of tithe. Post 1909 

 D1524/20 Conveyance in consideration of the premises. 1. Public Trustee. 2. Hilda Mary Clarke of Osborne Road, Pontypool, spinster. Property as above. Reciting: 1. Will of Mary Hannah Clarke, late of Station Hotel, Abergavenny, widow, devising said property to Robert Newton as trustee for life, then to his son Albert Thomas Newton as trustee, in trust for daughter Hilda Mary Clarke until she attained age of 21 years. 2. 27 January 1901 death of Mary Hannah Clarke, 27 February 1901 probate of will. 3. 31 December 1909 Indenture, transfer of trusteeship, Robert Newton to Public Trustee. 4. 14 June 1912 Hilda Mary Clarke attained age of 21 years. 15 Jun 1912 

 D1524/21-22 Copy lease and release to lead the uses of a Recovery. 1. William Bradshaw, Rector of Stonefield, county Oxon (nephew of William Bradshaw, late bishop of Bristol and Dean of Christchurch, Oxford, deceased and nephew of F. Bradshaw, late a clerk of the Pipe Office, gentleman, deceased), to 2. John Batty of Barnard's Inn, London, gentleman,and 3. Clement Phillips of Staple Inn, London, gentleman. Farm (40a.) late in occupance of David Powell, now in occupance of Thomas Morgan and Henry Lewis, in Llanwenarth; farm (20a.) of Jas. James, in Llenelen; Betws farm (36a.) in occupance of John Jones, in Llantilio Prtholdey; farm (37a.) late in occupance of William Williams, now in occupance of John Vaughan, in Llantilio Pertholey; farm (41a.) in occupance of John Vaughan, in Llanfihangel Crucorney; farm (90a.) in occupance of Walter David, in Llanfair Kilgedin; farm (48a.) inoccupance of John Lewis in Llansanffraed and Llanfihangel juxta Usk; Messuage in High Street in occupance of Isabella Rogers and Thomas Ganter; messuage in Mill Street in occupance of Thomas Lloyd and William Hewett; messuages in Baylymawr, Frogmore Street; messuage and malthouse in Cross Street, now or late in occupance of Reverend Eustance John Jones and Jane Day; Bear Inn, Frogmore Street, now or late in occupance of Ann Powell, widow; all in Abergavenny. (copy 1833) 1 Jan 1744-2 Jan 1744 

 D1524/23 Copy Pre-nuptial Settlement 1. Thomas Brognall Dibdin of Lincoln's Inn, county Middlesex, esq., 2. Sophia Humpreys of Hampsteas, county Middlesex, spinster to; 3. Basil Montagu of Lincoln's Inn, esq., and John Bliss of Hampstead, surgeon, in trust for Sophia H. for 99 years. One third part of house and fare (136a. 10p.) called Goytre in occupance of William Prosser, in Goytre and Llanfair; house and farm (74a. 3r. 36p.) in occupance of William Arthur, in Llanfair; house and farm (18a. 3r. 39p.) in occupance of Edward Jenkins, in Llanelen; house and farm (17a. 38p.) in occupance of Thomas Bevan, in Llanwenarth; house and farm called Betws (37 a. 3r. 14p.) in occupance of John Morgan, in Llantilio Pertholey; house and farm (30a. 3r. 7p.) in occupance of Jas. George, in Llansanfraid and Llanfihangel; house and farm called Lanfrank (81a. 3r. 18p.), in Llanfihangel Crucorney. Messuage in High Street, late in occupance of Ann Stephens and ( ) Brown; messuage in Milk Street, late in occupance of Susan Mtthews, widow, Ann Howard, Mary Williams and Elizabeth Williams; all in Abergavenny. Two messuages in Smithfield, London. Witnesses: F. Tweddell, Chas. Constable, Jane Incledon, Cath. Davis. 17 August 1832 - Memorandum: Tho. Bird Hockin assigned to Baker Gabb (in trust to attend the inheritance for Mr Powell) one third of a messuage and garden in Cross Street ward, of a small messuage adjoining said garden, of a stable adjoining said small messuage, of a malthouse with Kiln Vatt, all in Butcher Row, Abergavenny, comprised but not particularly described above. Assignment of Trust: 15 August 1832 Thom. F. D., Sophia Dibdin (nee Humphreys) and Basil M. (all as in D1524/23) to Tho. Burd Hockin of 20 Red Lion Square, county Middlesex, gentleman. Property as above. Reciting: death of John Bliss (as in D1524/23) in February 1832, Basil M. desirous of relinquishing trusteeship. (copy 1833) 5 Jul 1797 

 D1524/24 Copy Mortgage for £50. Frederick William Humphreys, an ensign in 44th Madras Native Infantry, heir of William Humphreys, deceased, to Thomas Bird Hockin (as in D1524/23). All Frederick William Humphreys' real estate in Monmouthshire. 22 October 1831(copy 1833) 

 D1524/25-26 Lease and release to make a tentant to the precipe. 1. Thomas Frognall Dibdin of 14 Wyndham Place, Bryanstone Square, co. Middlesex, clerk, D. D. and widow, Sophia Dibdin (D1524/23), Elizabeth Humphreys of Alsop Terrace, New Road, county Middlesex, spinster (sister of Sophia Dibdin), Jane Humphreys of 19 David Street, Baker Street, county Middlesex, widow of Fisher Humphreys (youngest brother of Sophia Dibdin and Elizabeth Humphreys), Fred. Wm. Humphreys of Wyndham Place, esq., (eldest son of Fisher Humphreys, as in D1524/24), Sophia Dibdin jun. and Eliz. Ann Dibdin of Wyndam Place, spinsters, (daughters of Thomas Frognall Dibdin) to 2. Chas. Luxmoore of 20 Red Lion Square, Holborn, gentleman. 3. William Powell of Abergavenny, gentleman and attorney. Messuage in occ. of William Powell, tradesman, adjoining north a messuage owned by Elizabeth Gabriel, widow, in occ. of John Wilson, cabinet maker, south a messuage owned by John Cheese Watkins, in occ. of Jas. Jones, cabin makerm in Cross Street ward; small messuage adjoining garden a back of above messuage, late in occ. of Lewis Lewis, labourer, now in occ. of ( ) Price, mason; stable adjoining said small messuage late in occ. of David Price Hillier, now in occ. of Jn. Snow; malthouse with kiln vat in occupance of said Jn. Snow; all adjoining each other and adjoining inn called "Sign of the Angel" owned by Duke of Beaufort, all late in occupance of said William Powell, in Butcher Row Ward; messuage called "The Bull", lately possessed by Tho. Morse, hat maker, in Cow Street or Rother Street; all the above in Abergavenny. Messuage and farm land (121a. 23p.), adjoining road from Llanfair to Goetre, Pandy Estate owned by Jas. Pritchard, river Usk and Llanfair Brook; in Goetre and Llanfair; land (21a. 3r. 23p.) in occupance of Jas. Prosser, adjoining said road, lands of ( ) Davies, widow, Jn. Price and Ed. Lloyd; messuage and farm land (75a. 2r.) in occupance of Frances Davies, adjoining lands of William Morgan, esq., Thomas Watkins, William Grieve, esq., John Snow, esq., ( ) Sparrow, esq., Thomas Rees and Llanarth Charity, and road from Cross Llanfair to Pont Kemeys; in Llanfair; Messuage and farm land (83 acres 3 roods and 21 perches) called Little Lloynfrank, in occupance of Jas. Watkins, adjoining lands of Earl of Abergavenny, Frederick Samuel Secret, Jas. Woodhouse, esq., Hugh Powell, esq., deceased, The Rev. Jas. Barnard Davies, John Griffiths, lands of ( ) in occupance of Phoebe Jones, widow, in Llantilio Pertholey and Llanfihangel Crucorney; Messuage and farm land (30a. 1r. 20p.) in occupance of Jas. jones, adjoining lands of John Jones, esq., and William Jones, esq.; in Llansanffraed, Llanfihangel iuxta Usk and Llanddewi Rhydderch; Barn, house site and farm land (38a. 1r. 38p.) in occupance John Morgan adjoining lands of said John M. of the Betws, road from Abergavenny to Betws, estates called Upper and Lower Gott, land called Great Betws in occupance of Sir George Farmer Bt., and lands in occupance of ( ) Roberts; in Llantilio Pertholey; Cottage and farm land (19a. 1r. 1p.) in occupance of Richard Davies, adjoining Brecknock and Abergavenny Canal, and lands of Samuel Llewelyn and John Cheese Watkins, gentlemen, in Llanelen; Barn, house site and farm land (17a. 1r. 4p.) called the Three Cranes, in occupance of John rogers, adjoining the old turnpike road from Abergavenny to Brecon, a road from Llanwenarth church to the ford over the river Usk, the said river, lands of Sir Edward Hamilton Bt. and said John Rogers; in Llanwenarth; Messuages called the Old Meeting House, in occ. of John Rogers, Thomas Pewtriss, Thomas Jones, George Baker, Miss Morgan, adjoining Byefields Lane and houses owned by ( ) Meredith, widow and Henry Phillips; in Tudor Street, Abergavenny. Messuage and ironmonger's shop in occupance of Messrs. S. and T. Andrus, adjoining Kibby Brook and messuages of Jas. Watkins, grocer, and ( ) Evans, widow, messuages in occupance of Mrs Elizabeth Williams and Mrs Elizabeth Prosser, widows, adjoining Kibby Brook and messuages in occupance of Miss Ann Jones and Daniel Jones, carpenter; messuage in occupance of Robert Fisher, adjoining premises owned by Mrs Mary Lewis and The Rev. Ebenezer Skeel, deceased; all in Frogmore Street, Abergavenny. 13 March 1832: Deed to declare the uses of a Recovery. 1. Thomas Frognall Dibdin and widow, Sophia, daus. Sophia Elizabeth, Ann D.(as above). 2. Eliz. Humphreys ( as above) 3. Jane Humphreys ( as above) 4. Fred. Wm. Humphreys (as above) Conveyance of property (as above, except property in Abergavenny in occupance of William Powell, tradesman) for £3000 to 1. and £1500 to 2. 30 Jan 1832-31 Jan 1832 

 D1524/27-28 Lease and release for £300 and mortgage for £200 Parties 1-4 as in D1524/26 (Jane Humphreys givenas of 55 Gloucester Place, Portman Square). 5. Wm. Morgan of Llanwenarth House, banker, to 6. Rob. Fisher of Abergavenny, shopkeeper, 7. Anne Morgan of Chapel House, Abergavenny, spinster (mortgagee) Messuage in occ. of said Rob. Fisher, adj. premises owned by Mrs Mary Lewis and The Rev. Eben. Skeel, deceased; in Frogmore Street, Abergavenny. Reciting: 1. 15 June 1767, will of Wm. Bradshaw (as in D1524/22), devising all real estate in co. Mon. and London to brother-in-law, Wm. Humphreys (h.of Wm. Bradshaw's sister, Catherine, deceased), head butler of Christchurch, Oxford, for life, then to children Wm. and Cath. Humphreys. Death of William Bradshaw 22 February 1771. 2. 8 January 1773, will of Wm. H., devising real estate in co. Mon. and co. Middlesex to sons The Rev. Frs. H., Hanbury Humpreys, gentleman, and dau. Mary H., and after d. of survivor, to heirs in tail male, i.e. descendants of Frs. Humpreys, viz. Frs. Bradshaw Humphreys, Jas. Humphreys, William (Walter) Humphreys, remainder to daughter of Fraser Humphreys, viz. Catherine Davies (deceased November 1827 withouth issue), Eliz. Humphreys and Sophia Dibdin as tenants in common for life, then each share in tail general; bequeathing personal estate and residue to sons and daughters. Death of William Humphreys, 20 Apri 1773. 3. Devise (as recited in 2) considered equitable but not legal. Fred. Wm. H. considered to hold title as son and heir of Fisher H. (d. May 1822), bro. and heir of Gerard Humphreys (d. aboard, unmarried) nephew and heir of Mary Jones, wid. (nee Humphreys) (d. c. 1794 without issue) and of Hanbury H. (d. March 1793, without issue), and son and heir of Fraser Humphreys, (deceased December 1792( (Fraser Bradshaw Humphreys, Jas. Humphreys and William (Walter) Humphreys having died in lifetime of f. Frs. H., unmarried. 4. D1524/25 and D1524/26 above. 5. Fine, Hilary Term 1832. 6. Common Recovery, Hilary Term 1832. 7 Dec 1832 

 D1524/29 Deed of Indemnity Fred. Wm. Humphreys, Eliz. Humphreys, Tho. Frognall Dibdin, Sophia Dibdin jun., Eliz. Ann Dibdin, to; Rob. Fisher (all as in D1524/28) To indemnify Rob. F. for £600 against claims by decendants of Gerard Humphreys on property (as in D1524/28) Reciting: 1. D1524/27 and D1524/28 2. no legal evidence of d. of Gerard Humphreys. 7 Dec 1832 

 D1524/30 Assignment of Trust (as in D1524/23) 1. Thomas Burd Hockin 2. Thomas Frognall Dibdin and wife Sophia, ( all as in D1524/23) to 3. Rober Fisher (as in D1524/28), and 4. Chas. Jas. Powell of Abergavenny, gentleman, (in trust for Anne Morgan (as in D1524/28)). Property (as in D1524/28) Reciting: D1524/23, and D1524/27-28 7 Dec 1832 

 D1524/30 Assignment of mortage (as in D1524/24) 1. Tho. Burd Hockin (as in D1524/23) 2. Chas. Luxmoore (as in D1524/26) 3. Chas. Edwards of Riverford near Ashburton, co. Devon, esq., 4. Chas. Edwards junior of Totnes, co. Devon, gentleman, 5. Fred. Wm. Humphreys (as in D1524/24) 6. Rob. Fisher ( as in D1524/28) 7. Tho. Hughes of Abergavenny, gentleman. Property (as in D1524/28). Reciting: D1524/24, and D1524/27-28 7 Dec 1832 

 D1524/32 Further mortgage for £100 1. Ann Fisher of Abergavenny, widow, to; 2. Ann Morgan (as in D1524/28) Property (as in D1524/28) Reciting: 1. D1524/27-28 2. D. of Rob. Fisher 5 July 1835, after making a will devising property (as in D1524/28) to his widow, said Ann Fisher. 3 Nov 1838 

 D1524/33 Conveyance for £150 1. William Hopkin of Cardiff, county Glamorgan, coal merchant, to 2. Jas. Straker of Abergavenny, auctioneer. No. 45 Frogmore Street, Abergavenny, in occupance of Eliza Redman. 6 Oct 1877 

 D1524/34-35 Conveyance for £300 and Bond in £600. 1. Jas. Straker (as in D1524/33), to; 2. David Davies of Chicken Street, Abergavenny, grocer. Property (as in D1524/33). Reciting: D1524/33 16 Dec 1879 

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 D1524/36-53 Llanfoist Early 19th century-Mid 20th century 

 D1524/36 Abstract of Title of devisees in trust to sell under Will of Jn. Hanbury Williams of Coldbrook Park to property in Llanfoist. 1821 

 D1524/37 Abstract of Title (additional to D1524/36), property in Llanfoist and Llanelen. 1821 

 D1524/38-39 Lease and release for £270. 1. Baker Gabb, jun., of Abergavenny, gent. (only acting devisee in trust names in will of John Hanbury Williams of Coldbrook House, esq.,) 2. Jn. Griffiths of Blaenavon, gent., 3. Jas. Jenkins of Blaenavon, clerk, 4. Tom Gabb of Abergavenny, gent., 5. Baker Gabb sen., of Abergavenny, gent., 6. Morgan Watkins of Llanfoist, yeoman, 7. John Price of Llanfoist, gent., Trust to bar dower Cottage and garden (2r. 34p.) in occ. of Mary Edwards, wid., adj. turnpike road from Abergavenny to Govilon, lands of the Earl of Abergavenny in occ. of Tho. Hill and Tho. Hill, jun., and the river Usk; in Llanfoist. Reciting: 1. 2 October 1819, further mortgage for £4000, Jn. Hanbury Williams to Jn. G. and Jas. J., property including the above; itself reciting a Mortgage for £1000, 2 September 1816, of Castle Farm, a close called The Park, and the Coppice Wood, in Llanfoist. 2. 19 February 1818, will of Jn. Hanbury Williams, devising all real estate in Llanfoist and Llanelen to Jn. Johnes of Dolaucothi, co. Carm., esq. and Baker G., jun., in trust to sell (subject to mortgage recited in 1.) 3. 21 Nov. 1819, d. of Jn. Hanbury Williams, probate of will granted to executors and trustees. 4. Deed poll of Jn. J., 11 April 1821, renouncing executorship. 5. Public auction, 15 September 1821, said cottage and garden etc puchased by Morgan W. 6. Jn. G. satisfied that property other than said cottge and garden etc, was sufficient security for mortgage debt (as in recital 1.). 7. 9 April 1764, Deed Poll of Geo. Hanbury Williams (f. of Jn. Hanbury W.), charging property (including said cottage and garden etc.) with raising £2500 each for four younger sons Chas., Capel, Geo. and Wm. Ferninand on attaining 21 years, and £4000 for daughter Georgina on marriage or attaining 21 years. Trustees - Jn. and Chris. Chambre, esqs. 8. D. of Jn. Chambre, Jn. Hanbury W. paid sums (as in recital 7.), death of Chris. C., 1795, having made a Will, appointing widow, Jane, Wm. Morgan, esq., and Art. Harris, gent., exors., d. of Jane C., 1805, d. of Art. H., August 1811. 9. 13 April 1821, Assignment of Trust (as in recital 7), Wm. M. to Baker G., jun., and Tom G. 10. 24 March 1821, Assignment of Trust, Baker G., jun., to Baker G., senior, itself reciting a Release, 30 June 1732. 27 Jul 1821-28 Jul 1821 

 D1524/40 Extract from Will of Morgan Watkins of Llanfoist, gent., devising messuage and garden, in occ. of Wm. Freeman, to w. for life, then to grand-daughter, Ann Evans and heirs in tail, then to grand-daughter, Eliz. Evans for life, then to trustees Tho. and Jas. Watkins. 15 Oct 1836 

 D1524/41 Mortgage for £150 Jn. Watkins, jun., of Llanfoist, carpenter, and w. Sarah, to Sam. Dykes of Abergavenny, gent. (i) Two messuages and gardens, (ii) a messuage, stable and garden, all near Usk Bridge in Llanfoist. Subject to life interest of Jn. W., senior. Reciting: 1. Will of Morgan Watkins, 15 October 1836, after confirming his marriage settlement and charging his property (as above) with a £40 annuity for his wife, devising two messuages (as (i) above) to son Thomas Watkins for life, then to Sarah W., dau. of Tho. W.; devising messuage,etc. (as in (ii) above) in occ. of Jas. Pritchard and Randall Cooke, to s. Jn. Watkins, sen., for life, then to Jn. Watkins, jun. 2. D. of Morgan W., 14 December 1836, d. of Morgan W., March 1844; d. of Tho. W., 7 March 1848; marriage of Jn. W., jun., and Sarah W., 29 November 1854. 25 Jun 1855 

 D1524/42 Assignment of Mortgage for £150, and Mortgage (partly by assignment of Lease) for £450. 1. Sam. Dykes (as in D1524/41), 2. Jn. Watkins junior and w. Sarah (as in D1524/41) 3. said John Watkins junior to 4. William Williams of Aberbaidon, par. Llanelly, co. Breconshire, esq. (i) and (ii) as in D1524/41 (iii) copyhold parcel (277 square yards) on right of road from Abersychan to Pentwyn and British Iron Works, adjoining lands of William Morgan, esq., premises of David Willimas, and path into Mr Morgan's field. (iv) copyhold parcel (132 square yards) at Cwm Nant Ddu, ajoining railway from Pontnewynydd to Cwm Nant Ddu, lands of reps. of Moses Harper, esq., deceased, a piece of waste land (reserving a roadway to Chas. Williams of Pontypool, gentleman), with messuage being built by William Ellis. (iii) and (iv) in manor of Wentsland and Bryngwyn, parish Trevethin, (v) parcel (6 perches) at Cwm Nant Ddu, between the brook and a feeder of the Monmouthshire Canal Co. late in occupance of Willliam Ellis, wheron he had built a house, in Trevethin. Covenant to surrender (iii) and (iv). Subject to life interest of John Williams, senior, in (ii). Reciting: 1. D1524/41 2. 2 December 1856, conveyance (? surrender and admission), Thomas Gratrex, William Williams, William Herbert, to John Williams, junior. Property as (iii) and (iv) above. 3. 2 December 1856, Assignment of Lease, Thomas Gratrex and William Williams to John Williams, junior. Property as in (v) above. Itself reciting lease for 63 years, 22 June 1841, Canal Navigation Company to William Ellis. Endorsed: 3 September 1861, Assignment of mortgage (as above). 1. Philip Williams of Abergavenny, banker and Philip Alfred Williams of Abertillery, coal merchant. 2. John Williams, junior. 3. William Morgan Morgan of Abergavenny, currier. Reciting: 1. 20 April 1857, will of William Williams, devising property to wife, Marianne Williams, brother Philip Williams and son, Philip Alfred Williams in trust. 2. Death of William Williams, 29 July 1860. 3. 12 February 1861, Deed Poll of Marianne Williams renouncing trusteeship. 3 Dec 1856 

 D1524/43 Second mortgage for £44 14s 11d. John and Sarah Williams (as in D1524/41) to William Forster Batt of Abergavenny, gentleman. Property as in D1524/42. Reciting: D1524/42.` 29 Apr 1860 

 D1524/44 Assignment of mortgage for £400 1. William Morgan Morgan (as in endorsement D1524/42) 2. John Watkins, junior, and wife Sarah (as in D1524/41) 3. John Watkins, senior, of Llanfoist, yeoman, to 4. Elizabeth Mayberry, wife of Jas. Morgan of Bryngwyn, farmer, William Mayberry of Bryngwyn, chemist, and John Jones of Raglan, grocer. (i) (as in D1524/41) now in occupance of William Walby and Benjamin Price (ii) (as in D1524/41) now in occupance of John Prosser, stable converted into messuage in occupance of John Watkins, junior, known as the Bridge Inn; two messuages built on garden by John Watkins, now in occupance of Alfred Prosser and Thomas Mann. John Watkins, junior, to become tenant of the Bridge Inn for £12 per annum. John Watkins, junior, and senior, appoint Jas. Straker of Abergavenny, house agent, to collect rents and profits, and to pay for maintenance, insurance, his own commission, interest on mortgage therefrom. Reciting: 1. D1524/42 and endorsement 2. that John Watkins, junior, had repaid much of the £600 principal. Endorsed 1. 18 July 1871 Assignment of above mortgage. Elizabeth Mayberry, William Mayberry, John Jones, John Watkins, junior, Sarah Watkins to Joseph Thomas of the Great House, Llanofer, farmer. Reciting: 15 December 1869 death of John Watkins, senior. Endorsed 2. 18 July 1872 Further charge of £100. John Watkins, junior to Joseph Thomas. 7 May 1868 

 D1524/45 Separate examination of Sarah Watkins in respect of D1524/44. William Morgan, junior, and Henry Lawrence Baker, commissioners. 7 May 1868 

 D1524/46 Mortgage for £50. 1. John Watkins, junior (as in D1524/41) 2. John Watkins, senior (as in D1524/44) to 3. William Henry Williams of Nantyglo, innkeeper Property as (i) and (ii) in D1524/44. 24 Mar 1869 

 D1524/47 Conveyance for £65. 1. Jas. Watkins of Bushey, co. Herts, gentleman, 2. Jane Paul of 4 Lewisham Street, Westminster, spinster, to 3. John Watkins (as in D1524/41) Messuage and garden near Usk Bridge adjoining turnpike road from Abergavenny to Merthyr, house of John Watkins and house of Joseph Haggarty, in Llanfoist (as in D1524/40). Reciting: 1. D1524/40 2. as recitial 2. in D1524/41, 3. Marriage of Ann Evans (as in D1524/40) to alex. Paul and daughter of said Ann Paul, 22 October 1873, one siste predeceased her, one sister Alex Paul surviving her but died 20 May 1874, aged 20, two daughters surviving, viz. Jane Paul (as above) over 21, and Annie Paul, 18 years old. 4. Jane Paul's wish to bar tail and convey estate in fee simple. 10 Feb 1876 

 D1524/48 Assignment of Mortgage for £596 2s. and further charge of £20 3s. 1. Sarah Thomas of Tymawr, Llanofer, widow, John Thomas of Tymawr, farmer, John Charles of Treseson, Llangattock nigh Usk, 2. Jas. Straker of Abergavenny, auctioneer, 3. John Watkins and wife, Sarah (as in D1524/41), to 4. William Forster Batt of Abergavenny, gentileman,(as in D1524/43). (i) as (i) and (ii) in D1524/41. (ii) as in D1524/47 Reciting: 1. D1524/42, 44 2. Joseph Thomas (as in endorsements on D1524/44) by will devised mortgaged estates to trustees viz. Sarah and John Thomas, and John Charles (as above) death of Joseph Thomas, 10 February 1875. 3. Sarah and John Thomas and John Charles lent £65 to John Watkins on agreement to execute mortgage of (ii) above and further charges on (i), but no deed executed. 4. D1524/46. 5. 8 May 1877, £23 10s. still owing on transferred mortgage endorsed on D1524/46, mortgage transferred from Jas Straker to Sarah and John Thomas and John Charles, but no deed executed. 6. D1524/43. 7. £596 2s. 9d. still owing to Sarah and John Thomas and John Charles. £83 14s. 3d. still owing to William Forster Batt. Endorsed: 17 May 1881 Further charge of £82 10s. John and Sarah Williams to Wilhelmina Margaret Batt of Cae Kenfy, near Abergavenny, widow, Jas Humfrey of Llanwenarth House, Llanwenarth Ultra, esq., Frederick Morgan Humfrey of Llanwenarth House, Barrister. Reciting: 1. 19 July 1873, will of William Forster Batt (as in D1524/43), devising residue, including mortgages to w. and extrix. Wilhelmina Margaret Batt, brother in law and executor, Jas. Humprey and brother and executor Captain Molyneux Batt of Old Court, Abergavenny. 2. 26 October 1876, codicil to will of William Forster Batt appointing nephew, Frederick Morgan Humprey to be executor in place of Molyneux Batt, recently deceased. 3. Death of William Forster Batt, 23 August 1878. 4. £700 principal and £82 10s. interest still owing by John Watkins to estate of William Forster Batt. Two certificates of separate examination of Sarah Watkins. 1 Oct 1877 

 D1524/49 Copy lease for 10 years for £25 per annum. John Watkins (as in D1524/41) to Robert Williams of St. Helens Road, Longbarn, Abergavenny, gentleman, The Bridge Inn, late in occupance of Elizabeth Tyler, deceased, in Llanfoist. Conveyance that Robert Williams would lend money to John Watkins to enlarge the premises, repayable by rent reduction. 9 Feb 1881 

 D1524/50 Certificate of Redemption of Land Tax John Watkins (as in D1524/41). Messuage and garden in occupance of Henry Chas. Edwards, adjoining west road from Abergavenny to Merthyr, east Llanfoist Farm, south another house in occupance of Mary Walby, north house and carpenter's shop in occupance of John Watkins. 17 Mar 1887 

 D1524/51 Assignment of mortgage for £874. Wilhelmina Margaret Batt, Jas. Humfrey, Frederick Humfrey, John and Sarah Watkins (all as in endorsement on D1524/48) to Chas. Edwards of Llanfoist, brewer. Property (as in D1524/48); the two messuages now in occupance of ( ) Walby and Henry Chas. Edwards, Bridge Inn in occupance of Robert Williams, two messuages in occupance of Frederick Walby and Henry Hughes. Reciting: 1. D1524/48 and endorsemnt. 2. sums of £700, £82 10s., £91 10s. still outstanding. 22 Feb 1889 

 D1524/52 Assignment of mortgage for £874. Chas. Edwards (as in D1524/51) to Peter Marfell of Trostre Lodge, Clytha, gentleman. Reciting: D1524/51. Endorsed: 6 April 1900 Assignment of mortgage for £874. Peter Marfell of the Cwm, Clytha, farmer, and Richard Henry Marfell of Trostre Lodge, Clytha, corn merchant, to Samuel Probert of Monk Street, Abergavenny, coach builder. Reciting: 7 January 1896, will of Peter Marfell appointing sons as executors; 17 November 1899 death of Peter Marfell. 27 Sep 1889 

 D1524/53 Insurance Policy Victor Edward Galliers 5 Bridge Cottages, Llanfoist 11 Jul 1950 

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 D1524/54-69 Llanelen Early 18th century-Late 19th century 

 D1524/54 Post-nuptial settlement by Feoffment. 1. John David of Llanelen, yeoman and wife Maud, to 2. Thomas Lewis junior of Llanelen, gentleman, Thomas James of Llanelen, yeoman, Alex. and Anne Williams, son and daughter of William Morgan of Llanelen, yeoman, 3. Jas. Wroth, son of John Wroth, of Llangattock-iuxta- Usk, yeoman. Messuage with garden and orchard, in occupance of John David, two closes of land belonging thereto called Gworlod tu hwnt i'r ty and Coed Cae (6acres) adjoining land of William Bradshaw and John Prichard, lane from Llanelen Bridge to Coed y Prior, land of Sir Thomas Powell, Bt., and wife Dame Judith; in Llanelen. To use of John and Maud David and heirs in tail, then to use of Thomas Lewis and Thomas James for 99 years to raise £5 for Alex Williams and then Anne Williams, then to use of Jas Wroth for ever. Endorsed: livery of seisin Witnesses: Jenkins, Howell William, Edward Jones. ? 19 Sep 1710 

 D1524/55 Mortgage by Demise for £20. Jas Wroth of Llanelen, yeoman, to David Charles of Llangattock-nigh-Usk, yeoman. Property as in D1524/54, now in occupance of Jas Wroth. Endorsed: witnesses - Thomas Wroth, Jas Powell, John Powell. 29 Jan 1767 

 D1524/56 Feoffment for £70. Jas Wroth to David Charles (as in D1524/55) Property as in D1524/55, devised by John David to Jas Wroth. Endorsed: livery of seisin, witnesses - Jas Loyd, Thomas Wroth 19 Jan 1770 

 D1524/57-58 Mortgage by Lease and Release for £60. William Baldwin of Gwehelog, Usk, yeoman, and wife, Jane (devisee in will of David Charles (as in D1524/55) deceased), to Richard Jones of Kemeys Commander, yeoman. Property as in D1524/55, late in occupance of Thomas Rees, now in occupance of Geo Herbert. (adjoining lands now in occupance of Hanbury Humphreys, gentleman) Covenent to levy a fine. Endorsed: witnesses - William Powell, R. Williams. 9 May 1783-10 May 1783 

 D1524/59 Final Concord Richard Jones and John Roberts, plts., William Baldwin and wife, Jane, John Hughes, gentleman and wife Mary, deforce. Three messuages, two shops, two cellars, one barn, one stable, four curtilages, two gardens, two orchards, five acres land, three acres meadow, five acres pasture, two acres wood, ten acres furze and heath and common of pasture, in Llanelen and Abergavenny. 3 Nov 1783 

 D1524/60-61 Lease and release for £71. 1. Richard Jones. 2. William Baldwin and wife Jane (as in D1524/58), to 3. Theophilus Morgan of Monkswood, gentleman. Property as in D1524/58. Reciting: D1524/58. Endorsed: witnesses - Thomas Prothero, Mary Williams (servant to Mr Prothero), Richard Rice Williams, ? Baron (clerks to Mr Prothero). 5 Dec 1792-6 Dec 1792 

 D1524/62-63 Lease and Release for £200 1. Theophilus Morgan (as in D1524/61) 2. William Tedman of Llanelen, mason, 3. William Jones of Llanelen, gentleman (trustee for William Tedman). Property as in D1524/58, now in occupance of Lewis Roberts. Reciting: D1524/61. 12 Feb 1808-13 Feb 1808 

 D1524/64-65 Mortgage by demise for £80, and bond. William Tedman (as in D1524/63) now in Llanddewi Rhydderch, to Alex Jones of Usk, gentleman. Property as in D1524/63. 8 Jul 1808 

 D1524/66 Mortgage for £20 William Tedman of Llanarth, to Sir Thomas Phillips of the Inner Temple. Property as in D1524/63 now or late in occupance of Seth Jones. Reciting: 11 June 1851, will of William Tedman (as in D1524/63), devising above property to his wife for life, then to William Tedman (as above). Endorsed: 24 August 1878 Reconveyance. William Page Thomas Phillips of the Grange, Milton, county Suffolk, esq., and Thomas Phillips Price of Triley Court, esq., to Reverend John Tedman of Much Birch, county Hereford, clerk. Reciting: 1. 20 May 1862, will of Sir Thomas Phillips devising trust estates to William Page Phillips Price, Thomas Phillips Price and The Rev. William Price (since deceased). Death of Sir Thomas Phillips, 26 May 1867. 2. Death of William Tedman, May 1863, intestate, leaving John Tedman only son and heir. 3. £20 and interest repaid by William Tedman to Sir Thomas Phillips but no reconveyance executed. 21 Apr 1855 

 D1524/67 Inland Revenue papers relating to legacies William Tedman, senior,(as in D1524/63) testator. Relatives names: John Tedman (as in endorsement D1524/66), Chas Tedman of Llanarth, tailor, son, Elizabeth Tedman, (wife died 24 October 1864), (?) Elizabeth Tedman, daughter, Henry Watkins, grandson, Mary Green, granddaughter, wife of Thomas Jas G., Elizabeth Matthews, granddaughter, wife of Thomas M., Anne Watkins, granddaughter. Legacies charged on real estate (property as in D1524/63). Oct 1864-Dec 1864 

 D1524/68-69 Contract and Conveyance for £375 The Rev. John Tedman (as in endorsement on D1524/66), to Elizabeth Jones of Blaenafon, spinster. Two messuages called Yew Tree Cottge and Bellaw Fach with gardens and orchards, two closes land called Gworlod tu hwnt i'r ty and Coed Cae (3 acres 3 roods 5 perches), adjoining west land of Crawshay Bailey called Coed y Priod, north and east land of A. Jones called Ysgyborior, south road from Llanelen Bridge to Blaenafon, in occupance of Seth Jones, in Llanelen. Reciting: 1. as recited in D1524/66 death of Willima Tedman, senior, 26 March 1852. 2. as recited 2. in endorsement on D1524/66. 3. Death of Elizabeth Tedman (widow of William Tedman senior) 24 October 1864. 10 Jul 1878, 30 Nov 1878 

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 D1524/70-77 Monmouth Late 19th century-Early 20th century 

 D1524/70 Conveyance for £420 1. Ann Seymour of Brook Place, Lower Tottenham, co. Middlesex, widow. 2. Mary Jones of Glendower Street, Monmouth, spinster. 3. William Hartland of Monmouth, gentleman, and wife Sarah, to 4. Eleanor Jones of Monmouth, spinster. Messuages in St James Street, late in occupance of Jas Davis, Cornelius Steel, Dorothy Evanson, Ann Roberts, now in occupance of the Misses Morgan and William Holmes, adjoining premises of William Hartland and William Pitt, in Monmouth. Reciting: 1. 6 November 1838, will of Mary Williams, widow of Thomas Williams of Monmouth, devising real estate (including the above) to Williams Adams of Elm Cottage, Mitchel Troy, gentleman, in trust to pay £1 weekly for life to Ann Jones, niece of Mary Williams (since deceased), an annuity of £26 for life to Mary Dubberley, cousin of Mary Williams (since deceased), an annuity of £10 for life to Mary Roberts, maid servant to Mary Williams, an annuity of £30 for life to each child of said Ann Jones, viz. Chas. Jones, Henry Jones (both since deceased), Ann Seymour, Mary Jones and Sarah Holmes. 13 April 1843 death of Mary Williams. 2. 5 November 1869, will of William Adams. Property devised as in recital 1. to use of Ann Seymour, Mary Jones and Sarah Holmes, in equal shares. 6 March 1870 death of William Adams. 3. 22 April 1876, Mary R. to Ann Seymour, Mary Jones, William and Sarah Holmes. Release of property charged with £10 annuity. 2 May 1876 

 D1524/71 Covenant to produce Deeds John Endell Powles and Arthur Vizard, both of Monmouth, gentlemen, to Eleanor Jones (as in D1524/70). 4 May 1876 

 D1524/72 Conveyance Ann Elizabeth Coates of 6 Bonchurch Road, North Kensington, co. London, widow, Emily Jones of 3 Park Road, Kingston Hill, Norbiton, co. Surrey, spinster, Maria Hough, widow of Arthur Hough of The Rest, Seymour, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, farmer, Charlotte Field, widow of Thomas Field of 44 Gordon road, Norbiton, furrier, to Sarah Jones of 36 Monnow Street, Monmouth, spinster. Four fifth parts of two messuages, nos. 11 and 13 St James Street, now in occupance of Mrs Williams and Mrs Harman; parcel of land, allotment 50 of Obaston estate (1 rood 18 perches) adjoining allotments 51 and 58 and Highfield Road, and Park Road; in Monmouth. Reciting: 1. 15 September 1904 death of Eleanor Jones of 36 Monnow Stree, intestate. 16 February 1905 Letters of Administration to Sarah Jones. 2. 27 August 1904 unattested will of Eleanor Jones, devising property (as in above) to sister Sarah Jones. 3. Ann Elizabeth Coates, Emily Jones, Maria Hough, and Charlotte Field, all sisters and co-heiresses of Eleanor Jones, wish to effectuate her wishes in favour of Sarah Jones. Endorsed: Covenant to produce deeds. 17 Apr 1905 

 D1524/73 Mortgage for £140. Mary Elizabeth Grace Coates of Monmouth, spinster, to Bickerton Homer Deakin of Monmouth, solicitor. Two messuages as in D1524/72, no 11. in occuance of Geoffrey Ste. Smith. Reciting: 20 November 1908 will of Sarah Jones (as in D1524/72) devising all property to niece Mary Elizabeth Coates, 15 April 1908 (sic) death of Sarah Jones. 1 Jul 1909 

 D1524/74 Copy Notice to repay mortgage money (as in D1524/73). Bickerton Homer Deakin to Mary Elizabeth Grace Coates (both as in D1524/73). 21 Sep 1911 

 D1524/75 Abstract of title. Bickerton Homer Deakin (as in D1524/73) as mortgagee. Property as in D1524/73. 1912 

 D1524/76 Conveyance of £165. Bickerton Homer Deakin (as in D1524/73) to Arthur Herbert Williams of Castle Villa, Monmouth, builder. Property as in D1524/73, no 13 now in occupance of Sidney Robert Ruck. Reciting: D1524/73, power of mortgage to sell. 22 Feb 1912 

 D1524/77 Copy conveyance fo £200. 1. Henry Adelbert Wellington Fitzroy, ninth Duke of Beaufort. 2. Louise Emily, Duchess of Beaufort. 3. Frederick John Tucker of 5 Whitecross Street, Monmouth, veterinary surgeon, (sic) Albert Aubery Lewis of Priory Farm, Monmouth, horse dealer. Land (218 square yards) with two messuages, nos. 5 and 7 Saint Mary Street, Monmouth. 9 Sep 1901 

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 D1524/78-83 Miscellaneous Early 18th century-Early 20th century 

 D1524/78 Lease for a year (release missing) 1. Walter Parry of Grosmont, gentleman, and wife, Mary, Richard Heath of Pistlebrooke, Kentchurch, co. Hereford, gentleman. 2. Phillip Cecill and Jas Springett, both of Grosmont, esqs. Messuage late in occupance of Alice Roberts, widow, deceased, now in occupance of Thomas Phillips, one parcel of arable and meadow called The Pigeon or Cartway Meadow (5 acres), adjoining land late in occupance of Robert Richard(?) deceased, now in occupance of Walter Vaughan, a lane form Grosmont to Crose Da Mallice, and a land called Cartway; three parcels of meadow (3 acres), adjoining lane called Cartway, road from Grosmont to Monmouth, an orchard in occupance of Jas Phillips, a lane from Hewle Dulbert to the road, a meadow in occupance of John Parry, gentleman, called Gwerloed Da Honthy; Two parcels of arable (5 acres), adjoining land of Jas Phillips, the lane from Grosmont to Crose Da Mallice, the lane from Hewle Dulbert to the road; a cottage late in occupance of Jas John Mason, now in occupance of Walter Watkins, and five parcels arable and pasture (12 acres), adjoining land in occupance of Jas Phillips and the road; One parcel of arable called The Brooke Peece (8 acres), adjoining land in occupance of Jas Phillips; all in Grosmont. Endorsed: witnesses - Robert Needham, junior, Henry Ketherough(?). 1 Nov 1706 

 D1524/79 Deed Poll Ann Roberts of Llantilio Pertholey, widow. Acknowledgement of receipt of £20 legacy for distribution between Ann, William, Mary and David Roberts. Reciting: 19 February 1791 will of Richard Williams of Crickadarn, co. Breconshire, yeoman, bequeathing £20 to sister Ann Roberts, for distribution among four children of nephew, William Roberts. Executors - Jenkin Williams and Richard Williams. Death of William Roberts before date of will. Witness - Ann George. 26 May 1797 

 D1524/80 Draft Assignment of Lease for 60 years for £240. 1. Moses Scard of Pillgwenlly, St Woolos, builder, 2. Edward Clark of Bristol, gentleman, John Delaney Robinson of Plymouth, co. Devon, esq., 3. Henry Farr of Newport, gentleman, to 4. Jacob Jenkins Nicholas and Thomas Cooke of Newport, merchants and co-partners infirm of J. J. Nicholas and Co. Messuage, warehouse and garden on east side of Caslte Street, Pillgwenlly, late in occupance of Edmund Williams, being one of five messuages built by Moses Scard on demised land. Reciting: 1. 2 April 1840, lease for 60 years, for £7 10s. yearly. Sir Chas Morgan Bt., Samuel Homfray, esq., Elizabeth Lee Homfray, widow, Thomas Fothergill, esq., to Moses Scard 900 square yards land on ease side of Castle Street, Pillgwenlly, adjoining north land of Wharf Co., let to David Lewis, junior, south other land of said Co., east land of said Co. let to David Lewis, mason. 2. 18 April 1840, mortgage by assignment of lese for £200, Moses Scard to Edward Clark and John Delaney Robinson. Land (as in recital 1. ) and houses built and building thereon. 3. 31 July 1840, additional mortgage by assignment of lease for £100 (parties and property as recital 2). 4. 12 December 1840, additional mortgage by assignment of lease for £50 (parties and property as in recital 2), 5. 28 January 1841 additional mortgage by assignment of lease for a sum not exceeding £100. Moses Scard to Henry Farr. (Property as in recital 2). 6. Moses Scard built five houses on the property (as in recital 2) and owes £400 to Edward Clark and John Delaney Robinson, and £67 14s. to Henry Farr. 7. Of £240 consideration, £100 to be paid to Edward Clark and john Delaney Robinson, £67 14s. to Henry Farr, £72 6s. to Moses Scard. 25 Mar 1841 

 D1524/81 Admission certificate of Jas Sayce of Abergavenny as a solicitor. 8 May 1860 

 D1524/82 Copy Affidavit Thomas Linton, late of Lydney, now of 36 Park Road, Gloucester, gentleman. In the matter of winding up the Severn and Wye and Severn Bridge Railway Co. 21 Dec 1895 

 D1524/83 Abertillery and District Water Board, 24 Stow Hill, Newport, to Henry Lloyd, esq., of Hay, Hereford, as commoner. Notice of intention to enter land to examine nature of soil and make trial borings. Llanelieu parish, co. Breconshire. Plan on linen. 25 Mar 1911 

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 D1524/84-152 Additional Deposit Mid 18th century-Late 20th century 

 D1524/84 Release (lease missing) for £16. 1. John Bonner, senior, of Abergavenny, mercer, 2. Frs. Jones of Little Windmill Street, St. James, co. Middlesex, coal merchant. 3. William Bonner of Abergavenny, esq., to 4. John Jones of Abergavenny, maltster. Messuages in occupance of Anne Greenhaugh, widow, Catherine Davies, spinster, and Mary Williams, widow, with fields, gardens etc., abtg. tenement of Petter Powell, innholder, of John Watkins, smith, backing on Kibby Brook; in Frogmore Street Ward, Abergavenny. Reciting: 1. that messuages had been bequeathed by David Thomas, gentleman to John Bonner for life, then to William Bonner. 2. that William Bonner had mortgaged them to Frs Jones. 20 Feb 1741 

 D1524/85 Schedule of Deeds 1722-1743 Pen-y-worlod Farm, Llanwenarth and Llanfoist, Neath or Noyadd, Llanofer. 27 Feb 1819 

 D1524/86 Indenture of Apprenticeship for £20. Jane Lockley of Abergavenny, widow, and son John Lockley, Roger Hancock Evins of Abergavenny, carpenter and joiner. 3 Dec 1850 

 D1524/87 Copy death certificate of Wiliam Price of Glan-nant-y-llan, Llanfoist Lower, retired solicitor. Died 22 November 1882. Registered 23 November 1882. Copy 6 April 1888. [1888] 

 D1524/88 Sale particulars of The Firs, Abergavenny, Penycauseway, Monmouth Road, Abergavenny, The Bear public house, Dowlais, co. Glamorgan, two cottages, Govilon. 78 x £2 10s. shares in the Kemeys Bridge Co Ltd. 24 Sep 1884 

 D1524/89 Copy index of prehistoric sites in Gwent, complied by John G Williams, Abergavenny. 7 Jun 1984-19 Jun 1984 

 D1524/90 Bond in £200 to repay £125 and interest. Thomas Roberts, yeoman, and his mother, Elizabeth Roberts, widow, both of Grosmont, to Richard Heath of Pisslebrooke, Kentchurch, co. Hereford, gentleman. Richard Heath not to institute proceedings for ejectment before 1 November 1708, but if £125 mortgage money and interest is not paid by that date mortgaged premises would be forfeited, conveyed and surrendered to him. Reciting: 1. Mortgages, Thomas Roberts and wife, Joan, Walter Roberts and Elizabeth Roberts to Richard Heath, senior, father of Richard Heath. Messuage with outhouses, gardens and orchards in occupance of Thomas Phillips; a close called the Pidgeon or Cartway meadow; three parcels of meadow (3 acres) nearing to a lane called the Cartway, to the highway from Grosmont to Monmouth, to an orchard in occupance of Jas Phillips, to a lane from Hewl Dulbert to the highway, and to a meadow called Gworlod Da Honthy; two parcels of land (5 acres) mearing to lands in occupance of said Jas Phillis, to a land from Grosmont to Cross Da Mallice, and the lane from Hewl Dulbert to the highway; cottage in occupance of Walter Watkins with barn, orchard, five closes of land (12 acres) of which four mearing to lands of said Jas Phillips and to the highway, the fifth lying between lands of said Jas Phillips; close called the Brooke Peece (8 acres); all in occupance of Philip Williams and William Roberts in Grosmont. 2. Prior to mortgages (as in recital 1), premises stood charged with £30 to Edward Roberts and £20 to William Roberts, sons of Elizabeth Roberts, to be paid within one year of her death. 3. Thomas and Elizabeth Roberts defaulted in payments. 10 Dec 1707 

 D1524/91 Conveyance for £51 to be place to Llanvapley parish property account. The Guardians of the Poor of Abergavenny Union, and Jas Davies, churchwarden, Edward Williams and Richard Woodward, overseers of the poor of Llanvapley Parish, and Matthew Watkins of ( -), co. Cornwall, exciseman, son and heir of William Watkins of Llanvapley, deceased, who survived co-trustees under Lease and Release (recited below) (at request of the guardians, churchwarden and overseers), to The Rev. Thomas Williams, rector of Llanvapley. Messuage, barn and two small gardens, late in occupance of Jas James, then of William Edwards, now of said Thomas Williams, bounded by lands of Duke of Beaufort late in occupance of said William Williams now of William Seys, by other lands of Duffryn Farm late in occupance of Joshua Smith now of Mary Adams, and by a lane or highway from Llanvetherine to Llanvapley Church. Covenant: No future widow of Thomas Williams to have dower from property. Reciting: 29 and 30 April 1812, Lease and Release for 10s., Jas James and wife, Esther, Mary James and Ann James, said William Williams, John Jayne and Philip Pritchard. 5 Sep 1839 

 D1524/92 Conveyance for £90. Very Reverend Thomas Williams, Dean of Llandaff, formerly rector of Llanvapley (as in D1524/91) to Elizabeth Pritchard of Llantilio Pertholey, widow, and William Pritchard of Llanvapley, blacksmith. Messuage etc (as D1524/91) late in occupance of ( - ) Gunter, now of William Jones, bounded by lands now in occupance of Thomas Baker, esq. called Ty Cenol. 2 Jul 1861 

 D1524/93 Plan of part of the Bailey estate near Abergavenny, intended to be sold. Post 1889 

 D1524/94 Sale Catalogue, illustrated, of the Llantilio estate (Llantilio Crossenny) 25 Jan 1918 

 D1524/95 Call Book (? from the office of an unidentified solicitor in Newport). 1869, 1870 

 D1524/96 Release for £52 (lease missing) 1. William Evans of Abergavenny, shoemaker, and daughter, Ann Evans, spinster, 2. Thomas Watkins of Abergavenny, sadler, and wife Mary Watkins. 3. John NIcholas of Abergavenny, blacksmith. Two small messuages in the Little - lane leading from Chicken Street to Cow Street, in occupance of Mary Harris, widow, and John Jones, weaver, as tenants of 1. in Abergavenny. To John Nicholas to use of Thomas Watkins for life, then to use of Mary Watkins, then to use of heirs of Thomas Watkins. 2 May 1798 

 D1524/97 Conveyance for £725 1. John Watkins of Abergavenny, druggist. 2. George Worrall Jones, late of Llangrwney, now of Crickhowell, co. Breconshire, gentleman, Philip Price of Abergavenny, gentleman, Rebecca Watkins of Bwlch Trewyn, widow (executors and excurix of will of Thomas Watkins, late of Llanfair Cilgendin, gentleman) to 3. George Gowland Golding of Abergavenny, watchmaker, 4. William Abraham of Abergavenny, gentleman, trustee. Shop on west side of High Street, late in occupance of Joseph Badger Brazier, then of William Evans, then of William Davies, butcher, abutting a shop belonging to Mrs Jane Jones, now in occupance of John Watkins, confectioner on north side, a dwelling house and shop belonging to Mrs Ann Negri Lewis, now in occupance of William Crump, china dealer, on south side, and St John's Lane on west side; in Abergavenny. Reciting: a) Will of Thomas Watkins (as in party 2), 24 February 1837, devising to George Worrall Jones and Philip Price real estate and part personal estate on trust to pay his wife, Rebecca Watkins, rents and proceeds until 25 December after the first of either of his two children attained 21 years for their maintenance and education; after devising real estate (other than above) to eldest son Thomas Watkins, testator devised to son John Watkins (as in 1. above) on attaining 21 years. Thomas Watkins died before attaining 21 years. John Watkins would inherit property devised to Thomas Watkins as heir, and property devised to John Watkins would become property of son, William Watkins. b) Death of Thomas Watkins, senior, 20 August 1837, will proved in Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 25 October 1837. c) Thomas Watkins, junior, long since attained 21 years. 27 Dec 1855 

 D1524/98 Conveyance for £1100 George Gowland Golding of 5 Catherine Terrce, Burnham, county Somerset, gentleman, to Joseph Clare, junior, of 21 High Street, Abergavenny, watchmaker and jeweller. Messuage and shop on west side of High Street, number 21, late in occupance of George Gowland Golding, now of Joseph Clare, abutting on north side a dwelling house and shop in occupance of Mrs Jane James, a confectioner, on south side a dwelling house and shop in occupance of William Crump, china dealer, on east side High Street,and on west side St. John's Lane. Reciting: D1524/97 above. 25 Aug 1875 

 D1524/99 Conveyance for £1300 1. Jospeh Mawson of Bahia, Brazil, esq., and 2. Joseph Clare of Abergavenny, watchmaker and jeweller, to 3. Jas Tutt of Abergavenny, grocer. Property as in D1524/98 now in occupance of Jas Tutt, abutting on south side property late in occupance of William Crump, now in occupance of Messrs. Williams and Son, saddlers. Reciting: a) D1524/98 above b) 9 February 1880, mortgage for £2400, Joseph Clare to Edward Blashfield and Richard Baker Gabb c) death of Edward Blashfield 19 May 1883 d) 2 December 1884, Transfer of Mortgage, Richard Baker Gabb to Joseph Mawson. ` 23 Jun 1891 

 D1524/100 Mortgage for £1000 and interest at 4.5%. Jas Tutt (as in D1524/99) to William Davis of Great Malvern, co. Worcestershire, fish merchant. Property as in D1524/99. Endorsed: 5 July 1900, Re-conveyance 24 Jun 1891 

 D1524/101 Sale Catalogue Cottages, farm and land in Llanfihangel Crucorney and Cwmvoy; Great Skirrid Mountain, in Llantilio Pertholey, Llanddewi Skirrid, Llanfihangel Crucorney and Llanvetherine. 20 Jun 1905 

 D1524/102 Registers of electors for Brynmawr, Llanelly and Dukestown 1885-1886 

 D1524/103 Mortgage by Demise for £140 for 500 years Richard Edwards of Abergavenny, victualler, to John Lewis of the Steps Far, Llanwenarth, yeoman. Messuage ate in occupance of Richard Edwards, deceased, father of said Richard Edwards, and cottage late in occupance of Elizabeth Thomas, both now in occupance of said Richard Edwards, abutting horseway from Pwll y Currow to Coldbook, the cottage bounded by lands called Tir Thomas and Gwern Pwll y Currow, and said way; in Llanddewi Rhydderch. 20 Nov 1823 

 D1524/104 Notice to quit Thomas Phillips to William Jones Moiety of house, farm and lands called the Cwm, in Llanwenarth. Rental of £100 per annum payable in default. 24 Sep 1819 

 D1524/105 Draft articles of agreement for £100. Cornelius Lloyd of Abergavenny, gentleman, solicitor, Jas Sayce of Abergavenny, gentleman (over 21 years of age) Cornelius Lloyd to take Jas Sayce as his clerk for five years, training him to qualify as a solicitor. 3 Feb 1855 

 D1524/106 Book of account of Jas Sayce of Abergavenny, solicitor, with his butcher William Davies, 68 Frogmore Street, Abergavenny. 1879, 1880 

 D1524/107 Assessment of Succession Duty on real property Jas Sayce, death 2 November 1880, will dated 28 October 1880, proved at Llandaff District Registry of Probate Division 20 November 1880. William Gould of Pilton Abbey, Barnstaple, co. Devon, gentleman, husband of descendant of sister of mother of Jas Sayce, successor. Leasehold piece of land 2 acres 2 roods 8 perches, in occupance of Luke Grifiths and Thomas Williams for £15 per annnum rent, in Blaenafon, par. Llanofer Upper. Reciting: 1. Indenture 13 June 1857, (i) William Snook, (ii) Rachel Edwards, widow, and Jas Edwards, to (iii) Luke Griffiths, above property demised to Luke Griffiths for 999 years from 1 August 1864. 2. Sold by William Gould to Luke Griffiths and Thomas Williams for £226. 13 May 1881 

 D1524/108 Sale catalogue with plans Penpergwm and Bryn Cain Estate, Llangattock-nigh-Usk Ty-yn-y- Pwll Inn, Bedwas (property of Lord Tredegar) 11 Nov 1914 

 D1524/109 Sale Catalogue Llanwenarth House and 9.5 acre land, Llanwenarth Citra. By direction of Adela Mary Fetherstonhaugh, wife of William Albany Fetherstonhaugh. (MS notes that the above and three other properties were withdrawn). 23 Sep 1947 

 D1524/110 Sale Catalogue with plan Llanddewi Court, lodge, four roadside cottages, bungalow, 340 acres land, in Llanddewi Skirrid. (Sold by Frs. Henry Crawshay Bailey of Upton Manor, East Knoyle, Salisbury, county Wiltshire, esq., to Monmouthshire County Council for smallholdings). 28 Sep 1948 

 D1524/111 Sale Catalogue Contents of Linda Vista, Abergavenny (Sold by trustees of Mrs V. M. Whitehead, deceased). 27 Sep 1957-28 Sep 1957 

 D1524/112 Map on linen. Part of Goetre, Penperllenni, Capil Ed, giving distances from "Plaintiff's Cottage" to various wells, Water Shoot and Cairn of Stones, and other distances. 19th Century 

 D1524/113 Map on linen Properties in Lion Street and King Street, Abergavenny. 4 Aug 1892 

 D1524/114 Photocopy of map Glebe land in Llanvapley, from a deed of exchange authorised by Tithe Commissioners. 1846 

 D1524/115 Annual Report Public Health and Sanitary Administration of the Rural District of Abergavenny. 1951 

 D1524/116 Programme Fourth annual Musical Festival of the Evangelical Churches of Abergavenny and District. 14 Apr 1922 

 D1524/117 Bundle of newspapers: Abergavenny Chronicle - 18 April 1890 Western Mail - 15 August 1896 South Wales Daily Telegraph - 2 July 1901 (2 copies) 1890, 1896, 1901 

 D1524/118 Grant 1. Meuruc ap Jankyn' and Margaret vz. Thomas. 2. Thomas ap Jeuan ap Gr' and wife Dythegu vergu Gr'. Tenement, in length between land of Philip ap Gli' and land of D., (or land called) Lloghwe...., in width between Caedre...gelly and rkevenrevgoes and Erow verre; in Penrhos. 1p of Abergavenny. Witness - William, Earl of Pembroke ....., steward (?) of Abergavenny, David ap Ph' ap Thomas magistro seruiente tunc ibidem, Gli' ap Dd' ap Gli' ap Gri', Jankin ap Ja..... Latin 2 pendant seals (red wax), no surviving impressions. 12 Jun 1473 

 D1524/119 Bond in £200 1. Richard Morgan, Jevan ap Richard, David John Hoskin, all of Llanddewi Rhydderch. 2. John Gllm' (i) land etc. in occupance of Morgan Perkequine (father of Richard Morgan) in Llanddewi Rhydderch (ii) land etc. in occupance of Anne vz. John, wife of Richard Morgan, daughter of 2. Witnesses - John Rice Williams, Roger ap Lln, Thomas John ap Jenkin, Ieuan (Jeunu') Watkin, Thomas Gllm', Hoskyn Gllm, William Morgan, Johna Whitte. 2 pendant seals (red wax), finger prints. 18 Jun 1565 

 D1524/120 Grant 1. Roger Richard ap Jevane, husbandman, and wife, Isabella verghe Philip (formerly wife of William Lewes Jenkine, deceased) all of Trevethin 2. Howel David Howell and wife Margaret. 1 parcel called Tir Pen y Lan (interlined in a different hand), barn, garden, curtilage and 3 parcels, between land of Howel David Howell, in occupance of Richard ap John, lord's waste and highway called Hewell Rhue yr Kybron from Llanhilleth to Abergavenny; in Trevethin. Held by 1 for life of Isabella as heir of William Lewis Jenkine. Witnesses - Edward Wilim Matho, Lawerence Watkin, Jankin Johan Miricke, Rees ap John Wilim, John Wn. Phe', William Price, Jankin John William, "and me David Powell ". Latin 24 Jun 1586 

 D1524/121 Bond in £40 for quiet enjoyment 1. Mauld vergh James of Llanga(ttuge) Crickhowell, widow of Richard William John of Llangattock iuxta Usk, and John James of "Benorth" 2. Richard Thomas Lewis. One parcel pasture Enys Lerda (0.25 of an acre) in occupance of Richard Thomas Lewis, mearing land of Thomas Lewis, river Usk, and highway from the bridge at Lavihannel (Llanfihangel Gobion) to Abergavenny; in Llangattock iuxta Usk. Reciting: Demise of above property for £14 fine,1. to 2. 9 Aug 1590 

 D1524/122 Bond in £170 for debt merchant 1. Steven Hughes of Abergavenny, vintner. 2. John Griffith of Bristol, merchant. In presence of Matthew Price and Nat Bushoppe, sheriff and bailiffs of county Gloucester, "Custodibus mairois pecie Sigill Recogn' Statut' mercatorum", and Henry Robyns, esq. clerk of King and "Custode minoris pecie Sigilli Recogn' Statut' of county Gloucester. £ndorsed: enrolled in book of recognisances 10 November 1606 Latin Fragment of seal (red wax). 8 Aug 1606 

 D1524/123 Fine for £40 1. William Thomas (plaintiff) 2. Jeven John Gethin and wife, Margaret, William Morgan and wife, Gwenllian. 5 acres, 4 acres pasture etc. in Llantilio Pertholey. 6 Oct 1611 

 D1524/124 Release and Quit claim for £230. 1. Steven Hughes of Abergavenny, clerk, and wife, Mary. 2. John Lewis of Abergavenny, mercer. Messuage in High Street, Abergavenny. 15 May 1618 

 D1524/125 Deed to lead uses of a Common Recovery 1. John William Parry of Pen y clawdd, Llantilio Pertholey, gentleman, and David James of Abergavenny, gentleman. 2. Matthew Powell of Llanvetherine. 3. William and Richard Gunter of Abergavenny, gentlemen. (i) Messuage, barn, etc. late of Jenkin John Powell, deceased (father of 2.) and late of John Powell, in Llanvetherine. (ii) Messuage, stable etc. late of John Powell, deceased and late of Jas Goughe, deceased; parcel (5 acres) late of said John Powell (now in occupance of William Baker, gentleman) mearing highway from Sanan Yate in Abergavenny to Llanwenarth, to lands late of William Jas Tanner, deceased and of William Baker of Abergavenny. (i) to use of 2., (ii) to use of 3. Reciting: 17 August 1618 Feoffment 20 Aug 1618 

 D1524/126 Bond in £120 1. William John Powell, Alice Williams, widow, John Richard William, William David James, gentleman, all of Llanwenarth 2. John Watkins, rector of Llanfoist. Messuage,barn, etc., 5 closes at Blaenafon, mearing lands of Water (sic) Rumsey, esq., Matthew Prichard, esq., to Lord's waste, to river Avon, way called Hewle Rhide yr haue and to lord's waste called Waine Gron, Monyth Baughe and Monyth y Coyty, in Llanfoist. William John Powell, wife Jane, and Alice Williams to secure estate in fee simple within 2 years. Excepting Lease 1 April 1620 by William John Powell and Jane to Thomas Watkin for 5 years at 1d. per annum, moiety of above property. 10 Sep 1621 

 D1524/127 Release and Quit claim 1. Lewis Howell David of Trevethin 2. Morgan Howell David of Trevethin (brother of 1) Messuage, barn etc. closes called Tire Glan Avon and Tire Pen y Llan' alias Tire Dyddgy vez' Thomas, late in occupance of Rhys John Wylim, now in occupance of 2, between river Avon, way from place called Rhide y Midvayne to mountain there, lord's waste and other lands of 1 late in occupance of John William Philip, in Trevethin. Formerly granted by Margaret Lewys of Abervstwydd widow etc. (as in D1524/128 below). Latin. 28 Jun 1625 

 D1524/128 Release and Quit claim 1. Morgan Howell David (as in D1524/127) 2. Lewis Howell David (as in D1524/127) Messuage and land Tire Duthgy alias Dythgye vez' Gronowe Moel, late in occupance of John William Philip, now in occupance of 2, between river Avon, lord's waste,land now or late in occupance of Edward David ap John and Watkin Jenkyn Howell and land called Tire Glan Avon, in Trevethin. Formerly granted 28 September 1591 by Margaret Lewis of Abervstwydd' widow (mother of 1) to Lewis ap Rees of Llanhilleth and John robert Richards of Abervstwydd' husbandman, her heirs. Latin. 28 Jun 1625 

 D1524/129 - 130 Fine and counterpart for £40 1. John William Jenkin and wife Blanch (plaintiffs) 2. Hugh William Richard and wife Mary (deforcs) One messuage, one cottage etc., in Penrhos. Latin 3 Jun 1626 

 D1524/131 Fine for £60 1. Richard John, Henry Bennett, Lewis James, Henry Richard (plaintiffs) 2. Richard Morgan (deforc) Barn etc., in ...........erth. Latin - mutilated 15 Charles [1639] [6 October 1639] 

 D1524/132 Bargain and sale for £11 5s. 1. John Rosser of Llanelen, weaver, and wife, Elenor. 2. Nicholas Edward of Llanelen. Messuage and two closes (5 acres), between brook Laylan, way from Kaylan to lord's waste and river Heruyn, in Llanelen. 1 Jun 1640 

 D1524/133 Bond in £60 1. John Jones, rector of Llanfoist 2. Mawde (Matilda) Prichard of Abergavenny, widow. That 1 and wife Ales will observe convenants in Bargan and Sale of even date. 24 Jan 1650 

 D1524/134 Mortgage for £100 1. Robert Frampton of Monmouth, clerk, and Frs. 2. William Jones of Llantilio Pertholey, gentleman, and wife, Mary. Messuage in occupance of William Jones, 4 closes called y Grofteth Cae Menachlogg ycha, Cae Menachlogg bach, Gworlod y Duffryn (27 acres), in Llantilio Pertholey. Redeemable 1 June 1670, £6 on 28 May 1662 and annually till 1 June 1670 at church porch of Bryngwyn. Reciting: Bargain and Sale, 25 April 1661, Anne Jones of Llanddewi Rhydderch, widow, William Jones and Mary, to Robert Frampton. 22 May 1661 

 D1524/135 Fine for £60 1. Matthew James, Thomas Howell, John Hugh and wife, Alice (plaintiffs) 2. William Prichard and wife, Mary, Watkin Price and wife, Mary (deforcs.) Messuage and barn in Llanwenarth. ` 15 Jun 1673 

 D1524/136 Fine for £60 1. Richard John David, Henry Warren Jenkin and wife, Margaret (plaintiffs) 2. Daniel John Rosser and wife, Alice, John William Edward and wife, Anne. Messuage and barn etc. in Llanwenarth Ultra. 20 Jan 1678 

 D1524/137 Copy Court Roll. Manor of Ewyas Lacy. Attornment of Thomas Jenings of Newhouse,son of Thomas Jenings. 9 acres late in occupance of David Crumpe, in Newton Clodoc, co. Hereford. Rent: 2s 3d. Heriot 5s. Entry fine £7 10s. 17 Oct 1678 

 D1524/138 Memorandum of Agreement 1. William Browne, Richard Marsh 2. William Jenkins 1 to receive £56 per annum for lands called Manarti leased to 2 for £60. 30 March 1680 consent of Jas Cope. 21 April 1680 consents of John Knight and Richard Pope. 4 Aug 1679 

 D1524/139 Agreement 1. William Browne, Richard Marsh, merchants 2. John Morgan of Monmouth, gentleman. 1 to convey all lands late in occupance of John Luffe, merchant, now in occupance of widow Duffield, in Dixton, for £115 before 20 October 1679, 2 to receive half year's rent due. 4 Sep 1679 

 D1524/140 Fine for £60 1. John Powell, Lewis John Watkin (plaintiffs) 2. Dan David, Elizabeth William senior, widow, Elizabeth William, junior, widow, Dan Williams (defs). 30 acres, 3 acres meadow etc. in Llanfoist and Trevethin. 13 Oct 1679 

 D1524/141 Release to uses for £7. 1. Morgan Thomas, Elizabeth, Jennett and Maudlen Hughe (sisters), all of Llanwenarth 2. Morgan Powell, labourer, and wife, Margaret (sister of Elizabeth, Jenett and Maudlen Hughe above) of Llanwenarth 3. Chas Williams of Llangattock; county Breconshire,gentleman, Walter Morgan of Trewscoyd, gentleman. Messuage where 1 and 2 live with gardens and parcel called y Croft (1 acre), near Pwll yr Hwyed in occupance of Richard William Howell, mearing Lord's waste ground, lands of John Harries, gentleman, and highwey from Pwll yr Hwyed to Trewscoyd, in Llanwenarth. 20 Feb 1693 

 D1524/142 Fine for £1360 1. Geoffrey Phillips, gentleman (plaintiff) 2. Wiliam Lewis, esq. (defdt) Manor of Llanddewi Rhydderch, 20 messuages etc. in Llanddewi Rhydderch, Llanwenarth, Llantilio Pertholey and Abergavenny. Latin. 20 Jan 1698 

 D1524/143 Fine for £120 1. Thomas Hayford, Edward and John Waters (plaintiffs) 2. Roger Williams and wife, Elizabeth, Thomas Giles and wife, Anne, Arnold Prichard and wife, Elizabeth, Philip Scriven and wife, Mary (defs). 3 messuages, 3 barns etc. in Llanfihangel Crucorney, Llantilio Pertholey and Llanwenarth. Latin. 20 Oct 1703 

 D1524/144 Fine for £120 1. Lewis Richard, William Lewis, Richard Lewis, John Richard Edmund David Howell (plaintiffs) 2. Geoffrey William Lewis, Thomas George and wife, Cecilia, Morgan Williams and wife, Margaret, Joseph Morgan, John Howell and wife, Hannah (defs). 3 messuages, 3 barns, etc. in Panteg, Bedwellty and Trevethin. 28 Jun 1705 

 D1524/145 List of names of inhabitants and occupiers of tenements etc. in Llanvapley servinc offices of petty constable and overseer of poor, surveyor of highways and churchwarden as agreed by meeting 18 April 1711. Endorsed: Memorandum that list was produced in Quarter Sessions at Usk on Wednesday after Ephiphany 12 George I (12 January 1726). 18 Jun 1711 

 D1524/146 Lease of possession 1. William Beavan of Pontypool, Trevethin, joiner, and wife, Elizabeth. 2. Robert Harries of Abergavenny, gentleman Site of old messuage and 2 closes called Cae'r Pistyll and Cae'r Rhyd formerly part of 3 closes called Cae Fallen, Cae Mawr and Gworlod dan y Ty (24 Welsh covers), between lands late of Richard Griffith now of Magdalen Edward, to lands late of Morgan Jones now of Ben Nicholas as undertenant to heir of William Price of Llangattock-iuxta-Usk, to lands late of John William John, to lands of Hugh Harries, gentleman, and to horse way from Pellenny to Kemeys Bridge, in Goetre. Messuages etc which 2 purchased of David Beavan, deceased, father of 1, in Mamhilad and Goetre. 21 Feb 1716 

 D1524/147 Abstract of Title of Robert Harris, gentleman, to lands in occupance of John Jones, gentleman, his newphew and heir, in Llanwenarth (1662-1717) [1662-1717] 

 D1524/148 Fine for £120 1. John Harry and wife, Elizabeth, William Edwards, Thomas Jenkins, esq., Jas Rosser (plaintiffs). 2. Anthony Conner and wife, Jane, Richard David and wife, Mary, John Watkins and wife, Mary, Thomas Hoskins (defs). 1 messuage, 2 barns etc. in Llanwenarth and Llanofer. Latin 20 Oct 1723 

 D1524/149 Bond in £80 1. Evan Seys of Caerleon 2. Mary Jones of Newport, spinster. To perform covenants in demise of Mortgage of even date. 27 Jan 1726 

 D1524/150 Letters of Administration Thomas Jones of Hardwick, deceased. Administratrices: Elizabeth Taylor, wife of William Taylor and sister, Catherine Jones, spinster. (Win Jones, widow, mother of Elizabeth Taylor and Catherine Jones died before taking Letters of Administration). 8 Jun 1739 

 D1524/151 Admission, copy court roll for fine 12s. 6d. John James of Llanhilleth and wife, Katherine, William Harry of Trevethin and wife, Sarah, Cicill Thomas of Mynyddislwyn, widow, Rachell Thomas of Panteg, widow, Thomas Morgan and brother, Isaac Morgan of Trevethin, bachelors. 1 barn, 1 stable and 3 pieces of land (25 Welsh covers), mearing lands of Henry Wiliam, of Frs John, of Roger Phillip and to lord's waste called Mynydd Blan'sentre. Manor of Wentsland and Bryngwyn. 5 May 1746 

 D1524/152 Inventory and appraisement of household goods, personal belongings etc. of Thomas Phillips of Gvilon Cottage, Llanwenarth, esq. 6 Jul 1822 

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