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Records relating to the New Inn Congregational Church, 1775-1963, including minutes relating to the organisation, 1878-1945; rolls of church members, 1775-1933; financial records, 1880-1952; Church affairs, 1952-1964; correspondence, 1932-1963; records relating to the Sunday School, 1917-1944; and general, 1883-c.1940

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Arrangement note

Arranged into the following: Organisation; membership; church affairs; correspondence; Sunday School; and general.

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Other Finding Aids note

A hard copy of the catalogue is available at Gwent Record Office.

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Collection Inventory


 D1012/1 Minute Book of Church meetings 1878-1883, 1920-1934, with church accounts 1880. Inset, Minutes of church meetings (pages from another book now missing) 1917-1920 1878-1883, 1920-1934, 1880, 1917-1920 

 D1012/2 Minute book of church meetings 1923-1938, with minutes of Deacons' meetings 1929-1934. (see also General correspondence file) 1923-1938 

 D1012/3 Minute file of church meetings, 1944-1947; with accounts, 1941-1945. 1941-1947 

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 D1012/4 Roll of church members; 1775, 1820., with register of baptisms, 1766-1837., and account of burials; 1821, 1822. 1766-1837 

 D1012/5 Roll of church members, 1840., and free will offering a/c book, 1876-1901., and special collections, 1877-1884. 1840, 1876-1901 

 D1012/6 Roll of church members and free will offering a/c book. 1902-1933 

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 D1012/7 Account Book 1880-1904 

 D1012/8 Account Book 1891-1898 

 D1012/9 Treasurer's book 1898-1941 

 D1012/10 Accounts (file) 1931-1940, 1945, 1946 

 D1012/11 Free will offering a/c book (no name) 1928-1936 

 D1012/12 Free will offering a/c book (no name) 1937-1945 

 D1012/13 Free will offering a/c book (no name) 1945-1952 

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Church affairs 

 D1012/15-26 Church engagement books (1956 missing, 12 vols.) 1952-1964 

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 D1012/27 Copy letter book 26 Sep 1952-8 Feb 1954 

 D1012/28 Copy letter book 7 Feb 1954-26 Sep 1956 

 D1012/29 Copy letter book 26 Sep 1956-7 Sep 1959 

 D1012/30 Copy letter book 22 Oct 1959-10 Feb 1962 

 D1012/31 Copy letter book 26 Feb 1962-11 Jul 1963 

 D1012/32 Supply Committee copy letter book 17 Feb 1962-18 Sep 1962 

 D1012/33 Supply Committee copy letter book 5 Nov 1962-11 Jul 1963 

 D1012/34 General correspondence file-including: minutes of Deacons' meetings (Jan 1946-May 1947) Minutes of bazaar committe (Oct 1938-Nov 1939) Transfers of church membership (1929-1937 and no date) Burial ground regulations and Imperial War Graves Commission (1925-1929) Rota of ministers, Coedygric Institution (1937) "Acceptance" of The Rev. David Harris (1930) Induction of The Rev. Thomas Richards (1936) Testimonial fund - The Rev. Thomas Richards (1946) Organ Repairs (1939) Heating installation (1932) Sunday School insurance (1938) 1925-1947 

 D1012/35 General correspondence file-including [List of members and addresses, no date] Harvey relief fund (1937-1938) Bazaar (1939) Notes on church history (no date) Induction of The Rev. Phillip Rees (1947) Conditions of employment of caretaker (1945) Minutes of meetings (1944, 1946) 1937-1947 

 D1012/36 General correspondence file-including Fire insurance (1949-1952) Town and country planning (1949) Sunday School extension (1949) Boys Brigade hut (1949) William Turner bequest (1941-1950) Mon. Congregational Union (1949-1951) Insurance claim - damage to gate pillar and wall (1952) Manse (1948-1950) Caretakers duties (1950) List of deeds relation to church, manse and Sunday School. [Everett] (1948) Church affairs (1948-1951) Transfer of membership (1952) List of records deposited with The Rev. Evan Mathias (1952) 1941-1952 

 D1012/37 Policies of insurance-including 27 The Highway, New Inn [Manse] [Caledonian Insurance Co.] (1934-1951) Fire insurance, church, Sunday School (1920-1949) Letter re: tenancy of the manse (Feb 1948) Employers liability and third party (1918-1949) 1918-1951 

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Sunday School 

 D1012/38 Minute Book 1917-1924 

 D1012/39 Minute Book 1934-1942 

 D1012/40 Minute Book 1942-1959 

 D1012/41 Account Book 1885-1947 

 D1012/42 Account Book 1903-1944 

 D1012/43 Plan of proposed new Sunday School [20th century] 

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 D1012/44 Printed pamphlet "An account of the stone laying ceremony of the building of the church June 29th, 1883." Reprinted from the Pontypool Free Press [20th century] 

 D1012/45 Copy of an unpublished History of New Inn Congregational church written by Rev. Evan Mathias (minister of that church 1915) written c. 1940. Original in the hands of his widow now living in Brecon. 1940 

 D1012/46 MSS Review of the history of New Inn Congregational Church by The Rev. T. Mardy Rees, Neath. [20th century] 

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 D1012/47 Minute Book of Church Meetings (1937-1966) With Minutes of Deacons' Meetings (1939-1966) 1937-1966 

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Church Affairs 

 D1012/48-54 Church Engagement Books (7 Vols) 1965-1971 

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 D1012/55 Programme of the 250th Anniversary Celebrations 5 May 1960, 8 May 1960 

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