Shirenewton Civil Parish Records

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Shirenewton Civil Parish Records
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Biographical/Historical note

Administrative and biographical history: During the late Middle Ages the parish became increasingly important as a unit of civil administration. From the 16th century unpaid parish officers were responsible for keeping the peace, repairing roads and assisting the poor, by means of a rate levied on the inhabitants of the parish. Civil parish councils were established by the Local Government Act 1894, taking over responsibilities from parish vestry meetings. The parish of Shirenewton was in the county of Monmouthshire, until local government reorganisation in 1974, when it became part of Gwent.

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Scope and Contents note

Rate Books, 18385-1874; Poor Rate Assesssments and Overseers Disbursements, 1807-1837; Removal Orders and Examinations, 1839-1863; Surveyor of Highways Accounts, 1836-1844; Allotment Wardens' Correspondence, 1857-1866; Churchwardens' Vouchers, 1845-1881; Papers re: Church Affairs, 18396-1889.

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Arrangement note

Arranged in the following way; Poor Law, Surveyor of Highways, Allotment Wardens, Tithe, Churchwardens, Church Affairs.

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Collection Inventory

Poor Law 

 D925/1 Rate Book "Parish End" Jun 1838-Apr 1839 

 D925/2 Rate Book "Village End" Apr 1845-Sep 1845 

 D925/3 Rate Book "Parish End" Apr 1848 

 D925/4 Rate Book "Parish End" Feb 1850 

 D925/5 Rate Book "Parish End" Apr 1851-Jul 1851 

 D925/6 Rate Book "Parish End" Jan 1852 

 D925/7 Rate Book "Parish End" Jul 1852 

 D925/8 Rate Book "Parish End" Dec 1852 

 D925/9 Rate Book "Parish End" Jan 1853 

 D925/10 Rate Book "Parish End" May 1853 

 D925/11 Rate Book "Parish End" Sep 1853 

 D925/12 Rate Book "Parish End" Jan 1854 

 D925/13 Rate Book "Parish End" May 1854 

 D925/14 Rate Book "Parish End" Sep 1854 

 D925/15 Rate Book "Parish End" Jan 1855 

 D925/16 Rate Book "Parish End" Apr 1855 

 D925/17 Rate Book "Parish End" Jul 1855 

 D925/18 Rate Book "Parish End" Dec 1855 

 D925/19 Rate Book "Parish End" Apr 1856 

 D925/20 Rate Book "Parish End" May 1856 

 D925/21 Rate Book "Parish End" Aug 1856 

 D925/22 Rate Book "Parish End" Dec 1856 

 D925/23 Rate Book "Parish End" Apr 1857 

 D925/24 Rate Book "Parish End" May 1857 

 D925/25 Rate Book "Parish End" Dec 1857 

 D025/26 Rate Book "Parish End" Apr 1858 

 D925/27 Rate Book "Parish End" May 1858 

 D925/28 Rate book "Parish End" May 1858 

 D925/28 Rate Book "Parish End" May 1858 

 D925/29 Rate Book "Parish End" Dec 1858 

 D025/30 Rate Book "Parish End" Apr 1859 

 D925/31 Rate Book "Parish End" Jun 1859 

 D025/32 Rate Book "Parish End" Jan 1860 

 D925/33 Rate Book "Parish End" Jan 1860 

 D925/34 Rate Book "Parish End" Jun 1860 

 D925/35 Rate Book "Parish End" Dec 1860 

 D925/36 Rate Book "Parish End" May 1861 

 D925/37 Rate Book "Parish End" Nov 1861 

 D925/38 Rate Book "Parish End" May 1862 

 D925/39 Rate Book "Parish End" May 1864, Nov 1864 

 D925/40 Rate Book "Parish End" (Church Rate) Dec 1866 

 D925/41 Rate Book "Parish End" May 1866, Dec 1866 

 D925/42 Rate Book "Parish End" Oct 1867-Feb 1868 

 D925/43 Rate Book "Parish End" Nov 1871 

 D925/44 Rate Book "Parish End" Jun 1872 

 D925/45 Rate Book "Parish End" Nov 1874 

 D925/46 Shirenewton "Parish End" Assesments for poor rate 1807-1836 Overseers' Disbursements 1808-1836 (NB Not available for general examination until repaired) 1807-1836 

 D925/47 Shirenewton "Village End" Assesments for poor rate 1808-1837 Overseers' Disbursements 1807-1837 Minutes of Vestry meeting (highways) 1841 Measurements of roads in village and parish ends of Shirenewton 1841 (NB Not available for general examination until repaired) 1808-1841 

 D925/48 Appointment of John Reece as Assistant Overseer 1855 

 D925/49 Application of John Reece for the appointment of Collector (of Poor Rates) 1851 

 D925/50 Notice to the Overseers of the Poor and Constable of intention to transfer the licence of the Cross Hands public house. 1862 

 D925/51 Half Yearly Statements of Account of the parish with the Chepstow Union. (probably detached from the series below) 1858-1861 

 D925/52 Half Yearly Parochial List and Statements of Account (List of paupers whose relief is charged against the parish, Chepstow Union) 1840-1861 

 D925/53 Bundle of Removal Orders and Examinations as to settlement 1839-1855 

 D925/54 Bundle of Removal Orders including Order adding the parish (for poor law purposes) of St Kingsmark to the Chepstow Union, 1862. Return re: Parish property, 1863. 1858-1863 

 D925/55 Notice of Appeal by the parish of Newland Co. Glos. against a removal order from parish of Shirenewton 1845 

 D925/56 Rates Receipt book (John Reece) 1861 

 D925/57 Misc. papers and correspondence (5 items) 1840-1865 

 D925/58 Collecting and Deposit Book (of rates etc.) Jan 1852-Mar 1855 

 D925/59 Collecting and Deposit Book (of rates etc.) Mar 1855-Sep 1856 

 D925/60 Collection and Deposit Book (of rates etc.) Sep 1856-Sep 1858 

 D925/61 Collection and Deposit Book (of rates etc) Oct 1858-Sep 1860 

 D925/62 Collecting and Deposit Book (of rates etc.) Aug 1866-Jan 1868 

 D925/63 Collecting and Deposit Book (of rates etc.) Feb 1868-May 1872 

 D925/64 Collector's Monthly Statements Feb 1852-Mar 1855 

 D925/65 Collector's Monthly Statements Feb 1855-Sep 1858 

 D925/66 Collector's Monthly Statements Oct 1858-Mar 1862 

 D925/67 Collector's Monthly Statements Jan 1866-Jan 1868 

 D925/68 Collector's Monthly Statements Feb 1868-Jan 1872 

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Surveyor of Highways 

 D925/69 Account Book 1836-1839 

 D925/70 Account Book 1838-1844 

 D925/71 Vouchers 1856-1862 

 D925/72 Highway Rate Book 1849 

 D925/73 Highway Rate Book 1864 

 D925/74 Highway Rate Book (part only) [Mid 19th century] 

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Allotment Wardens (of land allotted to the parish for "the labouring poor" by the Caldicot etc. enclosure Award, 1853) 

 D925/75 Correspondence etc. re: rent charge 1857-1866 payable on the allotment to Lord Tredegar and the erroneous claim of Lord Tredegar to the land. Including receipts for the rent charges, 1858-1878. 1857-1878 

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 D925/76 Notice re: display of draft Award (apportionment of rent charge in lieu of tithes) 1840 

 D925/77 Certificate of Redemption of Tithe Rent Charge 6 Sep 1920 

 D925/78 Certificate of Redemption of Tithe Rent Charge. 17 Jun 1921 

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 D925/79 Vouchers 1845, 1848-1849, 1853-1866, 1869, 1881 

 D925/80 Church Rate Book 1852 

 D925/81 Church Rate Book 1853 

 D925/82 Local Taxation Return (23 & 24 Vic. c. 51) Annual church rate with analysis of expenditure 1861-1870 

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Church Affairs 

 D925/83 Mortgage for securing £575 12. 9. Parish of Shirenewton and Governers of Queen Anne's Bounty 1839 

 D925/84 Tenders for alterations and additions to parish church 1852 

 D925/85 Correspondence re: rebuilding parish church 1852-1853 

 D925/86 Correspondence, Poor Law Board and Rector re: poor rate assesment of tithe rent charge and liability for repair of chancel (2 items) 1854 

 d925/87 Papers and accounts re: sinking of parish pump 1850-1851 

 D925/88 List of Subscribers to Shirenewton "Patriotic Fund" Dec 1854 

 D925/89 List of endowed charities 1858 

 D925/90 Insurance policies, church and rectory 1888 

 D925/91 Marriage Licences 1840-1863 

 D925/92 Marriage Licences 1863-1889 

 D925/93 Misc. tenancy agreements (2) 1850,1862 

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