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Estate Papers 

 D1918/1 2 Maps Llanaravon estate, Monmouthshire Plan No. 4 Lots 32 to 49 inclusive, comprising Llanaravon Farm, Llanaravon Mill and Lands, Skybor-Newydd Farm 1/2500 See also Miscmss974 (Sales Particualrs) c.1892 

 D1918/2 Newspaper cutting of sale of Llan-yr-afon estate, with envelope 1892 

 D1918/3-4 Maps O.S. 1/2500 Monmouthshire XXIII.16 1921 XXVIII 4 1920 showing Lan-yr-Afon estate 1921 

 D1918/5 J.D. Roberts G.W.R South Wales Division to R. Laybourne, esq. The Firs, Malpas, concerning siding near Cwmbran 6 Jun 1896 

 D1918/6 Plan of G.W.R. Cwmbran to Pontnewydd, 40 feet to 1 inch with proposed Siding Connections for Mr. Pilliner [Early 20th century] 

 D1918/7 Estimate of cost of work to be done D1918/5-7 enclosed in envelope [Early 20th century] 

 D1918/8 Receipt- Le Grand and Sutcliff to R.C. Talbot Laybourne of £208 4s 7d for well Boring at Colomendy Wood, Llanhennock 4 Jan 1912 

 D1918/9 Plan and particulars of sale of a freehold estate, the Pilliner Estate in Cwmbran and Pontnewydd 2 copies of plan enclosed 15 Jan 1946 

 D1918/10 Map of properties in Pontnewydd, Cwmbran and Oakfield from O.S XXIII: 11, 12,15 and 16, XXVIII3 [Early 20th century] 

 D1918/11 Letter J.C. Llewellin and Co. 26, Stow Hill, Newport to A.V.L. Pilliner Esq. Cwm-y-weiver House, Usk Road Caerleon, concerning Cwmy-weiver Farmhouse 15 Jul 1960 

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Business Papers 


 D1918/12 Act for extending the Monmouthshire Canal Navigation 4 Jul 1797 

 D1918/13 Act for making and maintaining certain Railways to communicate with the Monmouthshire Canal Navigation; and for enabling the Company of Proprietors of that Navigation to raise a further sum of money to complete their undertaking 26 Jun 1802 

 D1918/14 Act to authorise the Company of Proprietors of the Monmouthshire Canal Navigation to make a Railway from Newport to Pontypool and to enlarge the Powers of the several Acts relating to the said compnay 31 Jul 1845 

 D1918/15 Act for making certain Branch Railways to be connected with the Newport and Pontypool Railway; and for incorporating a new Company for carrying on the Monmouthshire Canal Navigation 13 Aug 1846 

 D1918/16 Act for enabling the Monmouthsire Railway and Canal Comapny to make new railway 15 Aug 1853 

 D1918/17 Act for enabling the Monmouthshire Railway and Canal Company to raise further capital 5 May 1855 

 D1918/18 Report of the Committee of Management of Monmouthsire Railway and Canal Company to the General Assembly of Proprietors 17 May 1854 

 D1918/19 Report of the Committee of Management of the Monmouthsire Railway and Canal Company to the General Assembly of Proprietors 15 Nov 1854 

 D1918/20 Report and accounts for half year ending 31 Dec 1859 to the Monmouthshire Railway and Canal Company to the General meeting of the shareholders 16 May 1860 

Maps: Monmouthshire Railway, Proposed Railway- Newport to Nantyglo via Pontypool c.1840-1850 

 D1918/21 (1) Pars. St. Woolos, Bassleg, Henllys, Bettws 2 miles to 8" c.1840-1850 

 D1918/2 (2) Pars. Llanvihangel, Llantarnam, Llanvrechva, Upper Panteague c.1840-1850 

 D19118/23 (3) Pars. Trevethin, Llanhilleth, Aberystruth c.1840-1850 

Monmouthshire Railway Plans for Converting Existing Tramroads into Railways-Eastern Valley c.1852 

 D1918/24 Maps: Monmouth 1. A. Par. St. Woolos, Alfred Williams, Civil Engineer, Town Surveyor, Newport c.1852 

 D1918/25 Maps: Monmouth 2. B. Pars. Panteague and Llanvrechva Upper c.1852 

 D1918/26 Maps: Monmouth 2. C. Par. Trevethin c.1852 

 D1918/27 Maps: Monmouth 2. D. Par. Trevethin c.1852 

 D1918/28 Maps: Monmouth 2. E. Pars. Trevethin and Llanover Upper c.1852 

 D1918/29 Maps: Monmouth 3. F. Pars Trevethin and Llanover Upper c.1852 

 D1918/30 Note concerning maps 15 Feb 1932 

Monmouthshire Railway Plans for conversion of existing tramroads into railways. Western Valley 

 D1918/31 Maps: Monmouth 4. and 5. G. Pars. St Woollos and Bassaleg Alfred Williams, Civil Engineer, Town Surveyor c.1852 

 D1918/32 Maps: Monmouth 6. H. Pars. Bassaleg and Risca c.1852 

 D1918/33 Maps: Monmouth 6. and 7. I. Pars. Risca and Machen c.1852 

 D1918/34 Maps: Monmouth 8. J. Pars. Risca and Mynyddislwyn c.1852 

 D1918/35 Maps: Monmouth 9. K. Par. Mynyddislwyn c.1852 

 D1918/36 Maps: Monmouth 10. L. Pars. Mynyddislwyn and Llanilleth c.1852 

 D1918/37 Maps: Monmouth 11. M. Par. Llanilleth c.1852 

 D1918/38 Maps: Monmouth 12. N. Par. Llanilleth and Aberystruth c.1852 

 D1918/39 Maps: Monmouth 13. O. Par. Aberystruth c.1852 

 D1918/40 Maps: Monmouth 14. P. Par. Aberystruth c.1852 

 D1918/41 Maps: Monmouth 15. Q. Pars. Aberystruth and Bedwellty c.1852 

 D1918/41 Maps: Monmouth 15. R. Pars. Bedwellty and Llangattock Crickhowell 

 D1918/44 Testimonial by George Leeman Lord Mayor of York and Deputy Chairman of the North Eastern Railway to the Director of the Rhymney Railway for Richard Laybourne [19th century] 

 D1918/45 Testimonial by James Fenton Low Moor Iron Works near Bradford, for R. Laybourn 6 Nov 1852 

 D1918/46 Testimonial by Edward Campion of Charlton House, Bellingham for Richard Laybourn 2 Oct 1861 

 D1918/47 Testimonial by Harry R. Foote Superintendant and Manager Dock Co. for R. Laybourne 18 Feb 1868 

 D1918/48 Copies of testimonials for Richard Laybourne and envelope 1845, 1865 

 D1918/49 Letter: Alfred Williams, 18 Great George St., Westminister to Richard Laybourne esq. concerning making the latter a member of the 'Institution' 15 Feb 1868 

 D1918/50 Letter: James Forest, Secretary to Richard Laybourne informing him that he had passed as a member of the Institute of Civil Engineers 26 Feb 1868 

 D1918/51 Pamphlet: ' The Small End of the Wedge' extracted from Chamber's Journal concerning the relationship between engine drivers and companies. Attached: Observer Newspaper cutting concerning dispute between the engine-drivers and 'authorities' of the North Western Railway Aug 1854 

 D1918/52 Contract (uncompleted) to provide a rail service and prices to be charged for stores [19th century] 

 D1918/53 Plan of Locomotive Passenger Engine "Jenny Lind" Vol. 1 plate XXIII [19th century] 

 D1918/54 Plan of carriage [19th century] 

 D1918/55 Copy of "The Origin of the Sirhowy Tramroad" [19th century] 

 D1918/56 2 Maps: O.S. 1833 XXXVI 1" to mile. Monmouthshire and Glamorgan Note of revision 1857 i.e Date of Opening of Newport, Abergavenny and Hereford Railway (Taff Vale Extension) to Maesycwmmer c.1857 

 D1918/57 Map: Alexandra (Newport and South Wales) Docks and Railway 1/2500 Jul 1914 

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Isca Foundry Company Ltd 

 D1918/58 Deed of partnership 1. Richard Laybourne and A.H. Laybourne 2. R.C.T. Laybourne 28 Nov 1906 

 D1918/59-60 Correspondence Davis, LLoyd and Wilson to R.C.T. Laybourne concerning draft of Agreement for sale to the Isca Foundry Company Ltd Enclosing: Draft of agreement with substitute clause 20 Dec 1912, 4 Jan 1913 

 D1918/61 Draft of Agreement 1. A.H. Laybourne 2. R.C.T. Laybourne 31 Dec 1912 

 D1918/62 Correspondence Davis, Lloyds and Wilson Solicitors to R.C.T. Laybourne concerning Memorandum and Articles of the Isca Foundry Company Ltd. 10 Mar 1913-25 Mar 1913 

 D1918/63 Draft of Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Isca Foundry Company Ltd 1913 

 D1918/64 Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Isca Foundry Company Ltd 29 Mar 1913 

 D1918/65 Profit and loss account of the Isca Foundry Company Ltd 31 Dec 1913 

 D1918/66 Balance sheet of the Isca Foundry Company Ltd 31 Dec 1913 

 D1918/67 Letter from V.J.L. Jesseman, Secretary of the Isca Foundry Company Ltd. to R.C. Talbot Laybourne, 13 Stow Park Circus, Newport, giving notice of the first Ordinary General Meeting Attached: Report of the Directors of the Isca Foundry Company Ltd (18 May 1914) 18 May 1914 

 D1918/68 Statement of account, Director's Reports and notices of A.G.M. of Isca Foundry Company Ltd (incomplete) D1918/58-64 and D1918/68 enclosed in 2 envelopes 1920-1956 

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Personal Papers 

 D1918/69 Graph rainfall at Cwm-y-Wiwer 1951-1967 

 D1918/70 Graph rainfall at Cwm-y-Wiwer (no entries) 1968-1975 

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 D1918/71 Map OS. XLII. S.W. Brecon (1" to 1 mile) 1865 

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 D1918/72 Catalogue of the Isca Foundry Company Ltd [c.1957] 

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 D1918/73 Locomotive at Isca Foundry [20th century] 

 D1918/74 Newport Transporter Bridge in construction c.1903 

 D1918/75 Newport Transporter Bridge catwalks [20th century] 

 D1918/76 River Usk from Transporter Bridge [20th century] 

 D1918/77 Pillgwenlly from Transporter Bridge [20th century] 

 D1918/78 Sigh Cefn-Coed Station and part locomotive, between Pontsticle and Merthyr [20th century] 

 D1918/79 Gwernydomen Halt, between Machen and Caerphilly [20th century] 

 D1918/80 King Edward VIII's train leaving Usk 19 Nov 1936 

 D1918/81 Mr. and Mrs. Jesseman's Golden Wedding, family group 30 Jul 1956 

 D1918/82 Marie and Don (?) outside cottage (?) 15 Mar 1957 

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Newspaper Cuttings 

 D1918/83 South Wales Argus- Ancient Newport: Facts about the Railways and Canals 7 Feb 1930 

 D1918/84 South Wales Argus- Ancient Abercarn 2: Story of the Canals of Monmouthshire 1934 

 D1918/85 South Wales Argus- Ancient Abercarn 4: When Crumlin Viaduct was Built 12 Jan 1934 

 D1918/86 The Railway Magazine, pages 299-302, some Usk Tramroads Apr 1939 

 D1918/87 South Wales Argus- Newport has had many stations over 100 years 9 Mar 1953 

 D1918/88 Paper unknown-Gwent Railways [20th century] 

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