Bethany Baptist Church, Abergavenny, records 1853-1990

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Gwent Archives
Bethany Baptist Church, Abergavenny.
Bethany Baptist Church, Abergavenny, Records
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Biographical/Historical note

The Bethany Baptist Church, Abergavenny, was formerly known as Lion Street Chapel.

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Scope and Contents note

Records of Bethany Baptist Church, Abergavenny, 1853-1990, including minutes, 1856-1987; financial records, 1853-1987; correspondence, 1876-1959; miscellaneous, 1782-1990.

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Arrangement note

Arranged into two groups: Group one consists of minutes, financial records, correspondence and miscellaneous papers; Group two consists of minutes, financial records and miscellaneous papers.

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  • Baptists--Wales--Abergavenny; Religious institutions--Wales--Abergavenny;

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A hard copy of the catalogue is available in Gwent Record Office.

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Collection Inventory

 D3156/1-16 Minutes Mid 19th century-Late 20th century 

 D3156/1 Minutes of Church meetings (including narrative account of early history of the church 1828-1834, names of members and their baptism details c. 1820-1860) 1856-1882 

 D3156/2 Draft minutes of Church meetings, and of Building Committee (1882-83) 1882-1889 

 D3156/3 Minutes of Church meetings, and of Building Committee (1882-1883) 1882-1926 

 D3156/4 Minutes of Church meetings (including record of quarterly subscriptions 1906-1907, and other financial details) 1889-1890, 1926-1927 

 D3156/5 Minutes of Deacons meetings 1911-1923 

 D3156/6 Minutes of Deacons' meetings (including financial accounts for 1927). 1924-1929, 1945-1947 

 D3156/7 Minutes of Church meetings 1927-1945 

 D3156/8 Minutes of Deacons' meetings 1931-1935 

 D3156/9 Minutes of Church meetings (1947-1949) and Deacons' meetings (1948-49) 1947-1949 

 D3156/10 Minutes of Church meetings and Deacons' meetings 1947-1949 

 D3156/11 Minutes of Deacons' meetings 1956-1965 

 D3156/12 Minutes of Church meetings 1958-1966 

 D3156/13 Minutes of Church meetings 1966-1971 

 D3156/14 Minutes of Deacons' meetings 1966-1973 

 D3156/15 Minutes of Fabric Committee 1972-1973 

 D3156/16 Minutes of Deacons meetings 1980-1986 

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 D3156/17-56 Financial Records Late 19th century-Late 20th century 

 D3156/17-23 Account Books Late 19th century-Mid 20th century 

 D3156/17  1853-1876 

 D3156/18  1926-1930 

 D3156/19  1926-1949 

 D3156/20  1930-1932 

 D3156/21  1934 

 D3156/22  1938-1944 

 D3156/23  1948-1949 

 D3156/24-29 Expenditure and Receipt Books Late 19th century-Late 20th century 

 D3156/24  1892-1938 

 D3156/25  1911-1930 

 D3156/26  1912-1919 

 D3156/27  1920-1926 

 D3156/28  1950-1971 

 D3156/29  1955-1972 

 D3156/30-39 Bills and Receipts Late 19th century-Mid 20th century 

 D3156/30  1876-1885 

 D3156/32  1912-1913 

 D3156/33  1914-1915 

 D3156/34  1916-1917 

 D3156/35  1918-1921 

 D3156/36  1922-1924 

 D3156/37  1926-1929 

 D3156/38  1930-1936 

 D3156/39  1945-1949 

 D3156/40-43 Balance Sheets Early 20th century-Mid 20th century 

 D3156/40 Lantern Fund 1900-1902 

 D3156/41  1917 

 D3156/42 General Fund - Abergavenny District Council of Evangelical Churches 1931 

 D3156/43 Sewing Party 1956 

 D3156/44-56 Other Financial Records Late 19th century-Mid 20th century 

 D3156/44 Collection Book 1876-1889 

 D3156/45 Collection Book 1882-1884 

 D3156/46 Booklets recording subscriptions paid towards building fund (14 items - 2 blank). 1882-1886 

 D3156/47 Bank books of National Provincial Bank Ltd.: organ fund account 1882-1889 deposit account 1925-1931 church account 1925-1946 renovations account 1930-1946 1882-1946 

 D3156/48 Booklet recording weekly offerings 1889-1891 

 D3156/49 Register of contributions 1909-1943 

 D3156/50 Post Office Savings Book 1916-1939 

 D3156/51 Insurance policy with Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Co. Ltd. re. the church. 1921 

 D3156/52 Abergavenny Evangelical Free Church Festival account. 1926 

 D3156/53 Register of contributions 1926-1931 

 D3156/54 Cheque book stubs 1927,1928,1943-1946 

 D3156/55 Paying-in book stubs 1931-1948 

 D3156/56 Booklet recording subscriptions paid towards a presentation made to Mr. J. Hamer (former secretary of the church). 1948-1949 

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 D3156/57-62 Correspondence Late 19th century-Mid 20th century 

 D3156/57  1876-1898 

 D3156/58  1900-1909 

 D3156/59  1916-1939 

 D3156/60  1944-1947 

 D3156/61  1948-1949 

 D3156/62  1950-1959 

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 D3156/63-80 Miscellaneous Papers Late 18th century-Late 20th century 

 D3156/63 Will (extracted from registry of Consistory Court of Llandaff) of Eunice Bonner of town of Abergavenny, spinster To her sister Catherine Bonner, undivided fifth part of all that barn, beasthouse and 4 parcels of meadow, pasture of arable land called Upper Pen Pounds; and also of all that messuage together with garden, orchard and piece of meadow ground called Lower Penpound; and also of her fifth undivided part of that building called Tug Gurthhill, together with stable, gardens and piece of pasture ground called Piscodleein situated in town of Abergavenny; and also of that piece of meadow or pature land situated in par. Llanwenarth Citra. To her nephew Fowler Walker of Lincolns Inn, London, all her messuage or dwellinghouse with brewhouse, yards, garden and appurtenances situated in town of Abergavenny; and also all her household goods and furniture, together with residue of her personal estate. Various monetary bequests Witnesses: William Lewis of Abergavenny, cabinet maker; John Valentine of the same, shoemaker, and H. Williams, attorney. 30 Sep 1782 

 D3156/64 Will (copy) of Richard Bowcott of par. Abergavenny, miller To his wife, all his personal estate and effects To his friends John Rollings of Abergavenny, gent., John Harris of par. Llantilio Pertholey, farmer, and John Cadogan of Abergavveny, timer merchant, the sum of £400 upon trust. Various other monetary bequests. Witnesses: William Roberts of Abergavenny, and Ralph Hansby, solicitor of Abergavenny. 1 Nov 1844 

 D3156/65 Certificate completed by Minister of Bethany Baptist Church stating that the church was used as a piece if worship before 30 June 1852 and will continue to be used as a place of worship. 1858 

 D3156/66 Certificate issued by Superintendent Registrar of Abergavenny District stating that Bethany Church has been registered for the solemnization of marriages (2 copies). 1858 

 D3156/67 List of members (1 vol.) 1862-1921 

 D3156/68 Certificate completed by minister of Bethany Church stating that the church will be used as a place of worship. 1883 

 D3156/69 Certificate issued by Superintendent Registrar of Abergavenny District stating that Bethany Church has been registered for the solemnization of marriages 1883 

 D3156/70 Communicants register of attendance 1890-1895, and Sunday School register of attendance 1903-1906 1890-1906 

 D3156/71 Order of service for funeral of Sidney Rogers Young, pastor of Bethany Church for 52 years 1913 

 D3156/72 Transfer forms mainly commending individuals to the fellowship of Bethany Church 1919-1957 

 D3156/73 List of rules issued by the Baptist Union of Great Britain and Ireland concerning ministerial recognition. c.1943 

 D3156/74 'Monmouthshire English Baptist Association: The Circular Letter from the annual meetings held at Griffithstown Baptist Church on 13/14 June 1945, including presidential address, reports, statistics etc. (2 copies) 1945 

 D3156/75 Information leaflets concerning: social security with a note on its application to Baptist churches; Baptist Union Corporation Ltd. as trustee; Baptist Commonwealth Society; and nationalization of drink trade. 1948-1959 

 D3156/76 Newspaper cutting (from the 'Abergavenny Chronicle and Monmouthshire Advertiser) concerning the organ of Bethany Church 1958 

 D3156/77 Newspaper cutting (origin unknown) concerning Rev. Micah Thomas of Abergavenny who founded the South Wales Baptist College in 1807 1958 

 D3156/78 Order of service for inauguration together with induction and recognition of team pastorate at Bethany Church (2 copies) 1990 

 D3156/79 Standing Orders of the council of Abergavenny borough for meetings and proceedings No Date 

 D3156/80 Revival Hymns presented free by the Christian Herald (4 copies) No Date 

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 D3156/81 Minutes Late 20th century 

 D3156/81 Minutes of Annual General Meetings 1984-87 (including statements of accounts 1985-86) 1985-1986 

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 D3156/82-87 Financial Records Mid 20th century-Late 20th century 

 D3156/82 Accounts: Receipts and payments 1961-1963 

 D3156/83 Church general accounts and deposit account statements 1964-1969 

 D3156/84 Deposit account statement 1982 

 D3156/85 Income and expenditure accounts and other financial records 1978, 1980-1984, 1986-1987 

 D3156/86 Report on condition of building fabric with estimated cost of renovation work No Date 

 D3156/87 The Baptist Building Fund 160th Report (with statement of accounts) 

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 D3156/88-94 Miscellaneous Papers [Late 19th century-Late 20th century] 

 D3156/88 Photocopy of extract reprinted from the Christian Fellowship for the Disabled Magazine entitled "The purpose of affliction" No Date 

 D3156/89 Baptist Missionary Society leaflet with donation envelope attached 1987 

 D3156/90 Baptist Missionary Society 'Medical Missions' information/subscription forms(2) No Date 

 D3156/91 Bethany Baptist Church constitution and rule book No Date 

 D3156/92 Information schedule for Baptist handbook (not completed) No Date 

 D3156/93 Collection of envelopes (no enclosures) Geo. VI. 2 1/2d stamps attached 1945, 1948 

 D3156/94 Lion Street Baptist Church building fund account book 1878-1882 

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