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Risca and Crosskeys Methodist Circuit.
Risca and Crosskeys Methodist Circuit
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Biographical/Historical note

This circuit included Risca until 1922, when a separate Risca Circuit was formed. This lasted until 1933, when the two circuits were amalgamated. Crosskeys, Gladstone Chapel united with High St Chapel in 1975 to form Crosskeys Methodist Chapel. The mission of Crumlin, Main Rd. Chapel commenced in 1891 and the chapel was opened in 1894. In 1962, Risca Ebenezer Chapel united with St. John's to form Trinity. The West Monmouth Mission was inaugurated in 1909, covering the Risca and Tredegar Circuits. The Abercarn Wesleyan Chapel, Darren View, was sold in 1971 to the Salvation Army. Risca St. John's united with Ebenezer in 1962 to form Trinity. The Risca & Crosskeys Circuit covers the area of the former Crosskeys Primitive Methodist and Risca Wesleyan Methodist Circuits.

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Scope and Contents note

Chapel records, including Abercarn, Commercial Road Chapel, 1875-1952; Crosskeys, Gladstone St. Chapel, 1891-1977; Crumlin, Main Rd. Chapel, 1898-1974; Risca, Ebenezer Chapel, 1882-1964; Wattsville, Centenary Chapel, 1907-1971; Tredegar Wesleyan Methodist Circuit, 1864-1895; Crumlin & Llanhilleth Mission, 1898; Risca Wesleyan Methodist Circuit, 1845-1917; West Monmouth Mission, 1909-1929; Abercarn Wesleyan Chapel, Darren View, 1886-1971; Crumlin Hillside, 1934-1978; Llanhilleth, 1913-1958; Machen, 1883-1927; Pontywaun (Crosskeys), 1930-1974; Risca St. John's, 1897-1978; Risca and Crosskeys Circuit, 1837-1979; records relating to Ty Isaf Mission, 1962-1965; records of disused chapels, 1861-1979; records relating to manses & chapel property, 1886-1973; records relating to Risca Free Church Federal Council, 1947-1978; Risca Temperance & Band of Hope Union, 1935-1954; Risca Sunday School Union, 1944-1958.

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Arrangement note

Arranged into the following: Circuit records; and chapel records.

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Collection Inventory

Crosskeys Primitive Methodist Circuit 

Biographical/Historical note

This circuit included Risca until 1922, when a separate Risca Circuit was formed. This lasted until 1933, when the two circuits were amalgamated.

Circuit Records 

 D1963/1 Quarterly Meeting Minutes includes list of trustees, and loose in volume are papers regarding the case of Mr Humphries, a hired local preacher, 1910. 1884-1902, 1910 

 D1963/2 Quarterly Meeting Minutes 1902-1915 

 D1963/3 Quarterly Meeting Minutes 1915-1927 

 D1963/4 Quarterly Meeting Minutes 1928-1933 

Chapel Records 

Abercarn - Commercial Road Chapel 

 D1963/5 Papers re: sale of chapel Mortgage of leasehold premises known as the Primitive Methodist Chapel at Abercarne. Trustees to Mr Wm. George Smith of Machen, 1881, endorsed with surrender of mortgage 1893. 1881, 1893 

 D1963/6 Equitable Mortgage to Primitive Methodist Chapel Aid Association Ltd. 1893, with schedule of documents 1875-1893 and acknowledgment of repayment 1910. 1875-1893, 1910 

 D1963/7 Equitable Mortgage as above, 1922, repaid 1930 1922, 1930 

 D1963/8 Form of Application to sell property, and sanction for sale by Methodist Chapel Committee 1936 

 D1963/9 Correspondence with Ebbw Vale Co. (the lessers) re: purchase of freehold 1935-1936 1935-1936 

 D1963/10 Correspondence with Dept. for Chapel Affairs of the Methodist Church re: sale of chapel and re: trustees, with circular on sales 1946-1950 1946-1950 

 D1963/11 Correspondence with Messrs Lloyd and Pratt, solicitors re: chapel trust 1950-1952 

Crosskeys - Gladstone St. Chapel 

 D1963/12 United with High St. Chapel in 1975 to form Crosskeys Methodist Chapel. Church Leaders Meeting Minutes, 1950-1975, with envelope containing invitation cards for 1st anniversary service, 1976, opening of new extension, 1977, newscutting with picture of opening 1977, and newsletter Nov 1977. 1950-1975, 1976, 1977 

 D1963/13 Trust Minutes 1956-1966 

 D1963/14 Society Accounts 1891-1908 

 D1963/15 Papers re: sale Report of Planning Committee presented to June Quarterly Meeting 1958; Report of District Replanning Commission with Structural and Town Planning Report for the Commission 1961, (details of Risca St. John's and Ebenezer, Crosskeys Gladstone St., and High St. Pontywain), minutes of Policy Committee 1958, 1961 

 D1963/16 Application to close place of worship 1973 and to sell 1975; Statement of account re: sale c.1976; correspondence and misc papers re: sale 1975-1976. 1973, 1975, 1975-1976 

Crumlin - Main Rd. Chapel 

General note

It is inscribed in the Treasurer's Account Book that the Mission Commenced in 1891 and the Chapel was opened in 1894.

 D1963/17 Treasurer's Account Book (includes some references to Hillside) 1929-1948 

 D1963/18 Sunday School Account Book 1898-1970 with a loose account 1970-1971 1898-1970, 1970-1971 

 D1963/19 Sunday School Teachers' Meeting Minutes 1933-1970 

 D1963/20 Cleaner's Account, labelled "Caretaker's Book Please treat with care This is a "relic"!" 1921-1974 (includes account for Hillside Chapel also from 1934) 1921-1974 

Risca, Ebenezer Chapel United with St John's in 1962 to form Trinity 

 D1963/21 Trustees' Meeting Minutes, with loose leaflet from United Council on Alcohol and Other Drugs 1891-1903 

 D1963/22 Trustees' Meeting Minutes 1905-1918 

 D1963/23 Loose papers from above volume; comprising: Letters from Madame Jones Moss, elecutionist, 1918; Hymn leaflet, undated; Copy letter from The Rev. D.S. Lees to Mr Brookman re: organ dispute, and motion of apperciation for Mr Evan Brookman, assistant organist ad of regret for his action (endorsed on Church Extension Fund circular): list of trustees 1907; cutting from the Methodist Recorder, 1937; transcript of May Queen's speech with references to local names; notes re: those involved with the "Gold and Silver Tree". 1908, 1918, 1937 

 D1963/24 Trustees Meeting Minutes, 1918-1945 with agreement between Crosskets Circuit and Risca Trustees 1918, and certificate of resolution re: banking account, 1923 pasted in, front of book: loose paper - motion re: congregational singing 1918-1945 

 D1963/25 Trustees' Meeting Minutes, including minutes of meeting of the trustees of "Gadlys", Cromwell Rd., Risca 1949, written at the back of volume 1946-1964 

 D1963/34 Society Meeting Minutes 1897-1903 

 D1963/26 Society Meeting Minutes, with printed regulations for organ. 1903-1935 

 D1963/27 Leaders' Meeting Minutes, written up from back of volume are Church "At Home" minutes, 1952 with reports from various groups, and minutes of Annual Society and Leaders' Meeting, 1953 1948-1954 

 D1963/28 Leaders' Meeting Minutes, written up from back of volume are Annual Society Meeting and Annual Leaders' Meeting Minutes 1954-1961 1954-1962 

Financial Records 

 D1963/29 Trust Accounts (Chapel Stewards' Book) with account at back re: memorial stones, 1892 and teas in 1893. Loose in volume: Minutes of Trustees' Meeting 1910, and application from Crosskeys Church for loan of premises 1890-1910 

 D1963/30 Trust Accounts 1890-1910, with some accounts written up from back, out of sequence. This volume seems to contain the same sequence of accounts 1890-1910 as D1963/29, but written in a slightly different form. The volumes differ in their out of sequence accounts. 1890-1910 

 D1963/31 Treasurer's Account Written up from back - Special Account for Erection of School Hall 1925-1926 and debt 1932; also loose bank statement. 1910-1964 

Sunday School 

 D1963/32 Teachers' Meeting Minutes 1912-1923 

 D1963/33 Loose papers from above: Pr. Methodist Sunday School Union annual report froms 1915, 1916, 1918-1920, application form for S.S.U. Scholars Scripture Exam. 1922; question paper for 1921 examination with attached paper used for drafts of Sunday School notices 1922, notes of minutes 1922-1923. 1915-1923 

 D1963/35 Teachers' Meeting Minutes 1923-1931 

 D1963/36 Teachers' Meeting Minutes 1931-1945 

 D1963/37 Teachers' Meeting Minutes 1946-1957 

 D1963/38 Sunday School Accounts (labelled "preserved from water") 1913-1941 

 D1963/39 Teachers' Attendance Registers 1889-1899 

 D1963/40 Teachers' Attendance Registers 1905-1913 

 D1963/41 Teachers' Attendance Registers (nos. D1963/42 and 43 omitted) 1911-1930 

 D1963/44 Sunday School Register 1917-1925 

 D1963/45 Sunday School Register 1925-1933 

 D1963/46 Sunday School Register 1934-1942 

 D1963/47 Sunday School Register 1947-1950 

 D1963/48 Sunday School Register 1952-1956 

 D1963/49 Sunday School Admission Book Band of Hope 1923-1931 

 D1963/50 Minute Book 1896-1907 

 D1963/51 Minute Book 1907-1938 

 D1963/52 Loose papers from the above - postcards, correspondence etc., c.1927-1935; catalogues of requisites from UK Band of Hope Union, c.1925 and National British Women's Total Abstinence Union, 1930-1931, also Scheme of Union for West Mon. Mission and ex Primitive Methodist circuits. 1927-1935 

 D1963/53 Admission Book 1883 

 D1963/54 Secretary's Book, 1928-1957, including loose vouchers, 1950-1957 and concert programme, 1950 1928-1957 

 D1963/55 Treasurer's Book 1928-1957 

 D1963/56 Young People's Christian Endeavour Minute Book (Society formed 1897) 1922-1942 

 D1963/57 Young People's Christian Endeavour Minute Book 1947-1956 

 D1963/58 Magazine Register 1911-1931 

 D1963/59 Ebenezer Women's Guild Register of Attendance 1939-1962 

 D1963/60 Papers re: Chapel: Trust papers: application for sanction of appointment of new trustees, including names of present and new trustees, with notices of renunciation of trust 1933: renunciations of trust 1945-6, form of consent of trustees 1945, and letter 1946. 1933, 1945-1946 

 D1963/61 Insurance policies: accident to Sunday School teachers and scholars; chapel, schools and vestries 1912-1925 

 D1963/62 Historical account of Methodism in Risca for Ebenezer Golden Jubilee 1943 

 D1963/63 Memorandum of mortgage 1924, and letter re: repayment 1943 1924, 1943 

 D1963/64 Copy receipted promissory note 1952-1954 

 D1963/65 Schedule of deeds 1882-1892 

 D1963/66 Letter from Tredegar Estate Office re. additional piece of land at chapel, and plan 1912 

 D1963/67 Balance sheet of new hall Undated 

 D1963/68 Regulations for organ Undated 

 D1963/69 Letters from Llanover Estate Office re: Primitive Methodist church, Crumlin Papers re: Sale 1912 

 D1963/70 Dept. for Chapel Affairs: Sanction for sale and directories 1963 

 D1963/71 Correspondence 1964 

Wattsville, Centenary Chapel 

 D1963/72 Trust Minutes, including names of trustees 1933-1971 

 D1963/73 Loose papers from above volume: Correspondence 1959-67; memo. of consent of trustees 1948; cancelled promissory notes 1912, 1913, 1939; correspondence re: mortgage 1951; misc notes 1962-1966. 1959-1967 

 D1963/74 Account Book 1907-1932, with summaries at back of volume, also membership roll 1907-43 and special accounts 1907-1932, 1907-1943 

 D1963/75 Loose vouchers and notes from above volume 1911-1956 

 D1963/76 Trust and Society Account Book, with special accounts at back of volume 1932-1959 

 D1963/77 Papers re: state of chapel including builders' accounts, correspondence re: repair work, loan, use of room at Wattsville school for services, fund raising, 1950-1951 and accounts for 1949. 1949, 1950-1951 

 D1963/78 File of correspondence re: mining subsidence damage, closing of chapel, and sale 1962-1971 1962-1971 

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Tredegar Wesleyan Methodist Circuit 

 D1963/79 Circuit Missionary Accounts 1864-1895 

General note

It is not known how this volume came to be found among the Risca records, but there are names and addresses from chapels in the Risca circuit on the dorse of the cover.

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Crumlin and Llanhilleth Mission 

Biographical/Historical note

This seems to have been incorporated into the Risca Circuit-Crumlin certainly by 1899, although the minutes include minutes of one meeting by the Crosskeys Circuit Finance Committee.

 D1963/80 Quarterly Meeting Minutes and Preachers' Meeting, 1895-1898 Crosskeys Circuit Finance Committe Minutes 1898 1895-1898, 1898 

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Risca Wesleyan Methodist Circuit Records of this circuit are in existece from 1845 (see D942/118). It may have been superseded by the West Monmouth Mission in 1909, as no separate circuit records survive after that date 

 D1963/81 Quarterly Meeting Minutes 1885-1897 

 D1963/82 Quarterly Meeting Minutes 1897-1906 

 D1963/83 Quarterly Meeting Minutes 1906-1909 

 D1963/84 Local Preachers Meeting Minutes 1876-1917 

 D1963/85 Circuit Accounts 1867-1908 

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West Monmouth Mission 

Biographical/Historical note

This was inaugurated in 1909, covering the Risca and Tredegar Circuits.

 D1963/86 Quarterly Meeting Minutes 1909-1921 

 D1963/84 Local Preachers Meeting Minutes as under Risca: the book is labelled "Risca Circuit and West Mon Mission". Undated 

 D1963/87 Account 1910-1933 

 D1963/88 Plan list and accounts 1912-1929 

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Chapel Records 

Abercarn Wesleyan Chapel, Darren View -Sold in 1971 to the Salvation Army 

 D1963/89 Trust Minutes 1886-1921 

 D1963/90 Trust Accounts 1884-1971 

 D1963/91 Papers re: Renovations, including specification correspondence and account Papers re: chapel sale 1952-1961 

 D1963/92 File of application forms to and correspondence from the Wesleyan Chapel Committee re: permission to erect chapel, schoolroom, grants for debt, purchase of land etc. 1885-1951 

 D1963/93 Papers re: Trustees 1950, 1956 

 D1963/94 Application for Closing of a Place of Worship 1970 

 D1963/95 Application for Consent to Sale, and Sanction for sale 1971 

 D1963/96 Correspondence re: sale 1970-1971 

Crumlin Hillside 

 D1963/97 Trustees Treasurer's Account Book 1946-1963 

 D1963/98 Trustees Treasurer's Account Book 1963-1978 

 D1963/20 Caretaker's Book (with Main Rd. Chapel) 1934-1975 


 D1963/99 Trustees' Treasurer's Account Book (West Monmouth Mission) 1913-1920 

 D1963/100 Papers re: new schoolroom for Sunday School 1956-1958 


 D1963/101 Trustees' Meeting Minutes, 1903-1927 At front of book. Printed rules and order of business for a Band of Hope and notes of meetings 1883 and 1892, with list of names and ? table of subscriptions for October-December. 1903-1927, 1883, 1892 

Pontywaun (Crosskeys) 

 D1963/102 Trustees' Meeting, written up from back of volume, various finance committee minutes, 1933-1938 1930-1953 

 D1963/103 Leaders' Meeting Minutes 1921-1951 

 D1963/104 Leaders' Meeting Minutes 1951-1974 

 D1963/105 Society Stewards' Accounts, 1920-1947 At back of volume - Band of Hope anniversary collections, 1920-40, pasted in back: list of trustees, and account of "The Wells Clock", loose new cuttings, undated, and circular re: Sunday School Anniversary 1942 1920-1947 

Risca St. John's United with Ebenezer in 1962 to form Trinity 

 D1963/106 Trustees' Meeting Minutes, with list of trustees 1915-1925 

 D1963/107 Trustees' Meeting Minutes, including tracing plan re: boundaries of Church property, 1927 1926-1929 

 D1963/108 Trustees' Meeting Minutes, at front of volume list of trustees and addresses, undated, and new trustees 1948 1929-1948 

 D1963/109 Trustees' Meeting Minutes, including at front of volume lists of trustees, undated, and 1948 1948-1967 

 D1963/110 Leaders' Meeting Minutes (originally in envelope with D1963/112) 1936-1948 

 D1963/111 Loose in volume: St. John's Restoration Appeal Accounts 1948, circulars 1946 and undated, Statements of Account, 1948, typescript minutes of leaders' meeting 1949 1946-1949 

 D1963/112 In envelope with volume Agenda, circulars, West Mon. Mission assessments and statisitics (1937) estimates, correspondence, accounts, terms of agreement and rules for caretaker 1930-1938, pages from The Ocean and National Magazine with history of Risca churches, and illustration of St. John's 1938; also statements of account 1931-1938, letter 1950 1930-1950 

 D1963/113 Trustees' Treasurer's Account Book, includes list of subscriptions towards chapel debt some minutes of trustees' meetings, and copies of financial transactions 1871-1910 

 D1963/114 Trustees' Treasurer's Account Book 1911-1934 

 D1963/115 Trustees' Treasurer's Account Book 1935-1958 

 D1963/116 Trustees' Treasurer's Account Book 1959-1978 

 D1963/117 Society Stewards' Accounts, loose in volume: letter from The Rev. Mr Humphries, and envelope containing funeral card and photograph of infant Herbert J.C. Knight who died 1921 1903-1915 

 D1963/118 Society Stewards' Statement of Accounts 1925-1935, with 2 loose files of vouchers and bills 1933-37 1925-1935, 1933-1937 

 D1963/119 Society Stewards' Statement of Accounts, with loose certificates of deducation of income tax 1936-1955 

 D1963/120 Seat Rent Ledger (written at front: evidently St. John's Risca) 1897-1918 

 D1963/121 Building Fund Account, including builders' estimate 1946, statement of revenue account, 1926-1933 and statement of affairs, 1933. 1917-1943, 1946 

 D1963/122 Collection Journal 1940-1951 

 D1963/123 Sunday School Teachers' Meeting Minutes 1915-1923 

 D1963/124 Sunday School Teachers' Council Minutes with loose papers re: fund raising for the National Childrens Home 1932-1941 

 D1963/125 Band of Hope Minute Book, with envelope of notes and dialogue of temperance drama. 1915-1923 

 D1963/126 Band of Hope Treasurer's Book, with loose vouchers 1916-1927 

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Risca and Crosskeys Circuit Covers the area of the former Crosskeys Primitive Methodist and Risca Wesleyan Methodist Circuits. 

 D1963/127 Circuit Schedule Book, includes names of trustees of chapels and chapel property 1942-1963 

 D163/128 Circuit Stewards' Account Book, 1942-1964, and loose Quarterly Plan and Directory, 1967 1942-1964, 1967 

 D1963/129 Register of Deeds (loose from the above volume, D1963/130-132) 1837-1959 

 D1963/130 Exercise book labelled 'Circuit Deeds Register' 1881-1953 

 D1963/131 Notebook containing list of trustees 1944 

 D1963/132 Misc. papers: Agreement for lease of room over Mr Coles' grocers shop in main street and near new bridge Wattsville, by Mr Frank Coles to representatives of trustees of Wattsville Primitive Methodist Society for regilious services and meetings 1908; circular re: oral history from the Connexional Archivist 1981; misc. papers re: trusts, chapel furniture, insurance, Circuit Quaterly Plan 1959, note of registers and records. 1908, 1959, 1981 

 D1963/133 Circuit Missionary Account 1942-1959, including loose file of mission accounts and papers re: Juvenile Missionary Association 1954-1957 1942-1959, 1954-1957 

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Ty Isaf Mission 

 D1963/134 Correspondence re: renewal of trust 1959; correspondence and trustees' agreements re: exchange of land at Ty Isaf Park Avenue for site on Ty-Sign estate 1962-1965 1959, 1962-1965 

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Disued Chapels 

 D1963/135 Envelope endorsed with data on certificates of chapels and their data of cancellation, containing copy letter from minister to General Register Office re: worship certificates fo disused chapels, and reply re. certification of buildings for religious worship, and certificates for following chapels: Abercarn Wesleyan Methodist Chapel - worship certificate, 1886, cancelled, 1979; certificate of registration for solemnisation of marriages, 1920. Abercarn Primitive Methodist Chapel - worship certificate 1876, cancelled 1954 Crosskeys Primitive Methodist Chapel worship certificate 1881 cancelled 1976, certificate for marriages 1890 Crumlin Wesleyan Chapel - worship certificate 1900, cancelled 1979. Certificate for marriages 1901 Risca Primitive Methodist chapel, the Colliery, worship certifiacte 186(?), cancelled 1895 Primitive Methodist schoolroom worhsip certificate 1894, cancelled 1940 Ebenezer Methodist Chruch worship certificate 1940, cancelled 1963 Wattsville Primitive Methodist Centenary Church - worship certificate 1912. cancelled 1979. Certificate for marriages 1939 186(?) - 1979 

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Manses and Chapel Property 

Crosskeys, 12 Carlton Terrace. 

 D1963/136 Manse Account Book 1955-1964 

 D1963/137 Sanctions and Applications re: acquistion of house 1922-1927, list of trustees signature 1955, notices of renanciation of trust 1927-1958, copy notice of assignment of lease in 1921. 1921-1958 

 D1963/138 Correspondence re: sale of manse 1965 

Llanhilleth - 16-18 Woodside Terrace 

 D1963/139 Tenancy Agreement between trustees of Llanhilleth Methodist Church and Eddie and Olive Williams of no. 16 Woodside Terrace, Llanhilleth, and solicitor's account, 1961. Sanction for sale of 3 cottages, 1965. Correspondence and misc. accounts re: sale of cottage nos. 16-18 Woodside Terrace, Llanhilleth 1957-1972 1957-1972 

Newbridge "Hillcrest" Bryngwyn Lane and Pennar Estate 

 D1963/140 Correspondence re: property in Newbridge, 1961-1962, and sale of manse at "Hillcrest" 1971-1973 1961-1962, 1971-1973 

 D1963/141 Pennar Estate Trustees' Minutes 1929-1949 

 D1963/142 Portfolio labelled Pennar House Papers, containing: Application forms for acquistion of minister's house, loan, etc. valuation of tenant's fixtures, (1929), account for reconstruction of old premises into 4 tenements (1932), correspondence, declarations and renunications of trustees, accounts, etc. 1929-1944: application for sale, notes and correspondence re sale of Well Field from the Pennar Estate. 1929-1944 

Risca, York Place Manse 

 D1963/143 Minute Book 1903-1947 

 D1963/144 Misc. papers with book 1946-1950 

 D1963/145 Account Book 1886-1950 

 D1963/146 Papers re: sale including application forms for enlargement alteration and loans 1910-1927, promissory note 1927, drawings of additions, sanction for sale, notes and list of trustees 1973. 1910-1973 

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Risca and Crosskeys Circuit 

 D1963/147 Circuit Plan July 1946-Oct 1946 

 D1963/148 Programme for Garden Party at Oxford House Risca 1966 

 D1963/149 Programme for Garden Party with letter 1979 

Chapel Records 

Crosskeys Methodist Church 

 D1963/150 Newsletter nos. 18-22 Easter 1981-Summer 1982 

 D1963/151 Crosskeys and District Churches Choral Festival Programme (written on cover "Crosskeys Church prominent in this") 1981 

Pontymister, Ty Isaf Mission 

 D1963/152 Minute Book 1952-1956 

 D1963/153 Loose papers from above volume, including notes, reports, correspondence 1952-1959; cheque stubs 1952-1958; bank statements 1954-1960; insurance policy 1957; list of speakers 1952-1953; estimated financial position 1955; circular of Temperance Council of Christian Churches of Wales and Monmouthshire re: petition against Sunday Opening of Public Houses, undated; Minutes of meeting called by Circuit Quarterly Meeting re: Ty Isaf 1954; Constitution of Ty Isaf Methodist Church 1954. 1952-1960 

Risca, Ebenezer Primitive Methodist 

 D1963/154 Band of Hope Programme Record Book, with loose hymn sheets (Temperance hymns) 1931-1934 

Risca, St. John's Church 

 D1963/155 Minute Book 1949-1962 

 D1963/156 Society Account Book, 1955-1963, with loose bank statements, 1962-1963 1955-1963, 1962-1963 

Risca, Trinity Church 

 D1963/157 Methodist Guild Programmes 1978-1982 

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Risca Free Church Federal Council 

 D1963/158 Minute Book (The Council re-formed in 1947, and after the establishment of a Risca and District Council of Churches went into abeyance, but posts of Secretary and Treasurer still subsisting). 1947-1970 

 D1963/159 Loose papers from the above, including data re: church secretaries, correspondence, agenda, notes 1968-1970 constitution, nominations to Free Church Federal Council of England and Wales; notes on the place of a Free Church Federal Council: papers re: issue of Sunday Opening of Public Houses. 1968-1970 

 D1963/165 Miscellaneous papers: bank statements 1963-1978; vouchers 1964-1970; book of credit slips 1971-1978; newsletter of Risca and Districy Council of Churches 1973; leaflet from British Council of Churches, undated; Legal Aid Guide 1973 1963-1978 

 D1963/167 Packet of papers re: Risca Council of Churches: Draft constitution, correspondence, papers re: future of the Council 1970-1973; Working Document on the Church in Education for members' consideration, undated; pamphlet on Free Church Union published by the Liberation Society, c.1958. 1958, 1970-1973 

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Risca Temperance and Band of Hope Union 

 D1963/160 Minute Book 1935-1952 

 D1963/161 Loose papers from above, including minutes and agenda of other temperance bodies and notes. c.1951-1954 

 D1963/162 Draft Minute Book 1948-1951 

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Risca Sunday School Union 

 D1963/163 Minute Book 1944, 1956-1965 with loose papers, 1952, 1962 and list of presidents, 1945-1954. (It is noted in the book that there is a gap from Dec 1944-Dec 1951, a temporary minute book having been lost). 1944-1965 

 D1963/164 Minute Book 1951-1956 

 D1963/166 Monmouthshire Association of Sunday School Unions - conference programme 1958 

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