The Ebbw Vale Miners Federation 1883-1949

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Gwent Archives
Ebbw Vale Miners Federation.
The Ebbw Vale Miners Federation
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Biographical/Historical note

The South Wales Miners' Federation was a trade union for miners, founded in 1898 when a number of miners' unions in the South Wales area merged. It was affiliated to the Miners' Federation of Great Britain in 1899. It was composed of 20 districts.

In 1945, the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) (South Wales branch) succeeded the South Wales Miners' Federation.

Local branches or Miners’ lodges (governed by a lodge committee) each represented a colliery or pit.

These records were deposited by the officials of the Marine Lodge, Ebbw Vale.

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Scope and Contents note

Records relating to the Ebbw Vale District Miners Federation including minute books 1924-1936; financial records and accounts 1903-1937; contribution books 1935-1936; miscellaneous papers 1899-1935. Records relating to No.1 Waunllwyd Lodge including financial records and accounts 1922-1949; contribution book 1940-1942; coal raised at Waunllwyd Colliery 1883-1899. Notices regarding injury and claims, relating to general area 1898-1920; fatal accidents 1907-1914; No.1 Marine Colliery 1914-1934; No.2 Marine Colliery 1914-1932; No.1 Waunllwyd Colliery 1914-1934; No.2 Waunllwyd Colliery 1915-1933; Prince of Wales Colliery 1923-1930; By Product, Red Ash and Clay Level 1920-1926; Red Ash Level 1913-1923; No.5 Victoria 1916-1917.

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Arrangement note

The collection has been arranged into the following series: Ebbw Vale District Miners Federation; No.1 Waunllwyd Lodge; Notices re injury and claims.

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All records have been retained.

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  • Coal mines and mining--Wales, South; Trades union meetings--Wales, South;

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Collection Inventory

 D844/1-14 Ebbw Vale District Miners Federation 1899-1937 

Biographical/Historical note

Also referred to as the SWMF Ebbw Vale Lodge

 D844/1 Minute Book Dec 1924-Aug 1934 

 D844/2 Minute Book Aug 1934-Apr 1935 

 D844/3 Minute Book May 1935-Mar 1936 

 D844/4 Minute Book Mar 1936-Dec 1936 

 D844/5 Statement of income and expenditure and balance sheet. 1903, 1905, 1914, 1924, 1926-1929, 1931, 1935 

 D844/6 District expenditure account and Lodge income and expenditure 1913-1932 

 D844/7 District expenditure account and Lodge income and expenditure (draft) 1913-1936 

 D844/8 District expenditure account and Lodge income and expenditure. Feb 1933-Aug 1934 

 D844/9 District expenditure account and Lodge income and expenditure (Treasurer's account) 1934-May 1935 

 D844/10 District expenditure account and Lodge income and expenditure (Treasurer's account) 1934-1936 

 D844/11 Bank Pass Book, Ebbw Vale and Sirhowy Colliery Workmen's Association 1926-1937 

 D844/12 Lodge monthly return book Jan 1934-Jul 1936 

 D844/12B Miners unemployed contribution book 1935 

 D844/12A Ebbw Vale Miners Federation Unemployed Section, Brynmawr branch, contribution book 1936 

 D844/13 Miscellaneous papers (1 bundle) 1899-1935 

 D844/14 Miscellaneous papers re unemployment claims (1 bundle) 1929 

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 D844/15-19,122 No.1 Waunllwyd Lodge 1883-1949 

 D844/15 Check Fund account book Jan 1922-Jul 1932 

 D844/16 Check Fund account book Jul 1932-1934 

 D844/17 Check Fund account book 1938-1949 

 D844/18 Bank pass book 1945-1948 

 D844/19 Weekly contribution book 1940-1942 

 D844/122 Coal raised at Waunllwyd Colliery 1883-1899 

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 D844/20-121 Notices re injury and claims 1898-1934 

 D844/20-71 General area 1898-1920 

 D844/20  Sep 1898-Apr 1899 

 D844/21  May 1899-Sep 1899 

 D844/22  Sep 1899-Jan 1900 

 D844/23  Jul 1900-Mar 1901 

 D844/24  Oct 1901-May 1903 

 D844/25  Nov 1902-Apr 1903 

 D844/26  Apr 1903-Oct 1903 

 D844/27  Aug 1904-Dec 1904 

 D844/28  Dec 1904-May 1905 

 D844/29  May 1905-Aug 1905 

 D844/30  Sep 1905-Sep 1905 

 D844/31  Sep 1905-Feb 1906 

 D844/32  Feb 1906-Jun 1906 

 D844/33  Jul 1906-Nov 1906 

 D844/34  Nov 1906-Mar 1907 

 D844/35  Jan 1908-Mar 1908 

 D844/36  Mar 1908-May 1908 

 D844/37  Jun 1908-Sep 1908 

 D844/38  Sep 1908-Oct 1908 

 D844/39  Oct 1908-Dec 1908 

 D844/40  Apr 1909-May 1909 

 D844/41  May 1909-Jun 1909 

 D844/42  Jun 1909-Aug 1909 

 D844/43  Sep 1909-Dec 1909 

 D844/44  Feb 1910-Apr 1910 

 D844/45  Mar 1910-Jun 1910 

 D844/46  Jun 1910-Aug 1910 

 D844/47  Sep 1910-Oct 1910 

 D844/48  Nov 1910-Dec 1910 

 D844/49  Feb 1911-Mar 1911 

 D844/50  Mar 1911-Apr 1911 

 D844/51  Apr 1911-May 1911 

 D844/52  May 1911-Jun 1911 

 D844/53  Jun 1911-Aug 1911 

 D844/54  Oct 1911-Dec 1911 

 D844/55  Feb 1912-Jun 1912 

 D844/56  Jun 1912-Jul 1912 

 D844/57  Jul 1912-Aug 1912 

 D844/58  Aug 1912-Dec 1912 

 D844/59  Dec 1912-Feb 1913 

 D844/60  Feb 1913-May 1913 

 D844/61  Apr 1913-May 1913 

 D844/62  May 1913-Jun 1913 

 D844/63  Jun 1913-Jul 1913 

 D844/64  Jul 1913-Aug 1913 

 D844/65  Sep 1913-Oct 1913 

 D844/66  Oct 1913-Nov 1913 

 D844/67  Nov 1913-Nov 1913 

 D844/68  Nov 1913-Dec 1913 

 D844/69  Dec 1913-Jan 1914 

 D844/70  Feb 1914-Feb 1914 

 D844/71  Mar 1914-May 1920 

 D844/72 (General area) Fatal accidents Nov 1907-Jan 1914 

 D844/73-81, 83 No. 1 Marine Colliery 1914-1934 

 D844/73  Mar 1914-Jan 1915 

 D844/74  Jan 1915-Dec 1915 

 D844/75  Jul 1917-Oct 1918 

 D844/76  Apr 1920-Sep 1921 

 D844/77  Jul 1922-Jun 1923 

 D844/78  Jun 1924-May 1925 

 D844/79  Jun 1925-Feb 1927 

 D844/80  Aug 1930-Apr 1931 

 D844/81  Dec 1931-Sep 1932 

 D844/83  Mar 1934-May 1934 

 D844/84-93 No. 2 Marine Colliery 1914-1932 

 D844/84  Dec 1914-Oct 1915 

 D844/85  Oct 1915-Mar 1916 

 D844/86  Mar 1916-Mar 1917 

 D844/87  May 1919-Apr 1920 

 D844/88  May 1920-Nov 1921 

 D844/89  Sep 1923-Oct 1924 

 D844/90  Oct 1924-Dec 1925 

 D844/91  Dec 1925-Dec 1927 

 D844/92  Nov 1929-Sep 1930 

 D844/93  Aug 1931-Sep 1932 

 D844/94-106 No. 1 Waunllwyd Colliery 1914-1934 

 D844/94  Mar 1914-Jan 1915 

 D844/95  Jan 1915-Sep 1915 

 D844/96  Sep 1916-Jun 1917 

 D844/97  Jun 1917-Jul 1918 

 D844/98  Oct 1920-Mar 1922 

 D844/99  Mar 1922-Feb 1923 

 D844/100  Jan 1924-Dec 1924 

 D844/101  Feb 1925-Dec 1925 

 D844/102  Jul 1927-Feb 1928 

 D844/103  Apr 1929-May 1929 

 D844/104  May 1929-Jan 1930 

 D844/105  Jan 1930-Jun 1930 

 D844/106  Apr 1934-Sep 1934 

 D844/82, 107-112 No. 2 Waunllwyd Colliery 1915-1933 

 D844/107  Aug 1915-Mar 1916 

 D844/108  Mar 1917-Oct 1917 

 D844/109  Dec 1920-May 1922 

 D844/110  Mar 1924-Feb 1925 

 D844/111  Jul 1931-Apr 1932 

 D844/82  Apr 1932-Sep 1932 

 D844/112  Sep 1932-Apr 1933 

 D844/113-116 Prince of Wales Colliery 1923-1930 

 D844/113  May 1923-May 1924 

 D844/114  Nov 1924-Jun 1925 

 D844/115  Jul 1925-Dec 1929 

 D844/116  Dec 1925-May 1930 

 D844/117 By Product, Red Ash and Clay Level 1920-1926 

 D844/117  Jul 1920-May 1926 

 D844/118-120 Red Ash Level 1913-1923 

 D844/118  Dec 1913-Dec 1914, Mar 1919 

 D844/119  Apr 1919-Dec 1921 

 D844/120  Jan 1921-Dec 1923 

 D844/121 No. 5 Victoria 1916-1917 

 D844/121  Feb 1916-May 1917 

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