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St Woolos Cathedral, Newport.
St Woolos Parish Church, Newport.
Newport, St Woolos Parish Church and Cathedral, Records
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Biographical/Historical note

St. Woolos, Newport was an ancient parish in the county of Monmouthshire. The church, situated on Stow Hill, was also known as "Stow Church" in the 18th century. The parish covered a large area on the western side of the river Usk; during the 19th century, because of increases in population several new parishes were formed from parts of St. Woolos parish.

The Diocese of Monmouth was formed in 1921. St Woolos Parish Church, Newport, became the pro-cathedral of the diocese in 1929 before attaining full cathedral status in 1949. The daughter churches to St Woolos were St Luke's (which closed in 1984) and St Martin's in the Gaer (opened during the 1950s).

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Scope and Contents note

Records of the parish church of St Woolos (later Cathedral).

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

 Gwent Archives

Conditions Governing Access note

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Conditions Governing Use note

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Custodial History note

The records of Accession 4779 and St Woolos were collected from two locations within the Cathedral building: the Administrator's Office and the office in the basement next to the new Parish Hall.

Accruals note

Accruals are expected

Immediate Source of Acquisition note

Accession 1812 (DPA100/1-41).

Accession 4779: DPA100/I/1/1-25 DPA100/I/2/1-4 DPA100/I/3/1-12 DPA100/CW/1/1/1-21 DPA100/CW/1/2/1-11 DPA100/CW/1/3/1-12 DPA100/CW/1/4/1-11 DPA100/CW/1/5/1-3 DPA100/CW/2/1-21 DPA100/CW/3/1-2 DPA100/CW/3/3/1-10 DPA100/CW/3/4-5 DPA100/CW/4/1-4 DPA100/CW/5/1-15 DPA100/PCC/1/1-16 DPA100/PCC/2/1-6 DPA100/CA/1/1-3 DPA100/CA/2/1 DPA100/CA/3/1-4 DPA100/CA/4/1-4 DPA100/CA/5/1-5 DPA100/CA/5/6/1-4 DPA100/CA/5/7 DPA100/CA/6/1-6 DPA100/CA/7/1 DPA100/CA/8/1-12 DPA100/CA/9/1-11 DPA100/CA/10/1-20 DPA100/CA/10/21/1-9 DPA100/CA/10/22-24 DPA100/CO/1/1-5 DPA100/CO/2/1 DPA100/CO/3/1-2 DPA100/CO/4/1 DPA100/CO/5/1 DPA100/CO/6/1 DPA100/CO/7/1 DPA100/CO/8/1 DPA100/CH/1/1-3 DPA100/CH/2/1 DPA100/VE/1-3 DPA100/VC/1-3 DPA100/MS/1-10

Acc 6339: DPA100/CA/5/8-9

Appraisal note

Records have been appraised along the lines of the Gwent Archives Collection and Appraisal Policies.

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Related Materials

Related Archival Materials note

Further records regarding St Woolos are to be found in the collection of the daughter church, St Luke's, DPA157

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Other Finding Aids note

Copies of finding aids are available at Gwent Archives. Indexed transcripts of the registers of baptism (1702-1742, 1769-1905), marriage (1702-1749, 1754-1900) and burial (1692-1743, 1769-1871) are at Gwent Archives (Research Room library).

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Collection Inventory

 DPA100/I Incumbent 

 DPA100/I/1 Registers 

 DPA100/1 Register of Baptisms 1702-1742, Marriages 1702-1749, and Burials 1702-1743 (St Woolos); Baptisms 1702-1742, Marriages 1702-1743, Burials 1702-1741 (Newport). This register also contains: List of Churchwardens 1701-1746. List of burials in 1692 on inside of back cover, copied from 'a leaf torn out of the old register' 1712. 1702-1749   1.0 volume

 DPA100/2 Register of Baptisms 1769-1802, Burials 1769-1801 (St Woolos); Baptisms and Burials 1769-1802 (Newport). 1769-1802   1.0 volume

 DPA100/3 Register of Baptisms and Burials 1803-1812   1.0 volume

 DPA100/4 Register of Baptisms and Burials (described as a 'Minute' or rough register) 1812-1825   1.0 volume

 DPA100/5 Register of Baptisms (similar in form to DPA100/4, i.e. not in legal form although each entry is signed by officiating minister; entries were copied into register DPA100/7) 1825-1831   1.0 volume

 DPA100/6 Register of Baptisms (similar in form to DPA100/4 and 5, i.e. not in legal form although each entry is signed by officiating minister; entries were copied into register DPA100/7) 1831-1839   1.0 volume

 DPA100/7 Register of Baptisms 1824-1839   1.0 volume

 DPA100/8 Register of Baptisms 1839-1847   1.0 volume

 DPA100/9 Register of Baptisms 1847-1865   1.0 volume

 DPA100/10 Register of Baptisms 1865-1886   1.0 volume

 DPA100/11 Register of Baptisms 1887-1898   1.0 volume

 DPA100/12 Register of Baptisms 1898-1905   1.0 volume

 DPA100/13 Register of Baptisms 1905-1918   1.0 volume

 DPA100/14 Register of Baptisms 1918-1931   1.0 volume

 DPA100/I/1/1 Register of Baptisms 1931-1952   1.0 volume

 DPA100/I/1/2 Register of Baptisms 1952-1969   1.0 volume

 DPA100/15 Register of Marriages and Banns 1754-1795   1.0 volume

 DPA100/16 Register of Marriages (1795-1812) and separate Banns (1795-1807) 1795-1812   1.0 volume

 DPA100/17 Register of Marriages 1813-1823   1.0 volume

 DPA100/18 Register of Marriages 1823-1832   1.0 volume

 DPA100/19 Register of Marriages 1832-1837   1.0 volume

 DPA100/20 Register of Marriages 1837-1842   1.0 volume

 DPA100/21 Register of Marriages 1842-1848   1.0 volume

 DPA100/22 Register of Marriages 1848-1854   1.0 volume

 DPA100/23 Register of Marriages 1854-1859   1.0 volume

 DPA100/24 Register of Marriages 1859-1866   1.0 volume

 DPA100/25 Register of Marriages 1866-1873   1.0 volume

 DPA100/26 Register of Marriages 1873-1881   1.0 volume

 DPA100/27 Register of Marriages 1881-1894   1.0 volume

 DPA100/28 Register of Marriages 1894-1907   1.0 volume

 DPA100/29 Register of Marriages 1907-1919   1.0 volume

 DPA100/30 Register of Marriages 1919-1930   1.0 volume

 DPA100/I/1/3 Register of Marriages 1930-1943   1.0 volume

 DPA100/I/1/4 Register of Marriages 1943-1951   1.0 volume

 DPA100/I/1/5 Register of Marriages 1951-1960   1.0 volume

 DPA100/I/1/6 Register of Marriages 1960-1964   1.0 volume

 DPA100/I/1/7 Register of Marriages 1964-1969   1.0 volume

 DPA100/I/1/8 Register of Marriages 1969-1970   1.0 volume

 DPA100/I/1/9 Register of Marriages 1970-1971   1.0 volume

 DPA100/I/1/10 Register of Marriages 1971-1973   1.0 volume

 DPA100/I/1/11 Register of Marriages 1973-1976   1.0 volume

 DPA100/I/1/12 Register of Marriages 1976-1979   1.0 volume

 DPA100/I/1/13 Register of Marriages 1979-1983   1.0 volume

 DPA100/I/1/14 Register of Marriages 1983-1987   1.0 volume

 DPA100/I/1/15 Register of Marriages 1988-1992   1.0 volume

 DPA100/I/1/16 Banns of Marriage Register (Inc details of fees inside back cover) 1974-1978   1.0 volume

 DPA100/I/1/17 Banns of Marriage Register 1978-1983   1.0 volume

 DPA100/I/1/18 Banns of Marriage Register 1983-1995   1.0 volume

 DPA100/31 Register of Burials (rough register) 1825-1830   1.0 volume

 DPA100/32 Register of Burials (rough register) 1830-1839   1.0 volume

General note

DPA100/31 and 32 appear to be rough registers which were later copied into burial registers DPA100/33, 34 and 35.

 DPA100/33 Register of Burials 1813-1829   1.0 volume

 DPA100/34 Register of Burials 1829-1837   1.0 volume

 DPA100/35 Register of Burials (for St Woolos parish 1837-1839 on pages 3-53, and Bettws parish 1857-1859 on page 54). [The register, which has been removed from its binding, consists of pages 3 to 54. Page 54 for Bettws states that it is 'continued from page 2 of this register'. There is no page 2 but this appears to be a page which is now with the records of Bettws parish, DPA51/4 which also contains the remainder of this register.] 1837-1839, 1857-1859   1.0 volume

 DPA100/36 Register of Burials 1839-1847   1.0 volume

 DPA100/37 Register of Burials 1847-1851   1.0 volume

 DPA100/38 Register of Burials 1851-1858   1.0 volume

 DPA100/39 Register of Burials 1858-1871   1.0 volume

 DPA100/40 Register of Burials 1871-1882   1.0 volume

 DPA100/I/1/19 Temporary Registers of Burials for Newport and St Woolos Cemetery 1854-1872   7.0 items

 DPA100/I/1/22 Register of Services 1966-1971   1.0 volume

 DPA100/I/1/23 Visitors' Book 1915-1954   1.0 volume

 DPA100/I/1/24 Visitors' Book 1954-1966   1.0 volume

 DPA100/I/1/25 Visitors' Book 1967-1972   1.0 volume

Registers - St Luke's Church 

 DPA100/I/1/20 Temporary Register of Baptisms solemnized in St Luke's 1877-1922   1.0 volume

 DPA100/I/1/21 Temporary Register of Baptisms solemnized in St Luke's 1922-1984   1.0 volume

 DPA100/I/2 Correspondence 

 DPA100/I/2/1 Parochial Quota Assessments and Returns with associated correspondence 1969-1978 

 DPA100/I/2/2 Letter from Archbishop's Registrar to Dean of Monmouth re: confirmation of the election of the Bishop of Monmouth as Bishop of Llandaff 1971 

 DPA100/I/2/3 Letter from Harold Brakspear, Architect to the Archdeacon of Monmouth re: his suggestions as St Woolos was being adapted in order to become a Cathedral 1927   1.0 item

 DPA100/I/2/4 Trust Graves: correspondence 1970-1992 

 DPA100/I/3 Miscellaneous 

 DPA100/I/3/1 Baptism Roll 1976-1981   1.0 item

 DPA100/I/3/2 Banns Certificate published at St John the Evangelist, Maindee 1976   1.0 item

 DPA100/I/3/3 Counterfoils from Banns Certificates 1976-1997 

 DPA100/I/3/4 Counterfoils from Marriage Certificates 1943-1990 

 DPA100/I/3/5 Marriage Allegations 1959-1980 

 DPA100/I/3/6 Record of Registers and 'Preacher Books' held by St Woolos 1971 

 DPA100/I/3/7 Notebook with details of collections 1974   1.0 volume

 DPA100/I/3/8 Act Book of the Dean and Chapter of the Diocese of Monmouth 1930-1986   1.0 volume

 DPA100/I/3/9 Act Book of the Dean and Chapter of the Diocese of Monmouth 1986   1.0 volume

 DPA100/I/3/10 Lists of Sidesmen and other elected positions 1971-1975 

 DPA100/I/3/11 Papers on Redemption of Tithe Rent Charge. Inc list of Tithepayers 1897-1912 

 DPA100/I/3/12 Marriage Licences 1987-1990   2.0 items

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 DPA100/CW Churchwardens 

General note

See parish register DPA100/1 for a list of Churchwardens 1701-1746.

 DPA100/CW/1 Fabric 

 DPA100/CW/1/1 General 

 DPA100/CW/1/1/1 Plans and correspondence re: work on Choir Stalls 1971-1972 

 DPA100/CW/1/1/2 Inventories of Church Plates and Ornaments, Drawings, Parish Registers, Records c.1975 

 DPA100/CW/1/1/3 Correspondence re: Fabric of the Church 1982 

 DPA100/CW/1/1/4 Correspondence re: Fabric of the Church 1986-1987 

 DPA100/CW/1/1/5 Leaflets re: Proposed Restoration and Enlargement of the Church (St Woolos), by Mr George E. Halliday FRIBA MRSA c.1912   2.0 items

 DPA100/CW/1/1/6 Miscellaneous papers: mainly regards the fabric of St Woolos 1959-1988 

 DPA100/CW/1/1/7 Miscellaneous Papers on the Fabric of St Martins in the Gaer 1990-2000 

 DPA100/CW/1/1/8 Miscellaneous papers on the Fabric of St Woolos 1989-1990 

 DPA100/CW/1/1/9 Proposals etc re: St Woolos' Bells including: 3rd and 10th Annual Reports of St Woolos' Guild for the Promotion of Bell Ringing, 1873-4 and 1880-1; estimates for augmenting the peal of bells, 1880, 1892-4, 1907 and 1937; and 3 photographs (b/w) c1894, one showing bell with inscription and two identical images of workmen with bell frames 1873-1937 

 DPA100/CW/1/1/10 Correspondence re: work on the Bishop's Throne 1931 

 DPA100/CW/1/1/11 St Woolos Cathedral Parish Inventory: schedules of registers; documents; church plate; communion linen and vestments etc. Visitations held in 1971, 1974, 1977, 1981 and 1985. Relates to St Woolos and daughter churches. c.1971-1985 

 DPA100/CW/1/1/12 Schedules: Church Plate and Ornaments, Parish Registers inter alia 1971 

 DPA100/CW/1/1/13 St Woolos Pew Rents: correspondence re: scheme for abolition of pew rents 1930-1939 

 DPA100/CW/1/1/14 Burial Grounds papers including: opening of Burial Ground in St Woolos, 1853-1859; removal of bodies in connection with tramway works, 1901-1904; and exchange of old cemetery chapel and premises in Clifton Road, Newport, for plot of ground on the corner of Clifton Road and Clifton Place, Newport, 1938 1853-1938 

 DPA100/CW/1/1/15 Building Programme Schemes 1981-1994 

 DPA100/CW/1/1/16 Correspondence file re: proposed Chancel altar 1995-1996 

 DPA100/CW/1/1/17 Minutes of St Woolos Cathedral Fabric Advisory Committee 1996-1998 

 DPA100/CW/1/1/18 Catalogue of all the books left in the Cottle Bequest to the Cathedral Library 1996 

 DPA100/CW/1/1/19 Valuations for Insurance Purposes of Portraits of Archbishops and Bishops. Information of the Restoration of portraits is included as well as an Inventory of records in the Cathedral Library 1991-1997 

 DPA100/CW/1/1/20 Correspondence File: Fabric Advisory Committee 1996-1997 

 DPA100/CW/1/1/21 Plans re: proposed extension (Includes plans for removal of human remains) 1959-1989 

 DPA100/CW/1/2 Cathedral Organ 

 DPA100/CW/1/2/1 Miscellaneous papers on Cathedral Organ including: - Correspondence and papers re: early consideration of future of Cathedral organ, c.1992-c.1994 - Plans, drawings and specifications re: rebuilding of organ, and papers re: launch of appeal, c.1990-c.1995 c.1990-c.1995 

 DPA100/CW/1/2/2 Organ Committee Minutes and Correspondence 1994-1995 

 DPA100/CW/1/2/3 Organ Appeal: Correspondence and Minutes 1995-1996 

 DPA100/CW/1/2/4 Organ Appeal: Correspondence, Press Releases and papers re: launch of Appeal 1995 

 DPA100/CW/1/2/5 Correspondence file: Organ Appeal 1996 

 DPA100/CW/1/2/6 Correspondence file for the Organ Appeal 1995-1996 

 DPA100/CW/1/2/7 Agenda and Minutes of the Organ Appeal Committee 1995-1996 

 DPA100/CW/1/2/8 Plans of the proposed Organ Casework and Console positions 1996 

 DPA100/CW/1/2/9 Correspondence re: Organ Restoration including description of organ and plans 1878-1914 

 DPA100/CW/1/2/10 Papers re: Applications for faculties for rebuilding the organ 1994-1996 

 DPA100/CW/1/2/11 Correspondence and Contract for the maintenance and tuning of the organ 1965-1967   1.0 item

 DPA100/CW/1/3 Church Hall 

 DPA100/CW/1/3/1 Correspondence on Fabric of Cathedral; mainly proposed Church Hall Extension 1984-1992 

 DPA100/CW/1/3/2 Specification for proposed Parish Hall at St Woolos for the PCC 1991 

 DPA100/CW/1/3/3 Correspondence re: lighting for proposed Parish Hall. Plus report on structural condition of St Luke's Church, Newport 1980-1991 

 DPA100/CW/1/3/4 Papers re: Tender for Hall Extension 1991 

 DPA100/CW/1/3/5 Correspondence and papers (many from architect) re: proposed Parish Hall 1988-1992 

 DPA100/CW/1/3/6 Letters, invoices, plans etc re: St Woolos Parish Hall 1972-1973 

 DPA100/CW/1/3/7 Correspondence re: Building Work taking place at St Woolos including for the proposed extension 1984-1991 

 DPA100/CW/1/3/8 Papers re: Cathedral Extension Appeal including potted history of St Woolos, Order of Service and correspondence 1959-1960 

 DPA100/CW/1/3/9 Correspondence file re: work to the fabric of St Woolos; mainly proposed New Hall at Cathedral 1986-1992 

 DPA100/CW/1/3/10 Church and Church Hall: Fire Insurance Policies, with associated correspondence 1966-1975 

 DPA100/CW/1/3/11 Correspondence file re: work on the new parish hall and maintenance around the cathedral 1992-1993 

 DPA100/CW/1/3/12 Correspondence file re: work on the new parish hall 1991-1992 

 DPA100/CW/1/4 Photographs 

 DPA100/CW/1/4/1 Photographs (b/w) of St Woolos including: a bell; the pulpit; the pulpit; the altar; the nave; the pews; the font; a golden eagle; an altar 20th century   8.0 items

 DPA100/CW/1/4/2 Photographs (b/w) of exterior of St Woolos with labourers working in churchyard c.1978-c.1983   4.0 items

 DPA100/CW/1/4/3 Photographs (x3) (b/w) of Exterior of St Woolos with covering note c.1970 

 DPA100/CW/1/4/4 Photograph (b/w) of the exterior of St Woolos Undated   1.0 item

 DPA100/CW/1/4/5 Photographs (b/w) of both St Woolos Interior and Exterior c.1959   31.0 items

 DPA100/CW/1/4/6 Photograph album containing colour photographs documenting the erection of the new Cathedral Church Hall 1991-1992 

 DPA100/CW/1/4/7 Photographs (Colour) showing Interior and Exterior shots of St Woolos Cathedral and its fabric c.1998   17.0 items

 DPA100/CW/1/4/8 Album of Photographs (Colour) showing interior and exterior shots of the Cathedral c.1980-c.1990   1.0 volumes

 DPA100/CW/1/4/9 Album of Photographs (Colour) showing interior and exterior shots of St Luke's Church including ornaments c.1980-c.1984   1.0 volumes

 DPA100/CW/1/4/10 Postcards (b/w) of St Woolos: 1 exterior shot; 1 interior shot c.1917-c.1926   2.0 items

 DPA100/CW/1/4/11 Photographs (Colour - on Microsoft Word Document on CD) of Tower at St Woolos and work carried out on removing loose stones 2006   1.0 item

 DPA100/CW/1/5 Maps 

 DPA100/CW/1/5/1 Aerial Plan of St Woolos Cathedral (Scale 1:1250) c.1960   1.0 item

 DPA100/CW/1/5/2 OS Plan of Cathedral: Planning Extract (Scale 1:1250) 1997   1.0 item

 DPA100/CW/1/5/3 OS Plan ST3087NE: Annotations highlight church property c.1969   1.0 item

 DPA100/CW/2 Financial 

 DPA100/CW/2/1 St Woolos Church Hall: Receipts and Payments Book 1964-1967   1.0 volume

 DPA100/CW/2/2 St Woolos Cathedral Churchwarden's Receipts and Payments Book 1967-1969   1.0 volume

 DPA100/CW/2/3 St Woolos Investments Book 1968-1972   1.0 volume

 DPA100/CW/2/4 St Woolos Receipts and Payments Book 1939-1966   1.0 volume

 DPA100/CW/2/5 Analysis of Accounts 1958-1963   1.0 volume

 DPA100/CW/2/6 Receipts and Vouchers 1972 

 DPA100/CW/2/7 Cash Book 1924-1963   1.0 volume

 DPA100/CW/2/8 Churchwarden's Statement of Accounts 1942-1947 

 DPA100/CW/2/9 Churchwarden's Statement of Accounts 1967   1.0 item

 DPA100/CW/2/10 Churchwarden's Accounts 1969-1972   1.0 volume

 DPA100/CW/2/11 Dean and Chapter of the Cathedral: Statement of Accounts 1930-1983   1.0 volume

 DPA100/CW/2/12 Churchwarden's Cashbook 1935-1956   1.0 volume

 DPA100/CW/2/13 Cathedral Church Parish Accounts 1954-1967   1.0 volume

 DPA100/CW/2/14 St Woolos, Churchwarden's Cash Book 1956-1978   1.0 volume

 DPA100/CW/2/15 Parish Accounts 1969-1971   1.0 volume

 DPA100/CW/2/16 Churchwarden's Accounts 1972-1976   1.0 volume

 DPA100/CW/2/17 Receipts and Vouchers 1976 

 DPA100/CW/2/18 Papers re: the sale of property in Waters Lane, Newport 1972-1982 

 DPA100/CW/2/19 Papers re: bequest by Stanley John James Trowbridge of 40 Preston Avenue, Newport, to the vicar and churchwardens of the Cathedral Church of St Woolos, including: copy of will; statements of accounts; and confidential report to the PCC 1979-1981 

 DPA100/CW/2/20 St Woolos Foreign Missions: Account 1941-1942   2.0 items

 DPA100/CW/2/21 Vouchers and correspondence re: Dr H.E. Williams' Benefaction: spent on two new bells and memorial tablet and purchase of war stock 1938-1939 

 DPA100/CW/3 Faculties 

 DPA100/CW/3/1 Faculty with accompanying letter for the removal of gravestones in the churchyard in order to extend the Cathedral on the north side with a small hall 1989   3.0 items

 DPA100/CW/3/2 Faculty plus correspondence re: Installation and Alteration of Electric Lights, and the Music Cupboard in Choir Vestry 1952-1953   10.0 items

 DPA100/CW/3/3 Faculties and Licence 1854-1969 

 DPA100/CW/3/3/1 Erecting a new pulpit and prayer desk, re-lighting the church, and alterations and re-arrangements in the churchyard (with invoice for preparing documents) 13 Oct 1885   1.0 item

 DPA100/CW/3/3/2 Completion of peal of six bells, repairs to belfry etc. 15 Mar 1894   2.0 items

 DPA100/CW/3/3/3 Re-positioning of choir, provision of seats, and provision of small organ for choir (with receipt for fees) 10 Oct 1900   1.0 item

 DPA100/CW/3/3/4 Removal of graves from the portion of St Woolos' closed burial ground required by Newport Corporation for works in connection with the widening of Clifton Road, and the extension of Newport Corporation's Electric Tramways up Stow Hill, 13 June 1904 (Enclosed: Letter from Frederick J Smith, Diocesan Registrar, to the Revd B Lloyd, St Woolos Vicarage, accompanying the faculty, 14 June 1904) 1904   2.0 items

 DPA100/CW/3/3/5 Erection of oak reredos in memory of Henry John Davis, died 5 April 1903, a churchyard of St Woolos Parish for thirty-one years, 20 July 1904. (Enclosed: (1) Copy citatory decree re: reredos, 7 July 1904; and (2) Letter and invoice re: obtaining faculty, 20 July 1904) 1904   3.0 items

 DPA100/CW/3/3/6 'A complete Scheme of Repair of the whole Fabric of the Parish Church of St Woolos ...' , including enlarging the clergy vestry and heating chamber, and removing the present modern roof over the chancel, 28 July 1914. (Enclosed: Letter from the Diocesan Registrar to the Vicar of St Woolos re: faculty and fees, 29 July 1914) 1914   2.0 items

 DPA100/CW/3/3/7 Installation of stained glass window in the north aisle of St Luke's Church, parish of St Woolos, in memory of Robert John Parsons, sidesman (died 3 Dec. 1923) 30 Oct 1924   1.0 item

 DPA100/CW/3/3/8 Installation of two treble bells, in addition to the present peal of ten, with memorial tablet to Dr Herbert Egerton Williams (1859-1958), sidesman and 'most generous benefactor to this Church' 31 Jul 1939   1.0 item

 DPA100/CW/3/3/9 St Luke's Church: Two stained glass windows designed by Mr Frank Roper of Penarth, 23 Aug 1969. (Enclosed: (1) Letter from the Diocesan Registrar to the Dean of Monmouth re: faculty, 8 Sep 1969; and (2) Copy letter from the vicar's warden to the Diocesan Registrar, stating that the windows have been fitted in the church, 1 Nov 1969) 1969   3.0 items

 DPA100/CW/3/3/10 Licence for the burial of the dead after the discontinuance of burials in the parish churchyard from 1 May [1855], pending the provision of a cemetery in the parish of St Woolos containing about twenty acres, 'one half of which is intended to be consecrated as soon as the Chapel Fences and other requisite Buildings shall be completed' 25 April 1854 

 DPA100/CW/3/4 Grants of Faculty 2000-2002   12.0 items

 DPA100/CW/3/5 Application for a Faculty for the removal of gravestones, with associated plans 1989 

 DPA100/CW/4 Visitation Papers 

 DPA100/CW/4/1 Papers on Visitations by the Archdeacon and Bishop respectively 1971-1975 

 DPA100/CW/4/2 Quinquennial Reports and Papers on the Fabric of St Woolos 1989-1994 

 DPA100/CW/4/3 Quinquennial Report for St Martin-in-the-Gaer 1993   1.0 item

 DPA100/CW/4/4 Quinquennial Report for St Woolos Cathedral 1993   1.0 item

 DPA100/CW/5 Correspondence 

 DPA100/CW/5/1 Churchwarden's Correspondence, including Order of Service for Queen's Silver Jubilee 1967-1992 

 DPA100/CW/5/2 Approvals by Representative Body of the Church in Wales 1992-2004 

 DPA100/CW/5/3 Correspondence, estimates and invoices; schedules of maintenance items; and plans 1968-1971 

 DPA100/CW/5/4 Correspondence re: marriage licence fees; list of Fabric Advisory Committee members; supplementary notes on parochial expenses of the clergy 1989-1996 

 DPA100/CW/5/5 Miscellaneous papers including: - Correspondence re: 1-3 Waters Lane, Newport, 1968-1971 - Cathedral: Summary of Major Maintenance undertaken 1985-1990 and Planned Programme (for the Period 1991-2010), 1991 -Part plan of Choir and Organ Chamber, 1995 1968-1995 

 DPA100/CW/5/6 Insurance Policies and related papers, including: the Mission Room, Waters Lane, Newport; and St Martin in the Gaer Church Hall c.1957-c.1974 

 DPA100/CW/5/7 Insurance: Correspondence and Insurance Policies 1963-1973 

 DPA100/CW/5/8 Dr Herbert Egerton Williams, deceased: letter and statement of Realisation and Distribution of his estate 1938-1939 

 DPA100/CW/5/9 Correspondence re: Piper Drawings deposited with Diocesan Archives 1998-1999 

 DPA100/CW/5/10 Correspondence between the Representative Body of the Church in Wales and the Churchwarden of St Woolos re: Right of Common 1967   2.0 items

 DPA100/CW/5/11 Letter from the Representative Body of the Church in Wales re: Fund for St Woolos Churchyard. (Enclosed is an extract of a letter to the Dean of Monmouth in 1940 and Accounts of the Fund 1943) 1940-1943   3.0 items

 DPA100/CW/5/12 Correspondence re: CADW listing of the Deanery and the Lychgate 2000 

 DPA100/CW/5/13 Correspondence and papers re: Grant Aid for Welsh Cathedrals 1991-1994 

 DPA100/CW/5/14 Correspondence re: legacies left to St Woolos, mainly concerning one of Miss Isabel Mary Wring 1972-1974 

 DPA100/CW/5/15 Correspondence and Schedules re: property belonging to the church 1964-1972 

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 DPA100/PCC Parochial Church Council 

 DPA100/PCC/1 PCC 

 DPA100/PCC/1/1 Declarations to be signed and attendance 1952-1970   1.0 volume

 DPA100/PCC/1/2 Declarations to be signed and attendance 1971-1998   1.0 volume

 DPA100/PCC/1/3 Minutes 1931-1958   1.0 volume

 DPA100/PCC/1/4 Minutes 1958-1970   1.0 volume

 DPA100/PCC/1/5 Minutes 1970-1971 

 DPA100/PCC/1/6 Minutes 1970-1982 

 DPA100/PCC/1/7 Minutes 1970-1979 

 DPA100/PCC/1/8 Minutes (Including Annual Vestry 1989) 1989-1990 

 DPA100/PCC/1/9 Minutes (Including Annual Reports and Accounts, 1997) 1996 

 DPA100/PCC/1/10 Agenda and Minutes (Including correspondence 1995-1996) 1995-1997 

 DPA100/PCC/1/11 PCC Minutes and Finance Committee Minutes 1985-1987 

 DPA100/PCC/1/12 PCC Building and Works Sub-committee/Finance Sub-committee and PCC Fabric Sub-committee including Agenda, Reports and Correspondence 1988-1996 

 DPA100/PCC/1/13 "Annual Vestry 1999:" PCC Reports 1998-1999   1.0 item

 DPA100/PCC/1/14 Correspondence file including minutes 1991-1993 

 DPA100/PCC/1/15 Correspondence file including minutes 1983-1992 

 DPA100/PCC/1/16 PCC Budget Review with Accounts 1994-1995 

 DPA100/PCC/2 Finance Sub-committee 

 DPA100/PCC/2/1 Agenda, Minutes, Reports and Miscellaneous Papers 1991-1996 

 DPA100/PCC/2/2 Minutes 1960-1982   1.0 volume

 DPA100/PCC/2/3 Minutes 1982   1.0 volume

 DPA100/PCC/2/4 Minutes and Analyses of Expenditure 1982-1990 

 DPA100/PCC/2/5 Agenda, Minutes, Reports, Accounts, Plans and other papers c.1993-1996 

 DPA100/PCC/2/6 Correspondence File including Agenda and Minutes 1988-1994 

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 DPA100/CA Church Affairs 

 DPA100/CA/1 Decrees, Orders and Mandates 

 DPA100/CA/1/1 Photocopies of Decrees transferring portions of St Woolos parish to neighbouring parishes and vice versa 1993 

 DPA100/CA/1/2 Mandate for the Installation of the Reverend Canon Kenneth William Sharpe BA to the Archdeaconry of Newport, with letter enclosed 1997   2.0 items

 DPA100/CA/1/3 Mandates for the Induction and Installation of various clergy to canonries 1962-1988 

 DPA100/CA/2 Confirmation Registers 

 DPA100/CA/2/1 Confirmation Register 1926-1973   1.0 volume

 DPA100/41 Provisional list of Confirmations in the Diocese of Monmouth 1934 

 DPA100/CA/3 Electoral Rolls 

 DPA100/CA/3/1 Electoral Roll 1920-1972   1.0 volume

 DPA100/CA/3/2 Electoral Roll (Duplicate of DPA100/CA/3/1 with annotations) with enclosures: declarations of entitlements to be on Electoral Roll 1920-1972   1.0 volume

 DPA100/CA/3/3 Electoral Roll 1973-1974   1.0 volume

 DPA100/CA/3/4 Applications for inclusion on the Electoral Roll of the parish 1995-1999 

 DPA100/CA/4 Plans and Maps 

 DPA100/CA/4/1 Map of Cathedral and surrounding area (Scale 1:2500) c.1997   1.0 item

 DPA100/CA/4/2 Photocopies of Section Drawings of St Woolos Church c.1920 

 DPA100/CA/4/3 Plans and sketches of the layout of the Choir Stalls c.1971 

 DPA100/CA/4/4 Cathedral Seating Plan 1972   1.0 item

 DPA100/CA/5 Parish Magazines 

 DPA100/CA/5/1 St Woolos Parish Magazines (Large gaps in sequence) 1894-1931 

 DPA100/CA/5/2 Parish Magazines (Poor condition) 1907-1911 

 DPA100/CA/5/3 Parish Leaflet 1935   1.0 item

 DPA100/CA/5/4 St Woolos Parish Leaflets 1936-1947 

 DPA100/CA/5/5 St Woolos Parish Magazines 1948-1958 

 DPA100/CA/5/6/1-4 Parish Magazines 1963, 1970-1972   4.0 items

 DPA100/CA/5/6/1 Dec 1963   1.0 item

 DPA100/CA/5/6/2 Oct 1970   1.0 item

 DPA100/CA/5/6/3 Oct 1971   1.0 item

 DPA100/CA/5/6/4 Jan 1972   1.0 item

 DPA100/CA/5/7 Parish Magazine 1991   1.0 item

 DPA100/CA/5/8 St Woolos Quarterly: The Newsletter of Newport Cathedral (Newyddion Gadeirlan Casnewydd) - Summer/Haf 2017   1.0 item

 DPA100/CA/5/9 St Woolos Quarterly: The Newsletter of Newport Cathedral (Newyddion Gadeirlan Casnewydd) - Autumn/Hydref 2017   1.0 item

 DPA100/CA/6 Other Periodicals 

 DPA100/CA/6/1 Newspaper Cuttings and Printed including: - Cutting: "The Rev T.O. Jones is 100 today" (Undated) - Cutting: "New Bishop of Swansea and Brecon: Aberystwyth College Principal (1934) - "The Williams Press Newport Christmas Annual, 1913" - "St Woolos Church Newport" - Reprinted from the Newport Christmas Annual (1915) 1913-1934 

 DPA100/CA/6/2 Newspaper Cuttings re: Bishop at St Woolos c.1968-1972 

 DPA100/CA/6/3 Copies of Monmouth Diocesan Gazette 1963-1968 

 DPA100/CA/6/4 Book of newspaper cuttings mainly re: Church Congress in 1930 (Also includes cuttings of churches in around Newport damaged by fire) 1929-1949   1.0 volumes

 DPA100/CA/6/5 Book of newspaper cuttings re: Church Crusade, 1928 (Including Obituary of Spencer Morgan, Sercetary of Church Congress) 1928   1.0 volumes

 DPA100/CA/6/6 Copies of "The London Gazette" including notices of St Woolos and other churches/chapels in Newport 1873-1898 

 DPA100/CA/7 Programmes 

 DPA100/CA/7/1 Programmes and Tickets from Bishops' enthronements 1928-1945 

 DPA100/CA/8 Photographs 

 DPA100/CA/8/1 Photographs (b/w) of the Enthronement of Derrick Greenslade Childs as Archbishop of Wales 1983   9.0 items

 DPA100/CA/8/2 Photographs (Colour) of a clergymen and guests playing skittles c.1980-c.1985   4.0 items

 DPA100/CA/8/3 Photograph (Colour) showing Bishop taking a service c.1980-c.1990   1.0 item

 DPA100/CA/8/4 Photographs (b/w) of Enthronement of Derrick Greenslade Childs, Lord Bishop of Monmouth (Copyright: South Wales Argus) 1972 

 DPA100/CA/8/5 Photographs (Colour) showing the Magistracy's party at the Civic Centre, Cwmbran. Prizes handed out by guest of honour, Very Reverend Richard Fenwick, Dean of Monmouth 2001   6.0 items

 DPA100/CA/8/6 Photographs (Colour) showing the Very Rev Richard Fenwick, Dean of Monmouth, and Vera Brinkworth, of British Gas, lighting the Flame of Peace 1999   3.0 items

 DPA100/CA/8/7 Photographs (Colour) of the Installation of Rowan Williams as Archbishop of Wales, including one image with Alun Michael MP, Paul Murphy MP and Rhodri Morgan MP (Copyright South Wales Argus) 2000   3.0 items

 DPA100/CA/8/8 Photographs (b/w) of St Woolos including images of clergy, the congregation, bell-ringers, cathedral architecture (Photographs taken by a student at Gwent College of Higher Education during a project completed in 1996) c.1996   20.0 items

 DPA100/CA/8/9 Photographs (Colour x 6; b/w x 1) of Clergy and the altar around the time of the consecration of the Bishop of Bangor on 15 January 2000 c.2000   7.0 items

 DPA100/CA/8/10 Album of Photographs (Mainly b/w) showing important events in the Cathedral, such as a Royal Visit and the enthronement of Dr Edwin Morris as Archbishop of Wales c.1970-c.1990   1.0 volumes

 DPA100/CA/8/11 Proofs (b/w) of Royal Visit by Queen Elizabeth II to St Woolos c.1960-c.1970   9.0 items

 DPA100/CA/8/12 Postcards (b/w) of the Cathedral c.1926   2.0 items

 DPA100/CA/9 Miscellaneous 

 DPA100/CA/9/1 Ephemera including: - Poster for the Gaer Show (1963) - Certificate and Rosette for the Cathedral winning their class in Newport in Bloom (1997) - Cheque to Dr A.E. Morris, Bishop (1967) - Licence granted by Newport CBC to Ben Gibbs to supply the Cathedral with coal (1945) - Order of Service for Evensong to be sung by Cathedral Choir in Tewkesbury Abbey (1972) 1945-1997 

 DPA100/CA/9/2 Musical Score commissioned by Christopher Barton and the choir of St Woolos Cathedral for the St Woolos Festival 1989 with funding provided by the Welsh Arts Council 1989   1.0 item

 DPA100/CA/9/3 Musical Score for the St Woolos Service Evening Canticle in B minor 1981   1.0 item

 DPA100/CA/9/4 Miscellaneous papers including: Annual Vestry Accounts; Paperwork on fees paid for weddings; Electoral Roll; Paperwork and correspondence with Newport Register Office; correspondence with Office of the Data Protection Registrar 1976-1997 

 DPA100/CA/9/5 Copy Deed of Augmentation (with plan inscribed on deed) by which the Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol annexes to the parish church of Newport, a parcel of ground measuring three roods, being part of a close of pasture land known as Caer Ffynon. The vicar of St Woolos to receive an annual sum of one shilling in respect of this land. 1. James Henry, Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol, patron of the vicarage of Newport and Rector ofthe rectory of Newport 2. William Lord, Archbishop of Canterbury 3. Revd Anthony Allett Isaacson, Vicar of Newport 13 Dec 1839   1.0 item

 DPA100/CA/9/6 A Short guide to St Woolos Cathedral c.1966   1.0 item

 DPA100/CA/9/7 The Scheme of the Cathedral Church of Monmouth c.1970   1.0 item

 DPA100/CA/9/8 Funeral arrangements for Bishop Eryl Thomas (Bishop of Monmouth 1968-1971) 1991 

 DPA100/CA/9/9 Booklet entitled "St Woolos Church: Its services, organ and organists," by J.A. Gaccon, FRCO c.1926   1.0 item

 DPA100/CA/9/10 Leaflet for Visitors to St Woolos Cathedral 1998   1.0 item

 DPA100/CA/9/11 "Music in the Cathedral:" Minutes and Grant forms re: gaining grant from Arts Council for St Woolos Cathedral Festival of Music 1966 

 DPA100/CA/10 Orders of Services 

 DPA100/CA/10/1 Orders of Service for: - Enthronement of Derrick Greenslade Childs as Bishop of Monmouth, 1972 - Ordination and Consecration of Alwyn Rice Jones, Bishop of St Asaph, 1982 - Enthronement of Derrick Greenslade Childs as Archbishop of Wales, 1983 - Enthronement of Rowan Williams as Bishop of Monmouth, 1992 1972-1992   4.0 items

 DPA100/CA/10/2 Order of Service for Civic Service on the occasion of the official attendance of Graham Powell, Chairman of the Gwent County Council 1980   1.0 item

 DPA100/CA/10/3 Order of Service to launch the Parochial Phase of the Diamond Jubilee Endowment Fund 1981   1.0 item

 DPA100/CA/10/4 Order of Service for Inauguration of Gwent CC, plus accompanying notes 1974 

 DPA100/CA/10/5 Orders of Services for: - Winston Churchill, 1965 - 50th Anniversary of the Junior Red Cross Society, 1974 - Dedication Festival for Mothering Sunday, c1979 - Memorial Day Service for Holocaust, 2008 - The Presentation of the St Luke Icon by the Newport/Kutaisi Twinning Association, 2007 - Annual Evensong for the Order of St Woolos, 2008 - Thanksgiving and Remembrance on St Luke's Day, attended by members of the South Gwent Breast Cancer Support Group, 2000 - Carol Service for the South Wales Fire Service, 1999 - "Raised Voices": recording for HTV, 2000 1965-2008   9.0 items

 DPA100/CA/10/6 Order of Service for Enthronement of Derrick Archbishop of Wales 1983   1.0 item

 DPA100/CA/10/7 Orders of Service for: - The Collation and Installation of the Venerable Ronald Glyndwr Hackett, BA as Archdeacon of Newport, and the Reverend Canon Richard Edward Pain, BA, BDAS Archdeacon of Monmouth - To celebrate Magor's Civic Sunday and UK Armed Forces Day 2008   2.0 items

 DPA100/CA/10/8 Order of Service for the Dedication of the copy of the Welsh National Book of Remembrance 1967   1.0 item

 DPA100/CA/10/9 Orders of Service for: - Diocesan Farewell Service to Dr A.E. Morris, Lord Bishop of Wales and Bishop of Monmouth, 1967 - Remembrance Service for Alfred Edwin Morris, 1971 - The Life and Work of the Diocese of Monmouth (founded on 18 October, 1921), 1971 1967-1971 

 DPA100/CA/10/10 Order of Service for the Autumn Festival of the Guild of Servants of the Sanctuary, held at St Woolos 2007   1.0 item

 DPA100/CA/10/11 Order of Service for a Memorial Service for Prof. Emeritus James R Lusty 2008   1.0 item

 DPA100/CA/10/12 Order of Service of Thanksgiving for the Centenary of the Territorial Army and the 90th Anniversary of the Royal Air Force 2008   1.0 item

 DPA100/CA/10/13 Order of Service for the Collation and Installation of the Reverend Jonathan Simon Williams as Canon of Monmouth together with the Collation and Admission of the Reverend Brian Maurice William Stares as Honorary Canon of Monmouth 2007   1.0 item

 DPA100/CA/10/14 Order of Service for the "Saints of Wales" Autumn Festival of the Guild of Servants of the Sanctuary 2007   1.0 item

 DPA100/CA/10/15 Order of Service for the "Knightsbridge Comes to St Woolos" Festival 2007   1.0 item

 DPA100/CA/10/16 Order of Service for the Christmas Carols and Readings for the Service Charities: The Royal British Legion, SSAFA Forces Help and the Army Benevolent Fund 2007   1.0 item

 DPA100/CA/10/17 Order of Service for the "From Darkness to Light: A processional service of Readings and Music for Advent" 2007   1.0 item

 DPA100/CA/10/18 Order of a Service of Thanksgiving for the Centenary of St Luke's Hospital for the clergy 2007   1.0 item

 DPA100/CA/10/19 Order of Service for the Investiture of Members of the Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem 2007   1.0 item

 DPA100/CA/10/20 Order of Service for Christingle Service for the Church of England's Children's Society 1973   1.0 item

 DPA100/CA/10/21 Orders of Service 1957-1974   9.0 items

 DPA100/CA/10/21/1 For Enthronement of the Most Reverend Father in God Alfred Edwin Morris, Lord Archbishop of Wales 19 Dec 1957   1.0 item

 DPA100/CA/10/21/2 For the Consecration of the Venerable John James Absalom Thomas MA, Bishop of Swansea and Brecon 25 Jan 1958   1.0 item

 DPA100/CA/10/21/3 To inaugurate the work of extending the Cathedral Church 28 Apr 1960   1.0 item

 DPA100/CA/10/21/4 In Celebration of the fortieth birthday of the Diocese of Monmouth (and dedication of new Choir Chapel) 18 Oct 1961   1.0 item

 DPA100/CA/10/21/5 For the Consecration of the Extension to the Cathedral Church of St Woolos and the Dedication of the New Furnishings 18 Oct 1963   1.0 item

 DPA100/CA/10/21/6 To mark the end of Cathedral Year 1 May 1965   1.0 item

 DPA100/CA/10/21/7 Dedication of the C. St. Ervan Johns Organ 18 Oct 1966   1.0 item

 DPA100/CA/10/21/8 For the Consecration of the Very Reverend Eryl Stephen Thomas MA as Bishop of Monmouth 29 Mar 1968   1.0 item

 DPA100/CA/10/21/9 To Commemorate and Give Thanks for the Services Rendered by the Newport County Borough Council 31 Mar 1974   1.0 item

 DPA100/CA/10/22 File containing Orders of Service, Pamphlets and Cuttings re: St Woolos 1939-1944 

 DPA100/CA/10/23 Correspondence, papers, plans, Order of Service etc re: the Installation of the Dean of Monmouth c.1973-c.1997 

 DPA100/CA/10/24 Correspondence, Draft Order of Service and Plans for the Thanksgiving Service for the Silver Jubilee 1977 

 DPA100/CA/10/25 "Form of Service for use at the Unveiling and Dedication of the War Memorial to the Officers, Non-commissioned Officers and Riflemen ofthe 1st Battalion The Monmouthshire Regiment who died for their Country in the Great War, 1914-1919." This includes a "Roll of the Fallen" 7 May 1921   1.0 item

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 DPA100/CO Church Organisations 

 DPA100/CO/1 Youth Groups 

 DPA100/CO/1/1 Booklet entitled "What happens in Our Parish, by The St Woolos Youth" 1981   1.0 items

 DPA100/CO/1/2 Photographs (b/w) of Models of Churches in the Diocese of Monmouth c.1960-c.1970   10.0 items

 DPA100/CO/1/3 Section taken from a Girls Brigade Report on Parish Organisations in St Woolos c.1980 

 DPA100/CO/1/4 Photographs (b/w) of: Girls Brigade; Bell Ringers and Bells; Youth Groups; Church Services; Clergy Visiting a Care Home; Exterior Shots of St Woolos, St Martins in the Gaer and St Luke's c.1970-c.1990 

 DPA100/CO/1/5 Photographs (Colour) of Youth Group playing pool c.1980-c.1990   2.0 items

 DPA100/CO/2 Bell Ringers 

 DPA100/CO/2/1 Certificate showing that the Church of St Woolos Cathedral is affiliated to the Llandaff and Monmouth Diocesan Association of Church Bell Ringers 2006-2007   1.0 item

 DPA100/CO/3 Monmouth Diocesan Conference 

 DPA100/CO/3/1 Agenda, Minutes and Reports 1973-1975 

 DPA100/CO/3/2 Agenda, Minutes and Reports of the Monmouth Diocesan Conference 1972-1973   3.0 items

 DPA100/CO/4 Chapter of St Woolos Cathedral 

 DPA100/CO/4/1 Correspondence re: Chapter of St Woolos Cathedral including minutes of a meeting of the Chapter 1972-1973 

 DPA100/CO/5 Gaer Sunday School 

 DPA100/CO/5/1 Accounts 1953-1971   1.0 volume

 DPA100/CO/6 St Woolos and St Luke's Institute 

 DPA100/CO/6/1 1 Bundle including: - Account Book, 1971-1975 - Bank Statements, 1970-1974 - Correspondence and other papers, c.1970-c.1975 c.1970-c.1975 

 DPA100/CO/7 Diocesan Board of Finance 

 DPA100/CO/7/1 Colour Photograph of Diocesan Board of Finance c.1991   1.0 item

 DPA100/CO/8 Miscellaneous 

 DPA100/CO/8/1 Guide to the sacraments and church organisations within the Diocese of Monmouth c.1952   1.0 item

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 DPA100/CH Charities 

 DPA100/CH/1 St Woolos Educational Foundation Fund 

 DPA100/CH/1/1 Bank Statements and Bank Book (Deposit A/C), plus chequ book counterfoils 1927-1971 

 DPA100/CH/1/2 Minutes of a Meeting of the Trustees 1991-2005 

 DPA100/CH/1/3 Receipts and Accounts 1929-1954 

 DPA100/CH/2 Welsh Church Appeal 

 DPA100/CH/2/1 St Woolos Committee Minute Book 1952-1953   1.0 volume

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 DPA100/VE Vestry (Ecclesiastical) 

 DPA100/VE/1 Easter Vestry Attendance Book 1948-1971   1.0 volume

 DPA100/VE/2 Vestry Records including Annual Reports and Accounts, Minutes, Agenda and Attendance Lists 1978-1998 

 DPA100/VE/3 Annual Vestry records including: Reports and Accounts 1984-1990 

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 DPA100/VC Vestry (Civil) 

 DPA100/VC/1 Minutes of Vestry and Ratepayers' Meeting 1838-1860   1.0 volume

 DPA100/VC/2 Minutes (note in volume: "Previous Books Lost"). Enclosures inc: Churchwarden's Statement of Accounts, Correspondence and Press Cuttings. 1853-1944   1.0 volume

 DPA100/VC/3 Minutes 1853   1.0 volume

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 DPA100/MS Miscellaneous 

 DPA100/MS/1 Statistical Returns from Royal Commission on the Church in Wales for Diocese of Llandaff, including statistics for Archdeaconry of Monmouth 1907   1.0 volume

 DPA100/MS/2 Picture (originally framed) of Canon T. Parry-Pryce? c.1938   1.0 item

 DPA100/MS/3 Portrait Photograph (b/w) of W. Conybeare Bruce, Venerable Archdeacon, a well-known amateur astronomer 1901   1.0 item

 DPA100/MS/4 Tracing by Maurice Barnes of Lychgate at St Woolos c.1990   1.0 item

 DPA100/MS/5 Copy of Picture of St Woolos Cathedral by Newport Artist, Maurice Barnes. An accompanying explanation of the picture is included c.2000   2.0 items

 DPA100/MS/6 Leaflet on Maurice Barnes and his paintings 1997   1.0 item

 DPA100/MS/7 Video on Maurice Barnes and his work 1999   1.0 item

 DPA100/MS/8 VHS Cassettes: HTV Programme "Raised Voices" 2000   2.0 items

 DPA100/MS/9 Dissertation: "St Gwynllyw (St Woolos). The Cathedral Church of the Diocese of Monmouth, Newport: A Description." By Isobel Mason 2001   1.0 item

 DPA100/MS/10 Brass Plate: "THE VERGE. THE PRO-CATHEDRAL CHURCH OF ST WOOLOS NEWPORT 1922" 1922   1.0 item

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