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Methodist Circuit Records
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Methodist Church:

Newport Circuit- Accounts, 1952-1963; Youth Council Minute Books, 1960-1974: St Julians Methodist Church, Accounts, 1914-1974.

Pontypool Circuit- Pontypool, Nicholas St. Church, Sunday School Minutes, 1936-1959, Trust Accounts, 1873-1957; Pontypool Methodist Church, Minutes, 1907-1917; Cwmavon Chapel, Minutes, 1918-1964, Register of Baptisms, 1908-1967; Pontnewynydd, Hanbury Road, minutes, 1948-1971, accounts, 1935-1974.

Wye Valley Mission, Monmouth Circuit- Minutes, 1889-1902, Accounts, 1857-1872, Plans, 1893-1896, Register of Baptisms, 1850-1888.

Chepstow Circuit: Minutes, 1850-1926, Accounts, 1857-1933, Plans, 1878-1894, Register of Baptisms, 1851-1899, Chepstow Bible Christian Event- Plans, 1882-1907, Returns, 1870-1911, Regsiter of Baptisms, 1838-1933

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Arrangement note

Records are arranged in the following way; Newport Circuit, Pontypool Circuit and Wye Valley Mission.

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  • Methodist Churches-Wales-Monmouthshire

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A hard copy catalogue is available at Gwent Archives.

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Collection Inventory

Newport Circuit 

 D1400/1 Circuit Stewards cash book 1952-1963 

 D1400/2 Circuit Youth Council minute book 1960-1974 

St Julian's Methodist Church 

 D1400/3 Church Trust account book 1957-1974 

 D1400/4 Sunday School Treasurer's account book 1914-1940 

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Pontypool Circuit 

Pontypool, Nicholas Street Church 

 D1400/5 Sunday School minute book 1936-1959 

Pontypool Primitive Methodist Church 

 D1400/6 Trust account 1873-1957 

Pontypool United Methodist Church 

 D1400/7 Church minute book 1907-1917 

Cwmavon Chapel 

 D1400/8 Trustees minute book 1918-1964 

 D1400/9 Sunday School minute book 1928-1958 

 D1400/10 Register of Baptisms 1908-1967 

Pontnewynydd, Hanbury Road Church 

 D1400/11 Trustees minute book 1948-1971 

 D1400/12 Account book, with Renovation Fund Accounts 1935-1974 

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Wye Valley Mission 

Monmouth Circuit 

 D1400/14 Quarterly Meeting Minute Book (1889-1896) Local Preachers Meeting Minute Book (1889-1896) 1889-1896 

 D1400/15 Quarterly Meeting Minute Book (1896-1902) Local Preachers Meeting Minute Book (1896-1901) 1896-1902 

 D1400/16 Quarterly Meeting Account Book (1857-1872) and Minutes (1889) 1857-1872, 1889 

 D1400/17 Circuit Plans 1893-1896 

 D1400/18 Circuit Plans, Monmouth and Ross Circuit 1970, 1974 

 D1400/19 Register of Baptisms 1850-1862 

 D1400/20 Register of Baptisms 1862-1872 

 D1400/21 Register of Baptisms 1872-1888 

Chepstow Circuit 

 D1400/22 Quarterly Meeting, minutes, accounts and minutes of Local Preachers Meeting 1889-1901 

 D1400/23 Quarterly Meeting minutes (to 1914) accounts and minutes of Local Preachers Meeting 1901-1926 

 D1400/48 Quarterly Meeting Minute Book 1914-1933 

 D1400/24 Local Preachers Meeting Minute Book 1850-1875 

 D1400/25 Local Preachers Meeting Minute Book 1878-1898 

 D1400/26 Account book (including minutes of Quarterly Meeting of 28 March 1860, 1 and 6 September 1864) 1851-1878 

 D1400/27 Account Book 1878-1902 

 D1400/28 Treasurer's Book 1907-1933 

 D1400/29 Missionary Society Collections (1863-1870) and donations and anniversary accounts (1848-1857) 1863-1870, 1848-1857 

 D1400/30 Circuit Rent Book 1879-1909 

 D1400/31 Chepstow Wesleyan Methodist Circuit Plans 1878-1882, 1884-1894, 1902 

 D1400/17 Chepstow Wesleyan Methodist Circuit Plans 1893-1896 

 D1400/32 Return of Sittings provided in Wesleyan Methodist Chapels in Chepstow Circuit 1901 

 D1400/33 Register of Baptisms 1851-1876 

 D1400/34 Register of Baptisms 1876-1899 

Chepstow Wesleyan Chapel 

 D1400/35 Trustees Minute Book 1904-1918 

Bulwark Chapel 

 D1400/36 Trust Account 1919-1922 

 D1400/37 Trust Account 1931, 1932 

Chepstow Bible Christian Circuit/United Methodist 

 D1400/38 Circuit Plans 1882-1907 

 D1400/39 Circuit Plans United Methodist 1931, 1932 

 D1400/40 Annual Return of Bible Christian Chapels and trust property in Chepstow Circuit 1870-1880 

 D1400/41 Returns of income and expenditure etc. in Chapels in Chepstow Circuit 1880-1881 

 D1400/42 Returns of income and expenditure etc in Chapels in Chepstow Circuit 1882-1911 

 D1400/43 Returns of Bible Christain Sunday School in Chepstow Circuit 1901, 1902 

 D1400/44 Register of Baptisms (These registers have now been microfiched and indexed up to and including 1900. Copy in microfiche cabinet) 1838-1872 

 D1400/45 Register of Baptisms (These registers have now been microfiched and indexed up to and including 1900. Copy in microfiche cabinet) 1872-1902 

 D1400/46 Register of Baptisms (United Methodist Late Bible Christian) 1903-1933 

Earlswood, Hope Chapel 

 D1400/47 Account book 1858-1861, 1868-1900 

Ross Circuit 

 D1400/55 Register of Baptisms (Transcript of this register (by F.H.S.) in Research Room Library (booklet)) 1867-1925 

Wye Valley Mission 

 D1400/49 Quarterly Meeting Minute Book 1902-1918 

 D1400/50 Quarterly Meeting Minute Book 1919-1933 

 D1400/51 Wye Valley Mission, Chepstow Sesction Foreign missions cash accounts 1920-1925 

 D1400/52 Wesleyan Methodist "Twentieth Century Fund" Secretary's cash receipt book, Chepstow branch [1900] 

 D1400/13 Circuit plans (includes Circuit Directory from 1911) 1906-1930, 1944-1945, 1961-1965 

Tintern Chapel 

 D1400/53 Trust account book 1903-1910 

Mynyddbach Chapel 

 D1400/54 Record of collections 1929-1948 

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