Bradney family, Talycoed, documents 1812-1965

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Documents relating to the family of Bradney of Talycoed, Monmouthshire
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Biographical/Historical note

Tal-y-coed Court was formerly known as Llanvingel Hall and it was the estate of Crawshay Bailey (the elder) before it was purchased by Captain Bradney, then living in Somerset. It had been renamed Tal-y-coed by the 1890s. Sir Joseph Alfred Bradney was high sheriff of Monmouthshire in 1889, a county councillor 1898-1924, and an alderman 1924-1927. He was the author of numerous antiquarian and genealogical works, mostly relating to Monmouthshire, particularly his unfinished History of Monmouthshire (12 parts, 1904-1932). He was awarded an honorary degree of Doctor of Letters by the University of Wales in 1923 and knighted in 1924. The male line of his branch of the family appears to have died in the next generation with John Harford Bradney (1886-1962), and the family was represented in 1969 by Edgar John Humphrey Bradney (b. 1904) of Bideford, Devon, a grandson of Joseph Bradney's eldest son John Hopkins Bradney (1795-1861) and his third wife.

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Scope and Contents note

Family and estate papers of the Bradney family comprising estate papers, 1840-1931, including papers for Monmouthshire, 1864-1931, Wiltshire and Somerset, 1840-1919, and Bristol, 1864-1865; family papers, 1851-1932, 1960-1964; financial papers, 1819-1928; business papers, 1870-1873; personal papers, [c. 1812]-1965; and family photographs. See also arrangement field.

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Arrangement note

Arranged into the following sections: Joseph Bradney; Joseph Christopher Bradney; Mrs Sarah Decima Bradney; Joseph Alfred Bradney; John Harford Bradney; Edward Bradney; Walter Bradney; Margaretta Bradney; Nest Bradney; family photographs.

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Related Materials

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Further papers regarding the Bradney family of Tal-y-coed are in the National Library of Wales (NLW Annual Report 1931-32, p. 34).

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  • Bradney Family Papers-Wales-Monmouthshire-Talycoed

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Collection Inventory

Joseph Bradney 


 D554/1 [Verses Original by Hopkins] Joseph Bradney. (59 items some in French) Undated 

 D554/2 M.S. Autobiography Joseph Bradney J.P. D.L. Born 1739 died 1817. Written on paper watermarked 1808 (exerecise book) c.1812 

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Joseph Christopher Bradney 


 D554/182 Letter: William Bradney (ob 1824) to his mother Undated 

 D554/3 Letters Early correspondence, William and John Bradney to their mother describing William's illness and subsequent death. Includes correspondence J.C. Bradney, later correspondence re: Estate of Charles Taddy. Some early letters in French. (1 bundle: 42 items) 1817-1870 

 D554/4 Prayer Book "a relic of my dear wife" Date of Publication 1843 [c.1843] 

 D554/5 Diaries - J.C. Bradney (4 items) 1820 

 D554/6 Diaries (12 items) 1848-1862 

 D554/7 Certificates of Ordination and Induction Bishops of Bath and Wells, Salisbury, Exeter and Hereford. (9 items) 1814-1844 

 D554/8 Will (copy) of Richard Colesworthy Bradney, a trustee. 20 Nov 1849 

 D554/9 Letter and list of subscribers to gift to The Rev. Joseph Bradney upon his retirement from Greet Rectory. [c.1858] 

 D554/10 Passport Apr 1858 

 D554/11 Commonplace Book Undated 

 D554/12 Verse - "Idylls of Greet" almost certainly written by J.C. Bradney, dedicated to "S.D.B." c.1860 

 D554/13 Vouchers - Mostly personal (6 items) 1865 


 D554/14 Bank Pass Books 1819-1830 (1 volume) 1830-1868 (5 volumes) 1865-1880 (2 volumes) 1819-1880 


 D554/15 Receipt - Joseph Poulton to The Rev. J.C. Bradney for work at parsonage house, Brimfield. (5 items) c.1853 

 D554/16 Provisions Account (1 vol) 1865 

Estate of Elizabeth Hopkins 

 D554/17 (Copy) proofs in support of claims of Crowther family as next of kin to Elizabeth Hopkins. 1864 

 D554/18 Correspondence - Charles Taddy to The Rev. J. C. Bradney re: Elizabeth Hopkins' estate with a copy of her will (one bundle: 13 items). (Ford and Avebury Farm were acquired as a result of this will). 1864-1866 

 D554/30 Correspondence - Charles Taddy to Reverend J. C. Bradney re. Elizabeth Hopkins' estate and delay in clearing up her affairs (27 items). 1864-1866 

 D554/19 Chancery Order in Crowther v. Bradney 28 Jul 1865 



 D554/20 Receipts concerning part of Bradney estate. Part of estate not identifiable (4 items). 1865 

 D554/185 Correspondence - Bockett and sons to and re: Estate of The Rev. J. C. Bradney. (9 items) 1845-1865 


 D554/21 Miscellaneous accounts and correspondence mostly Llanvihangel and Greet Estates. (7 items; artificial bundle) 1865 

Wiltshire and Somerset 

 D554/22 Miscellaneous correspondence to The Rev. J.C. Bradney; including 2 letters from John Warren re: repairs Bawdrip Church. (7 items) 1840-1866 

 D554/29 Correspondence and accounts - Mainly from Josiah Easton to The Rev. J. C. Bradney. (37 items) 1841-1850 

 D554/23 Correspondence rent accounts, etc. estate in Bradney co. somerset. G. and R. Poole with The Rev. J.C. Bradney. (77 items) 1846-1867 

 D554/24 Account - Bradney; G.and R. Poole with The Rev. Joseph Bradney. [Mar-Sep] 

 D554/25 Letter re: Slocombe's farm building improvements, G. S. Poole to The Rev. J. Bradney. 1861 

 D554/26 Notice from Bridgewater Railway to The Rev. Joseph Bradney re: lines in manor of Bradney. (2 items) 1865 

 D554/27 Accounts and correspondence re: Bradney and Ford farms. G. and R. Poole to The Rev. J. Bradney. 1866-1875 


 D554/28 Correspondence - Charles Taddy to The Rev. J.C. Bradney, Great Recory, re: purchase Bromfield House, Clifton. 1864-1865 

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Mrs Sarah Decima Bradney (Nee Jones) 


 D554/31 Correspondence and reports of J. A. Bradney 1869-1872 from Park Hall near Evesham. (Samuel Garrard) (19 items); Oct 1873-Jul 1877 Harrow School (Butler) (29 items) Entry and departure Harrow 1869 and 1877 (6 items); 2 letters from J. A. Bradney to mother re: rheumatism 1890; Valuation of estate of The Rev. J.C. Bradney, 1868 and 1869. 1869-1890 

 D554/32 Correspondence: complaints re: conduct of younger Bradney child in Divine Service. Wardens, St. Pauls Clifton and Mrs Bradney (5 items) 1870 

 D554/33 Correspondence J.A. Bradney to mother, Park Hall, Evesham (7 items); J.A. Bradney to mother from Harrow, 1872-1873 (8 items); Alice Bradney to mother from Bromfield House, 1872 (3 items); Beatrice Bradney to mother from Bromfield House, 1872 (5 items); Gertrude Bradney to mother from Bromfield House, 1872 (2 items); Re: annuity of Mrs McCoan, 1871 (6 items); Re: Llanvihangel Farm, 1862 (3 items); Stained window - Bawdrip Church to The Rev. J.C. Bradney, 1872 (4 items); Other correpsondence (51 items) 1872 

 D554/34 Correspondence from J.A. Bradney while at Harrow (2 items) 1873 

 D554/35 Correspondence - H. Montague Butler to Mrs Bradney; In defence of school food at Harrow (2 items) 1873 

 D554/36 Letters from J. A. Bradney at Harrow and Cambridge mainly at Sutton Court, Hereford. (52 items) 1874-1878 

 D554/37 Correspondence - Personal from J.A. Bradney to his mother. (20 items) 1876-1897 


 D554/38 Letter - Mrs Lydia M. Palairet to Mrs Bradney on family gossip. 9 Nov 1876 

 D554/39 H. Hamilton Palairet to Decima Bradney re: death of his wife, Lydia. 2 May 1885 


 D554/40 Correspondence etc. - Thomas Dowdall, Liverpool, to Mrs Bradney, Clifton, Bristol. (68 items) 1870-1873 


 D554/41 Letters, etc. - Repairs needed parish church Llanvihangel, Istern Llewern. (3 items) May 1873 



 D554/42 Correspondence - Two concern expense of J.C. Bradney and family moving to Clifton. The majority concerns Taddy's conduct in settling J.C. Bradney's estate. 1860-1870 

 D554/43 Estate letters - Charles Taddy to Mrs Bradney at time of the death of her husband. (9 items) 1868 

 D554/44 Copy schedule to further affidavit of Charles Taddy. Undated 

 D554/45 Correspondence and copies re: taking the management of the estate of late The Rev. Charles Bradney out of Taddy's hands. Mrs Bradney and Taddy. (1 bundle and 10 items) 1870 

 D554/46 Succession Duty Account (3 items); Bockett's fees as Bradney agent (2 items); Agreement, 1870 for letting Lower House Farm; 1860, for purchase of Bromfield, Account of stock inherited from mother of Joseph Bradney's first wife (Caroline Preston, 1795-1851) (8 items) c.1870 


 D554/47 Rent Accounts with Correspondence - Llanvihangel Farm. Charles Taddy to Mrs Bradney. Also copy correspondence Taddy and Wardens St. Pauls Clifton on allocation of pews to strangers. 1864-1868 

 D554/48 Correspondence W.C.A. Williams and Mrs Bradney and The Rev. M. Jones re: Lower House Farm, Llanvihangel, Istern Llewern. (35 items) 1865-1880 

 D554/49 Correspondence and accounts - W.C.A. Williams to Mrs Bradney re: Lower House Farm. (50 items) 1870-1877 

Herefordshire - Sutton Court Estate 

 D554/50 Lease for 21 years 1. Mary Elizabeth Gregg of Ledbury, county Hereford, spinster. 2. Sarah Decima Bradney of Sutton Court, Hereford, widow. Messuage called Sutton Court parish Sutton St. Nicholas, co. Hereford with meadow and orchard 14 acres 38 perches. £150. 25 Feb 1874 

Wiltshire and Somerset 

 D554/51 Sale Catalogue - Poulshott Farm near Devizes 16a. 2r. 5 p. 21 Aug 1873 

 D554/55 Avebury Great Farm 425a. 32p. 6 Jun 1877 

 D554/52 Correspondence and account - Poulshott Farm near Devizes, mainly Bockett and son to Bradney. (20 items) 1870-1874 

 D554/53 Correspondence, accounts, vouchers etc. Rents and tithes, Avebury Wilts - mainly to Mrs Bradney from Wentworth, tenant, and Poole, agent. 1865-1888 

 D554/54 Miscellaneous papers - Avebruy tithes (2 items) 1872 

 D554/56 Correspondence re: Avebury Farm Sale, Marston Farm, Ford Farm and Poulshott estate, small chapel Avebury. Frequent references to Mr Taddy, Crowther v. Bradney. John Bockett to Mrs Bradney of Sutton Court, Hereford. 1870-1876 

 D554/57 Accounts etc. - Attempted sale of Avebury 24 vouchers on file, final account and 2 letters re: settling it. (27 items) 1877 

 D554/58 Letters from Bockett and Son, Lincoln's Inn. Concerns sale of Avebury Estate, purchase of estate elsewhere and Taddy's delay in handing over certain documents. A few items from Ellen and Son, Andover, concern letting of Avebury. (32 items) Undated 

 D554/59 Correspondence - Charles Taddy to Mrs Bradney (4 items); Poole and Ruscombe to Mrs Bradney (11 items) Mainly re: Mr Canning's renting of Avebury farm. 1878-1880 

 D554/60 Accounts and vouchers - Avebury county Wiltshire (including some Bradney, Somerset) 1878-1880 

 D554/61 Correspondence - Wiltshire Estates, Agricultural depression (3 items) 1877-1882 

 D554/62 Correspondence re: repairs at Avebury; Bradney and Charles and John Taddy (4 items) Jan 1869-Feb 1869 

 D554/63 Letters and vouchers re: Ford Farm and Avebury Great Farm (50 itmes) 1870 

 D554/64 Vouchers to accounts of Bradney, Ford and Avebury Estates. (60 items) 1873-1880 

Jones Family Papers 

 D554/65 "Medical Certificate" - (dispensary experience at Edinburgh, "our uncle-in-law" Dr. Kevin Grant) 1825 

 D554/66 Administration of will of Ann Grant nee Jones, together with items in Taddy affair. (7 items) c.1870 

 D554/67 Papers, etc. re: executorship of The Rev. William Price Jones sometime vicar of Clee, county Lincoln, (24 items), includes 15 items concerning Jones' ecclesiastical appointment. 1835-1903 

 D554/68 Books (Bank pass) - W.P. Jones, Mrs S.D. Bradney, 1869-1872. Executors W. P. Jones 1898-1903 (2 items) 1869 

 D554/69 Certificate of Membership - St. Alban's Lodge, Great Grimsby, William Price Jones. 18 Oct 1876 

 D554/78 Copy Will William Price Jones (brother of Sarah Decima Bradney) 7 Mar 1885 

 D554/70 Administration of estate of Elizabeth Jones (obituary 19 August 1880) to The Rev. William Price Jones, with letters re: estate. (3 items) 1 Jan 1889 

 D554/71 Letter from Samuel Wall Jones stationed, West Africa, to sister Kate, 1878. Extract from Thomas Welsh' Bible, of birth and christening of Samuel Wall (born 17 January 1829). 10 Apr 1853 

 D554/77 Letters of induction, etc. - The Rev. David Jones, father of S D. Bradney. (5 items) 1820-1840 

 D554/72 Memorandum book - The Rev. David Jones. 1837 

 D554/73 Photograph of tomb of William Price Jones. Undated 

 D554/74 Memorial cards including one for David and one for William Price Jones and for the Burney's their relatives. (6 items) c.late 1900 

 D554/75 Will of The Rev. David Jones. Pre. 4 Dec 1867 

 D554/76 Will - David Jones Account of Memorial - William Price Jones (3 items) 4 Dec 1867 

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Joseph Alfred Bradney K.C.B., F.S.A., J.P., D.L. (1859-1933) 


 D554/79 "Cambridge Reporter" - contains Bradney's result in previous examination. Jul 1878 

 D554/80 Degree of B.A. to Joseph A. Bradney of Trinity College Cambridge. Dec 1880 

Parliamentary Candidature 

 D554/81 Notes of speeches, propaganda and newspaper cuttings candidature for Parliamentary Election for Radnorshire. (17 cuttings) 1892 

Magisterial Office 

 D554/82 List of Radnorshire Magistrates 1910, 1915, 1917 


 D554/83 Scrapbook of newspaper cuttings made on award of K.C.B. to J. A. Bradney. 1924 

 D554/84 Order of Service Installation Order of the Bath copies of the Statutes of the order of Bath 1911 and 1925. (3 items) 1924 

 D554/85 Correspondence from Lords Ernle and Treowen re: Sir Joseph's desire to become Baronet. (4 items) 1928-1929 

 D554/86 Curriculum Vitae (perhaps made in connectionwith K.C.B. or Baronetcy). Undated 

Public Office 

 D554/87 Warrants and Commissions, including Deputy Lieutenant county Monmouthshire, 1889; Lieutenant Colonel Volounteer Forces, 1892; Cadet Colonel Commandant, 1915; Sheriff co. Monmouthshire, 1889 (7 items) 1889-1915 

 D554/88 Certificates of appointment (2 letters) St. John's Ambulance Commissioner 1927-1932 


 D554/89 Letter from Duke of Beaufort re: Volunteer Camp 1893 

 D554/90 Programme - Ceremonies of Coronation George V and Investiture of Prince of Wales. Bradney present at coronation as Col. of South Wales Borderers. The second half of the volume is a scrapbook reflecting Bradney's duties on this occasion. Jun 1911-Jul 1911 

 D554/91 Diary Col. Bradney, Agricultural Officer, 14 corps, 11 November 1917 c/o 28 Labour Corps, 21 December 1917 - 6 May 1918. Correspondence etc. Col. J.A. Bradney as to Military Appointments etc. 1916-1917 (1 volume 33 items) 1917 

 D554/92 Field Message book (including diary of Colonel J.A. Bradney) 1917-1918 

Antiquarian Interests 

 D554/93 Copy wills - Joseph Bradney 1764, Hannah Huthwaite 1780, John Bradney 1808. (3 items) 1764 onwards 

 D554/94 Letter from Thomas Hopkins, who married Amelia, daughter of Sir John Hopkins. 1804 

 D554/95 Letter from "our great aunt Mrs N.A. Taddy to our grandmother, Mrs Elizabeth Bradney". [Early 19th century] 

 D554/96 Memorandum Book J.A. Bradney re: family pedigree. Jun 1875 

 D554/97 Correspondence re: Bockett pedigrees (and Bradney) (7 items) 1878-1899 

 D554/98 Printed copy inscriptions - Bradney Monumnet All Saints Chruchyard, Hereford. 1880 

 D554/99 Memoranda - J.A. Bradney re: genealogical researches on Jenkins' Bradney of Coventry and own family (39 items) and Hopkins' (Bontflower)(Miss Madge Bradney's papers). Undated 

 D554/100 Letters thanking Bradney for Monmouth Boroughs Poll Book etc., which he had edited and printed. 1908, 1909 

 D554/101 Printed copy of lecture by Bradney, re: Pilleth, Nant-y-Groes, and Monaughty. 1923 

 D554/102 Article on Arkston Aug 1924 

 D554/103 Sketch and letter memorial tablet with arms (not family) Wynstone or Winstone. 1925 

 D554/104 Extracts from Feet of Fines, co. Monmouthshire, 2 Jas. I-16 Jas. I (36 items) (noted as inaccurately translated) Undated 

 D554/105 Bond with transcription co. Radnor 1732 oath before overseers 1706 

 D554/106 Lecture on the Hundred of Skenfrith. Delivered before publication of Vol. I "Hundred of Skenfrith" of Sir J. A. Bradney's "History of Monmouthshire, etc." [c.1895] 


 D554/107 Ode written in Latin by J.Y.E. helped by Bradney's son together with notes and English translation together with order of funeral service and cutting of article in Western Mail. (5 items) Undated 

 D554/108 Correspondence to J.A. Bradney from grandmother J.E. Jones (6 items) grandfather D. Jones (1 item) father J. C. Bradney (2 items) mother S.D. Bradney (1 item) Thomas Davies (2 items) 1866-1874 

 D554/109 3 reports and photograph concerning one of his sons at Harrow. c.1900 

 D554/110 Faculty for memorial tablets to Sarah Decima and Walter Bradney. 1912, 1920 

 D554/111 Letters from Sarah Hall, born 1827, to Mrs Carrodus, thanking her for gifts of flowers. (4 items) N.B: It is not thought that Mrs Carrodus had any connection with the Bradney family. 1927-1932 

 D554/112 Correspondence (with Mrs Fairlie - J.A. Bradney's sister) re: centenary of All Saints Sidmouth. (J.C. Bradney's 1st incumbent); documents re: Bradneys of Somerset including O.S. Map Bradney. (8 items) c.1930 

 D554/113 Diaries - M.A. Jenkins (mother of Rosa, wife of J.A. Bradney) (6 items) 1851, 1852, 1856, 1858, 1860, 1884 


 D554/183 Bill of costs charged by Mr Wakelin on execution of settlement on marriage of Miss Anne Rosa Sophia Jenkins with Captain Bradney. 1883 

 D554/184 Bill of costs charged by Williams and Tweedy to Col. Bradney, administrator of the estate of his son, Walter. 1919 

 D554/114 Catalogue of books in library at Talycoed Court. 1887 

 D554/115 Letters to Col. Bradney re: stones thrown at his window by George Tombs. (2 items) 7 Apr 1907 

 D554/116 Visitors Book, Talycoed, given by Madge and Nest. 1928-1937 

 D554/117 Correspondence re: sale by Bradney at Sotheby's of picture of Sir John Hopkins and family, being a Zoffany conversation piece. (4 items) 1928 


 D554/118 Bank Pass Books (12 volumes) 1889-1908, 1920-1928 

 D554/119 Correspondence re: shares in various companies. 1908-1917 

 D554/120 Correspondence - Grimsby and North Sea Steam Trawling Company to J. A. Bradney. (10 items) 1915-1917 

 D554/121 Correspondence etc. - War Loan (4 items) 1917 


 D554/122 Schoolboy's exercise book Undated 

 D554/123 2 visiting cards Undated 

 D554/124 Lecture by The Rev. B. Bradney Bockett on honey bee; printed booklet. 1882 

 D554/125 7 [school notes] memoranda re: Topics-historical, biblical, classical, etc. Undated 



 D554/126 Account book - Bradney Estates general. 1868-1882 


 D554/127 Plans - Upper and Lower Red House Farms, par. Llanvihangel Ystern Lewern, Tregare and Penrose. Undated 

 D554/128 Accounts - Bradney Monmouth Estate, W.C. Williams with Colonel Bradney. 1873, 1880-1886 

 D554/129 Accounts and vouchers re: Red House, White House and Lower House Farms with various woods. (1 bundle, 68 items) 1882, 1883 

 D554/130 Accounts and vouchers re: Red House, Lower House and White House Farms with various woods. W.C.A. Williams with Captain Bradney. (1 bundle, 11 items) 1883, 1884 

 D554/131 Vouchers - Red, White and Lower House Farms; 2 untraceable items 1874. (1 bundle, 22 items) 1884 

 D554/132 Account - Talycoed Estate. W.C.A. Williams to Colonel J.A. Bradney. 1889-1891 

 D554/133 Miscellaneous Insurance Policies - Penrhos Farm, Household Domestic Insurance Company, Sun Alliance to J. A. Bradney. Late 19th century-Early 20th century 

 D554/134 Estate Accounts - Talycoed. Williams and Tweedy to Colonel J.A. Bradney. (21 items) 1895-1927 

 D554/135 Bradneys own farm account Payments mostly for work done. Marked Day Book (In fact Wage Book) Apr 1895-Mar 1927 

 D554/136 Account - William Wakelin with Col. Bradney; rent due from Doctor Davies for St. Peters Cottage, Llanbyther. 1887-1893 

 D554/137 Fire insurance - Farm and buildings (Talycoed) 1895 

 D554/138 Estate Vouchers - Bradney Monmouthshire Estate (3 separate files) 1903 

 D554/139 Account - Lower House Farm, par. Llanvihangel Ystern Llewern; Account claimed for fertiliser applied 1901-1903 by outgoing tenant. 1903 

 D554/140 Estate Accounts and vouchers - Talycoed; Williams and Tweedy to Col. J.A. Bradney (2 accounts; 1 with vouchers on file) 1904 

 D554/141 Estate Account - Talycoed Estate 1910 

 D554/142 Estate Account - Talycoed Estate; Williams and Tweedy to J.A. Bradney. 1912, 1918 

 D554/143 Wayleave agreement - Talycoed; siting telegraph poles at G.P.O and Bradeny. (2 items) 22 Aug 1914 

 D554/186 Tax Assessment - Income Tax to be paid by Col. J.A. Bradney. (6 items) 1919-1920 

 D554/144 Estate Account - Talycoed Estate 1928 

 D554/145 Correspondence and Account - Talycoed Estate; Williams and Tweedy to Sir Joseph Bradney. (3 items) 1931 

Wiltshire and Somerset 

 D554/146 Maps - Manor Bradney, co. Somerset Undated 

 D554/147 Manor Hurcot, co. Somerset 

 D554/148 Rent Accounts of Ford and Bradney farms; J. Ruscombe Poole and Son with J.A. Bradney. (73 items) 1884-1918 

 D554/149 Correspondence, and general estate management accounts. Bradney, Ford and Avebury Farm mainly J.R. Poole to J.A. Bradney. (58 items) 1882-1893, 1890-1896, 1909-1912 

 D554/150 Correspondence - offers to purchase Bradney and Ford Farms, George Withy to J.A. Bradney. Apr 1919 

 D554/151 Correspondence re: estate matters; Avebury and Mrs Coan's annuity. (8 items) Jan 1883- Mar 1883 

 D554/152 Correspondence mainly re: Mrs Canning and Avebury Farm, Mr Slocombe, tenant of farm (mentioned) and Hurman of Ford Farm. (20 items) 1880-1882 

 D554/153 Correspondence mainly re: Avebury and Poole and Ruscombe to J.A. Bradney, 33 items including 8 Poor Rate vouchers, par. Llanvihangel Ystern Lewern. 1884-1885 


 D554/154 Particulars of sale - Dolluggan parish, and close to the village of Bleddfa, co. Radnorshire and Llanleggo and the Least par. Bleddfa and Pilleth, solicitors Williams and Tweedy, Monmouth, Green and Nixson Presteign. Undated 


 D554/155 Talycoed game book 1892-1932 

 D554/156 Letter from Beaufort re: sport 1903 

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John Harford Bradney (1886-1962) 

 D554/157 Certificates of military competence, entry "Kelly's Landed Gentry" etc. 1910-1962. (12 items) 1910 

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Edward Bradney (1889-1948) 

 D554/158 Wedding and funeral services, orbituary. (3 items) Undated 

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Walter Bradney 

 D554/159 Copy entries Pozieres Memorial (signed Madge) grant leave of absence on health grounds. Undated 

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Margaretta (Madge) Bradney 

 D554/160 Family trees (no actual evidence of Bradney connection) of descendants of Edmund and Elen Tydfil Thomas and of William Davies all of Mynyddislwyn, Mon. sent by G. Thomas Davies, 12 Avon Road, Keynsham, Bristol to Miss M. Bradney. Undated 

 D554/161 Diary for 1964 1964 

 D554/163 2 newspaper cuttings concerning death of her brother, John 1962. [1962] 

 D554/162 Food Accounts 1960-1964 

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Nest Bradney 

 D554/164 Letter, describing visit of Prince and Princess Arthur of Connaught to Rampur with official programme, to J.A. Bradney. 1925 

 D554/165 Letter to Madge desiring to know how she is, etc. 1965 

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Family Photographs 

 D554/166 Sir John and Lady Hopkins and children (photograph of Zoffany's conversation piece). Undated 

 D554/167 Mrs J. C. Bradney. (1 item) Undated 

 D554/168 Sir J.A. Bradney. (1 vol. 17 items) Undated 

 D554/169 Beatrice Elizabeth Bradney (4 items) Undated 

 D554/170 Alice Mary Bradney (1 item) Undated 

 D554/171 Gertrudge Sarah Bradney (1 item) Undated 

 D554/172 Rosa (Jenkins) Bradney (8 items) Undated 

 D554/173 John Harford Bradney (1 vol., 14 items) Undated 

 D554/174 Edward Bradney (1 vol., 8 items) Undated 

 D554/175 Walter Bradney (7 items) Undated 

 D554/176 Margaretta Bradney (2 vols, 15 items) 

 D554/177 Nest (Bradney) Berkeley (10 items) Undated 

 D554/178 Maurice, Edward and Basil Berkely (15 items) Undated 

 D554/179 Miscellaneous photographs (75 items, including duplicates) Undated 

 D554/180 Miscellaneous photographs, named but unidentified (31 items) Undated 

 D554/181 Talycoed etc. (24 items) Undated 

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