Brynmawr and Abertillery Methodist records 1872-1987

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Brynmawr and Abertillery Methodists.
Brynmawr and Abertillery Methodist Records
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Biographical/Historical note

Wesleyanism, or Wesleyan Methodism, is the doctrine of the Methodist Church established by John Wesley (1703-1790) who preached in Wales between 1739 and 1790. Wesleyan Methodism in Wales served both English- and Welsh-speaking communities, with parallel organisations (individual chapels linked to form Circuits, which were part of Districts). The Brynmawr and Abertillery circuits were part of the South Wales District. Wesleyan Methodists are known as Methodists in England and the common use of Methodist in Wales relates to the Calvinistic Methodists. Abertillery Circuit was created out of Brynmawr Circuit in 1963.

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Scope and Contents note

Records of the Brynmawr and Abertillery Methodist circuits, 1872-1987, including minute books, 1890-1915; Abertillery Circuit records, 1965-1987; Brynmawr Circuit records, 1872-1962; Aberbeeg Methodist chapel records, 1943-1986; Abertillery Methodist chapel records, 1888-1987; Blaenau Gwent Methodist Church Trust account book. 1927-1965; Cwmtillery Methodist chapel records, 1903-1974; Garnfach Methodist Church, Nantyglo, minute books, 1926-1970; registers, 1871-1978.

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Arrangement note

Arranged into the following: Minute books; Circuit records; Papers relating to Brynmawr Methodist Circuit; Chapel records; Registers.

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Related Materials

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Further records of the Abertillery and Brynmawr Methodist Circuits are Gwent Record Office, D1995 and D3097.

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  • Methodist Records-Wales-Monmouthshire

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Hard copies of the catalogue are available in Gwent Record Office and the National Register of Archives

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Other Records

See also D3097 & D3110

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Collection Inventory

 D2816/1 Minute Book mainly Quarterly Meetings 1890-1907 

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 D2816/2 Minute Book mainly Quarterly Meetings 1907-1915 

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Circuit Records 

 D2816/3 Manse Committee Minute Book including (loose): invoices, estimates and correspondence. 1965-1983 

 D2816/4 Papers re: general Manse Trust Matters Including retirment of Trustees, sale of manses and the Registration of marriages. [1 file] 1962-1987 

 D2816/5 Circuit Schedules of Methodist Property 1. 1963-1975 2. 1967-1978 (including Reports of Inspections at High St. Six Bells Abertillery and Victoria St. Blaenau Gwent, Abertillery 6 Mar 1968) 3. 1974-1975 (including Trustees for Methodist Church Purposes Report for 1970) 4. 1975-1977 5. 1978 6. 1979 7. 1980 8. 1981-1982 [8 files] 1963-1982 

 D2816/6 Papers re: Repairs and Renovations at Manses (1 file) 1965-1971 

 D2816/7 Papers re: Renewal of Manse Trusts including correspondence and lists of trustees (1file) 1965-1972 

 D2816/8 Papers re: Church membership in the Cardiff and Swansea District including statistical returns, correspondence and reports (1file) 1966-1974 

 D2816/9 Papers re: Surplus Manses including letter to Mr Furber concerning surplus manse in the Abertillary Circuit 29 Mar 1978 and The Bulletin, newsletter containing feature on surplus manses Mar 1978. (1file) 1978 

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Papers re: Brynmawr Methodist Circuit ''transfered on the formation of the Abertillery Circuit Sep. 1963'' 

 D2816/10 Papers re: Cwmtillery (Methodist) Chapel including Schedule of trust Property (withnames of Trustees) 20 Feb 1872 and 31 Mar 1908 and declaration by William Younger, President of the Methodist Conference, of consent to sale of land at Cwmtillery together with Methodist (formerly Wesleyan Methodist) Chapel and dwelling house theron (prems. no longer required for Methodist Trust purposes) 26 Sep 1934. (1 file) 1872-1934 

 D2816/11 Plan (on linen) of Brynmawr showing streets and chapels. 1872 

 D2816/12 Papers re: closure of Orchard St. Chapel and sale to Blaenau Gwent Borough Council Including Order in Privy Council re: Cessation of Burials in the P.M. Methodist Chapelyard Brynmawr 1880, Copy Lease Beaufort Estate to Trustees of PM Chapel in Orchard St. re: a chapel and school and prems. in Orchard St. 1901, plan of PM Sunday School; lists of Trustees; memoranda of choice and Appointment of New Trustees and Correspondence with Blaenau Gwent B.C. (1 file) 1880-1976 

 D2816/13 Memoranda and Choice of Appointment of New Trustees of the Wesleyan Chapel at Alma St. Brynmawr. (3 items) 1884-1938 

 D2816/14 Deed of Covenant 1. Thomas Thomas of Ivy Cottage, Brynmawr co. Brec., retired miner 2. William Dyer, coalminer, John Lewis, coalminer, John Protheroe, coal miner and Thomas Dangerfield, hawker all of Brynmawr (Trustees of P.M. Chapel, Orchard St. Brynmawr) Erection and use of new party wall 20 May 1892 

 D2816/15 Papers re: installation of electric lighting at Alma Church, Brynmawr, including Reports of inspection of boiler. (1 file ) 1932-1937 

 D2816/16 Papers re: Trustees of the Brynmawr Circuit (Abertillery section), including Schedule of names (Trustees in various chapels); papers re: refusal to act as trustees and Schedule of Lay Mambers of the Synod. [1file]. 1947-1962 

 D2816/17 Architect's plans of P.M. Sunday School, Brynmawr (2 items) Undated 

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Chapel Records 


 D2816/18 Aberbeeg Methodist Church income and expenditure Account Book 1943-1985 

 D2816/19 Aberbeeg Methodist Church re: road construction and damage to church property. (1file) 1982-1986 

 D2816/20 Typescript account given by Mrs Alice Williams (in November 1946) of her forebearers' connected with the Methodist Church (in Aberbeeg) including copy pf obituary tribute to Robert Joseph Williams Mar 1928. Undated 

 D2816/21 Architect's drawings of proposed new Primitive Methodist Chapel, at Aberbeeg. Undated 


 D2816/22 Six Bells Methodist Church, Abertillery Trustees' Treasurer's Account Book. 1963-1979 

 D2816/23 Six Bells Methodist Church, High St., Abertillery - Report on Inspection of Church and School property. 6 Mar 1968 

 D2816/24 Somerset St. P.M. Church, Abertillery Trustees' Minute Book (some Leaders' Meetings) 1920-1938 

 D2816/25 Somerset St. P.M. Church, Abertillery Trustees' Minute Book (some Leaders' Meetings) 1939-1947 

 D2816/26 Somerset St. Methodist Church, Abertillery Trustees' Minute Book. 1947-1954 

 D2816/27 Somerset St. Methodist Church, Abertillery Trustees' Minute Book. 1954-1970 

 D2816/28 Somerset St. Methodist Church, Abertillery Leadrs' Minute Book. 1922-1942 

 D2816/29 Somerset St. Methodist Church, Abertillery Church Treasurer's Account Book. 1946-1963 

 D2816/30 Somerset St. Methodist Church, Abertillery, (in the Brynmawr Circuit) Church Register of members' names and Addresses. With [loose] statement of Accounts as at 31 Aug 1976 Undated 

 D2816/31 Abertillery Wesleyan Methodist Church Trustees' Minute Book. 1881-1899 

 D2816/32 Abertillery Wesleyan Methodist Church Trustees' Minute Book. 1907-1953 

 D2816/33 Abertillery Wesleyan Methodist Church Leaders Minute Book. 1918-1962 

 D2816/34 Abertillery Primitive Methodist Band of Hope Commetee Minute Book. 1892-1900 

 D2816/35 Abertillery Primitive Methodist P.S.A. Society Receipts and Expenditure Book. 1913-1931 

 D2816/36 Abertillery Methodist Church Pulpit Notices Books (4 Vols) 1984-1987 

Blaenau Gwent 

 D2816/37 Blaenau Gwent Methodist Church Trust Account Book, with (loose) Promissory note (cancelled) to the value of £80 payable to the Treasurers of the Methodist Chapel Loan Fund (list of names appended). 1927-1965 


 D2816/38 Building Lease with Plan 1. The South Wales Colliery Co. Ltd., and Lancasters Steam Coal Collieries Ltd. 2. Mr Joseph Short and others [names given] Trustees for the time being of the Cwmtillery Primitive Methodists Chapel, (lessees) Land at Cwmtillery (580 sq. yds.) and also the chapel and outbuildings erected or in course of erection by 2 (as per plan). Reserving unto 1 all mines and veins of iron ore and coal quarries of stone and all other mines and minerals whatsoever. Term: 99 years Annual Rent: 10s. 14 Oct 1914 

 D2816/39 Cwmtillery West Bank Methodist Church Treasurers' Minute Book. Including [loose] Statements of Account and correspondence re: closure of Church 1974. 1939-1974 

 D2816/40 Cwmtillery West Bank Methodist Church Treasurer's Account Book. 1913-1942 

 D2816/41 Cwmtillery West bank Methodist Church Trustees' Treasurer's Account Book. 1939-1958 

 D2816/42 Cwmtillery East Bank Methodist Church Trustees' Minute Book. 1935-1962 

 D2816/43 Cwmtillery East Bank Methodist Church Account Book. 1903-1951 

 D2816/44 Cwmtillery East Bank Methodist Church Account Book. 1903-1962 

 D2816/45 Cwmtillery East Bank Methodist Church Collections, Income and Expenditure Book. 1942-1960 


 D2816/46 Garnfach Methodist Church, Queen St., Nantyglo Trustees' Minute Book. 1926-1964 

 D2816/47 Garnfach Methodist Church, Queen St., Nantyglo Trustees' Minute Book. 1966-1970 

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 D2816/48 Abertillery, Cwmtillery and Tillery St. Weslyen Methodist Church Register of Baptisms. 1871-1952 

 D2816/49 Abertillery, Cwmtillery and Tillery St. W.M. Church Register of Baptisms 1895-1975 

 D2816/50 Abertillery, Six Bells Methodist Church Register of Baptisms. 1940-1978 

 D2816/51 Blaenau Gwent (Abertillery) Methodist Church Register of Baptistms. 1938-1956 

 D2816/52 Blaina, High St. W.M. Church Register of Baptisms. 1883-1958 

 D2816/53 Mainly Brynmawr Primitive Methodist Circuit Register of Baptisms. 1923-1938, 1948-1954 

 D2816/54 Blaina, Garnfach (Nantyglo) Methodist Church Register of Baptisms. 1938-1965 

 D2816/55 Blaina, Gladstone St. Methodist Church Register of Baptisms. 1939-1968 

 D2816/56 Blaina, Cwmcelyn Methodist Church Register of Baptisms. 1940-1971 

 D2816/57 Brynmawr, Alma St. W.M. Church Register of Baptisms. 1912-1969 

 D2816/58 Brynmawr, Orchard St. Methodists Church Register of Baptisms. 1940- 1970 

 D2816/59 Cwmtillery, West Bank Methodist Church Register of Baptisms. 1942-1958 

 D2816/60 Cwmtillery, West Bank Methodist Church Register of Baptisms. 1958-1971 

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