Records of Llantilio Pertholey Women's Institute

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Records of Llantilio Pertholey Women's Institute
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Biographical/Historical note

The first Women's Institute was set up in Canada as a branch of the Farmer's Institute. It was set up in 1869 by local farmers Erland and Janet Lee with support from the government of Ontario. Its aim was to bring together women from isolated, rural communities and to provide training in aspects of farming traditionally undertaken by women, home economics and child care.

The first British women's institute was set up at Llanfair PG, on Anglesey in 1915. It was formed under the authority of the Agricultural Organisation Society to encourage country women to get involved in the production and preservation of food to help boost supplies during WW1. By 1917, 137 WI's had opened and the organisation became independent. On the 16th of October 1917, The National Federation of Women's Institutes was formed with Lady Denman appointed as chairman.

In 1919, the Llantilio Pertholey Women's Institute was formed as a way of offering community based support and relaxation following the harrowing years of war. The first meeting took place at 2.30 p.m., on 27th of March at Ty-Gwyn Hall, Mardy, Abergavenny which was being used as a Women's Land Army hostel. The meeting was chaired by a Mrs Sandford and the talk was given by a Miss Lampart from Anglesey, who explained the purpose and aims of the WI. The meeting ended with a unanimously carried proposal to start a WI in the village with the immediate enrolment of 27 women. Following the loan of money to buy a surplus army hut and the donation of a plot of land on which to erect it, the Llantilio Pertholey WI hut was opened on the 8th of January, 1920. Meetings were held at this venue until its sale in 1984 when a new community hall opened in the village. LLantilio Pertholey Women's Institute is part of a wider group of WI's - the Skirrid group, made up of the following WI's: Cwmyoy, Pandy, Cross Ash, LLangattock Lingoed and LLantilio Pertholey. More information on the early years of the Llantilio Pertholey WI can be found in the booklet catalogued under histories (D6128/7). To date LLantilio Pertholey WI is still operational and continues to hold their meetings on the first Thursday of each month, as they have since 1919.

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Scope and Contents note

The collection contains:

Minutes: LLantilio Pertholey Women's Institute monthly meetings, 1962-1980, 1985-2010; Llantilio Pertholey Women's Institute committee meetings, 1959-1984, 1992-2007; Memorandum books, 2004-2011.

Financial records: Bank account books, 1940-1964; Cashbooks, 1967-1973, 1976-1989; Subscription books, 1976-1989, Llantilio Pertholey Women's Institute account books 1949-1982, 1986-1993; Llantilio Pertholey Women's Institute charity account books, 1989-1990, 1993-1997; Bank statements Oct-Dec 1982, Jan 2009; Annual financial statements 1955-1991; LLantilio Pertholey Women's Institute charity account annual financial statements, 1990, 1991, 1994; Statements of account for rental of WI hut, 1978-1980; Lottery licenses, 1977, 1978 and undated.

Reports: Annual reports, 1953 - 1959, 1960 - 1963, 1978; Presidents report, 2007, 2009.

Correspondence: Administrative letters, 1976-2011; Thank you letters, 1977-2010; Invitations and replies, 2010-2011.

Registers: Attendance registers, 1978 - 2003; Membership register 2008.

Events Information: Programmes, 1960-1996; Visits, 1980-1982; Year books, 1998, 1996, 2012; Photograph albums 1951-2010; Photographs c.1928.

History: Booklet detailing the history of LLantilio Pertholey Women's Institute 1919-1987.

Gwent Federation of Women's Institute materials: Annual financial statement, 2010; County handbooks, 1977, 1986-1992, 2010-2012; Newsletters, autumn 1980, Jan-Dec 2010 and Jan-Dec 2011; ACM materials, 2007, 2010, 2011; Trustees report 2010; Events, 2011; Correspondence, 1980 and 2011.

National Federation of Women's Institutes materials: Annual reports, 1988-1991, 1996; Annual reviews 2004-2011; AGM materials, 2006-2012; Handbooks and guidelines, 1979, 1982, 1994; Campaign materials, 2002-2011; Recruitment materials, undated; 90th anniversary newsletter and brochure, 2005; Mailing list letters, 1983, 2010, 2011, 2012.

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Arrangement note

Catalogue arranged in the following series: Minute books, Financial records, Reports, Correspondence, Registers, Events, History, Gwent Federation Women's Institutes and National Federation Women's Institutes.

The catalogue was arranged in this way as it was not possible to identify an original order. Therefore, it was decided that the catalogue would be arranged in an administrative order.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

 Gwent Archives Apr 2018

Conditions Governing Access note

Usual conditions apply.

Conditions Governing Use note

Usual copyright conditions apply.

Custodial History note

The early records of the Llantilio Pertholey Women's Institute were lost due to a flood. All other material has been retained within the custody of the creating body and was deposited at Gwent Archives by a commitee member. Following appraisal, some irrelevant items have been returned to the depositor.

Accruals note

Further accruals are expected.

Immediate Source of Acquisition note

Deposited by Llantilio Pertholey Women's Institute, August 2015.

Appraisal note

Bills, invoices, cheque book stubs and other fincial records containing information repeated in account books, were returned to the depositor, together with some printed materials and circulars. All other items were retained.

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Related Materials

Related Archival Materials note

Related Archival Materials held at Gwent Archives: Records of Gwent Federation of Women's Institutes, D3258. Records of Gilwern Women's Institute, D5981. Records of Govilon Women's Institute, D5845.

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Other Finding Aids note

A hard copy catalogue is available at Gwent Archives

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Collection Inventory

 D6128/1 Minute Books 

 D6128/1/1 General Minute Books 

 D6128/1/1/1 Oct 1962 - Sep 1971. 

 D6128/1/1/2 Oct 1971 - Jan 1980. 

 D6128/1/1/3 Feb 1980 - Apr 1985. 

 D6128/1/1/4 May 1985 - Nov 1987. 

 D6128/1/1/5 Dec 1987 - Dec 1988. 

 D6128/1/1/6 Jan 1989 - Sep 1991. 

 D6128/1/1/7 Oct 1991 - Oct 1996. 

 D6128/1/1/8 Nov 1996 - Apr 2002. 

 D6128/1/1/9 May 2002 - Jul 2006. 

 D6128/1/1/10 Sep 2006 - Apr 2010. 

 D6128/1/2 Committee Minute Books 

 D6128/1/2/1 Feb 1959 - Jan 1968. 

 D6128/1/2/2 Feb 1968 - Jul 1978. 

 D6128/1/2/3 Sep 1978 - Sep 1984. 

 D6128/1/2/4 Nov 1992 - Apr 2002. 

 D6128/1/2/5 Sep 2002 - Aug 2007. 

 D6128/1/3 Memorandum Books 

 D6128/1/3/1 2004 - 2007. 

 D6128/1/3/2 May 2007 - May 2011. 

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 D6128/2 Financial Records 

 D6128/2/1 Account Books 

 D6128/2/1/1 Dec 1949 - Dec 1956. 

 D6128/2/1/2 Dec 1956 - Feb 1964. 

 D6128/2/1/3 Mar 1964 - Aug 1974. 

 D6128/2/1/4 Oct 1974 - Oct 1978. 

 D6128/2/1/5 Nov 1978 - May 1982. 

 D6128/2/1/6 Nov 1986 - Jul 1989. 

 D6128/2/1/7 Sep 1989 - Oct 1991. 

 D6128/2/1/8 Nov 1991 - June 1993. 

 D6128/2/2 Annual Financial Statements 

 D6128/2/2/1 1955. 

 D6128/2/2/2 1956. 

 D6128/2/2/3 1957. 

 D6128/2/2/4 1958. 

 D6128/2/2/5 1959. 

 D6128/2/2/6 1960. 

 D6128/2/2/7 1961. 

 D6128/2/2/8 1962. 

 D6128/2/2/9 1963. 

 D6128/2/2/10 1964. 

 D6128/2/2/11 1965. 

 D6128/2/2/12 1966. 

 D6128/2/2/13 1967. 

 D6128/2/2/14 1968. 

 D6128/2/2/15 1969. 

 D6128/2/2/16 1970. 

 D6128/2/2/17 1971. 

 D6128/2/2/18 1972. 

 D6128/2/2/19 1973. 

 D6128/2/2/20 1974. 

 D6128/2/2/21 1975. 

 D6128/2/2/22 1976. 

 D6128/2/2/23 1977. 

 D6128/2/2/24 1978. 

 D6128/2/2/25 1979. 

 D6128/2/2/26 1980. 

 D6128/2/2/27 1981. 

 D6128/2/2/28 1982. 

 D6128/2/2/29 1983. 

 D6128/2/2/30 1984. 

 D6128/2/2/31 1985. 

 D6128/2/2/32 1986. 

 D6128/2/2/33 1987. 

 D6128/2/2/34 1988. 

 D6128/2/2/35 1989. 

 D6128/2/2/36 1990. 

 D6128/2/2/37 1991. 

 D6128/2/3 Cash Books 

 D6128/2/3/1 1967 - 1973. 

 D6128/2/3/2 Nov 1976 - Nov 1982. 

 D6128/2/3/3 Nov 1982 - Jul 1989. 

 D6128/2/4 Bank Acount Books 

 D6128/2/4/1 May 1940 - Dec 1943. 

 D6128/2/4/2 Jan 1944 - Aug 1946. 

 D6128/2/4/3 Jan 1946 - Jan 1964. 

 D6128/2/5 Bank Statements 

 D6128/2/5/1 Oct - Dec 1982. 

 D6128/2/5/2 Dec 2008 - Jan 2009. 

 D6128/2/6 Subscription Books 

 D6128/2/6/1 1976 -1978. 

 D6128/2/6/2 1978 - 1983. 

 D6128/2/6/3 1984 - 1989. 

 D6128/2/7 Charity Account Books 

 D6128/2/7/1 Nov 1989 - Jan 1990. 

 D6128/2/7/2 Jun 1993 - Mar 1995. 

 D6128/2/7/3 Apr 1995 - Jun 1997. 

 D6128/2/8 Charity Account Financial Statements 

 D6128/2/8/1 1990. 

 D6128/2/8/2 1991. 

 D6128/2/8/3 1994. 

 D6128/2/9 Hall Rental 

 D6128/2/9/1 Booking confirmation form. Undated 

 D6128/2/9/2 Receipts for payment from Llantilio Pertholey 'VPA' [Village Produce Association]. Undated 

 D6128/2/9/3 Conditions of use form. 

 D6128/2/9/4 Letter confirming payment for hall rental from LLantilio Pertholey Community Council. Undated 

 D6128/2/9/5 Statement of account for rental by St. Teilo's Mother's Union. 1978 - 1979 

 D6128/2/9/6 Statement of account for rental by Llantilio Pertholey Unionist/Conservative Party. 1978 - 1979 

 D6128/2/9/7 Statement of account for rental by Llantilio Pertholey ' VPA' . 1978 - 1979 

 D6128/2/9/8 Statement of account for rental by Llantilio Pertholey Community Council. 1979 

 D6128/2/9/9 Statement of account for rental by St. Teilo's Mother's Union. 1979 - 1980 

 D6128/2/9/10 Statement of account for rental by Llantilio Pertholey Unionist/Coservative Party. 1979 - 1980 

 D6128/2/9/11 Statement of account for rental by Llantilio Pertholey VPA. 1979 - 1980 

 D6128/2/9/12 Statement for account for rental by Llantilio Pertholey Community Council. 1980 

 D6128/2/10 Betting, Gaming and Lottery Act 

 D6128/2/10/1 Certificate of registration. Jan 1977 

 D6128/2/10/2 Letter and registration receipt. Feb 1978 

 D6128/2/10/3 Certificate of registration. Undated 

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 D6128/3 Reports 

 D6128/3/1 Annual Reports 

 D6128/3/1/1 1953. 

 D6128/3/1/2 1954. 

 D6128/3/1/3 1955. 

 D6128/3/1/4 1956. 

 D6128/3/1/5 1957. 

 D6128/3/1/6 1958. 

 D6128/3/1/7 1959. 

 D6128/3/1/8 1960. 

 D6128/3/1/9 1961. 

 D6128/3/1/10 1962. 

 D6128/3/1/11 1963. 

 D6128/3/1/12 1978. 

 D6128/3/2 President's AGM Reports 

 D6128/3/2/1 2007. 

 D6128/3/2/2 2009. 

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 D6128/4 Correspondence 

 D6128/4/1 Administrative and General 

 D6128/4/1/1 Printed circular letter and envelope from National Council of Social Services. Feb 1976 

 D6128/4/1/2 Note from Llanover WI regarding transfer of a member. Jul 1977 

 D6128/4/1/3 Letter to Performing Right Society regarding concern over the existence of two, rather than just one licence contract and the resulting over payment of fees. Dec 1978 

 D6128/4/1/4 Letter from Performing Right Society confirming the existence of two licence contracts and advising how best to resolve the problem. Feb 1979 

 D6128/4/1/5 Letter to Performing Right Society providing updated information regarding the nature of events held and requesting a financial reimbursement. Feb 1979 

 D6128/4/1/6 Letter from Performing Right Society acknowledging the request to cancel the licence contract accounts completely. Aug 1979 

 D6128/4/1/7 Letter to bank regarding the transfer of money. Jun 1980 

 D6128/4/1/8 Letter from insurer regarding an insurance claim. Sep 1980 

 D6128/4/1/9 Letter from insurer regarding the settlement of an insurance claim. Oct 1980 

 D6128/4/1/10 Letter from magistrates court. 1981 

 D6128/4/1/11 Invoice from SWALEC regarding compensation for damage to WI property during work being carried out by them. Jul 1984 

 D6128/4/1/12 Letter from The Charity Commision regarding the annual return. Dec 2008 

 D6128/4/1/13 Letter from The Charity Commision showing charity number. Jan 2009 

 D6128/4/1/14 Letter to President of Gwent Federation of Women's Institutes regarding concerns over the application of competition rules during Annual Council Meeting. May 2010 

 D6128/4/1/15 Letter regarding "The Grand Picnic" event stall. Jun 2011 

 D6128/4/2 Thank You Letters 

 D6128/4/2/1 Letter and receipt from Great Ormond Street Hospital. Jan 1977 

 D6128/4/2/2 Letter from The Royal National Mission to Deep Sea Fishermen. Mar 1980 

 D6128/4/2/3 Note from Saint David's Foundation. Oct 1981 

 D6128/4/2/4 Letter from Abergavenny Hospital Radio. Oct 1984 

 D6128/4/2/5 Letter from Professor Maurice Rolls. Jun 2010 

 D6128/4/2/6 Letter from WI Enterprises regarding raffle money. Aug 2010 

 D6128/4/3 Invitations and Responses 

 D6128/4/3/1 Invitation from Cross Ash Women's Institute. Feb 2010 

 D6128/4/3/2 Invitation from Llanddewi Rhydderch Women's Institute. Mar 2010 

 D6128/4/3/3 Reply from Llantilio Crossenny Women's Institute. Apr 2010 

 D6128/4/3/4 Invitation from Llantilio Crossenny Women's Institute. May 2010 

 D6128/4/3/5 Reply from Llanellen Women's Institute. Sep 2010 

 D6128/4/3/6 Reply from Llantilio Crossenny Women's Institute. Sep 2010 

 D6128/4/3/7 Reply from Cwmbran Women's Institute. Sep 2010 

 D6128/4/3/8 Invitation from Llantilio Crossenny Women's Institute. Apr 2011 

 D6128/4/3/9 Reply from Govilon Women's Institute. Aug 2011 

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 D6128/5 Registers 

 D6128/5/1 Attendance Registers 

 D6128/5/1/1 Jan 1978 - Dec 1979. 

 D6128/5/1/2 Dec 1982 - Dec 1983. 

 D6128/5/1/3 Dec 1983 - Dec 1984. 

 D6128/5/1/4 Jan 1985 - Dec 1985. 

 D6128/5/1/5 Jan 1986 - Dec 1986. 

 D6128/5/1/6 Jan 1987 - Dec 1987. 

 D6128/5/1/7 Jan 1988 - Dec 1988. 

 D6128/5/1/8 Jan 1989 - Dec 1989. 

 D6128/5/1/9 Jan 1990 - Dec 1990. 

 D6128/5/1/10 Jan 1991 - Dec 1991. 

 D6128/5/1/11 Jan 1992 - Dec 1992. 

 D6128/5/1/12 Jan 1993 - Dec 1993. 

 D6128/5/1/13 Jan 1994 - Dec 1994. 

 D6128/5/1/14 Jan 1995 - Dec 1995. 

 D6128/5/1/15 Jan 1996 - Dec 1996. 

 D6128/5/1/16 Jan 1997 - Dec 1997. 

 D6128/5/1/17 Jan 1998 - Dec 1998. 

 D6128/5/1/18 Feb 1999 - Dec 1999. 

 D6128/5/1/19 Feb 2000 - Aug 2001. 

 D6128/5/1/20 Sep 2001 - Apr 2003. 

 D6128/5/2 Membership Register 

 D6128/5/2/1 Apr 2008. 

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 D6128/6 Events 

 D6128/6/1 Year Books 

 D6128/6/1/1 Jan - Dec 1988. 

 D6128/6/1/2 Celebration Year. 1996 

 D6128/6/1/3 "Big Walk, Little Splash" Campaign. 2012 

 D6128/6/2 Programmes 

 D6128/6/2/1 1960. 

 D6128/6/2/2 1961. 

 D6128/6/2/3 1962. 

 D6128/6/2/4 1963. 

 D6128/6/2/5 1964. 

 D6128/6/2/6 1965. 

 D6128/6/2/7 1966. 

 D6128/6/2/8 1975. 

 D6128/6/2/9 1981. 

 D6128/6/2/10 1981 - 1982. 

 D6128/6/2/11 1982 - 1983. 

 D6128/6/2/12 1984. 

 D6128/6/2/13 1990. 

 D6128/6/2/14 1991. 

 D6128/6/2/15 1991 - 1992. 

 D6128/6/2/16 1994. 

 D6128/6/2/17 1995. 

 D6128/6/2/18 1996. 

 D6128/6/2/19 1996 (75th Anniversary Programme). 

 D6128/6/3 Photograph Albums 

 D6128/6/3/1 1950 - 1987. 

 D6128/6/3/2 1990 - 2000. 

 D6128/6/3/3 1987 - 2010. 

 D6128/6/4 Photographs 

 D6128/6/4/1 'The Old Lady Shows Her Medals' (drama production ). 1928 

 D6128/6/4/2 Drama related. Undated 

 D6128/6/5 Visits 

 D6128/6/5/1 Letter authorising the performance of a play entitled 'The Christmas Dinner'. Dec 1980 

 D6128/6/5/2 Information regarding 'An Evening at Wolvesnewton' event, including menu, list of attendees, and transport collection points. Jun 1981 

 D6128/6/5/3 List of members attending a 'Beef Dinner' held at the Hen and Chickens public house, Abergavenny. Undated 

 D6128/6/5/4 Compliment slip and receipt of payment for tickets from the Cardiff Operatic Society. Undated 

 D6128/6/6 Tickets 

 D6128/6/6/1 'Pork Supper' event. Undated 

 D6128/6/7 Certificates 

 D6128/6/7/1 From National Federation of Women's Institutes to celebrate the completion of a project related to the "Celebrating our Communities" national campaign. Undated 

 D6128/6/7/2 Monmouthshire Treasure Hunt winners. 2003 

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 D6128/7 History 

 D6128/7/1 History of LLantilio Pertholey Women's Institute. 1919 - 1984 

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 D6128/8 Gwent Federation of Women's Institute Material 

 D6128/8/1 Annual Council Meetings 

 D6128/8/1/1 Minutes. Apr 2010 

 D6128/8/1/2 Report. Apr 2007 

 D6128/8/1/3 Report. Apr 2011 

 D6128/8/1/4 Agenda. Apr 2012 

 D6128/8/1/5 Note on forthcoming competitions. Apr 2011 

 D6128/8/2 Annual Financial Statement 

 D6128/8/2/1 Dec 2010. 

 D6128/8/3 Correspondence 

 D6128/8/3/1 County Letter. Nov 1980 

 D6128/8/3/2 Letter regarding lack of attendance at anniversary dinner. Nov 2011 

 D6128/8/4 County Handbooks 

 D6128/8/4/1 1977. 

 D6128/8/4/2 1986. 

 D6128/8/4/3 1987. 

 D6128/8/4/4 1988. 

 D6128/8/4/5 1989. 

 D6128/8/4/6 1990. 

 D6128/8/4/7 1991. 

 D6128/8/4/8 1992. 

 D6128/8/4/9 2010 - 2011. 

 D6128/8/4/10 2011 - 2012. 

 D6128/8/5 Newsletters 

 D6128/8/5/1 Autumn 1980. 

 D6128/8/5/2 Jan 2010. 

 D6128/8/5/3 Feb 2010. 

 D6128/8/5/4 Mar 2010. 

 D6128/8/5/5 Apr 2010. 

 D6128/8/5/6 May 2010. 

 D6128/8/5/7 Jun 2010. 

 D6128/8/5/8 Jul 2010. 

 D6128/8/5/9 Aug/Sep 2010. 

 D6128/8/5/10 Oct 2010. 

 D6128/8/5/11 Nov 2010. 

 D6128/8/5/12 Dec 2010. 

 D6128/8/5/13 Jan 2011. 

 D6128/8/5/14 Feb 2011. 

 D6128/8/5/15 Mar 2011. 

 D6128/8/5/16 Apr 2011. 

 D6128/8/5/17 May 2011. 

 D6128/8/5/18 Jun 2011. 

 D6128/8/5/19 Jul 2011. 

 D6128/8/5/20 Aug/Sep. 

 D6128/8/5/21 Oct 2011. 

 D6128/8/5/22 Nov 2011. 

 D6128/8/5/23 Dec 2011. 

 D6128/8/6 Trustees Report 

 D6128/8/6/1 2010. 

 D6128/8/7 Events 

 D6128/8/7/1 Leaflet regarding 'Apples', art and photography competition. Aug 2011 

 D6128/8/7/2 Schedule of classes at Federation Day Show. Oct 2011 

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 D6128/9 National Federation of Women's Institutes Material 

 D6128/9/1 AGM 

 D6128/9/1/1 Programme. Jun 2006 

 D6128/9/1/2 Document containing Chair's address, Treasurer's speech and Denman report. 2006 

 D6128/9/1/3 Programme. Jun 2007 

 D6128/9/1/4 Programme. Jun 2008 

 D6128/9/1/5 Attendees booking form. 2011 

 D6128/9/1/6 Link delegate list. 2011 

 D6128/9/1/7 Resolution briefing notes. 2011 

 D6128/9/1/8 Guidance on resolutions. 2011 

 D6128/9/1/9 Resolution timetable. 2011 

 D6128/9/2 Annual Reports 

 D6128/9/2/1 1988. 

 D6128/9/2/2 1989. 

 D6128/9/2/3 1990. 

 D6128/9/2/4 1991. 

 D6128/9/2/5 1996. 

 D6128/9/3 Annual Review 

 D6128/9/3/1 2004 - 2005. 

 D6128/9/3/2 2005 - 2006. 

 D6128/9/3/3 2006 - 2007. 

 D6128/9/3/4 2007 - 2008. 

 D6128/9/3/5 2009 - 2010. 

 D6128/9/3/6 2010 - 2011. 

 D6128/9/4 Handbooks and Guides 

 D6128/9/4/1 Formation of Women's Institutes. 1979 

 D6128/9/4/2 Women's Institute Handbook. 1982 

 D6128/9/4/3 Procedure at Meetings. 1982 

 D6128/9/4/4 On with the Show. 1994 

 D6128/9/5 National Campaign Materials 

 D6128/9/5/1 Project report, 'Community Challenge.' 2002-2005 

 D6128/9/5/2 Booklet, 'Save our Streets.' 2004 

 D6128/9/5/3 Update leaflet, 'Chemicals and Health.' Jun 2005 

 D6128/9/5/4 Resource pack, 'SOS for Honey Bees.' 2010 

 D6128/9/5/5 Leaflet, 'Women and Environmental Leadership.' 2010 

 D6128/9/5/6 Memorandum, 'No More Violence Against Women.' Aug 2010 

 D6128/9/5/7 Leaflet, 'Love your Libraries.' 2011 

 D6128/9/5/8 Poster, 'Women Reaching Women.' 2011 

 D6128/9/5/9 Leaflet, 'Fast Fashion Show - Little Black Dress.' Undated 

 D6128/9/5/10 Resource pack and CD, 'Care not Custody.' Undated 

 D6128/9/5/11 Leaflet, 'Mums Matter' with an Oxfam petition sheet. Undated 

 D6128/9/6 Recruitment Materials 

 D6128/9/6/1 Membership card. Undated 

 D6128/9/6/2 Meeting invitation card. Undated 

 D6128/9/6/3 Information leaflet. Undated 

 D6128/9/6/4 Leaflet, 'Do you know about the WI?' 1976 

 D6128/9/6/5 Leaflet, 'All Kinds of Opportunities for all Kinds of Women.' Undated 

 D6128/9/7 Mailing List Material 

 D6128/9/7/1 Letter requesting donations from Institutes to upgrade the telephone system at London head quarters June 1983 

 D6128/9/7/2 Letter regarding 2011 subscriptions Jun 2010 

 D6128/9/7/3 Letter regarding election of Board of Trustees for 2011 - 2013 Jan 2011 

 D6128/9/7/4 Poster of candidates for Board of Trustees election 2011 - 2013 

 D6128/9/7/5 Notice to Institutes not sending link delegates to AGM Mar 2011 

 D6128/9/7/6 Covering letter for June 2011 mailing list items Jun 2011 

 D6128/9/7/7 Letter regarding 2012 subscriptions Jul 2011 

 D6128/9/7/8 Covering letter for August 2011 mailing list items Aug 2011 

 D6128/9/7/9 Letter, 'Craft Clubs' Aug 2011 

 D6128/9/7/10 First notice letter AGM 2012 Jun 2012 

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