Caerphilly District Miners’ Hospital, records

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Caerphilly District Miners’ Hospital .
Caerphilly District Miners’ Hospital, records
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Biographical/Historical note

Caerphilly District Miners’ Hospital opened on 30 June 1923 and was funded by weekly subscriptions of 6d (2½ pence) that were paid by the colliery miners of the local pits. The premises was a red brick mansion house formally known as 'The Beeches' and the wards were named after the local pits in recognition of the the miners who financed the hospital - Nantgarw; Penallta; Bedwas; Llanbradach; Nelson and Senghenydd. The hospital provided healthcare exclusively for the miners of the Rhymney Valley and their families until 1942, after which it began to serve the wider community. Post-1948, the National Health Service managed the hospital until its closure in November 2011.

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Scope and Contents note

The collection contains birth registers 1961-1982; maternity case registers 1983-4 (consecutive) and daily ward reports 1958-1971.

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All records have been retained.

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Related Materials

Related Archival Materials note

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Other Finding Aids note

Copies of finding aids are available at Gwent Archives.

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Collection Inventory

 D5096/1/1-10 Birth Registers 1961-1982   10.0 volumes

 D5096/1/1 Birth Register Dec 1961-Oct 1965   1.0 vol.

 D5096/1/2 Birth Register Jun 1968-May 1970   1.0 vol.

 D5096/1/3 Birth Register May 1970-Jun 1972   1.0 vol.

 D5096/1/4 Birth Register Jun 1972-Sep 1974   1.0 vol.

 D5096/1/5 Birth Register Jul 1972-Sep1972    1.0 vol.

 D5096/1/6 Birth Register Sep 1974-Oct 1976   1.0 vol.

 D5096/1/7 Birth Register Oct 1976-Nov 1978    1.0 vol.

 D5096/1/8 Birth Register Nov 1978-Jul 1980   1.0 vol.

 D5096/1/9 Birth Register Jul 1980-Apr 1982   1.0 vol.

 D5096/1/10 Birth Register Apr 1982-Aug 1982    1.0 vol.

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 D5096/2/1-3 Maternity Case Registers 1983-1984   3.0 volumes

 D5096/2/1 Register of Maternity Cases Mar 1983-Jul 1983   1.0 vol.

 D5096/2/2 Register of Maternity Cases Jul 1983-Nov 1983   1.0 vol.

 D5096/2/3 Register of Maternity Cases Nov 1983-Apr 1984    1.0 vol.

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 D5096/3/1-3 Ward Reports 1958-1971   29.0 volumes

 D5096/3/1/1-5 Female Ward Reports 1958-1963   5.0 volumes

 D5096/3/1/1 Daily Report Book Dec 1958-Nov 1959   1.0 vol.

 D5096/3/1/2 Daily Report Book Nov 1959-Oct 1960   1.0 vol.

 D5096/3/1/3 Daily Report Book Oct 1960-Aug 1961   1.0 vol.

 D5096/3/1/4 Daily Report Book Aug 1961-Jul 1962   1.0 vol.

 D5096/3/1/5 Daily Report Book Jul 1962-May 1953    1.0 vol.

 D5096/3/2/1-9 Male Ward Reports 1963-1964    9.0 volumes

 D5096/3/2/1 Daily Report Book May 1963-Jan 1964   1.0 vol.

 D5096/3/2/2 Daily Report Book Jan 1964-Sep 1964   1.0 vol.

 D5096/3/2/3 Daily Report Book Sep 1964-May 1965   1.0 vol.

 D5096/3/2/4 Daily Report Book May 1965-Jan 1966   1.0 vol.

 D5096/3/2/5 Daily Report Book Jan 1966-Oct 1966   1.0 vol.

 D5096/3/2/6 Daily Report Book Jun 1967-Feb 1968   1.0 vol.

 D5096/3/2/7 Daily Report Book Feb 1968-Nov 1968   1.0 vol.

 D5096/3/2/8 Daily Report Book Nov 1968-Jul 1969   1.0 vol.

 D5096/3/2/9 Daily Report Book Jul 1969-Oct 1969    1.0 vol.

 D5096/3/3/1-15 Maternity Ward Reports 1966-1971   15.0 volumes

 D5096/3/3/1 Daily Report Book Jan 1966-Jun 1966   1.0 vol.

 D5096/3/3/2 Daily Report Book Jun 1966-Nov 1966   1.0 vol.

 D5096/3/3/3 Daily Report Book Nov 1966-May 1967    1.0 vol.

 D5096/3/3/4 Daily Report Book May 1967-Oct 1967    1.0 vol.

 D5096/3/3/5 Daily Report Book Oct 1967-Feb 1968    1.0 vol.

 D5096/3/3/6 Daily Report Book Feb 1968-Jun 1968   1.0 vol.

 D5096/3/3/7 Daily Report Book Jun 1968-Oct 1968   1.0 vol.

 D5096/3/3/8 Daily Report Book Oct 1968-Mar 1969   1.0 vol.

 D5096/3/3/9 Daily Report Book Mar 1969-Jul 1969   1.0 vol.

 D5096/3/3/10 Daily Report Book Jul 1969-Nov 1969   1.0 vol.

 D5096/3/3/11 Daily Report Book Nov 1969-Apr 1970   1.0 vol.

 D5096/3/3/12 Daily Report Book Apr 1970-Aug 1970   1.0 vol.

 D5096/3/3/13 Daily Report Book Aug 1970-Dec 1970   1.0 vol.

 D5096/3/3/14 Daily Report Book Dec 1970-May 1971   1.0 vol.

 D5096/3/3/15 Daily Report Book May 1971-Jun 1971   1.0 vol.

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