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Mathern Parish Council Records
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Biographical/Historical note

Parish Councils were formed under the Local Government Act 1894 to have oversight of various amenities for rural areas. In Wales, Parish Councils became Community Councils under the Local Government Act 1972.

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Arrangement note

Arranged in to the following series: Mathern Parish Council; Mathern Community Council; Planning Papers and Plans.

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  • Parish Council Records-Wales-Monmouthshire

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Other Finding Aids note

A hard copy catalogue is available at Gwent Archives.

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Collection Inventory

Mathern Parish Council 

 D1536/1 Minute Book 1894-1933 

 D1536/2 Declaration of Acceptance of Office Book 1895-1934 

 D1536/4 Correspondence etc., re: War Memorial 1919-1942 

 D1536/3 Receipt and Payment Book 1935-1954 

 D1536/5 Minute Book 1934-1968 

 D1536/6 Minute Book (Mathern Community Council from 1974) 1968-1977 

 D1536/7 Clerk's Memorandum Book 1970-1971 

 D1536/8 Declarations of election of parish Councillors 1955, 1958, 1961, 1964 

 D1536/9 Register of declaration of acceptance of office 1934-1974 

 D1536/10 General correspondence, from Agenda and Allotments to Mathern School Managers, and mineral extraction (A-O) 1964-1971 

 D1536/11 General correspondence from Parish Councils Association, car parking and planning to War memorial, Water and Welsh Language (P-Z) (except roads). 1965-1970 

 D1536/12 Correspondence - roads and footpaths 1938-1971 

 D1536/13 Proforma evidence re: existence of footpaths (Parkwall to Mathern) 1938 

 D1536/14 Correspondence re: footpath No. 73 from Mathern Palace to St. Pierre Pill 1958-1970 

 D1536/15 Correspondence re: local government reorganisation 1967-1969 

 D1536/16 Correspondence and newspaper cutting re: nuclear power station at Blackrock, Portskewett. 1970 

 D1536/17 Miscellaneous correspondence, including 'bus shelters, Parish Councils' Association, footpaths, planning and vehicle parking. 1970-1971 

 D1536/18 General Account Receipt and Payment Book. 1955-1976 

 D1536/19 Cash Book, Parish Council's expenses 1963-1970 

 D1536/20 Cash Book, Parish Council's expenses 1970-1975 

 D1536/21 Precepts upon General Rate of Chepstow R.D.C 1944-1954, 1955-1971 

 D1536/22 Financial Statements 1948-1969 

 D1536/23 Mathern "Best Kept Village" Committee Minute Book, 1967-1970 Correspondence, 1970-1971 Savings Bank Book, 1969-1970 1967-1970, 1970-1971, 1969-1970 

 D1536/24 Minute Book, Village celebration for Investiture of H.R.H. The Prince of Wales. Correspondence re: "Croeso 1969" and Investiture 1969, 1968-1969 

 D1536/25 Newspaper cutting mainly concerning the building of the River Severn Bridge. 1964-1966 

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Mathern Community Council 

General note

Additional deposit, Accession 2213

 D1536/26 General Correspondence 1971-1976 

 D1536/27 Local Association of Community Councils - Minutes, Agenda, Reports etc. 1971-1979 

 D1536/28 Allotments 1976-1977 

 D1536/29 Old Footpath Maps etc. (including OS XX1.5 1921) 1957-1977 

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Planning Papers and Plans 

 D1536/30 Newhouse Farm Development 1972-1974 

 D1536/31 Pwllmeyric 1977 

 D1536/32 Crick 1974-1978 

 D1536/33 St. Pierre, Golf and Country Club 1972-1978 

 D1536/34 General 1973-1979 

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Mathern Community Council 

General note

Additional Deposit, Accession Number 2753

 D1536/35 Minutes of general, extraordinary and special meetings [typescript but 19 July 1982 in MS], including agenda and reports 1971-1984 with associated correspondence [1 file] 1977-1984 

 D1536/36 Correspondence with the Commercial Union Assurance Company Limited concerning insurance policy. [1 bundle] 1967-1980 

 D1536/37 Financial Statements, accounts and receipts [1 file] 1970-1984 

 D1536/38 Papers concerning electoral arrangements includings Local Government Boundary Comission for Wales Reviews and the result of an uncontested election in the Mathern and Mounton Ward, February 1974. [1 bundle] 1974-1984 

 D1536/39 Correspondence re: tree planting schemes and Village conservation areas [1 bundle] 1969-1978 

 D1536/40 Correspondence re: public rights of way ('foot-paths') [1 bundle] 1972-1979 

 D1536/41 Correspondence, plans and reports re: Newhouse Farm Development [1 bundle] 1973-1983 

 D1536/42 Papers relating to the Local Government Boundary Commission for Wales in respect of the Special Community Review in the District of Monmouth. [1 bundle] 1974-1979 

 D1536/43 Correspondence (mainly with Gwent County Council) re: maintenance and repair of roads. 1974-1981 

 D1536/49 Planning Applications (4 bundles) 1977-1986 

 D1536/50 Gwent Association of Local Councils Minutes, reports, circulars and correspondence (1 bundle) 1984-1988 

 D1536/51 Miscellaneous circulars, appeal leaflets, brochures and letters received from local and national organisations including Chepstow Citizen Advice Bureau, Shelter, The Country-side Commission, The Samaritans, CADW and The St David's Fountain. (2 bundles) 1970-1988 

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Mathern Community Council 

General note

Additional deposit, Accession No. 3303


 D1536/52 Minute Book 1977-1984 

 D1536/53 Minute Book 1984-1988 

 D1536/54 Minutes of general, annual and extra meetings, with agenda and reports 1984-1991 

Planning papers and plans 

 D1536/55 Land adjacent to the War Memorial, Mathern 1975-1986 

 D1536/56 Bovis Development, Orchid Meadow, Pwllmeyric 1981-1983 

 D1536/57 Wallis Development, Wyelands View, Mathern 1984-1988 

 D1536/58 Land adjacent to the New Inn, Pwllmeyric 1987-1988 

 D1536/59 Heronhurst Development, Badgers Meadow, Pwllmeyric 1987-1989 

 D1536/60 Bishops Mead Development, Mathern 1988-1990 

 D1536/61 Planning Applications, Crick 1978-1988 

 D1536/62 Planning Applications, Mathern 1986-1989 

 D1536/63 Planning Applications, Mathern 1990-1992 

 D1536/64 Planning Applications, Pwllmeyric 1987-1989 

 D1536/65 Planning Applications, Pwllmeyric 1990-1991 

 D1536/66 Planning - General Correspondence 1972-1989 

Miscellaneous planning items 

 D1536/67 Caldicot Town Centre Plan: Draft Report for Consultation 1979 

 D1536/68 Gwent Structure Plan (Proposals for Alteration no. 1, 1984) and Chepstow Local Plan (1990) with correspondence and reports 1984-1990 

Miscellaneous files 

 D1536/69 Rural Housing Initiative 1989-1991 

 D1536/70 Nuclear Power Station, Portskewett 1971-1988 

 D1536/71 Correspondence with Gwent County Council, etc., re: road repair and maintenance 1983-1989 

 D1536/72 London/Fishguard Trunk Road, Stage II (with plans and copies of orders) 1983-1985 

 D1536/73 Community Charge 1988-1991 

 D1536/74 Elections 1982-1992 

 D1536/75 Complaints and Enquiries 1984-1989 

 D1536/76 Ebbw Vale Garden Festival (1992) 1991-1992 

 D1536/77 Centenary Celebrations, Mathern Community Council 1994 

Second Severn Crossing 

 D1536/78 Severn Bridges Bill: Book of Reference, Environmental Statements, memoranda, preliminary landscape proposals for approach roads, correspondence from Welsh Office 1990-1991 

 D1536/79 Severn Bridges Bill: Plans and Sections (Parliamentary Session 1990 - 1991) and two copies of Ordinance Survey maps 1990-1991 

Financial and Miscellaneous 

 D1536/80 Receipts and Payments book 1977-1993 

 D1536/81 Receipts 1984-1987 

 D1536/82 Receipts 1987-1992 

 D1536/83 Precept Advice Book 1979-1989 

 D1536/84 Mailing Book (Letters In) 1973-1987 

 D1536/85 Mailing Book (Letters In) 1987-1988 

 D1536/86 Postage Book (Letters Out) 1975-1989 

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