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Biographical/Historical note

Parish councils were formed under the provisions of the Local Government Act (1894), to provide for amenities of rural areas. Under the provisions of the Local Government Act (1972) parish councils, in Wales, became community councils in 1974.

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Scope and Contents note

Minute books, 1895-1992; declaration of acceptance of office books, 1974-1976, 1979-1991, with election results and correspondence 1974-1983; account books, 1896-1962; contribution orders book, 1897-1962 and other miscellaneous financial records, 1898-1994; schools: policies and closures correspondence, 1974-1987, including reports and newscuttings on secondary education provision in Gwent, 1986; reports on Llanvair Discoed School and St Brides, Netherwent School, 1983; planning application for former Llanvair Discoed school site 1987-1991; community programme correspondence relating to Llanvair community programme 1984-1988.

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Collection Inventory


 D3400/1 Minute Book 15 Jan 1895-6 Sep 1956 

 D3400/2 Minute Book of meetings regarding war memorial, with correspondence on same and order of service for unveiling ceremony. 27 Nov 1946-1 Mar 1948 

 D3400/3 Minute Book 8 Oct 1956-1 Mar 1967 

 D3400/4 Minute Book 5 Apr 1967-2 Jul 1975 

 D3400/5 Minute Book with correspondence and loose agenda [Jan 1986-14 May 1986] [n.d.] 2 Jul 1975-5 Jan 1984, [Jan 1986-14 May 1986] 

 D3400/6 Minute Book 5 Jan 1984-13 May 1987 

 D3400/7 Minute Book 13 May 1987-3 May 1989 

 D3400/8 Minute Book 8 May 1991-1 Apr 1992 

 D3400/9 Minutes of Working Party re: closure/amalgamation of schools with correspondence and papers on proposed closure of Llanfair Discoed Primary School. 30 Aug 1986-4 Nov 1986, 1 Nov 1982-10 Dec 1990 

 D3400/10 Register of attendances at Community Council and planning sub-committee meetings. 6 Jun 1979-14 Apr 1994 

 D3400/11 Declaration of acceptance of office book with election results and correspondence (18 Jan 1974-30 Aug 1983). 3 Apr 1974-1 Dec 1976, 18 Jan 1974-30 Aug 1983 

 D3400/12 Declaration of acceptance of office book 9 Jun 1979-24 Jun 1991 

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 D3400/13 Account book of Caerwent Parish Council 15 Feb 1896-29 Mar 1962 

 D3400/14 Contribution Orders Book 26 Oct 1897-7 Feb 1962 

 D3400/15 Bank Account Book 24 Feb 1898-12 Jan 1955 

 D3340/16 Financial Statements 31 Mar 1939-31 Mar 1972 

 D3400/17 Postage Book, including permits to cut wood and note of annual meeting of council. [n.d.] [1956-1957] 

 D3400/18 Receipts and Payments Book 2 Apr 1962-15 Oct 1964/5 

 D3400/19 Paid cheques, receipts and correspondence 7 Jul 1971-19 Mar 1976 

 D3400/20 Paid cheques and receipts 20 Jun 1974-1 Apr 1985 

 D3400/21 Paid cheques and bank statements 18 Apr 1974-8 Apr 1975 

 D3400/22 Postage Book 1 Apr 1975-21 Apr 1994 

 D3400/23 Receipts and paid cheques 8 Oct 1975-16 Mar 1977 

 D3400/24 Receipts and paid cheques 5 May 1976-5 Jan 1981 

 D3400/25 Bank statements, receipts and paid cheques. 29 Oct 1976-4 Apr 1978 

 D3400/26 Receipts and payments 16 Jun 1979-28 Mar 1981 

 D3400/27 Returned cheques and receipts 14 Jan 1980-4 Mar 1982 

 D3400/28 Paid cheques and bank statements 3 Jul 1980-1 June 1988 

 D3400/29 Paid cheques, invoices and receipts 13 Nov 1980-31 Mar 1984 

 D3400/30 Travelling expenses book [n.d.] [April 1981-27 Dec 1991] 

 D3400/31 Paid cheques and invoices 17 Jun 1981-27 Dec 1981 

 D3400/32 Paid cheques, invoices and receipts 25 Mar 1982-30 Mar 1983 

 D3400/33 Paid cheques, receipts and bank statements 4 Jul 1984-5 Mar 1986 

 D3400/34 Paid cheques, invoices and correspondence 19 Jul 1984-19 Jul 1991 

 D3400/35 Paid cheques, bank statements and correspondence 4 Sep 1985-6 May 1987 

 D3400/36 Paid cheques, receipts and bank statements 31 Mar 1988-31 Mar 1989 

 D3400/37 Paid cheques and bank statements 1 Jun 1988-7 Mar 1990 

 D3400/38 Paid cheques, invoices and receipts 16 Feb 1991-21 Jan 1992 

 D3400/39 Paid cheques, bank statements and correspondence 13 Dec 1991-1 Apr 1993 

 D3400/40 Paid cheques, bank statements and correspondence 1 Apr 1993-16 Mar 1994 

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Schools: policies and closures 

 D3340/41 Correspondence relating mainly to St. Brides, Netherwent C.V. primary school and Llanvair Discoed County Primary School with minutes of meetings of the Chepstow school governors. 5 Dec 1974-21 Oct 1987, 6 Jul 1983-26 Sep 1983 

 D3400/43 Report entitled "Secondary education in Gwent: the future pattern of provision". 7 May 1986 

 D3400/43 Newscuttings relating to education report, the schools population of Gwent and road accident involving Kent schoolchildren. (21 May 1986 and n.d.) 21 May 1986 

 D3400/44 Planning application for former Llanvair Discoed school site. 22 Jul 1987-29 Oct 1991 

 D3400/45 Report entitled "Llanvair Discoed School: a clear case for retention". [1983] 

 D3400/46 Report entitled "Llanvair Discoed School: what has changed? A clear case for retention". [1986] 

 D3400/47 Report entitled "The future of St. Brides, Netherwent C.V. Infant School: the parents' case. Vol. 1. [n.d.] [1983] 

 D3400/48 Report entitled "The future of St. Brides, Netherwent C.V. Infant School: the parents' case. Vol. 2. [n.d.] [1983] 

 D3400/49 Report entitled "The future of St. Brides, Netherwent C.V. Infant School: the parents' case. Vol. 3. [n.d.] [1983] 

 D3400/50 Correspondence relating to Llanvair Discoed community programme, involving improvement of stream. 14 May 1984-5 Oct 1988 

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