Newport Pilotage Authority and Newport Pilot Boat Co. Ltd.

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Newport Pilot Boat Co. Ltd..
Newport Pilotage Authority.
Newport Pilotage Authority (constituted By ''Bristol Channel Pilotage Act, 1861'')
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Biographical/Historical note

Pilot boats are responsible for providing safe passage for shipping in and out of harbours. Newport Pilotage Authority, Newport, Monmouthshire, was constituted by the Bristol Channel Pilotage Act 1861. This removed responsibilty for Newport's pilotage from the control of Bristol (the ports of Cardiff and Gloucester were similarly affected by the Act). The Authority merged with the Cardiff and Barry Pilotage Authorities in 1974 to form South East Wales Pilotage Authority.

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Scope and Contents note

Records of Newport Pilotage Authority, 1861-1963, including minute books, 1861-1949; cash books, 1862-1952; ledgers, 1862-1919; pilots' monthly accounts, 1862-1962; annual returns of pilotage, 1905-1930; balance sheets and statements of account, 1896-1955; legal papers, 1868-[1931]. Newport Pilot Boat Co. Ltd records, 1914-1963, including minutes, 1941-1954, and log books, 1958-1963; Newport (Mon.) Pilots Sick Benefit Society cash book, 1894-1951.

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Related Materials

Related Archival Materials note

Minute Books of Commissioners of Pilotage 1878-1888 and 1900-1909 (D1908/1-2). Survey "Statement of Particular Average" of the Clara G, pilot cutter, registered at Newport, 1900-1901 (D5731).

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Collection Inventory

 D1331/1 Minute Book Commissioners of Pilotage 1861-1878 

 D1331/2 Minute Book Commissioners of Pilotage 1888-1900 

 D1331/3 Minute Book Commissioners of Pilotage 1909-1916 

 D1331/4 Minute Book of Commissioners of Pilotage and Newport Mon. Pilotage Board (1916-1921); Minute Book of Newport Pilotage Authority (1921-1927) 1916-1927 

 D1331/5 Minute Book Newport Pilotage Authority 1927-1943 

 D1331/6 Minute Book Newport Pilotage Authority 1943-1949 

 D1331/7 Draft Minute Book Newport Pilotage Authority 1941-1945 

 D1331/8 Cash Book Commissioners of Pilotage 1862-1873 

 D1331/9 Cash Book Commissioners of Pilotage and Newport Pilotage Authority 1885-1932 

 D1331/10 Cash Book Newport Pilotage Authority 1933-1946 

 D1331/10a Cash Book Newport Pilotage Authority 1946-1952 

 D1331/11 Ledgers 1862-1885 

 D1331/12 Ledgers 1885-1919 

 D1331/13 Pilots' Monthly Accounts 1862-1871 

 D1331/14 Pilots' Monthly Accounts 1872-1885 

 D1331/15 Pilots' Monthly Accounts 1886-1908 

 D1331/16 Pilots' Monthly Accounts 1926-1935 

 D1331/17 Pilots' Monthly Accounts 1936-1945 

 D1331/18 Pilots' Monthly Accounts 1954-1956 

 D1331/19 Pilots' Monthly Accounts 1956-1962 

 D1331/20 Pilotage Bill 1911 

 D1331/21 Newport Pilotage Provisional Order 1913 

 D1331/22 Newport Pilotage Order 1921 

 D1331/23 Port of Newport. Rules for Working, Newport (Mon) Pilotage Service 1926 

 D1331/67 Port of Newport Pilotage Bye-Laws 1913 

 D1331/24 Port of Newport Pilotage Bye-Laws 1923 

 D1331/25 Port of Newport Pilotage Bye-Laws 1950 

 D1331/68 Pilotage Rates Bye-Laws and Regulations 1903 

 D1331/26 (Annual) Returns of Pilotage (Return of the amount of pilotage received for the year...British vessels and foreign vessels... amounts for services rendered... numbers of vessels of each of the classes...) 1905-1930 

 D1331/27 Annual Balance Sheet showing receipts and expenditure 1896-1942 

 D1331/28 Annual Statement of Accounts and Statistics 1943-1955 

 D1331/29 Port of Newport Register of Pilot Cutters 1896-1914, 1958 

 D1331/30 Port of Newport List of Licensed Pilots 1948 

 D1331/31 Port of Newport Pilots' Licences and Temporary Licences (also includes a Licence for the Pilot Boat 'Clara G', 1900) 1900-1958 

 D1331/32 Port of Newport Pilots' Licences (P. & A. Campbell Fleet) 1897-1949 

 D1331/33 Port of Newport Second Class [Late 19th century] 

 D1331/34 Port of Newport Printers' Proofs [Late 19th century] 

 D1331/35 Newport Pilotage Authority Pilotage rates 1946 

 D1331/36 Newport Pilotage Authority Pilotage rates 1959 

 D1331/37 Register of P.& A. Campbell pilotage charges 1947-1956 

Legal Papers 

 D1331/38 Jones v. Carey. Copy Judgment Q.B. 1868 

 D1331/39 Reed v. Goldsworthy. Case for opinion of counsel. K.B. Jurisdiction of Channel Pilots. 1903 

 D1331/40 Case for opinion of counsel. Opposition to Merchant Shipping Bill, 1907, by Channel Pilotage Authorities etc. 1907 

 D1331/41 Opinion of counsel. Newport Pilotage Authority and S.S. Southlea. Payment of pilotage dues. 1924 

 D1331/42 Case and opinion of counsel. Newport Pilotage Authority and owners of S.S. Raylight. Payment of pilotage dues. 1926 

 D1331/43 Copy note of informal hearing held at the Board of Trade. Consideration of a Bye-Law promoted by Newport Pilotage Authority to effect reductions in rates payable by large vessels. Proofs of Evidence etc. 1929 

 D1331/44 Statement of Master of S.S.Trsat. Grounding of vessel when under pilotage and services of a tug. c.1931 

 D1331/45 Proceedings of Bristol Channel Pilotage Conference. Held at Council House, Bristol 23 -25 March 1920 

 D1331/46 Papers and reports re Severn Iron Ore Terminal c.1963 

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Newport Pilot Boat Co. Ltd. 1894-1963 

 D1331/47 Minute Book 1941-1954 

 D1331/48 Cash Book 1919-1931 

 D1331/49 Agreement and specifications for building a steam piolot vessel. John Chambers Ltd. of Lowestoft for Newport (Mon) Pilot Boat Co. Ltd. Blueprints,Test Certificates, Misc. Correspondence. 1929 

 D1331/50 Log Books Dec 1958-May 1959 

 D1331/51 Log Books Feb 1959-Aug 1959 

 D1331/52 Log Books Aug 1959-Mar 1960 

 D1331/53 Log Books Dec 1959-Jul 1960 

 D1331/54 Log Books Mar 1960-Oct 1960 

 D1331/55 Log Books Oct 1960-May 1961 

 D1331/56 Log Books Jun 1961-Jan 1962 

 D1331/57 Log Books Jan 1962-Aug 1962 

 D1331/58 Log Books (2nd series) Jul 1960-Aug 1961 

 D1331/59 Log Books (2nd series) Jul 1961-Jun 1962 

 D1331/60 Log Books (2nd series) Aug 1962-Aug 1963 

 D1331/61 Log Books (Belle Usk) Jun 1951-Dec 1951 

 D1331/62 Log Books Sep 1954-Jan 1955 

 D1331/63 Pilot's Log 1960-1961 

 D1331/64 ''Newport Pilots'' Minute Book (''Proposed the Pilots of Newport will pool our earnings and adopt a system of amalgamation during the war''. Later made permanent.) 1914-1932 

 D1331/65 Newport (Mon) Pilots' Sick Benefit Society Cash Book 1894-1951 

 D1331/66 Newport Channel Pilots' Death Fund Agreement 1933 

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