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Graig Parish Council
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Arranged in to the following; Minute Books, Financial Records, Legal Documents, Correspondence, Circulars, Parish Elections, Miscellaneous, Parish Activities.

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  • Parish Council Records-Wales-Monmouthshire

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Collection Inventory

Minute Books 

 D420/1 Graig Parish Meetings (mainly annual or biennual to 1901, triennual 1901-1950 and concerned with election of parish councillors) 1894-1950 

 D420/2 Graig Parish Council 13 Dec 1894-25 Jun 1940 

 D420/2 Graig Parish Council (with copy minutes dated 30 May 1956 and n.d. and agenda for meetings dated 30 March 1955) 6 Aug 1940-14 Jul 1954 

 D420/4 Graig Parish Council Allotment Committee 4 May 1925-26 Mar 1952 

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Financial Records 

 D420/5 Graig Parish Council Receipt and Payment Book 31 Mar 1914-31 Mar 1947 

 D420/6 Graig Parish Council, Financial Statments 31 Mar 1944 - 31 Mar 1957 

 D420/7 Precept Book 1937-1954 

 D420/8 Bank Statements 1934-1954 

 D420/9-10 Registers of allotment rents 31 Mar 1917-31 Mar 1928 

 D420 Register of allotment rents (Glochwen & Sunnybank, with rough rent list, 1959 to 1960) 31 Mar 1929-31 Mar 1945 

 D420/12 Duplicate receipt books, allotment rents (2) 15 Mar 1957-31 Mar 1958 

 D420/13 1 bundle vouchers 1958-1960 

 D420/14 1 bundle cancelled Cheques 1958-1960 

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Legal Documents 1901-1954 

 D420/15 Graig Parish Council and lord Tredegar Agreement for lease of 2 pieces of land at Rhiwderin par. of bassaleg for allotments, annually at £7.10s. p.a. 1901-1954 

 D420/16 Graig Parish Council and Lord Tredegar Agreement for lease of a piece of land on the east side of the public road leading from Rhiwderin to Risca, par. of Bassaleg 10 Apr 1901 

 D420/17 Saint Mellons Rural District Council and the Brecon and Merthyr Tydfil Junction Railway Co. Agreement as to the construction of the sewers at Rhiwderin and Garth Farm in par.of Graig, co.Mon Together with correspondence between the Divisional Engineers Office of the Great Weston Railway, St Mellons Rural District Council and Graig Parish Council re the liability of the Railway co. for maintainance of the road under the railway at Rhiwderin 11th November 1926-31st November 1928 17 Jun 1912-31 Nov 1928 

 D420/18 Graig parish Council and Lord Tredegar Agreement for lease of a piece of land at Rhiwderin, par. of Bassaleg, annually at £4 p.a. 17 Aug 1918 

 D420/19 Letter from J.C.Deakin, agent to the Tredegar estate, to Mr Leslie Jones, clerk to Graig Parish Council, agreeing to the termination of the tenancy. 7 Nov 1953 

 D420/20 Order of Monmouthshire County Council dividing par. of Graig into two wards and increasing the representation of Magor and St. Mellons Rural District Council to 2 Councillors 5 Jul 1951 

 D420/21 Magor and St. Mellons Rural District Council and Graig Parish Council Lease of a piece of land at Bassaleg for childrens recreation ground 3 May 1954 

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 D420/22 Recreation ground at Bassaleg, together with pamphlet ''How to obtain a playing field'', published by the National Playing Fields Association 1920-1959 

 D420/23 Recreation ground at Rhiwderin 1948-1960 

 D420/24 Rowland Morgan Charity, together with particulars as to Charities in Monmouthshire (1898) ''Parocial Charities'', an article by Sir Robert Adcock C.B.E. D.L reprinted from Parish Council Reviews (1955) 1924-1953 

 D420/25 Water supply 1948-1960 

 D420/26 Bus Shelters 1945-1958 

 D420/27 Housing 1945-1958 

 D420/28 Rights of Way and Survey of footpaths, includes publications by the Commons,Open Spaces and Footpaths Preservation Society, (1932-1950) and an Order for stopping up Highways, (Monmouthshire), 1955 1945-1960 

 D420/29 Monmouthshire Assocciation of British Councils 1946-1960 

 D420/30 Local Government Boundary Commission, together with report of Local Government Boundary Commission (1947), and report and recommendations of Representatives of County Councils Association, Urban District Councils Association, Rural District Councils Association and National Association of Parish Councils 1947-1950 

 D420/31 Domestic Food Production Campaign 1948-1949 

 D420/32 Allotments, together with petition against letting of a piece of ground at the top of Tredegar Street for allotment purposes (N.D.) 1948-1960 

 D420/33 Making up of Graig Terrace, Bassaleg (with autographed letter from Aneurin Bevan) 1950 

 D420/34 Proposed generating station at Lower Machen 1951-1952 

 D420/35 War Memorial together with invitations to attend the unveiling and Order of Service (1924) 1953-1958 

 D420/36 Coronation celebration 1954 

 D420/37 Application for post of Clerk to the Parish Council 1954 

 D420/38 Almshouses at Bassaleg 1954 

 D420/39 Safety of Parish Records 1954 

 D420/41 Police coverage and Police Station, Bassaleg 1954-1958 

 D420/42 Insurance 1954-1959 

 D420/43 Closure of Rhiwdern Station 1955 

 D420/44 Extraction of small coal from River Ebbw 1956-1957 

 D420/45 Concern over road safety, Garth Hill 1956-1958 

 D420/46 Protest against the renaming and renumbering of houses and street in Graig 1957-1958 

 D420/47 Petition of inhabitants of New Estate, Bassaleg requesting a suitable football ground 1958 

 D420/48 Proposed private residential development, Bassaleg 1958 

 D420/49 Misc. items (Includes autographed letter from Wilfred Pickles) 1947-1954 

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 D420/50 HM Government Street lighting; proxy voting at local elections; Local Government Conference Regulations; sale,lease or letting of land by Local Authorities; National Parks and access to the Countryside Act 1949; Local Government Act 1948; National Heath Service Act 1946; Local Government Miscellaneous Provisions Act 1945-1954 

 D420/51 County Council, Representation of the People Act 1949 12 Dec 1951 

 D420/52 Magor and St Mellons Rural District Council, Local Elections (Service Abroad) Act 1945; Representation of the People Act 1948; Parish Council Elections 1949; Lord Mayor of London's Thanksgiving Fund, District Road Safety Committee, National Health Service Act 1946, Rural Telephone Kiosks 1945-1955 

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Parish Elections 

 D420/53 Nomination Papers (1946) Declaration of result of Poll Declaration of acceptance of office (1949) Notices to Poll, returns of persons elected (1952) Notice of election, blank consent to nomination form, blank nomination paper, notes for candidates, statement as to persons nominated, return of persons elected, declaration of acceptance of office, personal message from Charles King, Independant candidate, A/C expenses (1955) Notice of poll, return of persons elected, declarations of acceptance of office (1958) 1946-1958 

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 D420/54 Saints Mellons Rural District Council, bye-laws, new streets and buildings 1926 

 D420/55 Magor and St Mellons Rural District Council, byelaws, tents, vans, sheds and similar structures 1936 

 D420/56 Printed articles by Eddie Williams, Chairman of the Childrens Nutritional Council for Wales and Headmaster of Rogerstone County Council, Mon. 1946-1947 

 D420/57 Printed book, 'Between Mountain and march', by Antoney Pickford, illustrated by Michael Edmonds 1948 

 D420/58 Monmouthshire Rural Community Council Annual Report 1952-1953 

 D420/59 Monmouthshire County Council Fire Brigade, Annual Report of the Chief Fire Officer (2) and printed information (N.D.) 1954-1957 

 D420/60 Printed notice of Annual General Meeting 1947 

 D420/61 Newspaper cutting recording meeting of Graig Parish Council to consider the possibility of a new road connecting Rhiwderin with Tydu [Mid 20th century] 

 D420/62 Print 'Duffryn Ebbw' signed by Nicholas Edmunds (see Between Mountain and Marsh) [Mid 20th century] 

 D420/63 Printed book 'The Election of Parish Councils' 1894 

 D420/64 Corn Production Act 1917 

 D420/65 Standing Orders and extracts from Local Government Act 1933 1935 

 D420/66 Local Government Act 1948 

 D420/67 Journals of the Commons, Open Spaces and Footpaths Preservatiion Society (2) 1946, 1949 

 D420/68 'The Village' Quarterly Journal of the National Council of Social Services (3) 1947-1952 

 D420/69 'The Parliament of the Village', an Address by the Rt. Hon. Lord Justice Scott to the Berkshire Associations of Parish Councils 1948 

 D420/70 'Choosing Council Tennants', a report by the Scottish Housing Advisory Commitee 1950 

 D470/71 Parish Councils Reviews (incomplete) 1950-1960 

 D470/72 Draft standing orders of a Parish Council 1951 

 D470/73 'Flowers Welcome the Festival of Britain', publication of the National Gardens Guilds 1951 

 D420/74 Report on Local Government Administration in Civil Parishes 1952 

 D420/75 Annual Report of the National Associations of Parish Councils 1954-1955 

 D420/76 Model rules as to allotment gardens [Mid 20th century] 

 D420/77 "Chance for the Chancellor" [Mid 20th century] 

 D420/78 "The Tax on your Bus Service" Printed propaganda against the fuel tax [Mid 20th century] 

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Parish Activities 

Jubilee Celerbration Commitee 25 Mar-20 May 1935 

 D420/79 Minutes of meeting held in connection with the Jubilee Celebration of King George V and Queen Mary 25 Mar 1935-20 May 1935 

Coronation Celebrations Committee 

 D420/79 Minutes 26 Mar 1937-26 May 1937 

 D420/80 Minute Book 17 Sep 1952-25 Nov 1953 

 D420/81 A/C Book Oct 1952-Feb 1953 

 D420/82 Vouchers and cancelled cheques 1952-1953 

Commitee to raise funds for O.A.P. Outing 1951 

 D420/83 Minutes, balance sheet etc. 1951 

Bassaleg Playing Grounds Association 1954-1955 

 D420/84 & 85 31st January 1954 - 31st January 1955 Income and expenditure A/C 7 Feb 1954 - 22nd Dec 1955 Register of Income and Expenditure 31 Jan 1954 - 22 Dec 1955 

Plans and Drawings Aug 1918 - Jul 1955 

 D420/86 Sketch Plans of allotment lands at Rhiwderin (2) Aug 1918 -No date 

 D420/86 Sketch Plans of Glochwen allotments Rhiwderin (2) Aug 1953 -July 1959 

 D420/86 Plan of site of proposed electricity power station for British Electricity Authority May 1951 

 D420/86 Preliminary plan of propsed site of childrens play ground at Bassaleg 1954 

 D420/86 Plan of path of intended sewer through allotments at Bassaleg. Tog. with notice of intention of Magor and St Mellons R.D.C. to construct such a sewer May 1959 

 D420/86 Drawings of hall proposed to be errected at Rhiwderin for the Assemblies of God No Date 

 D420/86 Plan of bus shelter No Date 

 D420/86 Plans of bus shelter locations No Date 

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