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Archives have enormous potential for supporting learning. As well as providing written evidence for numerous research topics, archives provide a window onthe past that helps us to understand the present and the future.

With 6 kilometres of records on site, ranging from 900 years old to the more recent and containing a vast amount of information, the Gwent Archives Learning and Education Service offers an educational resource accessible to people of all ages and abilities. We provide workshops, tours and talks for school children, students in Further and Higher Education, and adult learners.  We can help you to learn about the history of Gwent and a host of other topics, using different kinds of unique primary sources.

We are also able to provide work experience placements for students and those interested in a career in archives.


Archives are a rich educational resource bringing students and teachers into immediate contact with the past when they handle and use the records. Archives contain fascinating local information which will capture students’ imaginations and help them to identify and relate to local events or institutions, such as Chartism, the workhouse and riots.  We can assist students in conducting their own research and help them to develop the skills to evaluate resources and information.

We can offer workshops to Key Stage 2, 3, and 4, AS and A Level and the Welsh Baccalaureate.  We can also provide workshops for undergraduates and postgraduates on record sources and how to access the archives in order to research their dissertations.

 We can prepare and deliver workshops on any topic using sources relating to the Gwent area, and can deliver training to teachers on specific subjects and how to use our collections.  We have provided workshops on ‘Social and Medical Care’, ‘The Development of Caldicot’, 19th Century Raglan’ and ‘The Use of ICT in Archives’.  We can also adapt the length of the workshop to suit your needs – please note that workshops normally include a guided tour of the archive and a visit to our Conservation Studio.

Our services are free of charge.  We can also support schools travelling to the Archive with funding towards the cost of transport.

If you are interested in arranging a workshop at the archive or would like more details of our transport subsidy scheme, please contact us.


Gwent Archives regularly run a series of workshops and talks aimed at introducing people to our service, helping them to start their research and assist them in developing the skills to go further with their research.  We aim to give our adult learners the skills and confidence to access and use our records successfully.

Previous workshops and talks have included ’Starting Your Research’, and classes on ’Reading and Interpreting Historical Documents’. We also run a series of day schools entitled ’Your Place in History’ in different localities in the Gwent area, which involve a walking historical tour and a workshop. We also run a number of courses, in partnership with the University of South Wales, throughout the year; such as ‘Researching Family History’, ‘Developing Research Skills for Local and Community History’ and ‘Community History’.

If you would like to be kept informed of any upcoming workshops or talks, please check our News section regularly, or alternatively, contact us and we will add you to our mailing list.


At Gwent Archives, we are happy to conduct sessions with visiting groups who are keen to use our service.  A typical session will involve an introduction to the service and how to access our records; this is then followed by a guided tour of the building, including our Conservation Studio and strong rooms.  We are able to tailor the content of the session to suit your needs and can provide talks on your locality or topic of interest, including a display of the documents relating to the topic.

If you would like to arrange a group visit for your society or class, please contact us and arrange a booking.


Work experience is a great opportunity to gain an insight into the work of a local authority archive. Placements are normally undertaken by school pupils, university students and those interested in pursuing a career in archives.

We aim to make placements as varied as possible. A typical week will involve some time in our Conservation Studio, contributing to GAVCAT (our catalogue computerisation project) and various indexing projects, as well as assisting with research enquiries.

If you are interested in a work experience placement, please contact us for further information.




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