At Gwent Archives, we are always pleased to accept new donations and deposits of records which fall within the area covered by our Collection Policy. Records can come in many formats, from handwritten deeds and documents to typed minutes, maps, photographs or films; they can be the records of individuals or of societies, businesses or other organisations. Records do not have to be "old" and can relate to the recent past. You may well be surprised at the items we are interested in - we are trying to reflect all aspects of life in the Gwent area.

We are also interested to hear of any records which are at risk, for example from businesses which are closing.

If you have documents which you would like to deposit or donate, or know of records at risk, we will be happy to discuss this with you - please  EMAIL or make contact by other means 

Documents may be handed to us as a gift (donation) in which case the ownership of the documents will pass to Gwent Archives.

Documents can also be "deposited" with Gwent Archives on indefinite loan, the ownership remaining with the Depositor.

Donated or deposited records will be sorted and catalogued, and placed in the controlled environment of our strongrooms for safe-keeping. A copy of the catalogue will be given to the donor or depositor when it is completed. The records will be made available to the general public in our research room, subject to any statutory or other provisions about public access to records.

Please refer to our collection and appraisal policies for full details.


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