Policies and Governance

Gwent Archives collects preserves and makes accessible archives relating to the area it serves. Gwent Archives' policy documents provide more detail on its aims and how Gwent Archives will set about achieving them. Whilst individual documents deal with particular areas of activity there is a great deal of interrelation between the policies. As such each should be considered as part of an overall suite of policies.     


Each document is based upon a number of relevant standards. In general the Gwent Archives will adhere to the National Archives Standard for Record Repositories.


Measures to ensure full implementation of all of these policies will form a central focus of Gwent Archives' planning as it prepares for its move to new premises.


These policies will be reviewed on a regular basis and additional policies may be added as required. This review will take into account any feedback received from stakeholders. A system for collecting this will be implemented. Policy review will pay particular attention to the changes resultant from the move to new premises.


Access Policy


Appraisal Policy


Collections Policy


Collections Care and Conservation Policy


Collections Information Policy


Collections Management Policy


Complaints Procedure


Disability Policy


Digital Preservation Strategy


Privacy Notice - GDPR


Volunteer Policy


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